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First Cyanogenmod 9 Test Builds

A thread at the XDA Developers forum has been discussing progress on Cyanogenmod 9 (CM9) for the Motorola Defy. The first post includes a video of a Motorola Bravo running Cyanogenmod 9 with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). The Motorola Bravo is running Cyanogenmod 9 for the Defy, but it seems to work. You can see the video here at the end of this post.

In the most recent post in the thread, josuearisty provides a link to http://defy-cm.net/ics-test0/. There you’ll find two builds of Cyanogenmod 9 for the Motorola Defy.

UPDATE 11/29/2011: Epsylon3 has updated his original thread, his first post now links to http://defy-cm.net/ics-test0/ as well. There’s also a new nightly, 111129.

I’m not even going to install it, it probably has a lot of the issues the ROM from Epsylon3 has. It’s still encouraging to see nightly CM9 builds for the Defy popping up though.
I was a little worried about Cyanongemod 9 even being released for the Defy, but the Defy is one of the most popular devices for the Cyanogenmod team, according to the Cyanogenmod stats site anyway.

According to the Cyanogenmod stats site, there’s nearly 50,000 Defy’s running Cyanogenmod. The Motorola Defy is the umts_jordan device.

If you’ve got a Motorola Defy and are really, really anxious to run Ice Cream Sandwich, you now have two options. The AOSP ROM from Epsylon3, or a Cyanogenmod 9 nightly from http://defy-cm.net/ics-test0/.

I’ll be holding off on Ice Cream Sandwich for at least another month, probably more. I need to have a very stable phone, and can’t afford to run bleeding edge software on it.

If you’ve tried Ice Cream Sandwich in AOSP or Cyanongemod form, let me know, I’d love to hear what you think of it. You can see the video of Cyanogenmod 9 on the Defy after the break!

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