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Weather Notification for Android

I hate WeatherBug. I have never used it on a PC, have never used their website (I’m a wunderground loyalist). However, I did install it on my Motorola Defy for a while. One feature I enjoyed was the temp and current conditions being displayed in the status bar.

WeatherBug was too bloated for me to justify keeping it around for that feature alone. That’s where Weather Notification by Denis Nelubin comes in.

Weather Notification for Android does exactly what I want. Even better, it’s extremely easy on battery (unlike WeatherBug). And another plus is that the code is available on Google Code! The code is available under the GNU GPL V2 license.

Now, the version of Weather Notification available in the Android Market (0.1.2-beta1) puts the weather information in the “Notifications” section of the status bar. I contacted Denis (the developer) about the possibility of moving the weather info from “Notifications” to “Ongoing”. He said he’s had other requests for that same thing, and has released a version (0.1.3-beta1) that does just that, moves the weather info from “Notifications” to “Ongoing”.

You can find Weather Notification 0.1.3-beta1 at Google Code. Denis has some other features planned for Weather Notification before it gets an update in the Android Market. But in the meantime you can grab the latest version from the Google Code repo. Or, if you don’t care where the weather info is shown, grab version 0.1.2-beta1 from the Android Market.

You can also scan the QR code below to get Weather Notification from the Android Market.

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