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January 24th, 2011

@runneals OK, it IS Qwest. Checked the IP with ARIN, and it’s a Qwest IP.

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xentek Jenny McCarthy Body Count: http://otf.me/DQB

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On the new internet connection at work. Much, much faster!!

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@jackviers LOL, good advice Jack. I could probably get away with it by getting him a growler from Olde Main even.

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@jackviers True. That might get me in trouble though. :)

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Going to the ISU surplus sale this week. Need to find a hard drive for an old notebook. Sydney needs a PC. http://goo.gl/L7a3J

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Just found out we’re getting Windows 7 in the near future at work. Now to convince our IT manager to let me dual boot Win7 and Ubuntu.

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