Version 0.0.3 of jQuery Sticky Alerts Plugin Now Available


I’ve released version 0.0.3 of my Sticky Alerts jQuery plugin. It’s available on GitHub and is now indexed at

I’ve added a feature to remember if the bar has been closed or not. This is done via cookies, and there’s an option to set. The option, cookieRememberDays, default to 2. If you want to disable it (ie: bar will appear every time the page is loaded no matter what), you need to set cookieRememberDays to a value of 0.

To keep the bar closed for 7 days, do something like this:

To keep it as-is, and make the bar open on every page load, do this:

Head on over to GitHub for a download link, or click here to download version 0.0.3 directly from the GitHub tag.

Hover.css and iHover: Pure CSS3 Hover Effects Collections


Hover all the things!

I’ve used Hover.css in previous projects and love it. As described by it’s author:

A collection of CSS3 powered hover effects to be applied to call to actions, buttons, logos, featured images and so on. Easily apply to your own elements, modify or just use for inspiration. Available in CSS and SASS.

I recently stumbled on iHover, which is very similar to Hover.css. The only major difference is their homepage demo’s. Hover.css uses text, iHover uses images in their demos.

Here’s how iHover is described on it’s website:

iHover is an impressive hover effects collection, powered by pure CSS3, no dependency, work well with Bootstrap 3!

Hover.css is quite a bit smaller than iHover is, but it’s not as feature packed. That’s the exact reason that I’ve used Hover.css in previous projects. It’s so small but gives so many neat hover effects.

iHover effects are mostly taken from codrops articles, and was inspired specifically by this article on codrops.

You can find a demo of iHover here and a demo of Hover.css here.

Both iHover and Hover.css are on GitHub. iHover can be found on GitHub here, while Hover.css can be found on GitHub here.

What do you think? Would you ever use one of these? Have you used either, or something similar?

Crumpet: A Deliciously Simple SASS/SCSS Responsive Framework


Keeps your HTML clean & stays out of your way

I’ve not used Crumpet in any projects yet, however I’d like to soon. You can the find Crumpet source on GitHub.

You can see Crumpet in use at the official Crumpet site. It provides code examples other documentation. From the Crumpet site:

Everything is straight forward, all of the code is commented and gives you instructions on how to use Crumpet, so you can spend all your time in the code editor. Here are the few files that Crumpet comes with to get you going:

  • A index.html that gives you a little demo.
  • A settings.scss file which has the frameworks settings in.
  • A main.scss which has some demo styles, as well as some instruction on how to incorporate the grid into your site.

    It gives you a quick and easy front-end setup and keeps your HTML clean and then stays out of your way.

    Check it out, I’m betting you’ll find a use for it, especially if you don’t already have a go-to front-end web framework that you use.

    Crumpet could very well be my next go-to framework. Again, it’s available on GitHub.