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Oakley likes to sleep in my spare office chair while I work at night.

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Love me some @TeamHornady Z-MAX and 9MM LUGER+P Critical Duty bullets.

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I donated 2 days of cpu time to WCG during the past week

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@eCommerceCosmos Which buttons are you referring to? Not sure I’ve ever done anything with the ipubme theme.

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The Theme Customization API is incredibly useful, makes it so easy for clients to make style changes.

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Introducing Placezombie: The Zombie Image Placeholder Service… via @tlongren

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@Studio7Designs Long time no talk. :) I’m available for freelance/1099 work if you guys need any help with projects.

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McFarland Clinic in Iowa is a thieving place. Not paying you so you can tell me I can continue taking my medication. Won’t be taking it now.

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Damn I’m tired and my fucking mouth is killing me. Got this accomplished though.

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My 10 Favorite Image Placeholder Services and Why… via @tlongren

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You’re beautiful little girl, but ya gotta let daddy get some work done. :)

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scotch_io “After using Scotch Box for a day, I’ve decided this is how I will do all future development work.” - @tlongren

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(A personal favorite)

She’s a smiling fool this morning. Love it.


@alexcroox @scotch_io @nickforthought keeps development on your local machine, so yes. 😀

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