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Xbox 360: Returning Your Xbox 360 For Repair

Lots of people have been coming here searching for information about sending their Xbox 360 in to Microsoft for repair. My Xbox 360 is on it’s way back to me from being repaired, so I figured I’d post my experience with the repair process.

On March 24th, 2007 I contacted Microsoft Xbox customer support and was able to get the repair process started. My Xbox 360 was still suffering from the dreaded 3 red lights on the Ring Of Light at that time.

Upon initiatiating the repair process, I received an email from Microsoft confirming the repair process had begun. The email stated that I would receive another email once the next step in the repair process begins:

Dear Xbox Customer:

Thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Care. We have received your request for service. Please prepare your console and follow the instructions provided by our customer service department. You will receive an e-mail as soon as the next step in the process has begun.

Thank you,
Xbox Customer Care

The support agent I spoke with gave detailed instructions on what information to include in the box I returned my Xbox 360 in. I typed all the information out, printed it, and put it right on top of my Xbox 360 inside the box I shipped it in. Include this information when returning your Xbox 360 for repair:

  1. Support Reference # (provided by Xbox support agent).
  2. Xbox 360 serial number (from the back of your console).
  3. Your name.
  4. Your return shipping address.

It’s important that you DO NOT SEND YOUR HARD DRIVE, CONTROLLERS, OR MEMORY CARDS! If you send them in with your console you will probably never see them again. Make sure there’s not a game in the DVD drive. Take your hard drive off and make sure all memory cards are out before packing your Xbox 360 up. All you want to send in is your bare Xbox 360 console.

Once you have your Xbox 360 all packaged up along with the necessary information, you’re ready to ship. There seems to be quite a bit of confusion exactly where to send your Xbox 360 for repair. There’s lots of confusion because many of the Xbox support agents don’t speak english as their native language. It’s hard to understand a mailing address from someone with a thick Spanish accent. Now, I’m sure Microsoft has more than one repair center, so make sure to pay close attention when the agent gives you the address to send your Xbox 360 to. I was told to send my Xbox 360 to the following address, your support agent may provide you with a different address:

Repair Center
5700 South International Parkway
Door #18
McAllen, TX 78503

I just took my box to my local post office to ship. I shipped it using the Priority Mail service and purchased $200 worth of insurance coverage for $3.35. Total came to be about $18. Only took 4 days to get there, and that’s counting the weekend. Once they received the package at the repair center I got the following email:

Dear Customer,

We have received your Xbox at our service center. It is our priority to process your Xbox in a timely manner and to get it back to you as good as new. We will contact you as soon as we are finished so you can get ready to get back into the game!

Xbox Customer Care

Exactly two hours later, I got another email stating that my Xbox 360 had been fixed and was on it’s way home. The email said my Xbox 360 should be here in 2 to 5 days, it’d be great to have it before this weekend. They even gave me a UPS tracking number, but there’s nothing there other than a confirmation that the return shipping has been paid for. Hopefully some real tracking data will show up on it tomorrow.

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  1. Hey there!

    Glad to hear your XBox 360 repair went so smooth!

    The repair centre managed to lose my console and it took me nearly 2 months to get one back. Everyone should be sure to keep a hold of that reference number!

  2. Thanks JJ. I actually just got my Xbox 360 back from the repair center today. All looks good. Been playing Crackdown for about 3 hours now, no problems. No red lights, no freezing, no checkered screens. I’m weary of applying updates still though. I still think an update was ultimately responsible for giving my Xbox 360 such a horrible problem with the red lights.

    I’d like to pop Gears of War in to see if tonights update works OK. The upcoming dashboard update scares me a little. Actually, it scares me a lot.

    Sucks they lost your console. Did you forget to put your reference number in there with your Xbox 360 or something? If you did forget a piece of info, you’d make a good example for others to learn from. :)

    You got it back and all is cool now though, right?

  3. Yep, console is back, functioning well, and all is cool! My console died while applying an update for Gears of War – sounds like maybe thats when your problems started too.

    I’m not sure why my console was lost – I included the reference number inside the box, as well as wrote it on every side of the box on the outside. I followed the instructions to the letter, and still it went missing.

    It’s worth noting I’m in Canada, and sent it to the Canadian repair centre – so maybe we just have dummies working up here. I’ve not heard of anything but good experiences for others, so I think my case was just an abnormality.

    Anyways, I’ve had it back a few weeks now, and have applied updates with no problems thus far!

    Happy Xbox’ing!

    • from what i rember MS contractor in canada is celestica handles repairs here & also had used to handle blackberry manufacturing/repair in mexico.

      1st repair i had was for non functioning ir they sent me a refirb also non functioning ir aswell so lucky for me i had a replacement plan thru Future shop(which most of these allowed for use during manufature warrenty) so in the end i got a new unit

  4. JJ, forgot to ask you, did you receive a free 1 month Xbox Live Gold membership with your repaired Xbox 360?

    I got one month free, but Microsoft owes me like 6 months worth. If Microsoft had any nuts they’d reimburse me for the 1 year gold membership I purchased. Seems like I spent no more than 10 days using Xbox Live before my Xbox 360 ceased to work. How do they expect me to use XBL if my Xbox 360 won’t even work?

    I know, I know, terms of service. I’m just ranting. :)

  5. No! I didn’t get squat and the more I think about it I’m ticked!

    I was without my Xbox for over 2 months – I should get at least those 2 months comped back to me!

    If only I didn’t love the darn thing so much I’d just get rid of it! Ahhh, Xbox 360, you are so glorious!

  6. Im from Scotland, do use guys get a box sent to you to send back to them with the 360 ?? Over here we have to get our own box for packaging. We also get sent labels to put on our box for some reason. I just recieved the labels today

  7. i was not instructed by tech support or by the paperwork inside the provided shipping box to include my reference number, i hope that won’t cause a delay. anyone else notice the address for the “service center?” i suspect that the xboxes are actually put on a truck behind door 18 and repaired across the river in mexico.

  8. Hey Aaron – nice name ;) – im from south of the border and had to send my xbox in for repairs back in November. You have to provide your own box but when it comes back it comes in quite a nifty little cardboard box that is worth keeping – in case it needs to be sent back again.

    I was actually pretty impressed with the repair service – had it back in just over a week and its been fine ever since.

  9. mine should come back within a week…but the thing is I only had it for no less than 3 weeks…which is crazy…!! But the console is sooo banging that I don’t care…I just wanna play it…I plan on sticking wit it since games like BioShock, Mass Effect, Too Human,Halo 3, and GTA IV will be coming out for this sexy white chocolate 360…lmao i’m so crazy…but still awesome games….(ppl who have the elite _!_ !!!!)
    nah i’m just hating…anyways I hope everyone didn’t have to send it back after their repair….hope mine survives from this 3RL cnacer

  10. Sent in 2 xbox 360s. Both had trouble reading Ubisoft Rainbow 6 Las Vegas. Call 18004myxbox, they had us do a couple of things with no help. Said it must be the game. Called Ubisoft and they told me Microsoft informed them of a bumper missing on any Xbox 360 optic drive made before 07 and it needed this fixed. Call xbox back and no arguing, just send it in for the repair, wonder why they didn’t know about this the first time? At no time did they say anything about “refurbished” units, they said 8-11 days to fix them. We got older units than sent in, and one had the oldest drive ever put into an Xbox. Basically a bunch of broken parts put together to build a somehwhat working unit. Now is that service or what? Were the optic drives fixed as Ubisoft said they needed? Call 19004myxbox back, they had no idea! One works somewhat, the other keeps overheating and quiting! I have new boxes coming to ship them back to them and also called the MS headquarters in Redmond, WA. I live about 100 miles away and told them I would be more than happy to return these units for a refund if this is the type of support they want to provide us. If you send in your unit, be sure to ask them if they are going to fix yours or send out a replacement!
    Lyle Pfeifer

  11. if the xbox people tell me there sending me a box but they send it over the exparation of my free repair would that make my repair free still?and they do send you a box right?

  12. I just got back my 360 from repair. In the letter with it, it says they gave me a free month to Live. Which is good because I had just signed up for Live when it died. However, nothing else came with the xbox for the free month of Live. No serial number or anything.

  13. My story is a horror story. I sent my xbox 360 in at the middle of March. I followed all the directions and even did the same thing with writing the reference number on all 4 sides of the box. My xbox 360 was lost as well. And so far I haven’t heard any word about it.

    I called again today to see if it has been located, unfortunately I cannot speak to the repair center directly. Instead I have to go through the whole process of verifying information and being placed on hold just so the agent to tell me that they don’t have my xbox.

    XBox support is the worst (in my opinion).

  14. My first 360 fried in 11 days. The replacement from the store has lasted 7 flawless months then tanked it. I just mailed it in on april 12th. I was tracking it every day via UPS trackng number.
    The worst part of watching it was when it left Memphis without a departure scan… It arrived in Dallas/Ft Worth with an arrival scan and a departure scan.. Then 12 hours later it showed back up in memphis for an Arrival and Departure scan… then 12 hours later it was BACK in Dallas/Ft Worth and carried on to MCallen TX as it should…. I was ready to cry when UPS burned up a whole 24 extra hours of shipping time when they forgot to scan the package leavign memphis the 1st time and then decided to ship it back to memphis to scan it and restart the shipping process from there… what a waste…. You would think that they have sme way of just scanning it on site as having missed it’s last departure scan but being on track… BUT NO they decide to add an extra day to the shipping time instead….

  15. My first 360 fried in 11 days. The replacement from the store has lasted 7 flawless months then tanked it. I just mailed it in on april 12th. I was tracking it every day via UPS trackng number.
    The worst part of watching it was when it left Memphis without a departure scan… It arrived in Dallas/Ft Worth with an arrival scan and a departure scan.. Then 12 hours later it showed back up in memphis for an Arrival and Departure scan… then 12 hours later it was BACK in Dallas/Ft Worth and carried on to MCallen TX as it should…. I was ready to cry when UPS burned up a whole 24 extra hours of shipping time when they forgot to scan the package leavign memphis the 1st time and then decided to ship it back to memphis to scan it and restart the shipping process from there… what a waste…. My shipping box also did not ask for name address id# etc.. that just didnt seem right so I taped up a list of the symptoms I had been noticing on my 360 and a breakdown of when I started noticing them and how they progressed. ten I taked it right to the side of my 360 and slipped it into the box.

  16. Hi guys the address for sending the xbox 360 it’s not door 18 it’s dock 18, i make him spell every word slowly so i can understand

  17. Hi Aaron Kool name. All went well. Recieved my 360 today and looks new because it came in a “nifty box” and there was a sticker on the 360’s silver disk input part. Got the 360 back after 6 days so well done ms.

    I recommend anyone with a malfuctioning 360 that is under warrenty should just send it in to ms. I think this stupid towel trick is a load of panty-mess ;)

  18. lol i got you guys beat on time it takes to break. got mine, opened it, spent like 30 min trying to figure out how to work it and what not. anyways now everything is plugged in so i pop in NBA Street Homecourt, apply the update, and get ready to play. I got for a dunk, here some static noise, and the game freezes. then i pop out the game, turn it off and when i try to turn it back on i get the damn red lights. played for a grand total of probably 3 minutes. Anyways called MS and just got my box, sending it out tomorrow. i hope all goes well

  19. AY GUYS!! my xbox 360 came back with a free…Xbox Gold for 1 month…thats cool of them…but i reconnected and everything…i really hope all goes well…and it seems they sent the same exact 360 not a refurb….i Guess they really did repair it….they sent me a survey thing to see how it all goes and an apology letter ^_^ …..i pray that my 360 lasts…Good luck to you guys also…!!!

  20. Wellmy xbox 360 has 3 red lights and doesnt seem to work anymore. It worked yesterday, but not today. And everything works fine except i get no picture on my t.v. and i get the 3 red lights. The traY OPENS normal the pwoer turns on normal but i get no picture on the screen and 3RL…? SOME ONE HELP ME ASAP

  21. Wellmy xbox 360 has 3 red lights and doesnt seem to work anymore. It worked yesterday, but not today. And everything works fine except i get no picture on my t.v. and i get the 3 red lights. The traY OPENS normal the pwoer turns on normal but i get no picture on the screen and 3RL…? SOME ONE HELP ME ASAP

  22. my friend was playing my 360 and he pulled it off the wall and pulled the A/v port out where the A/V cable should go and i was wondering if you would be able to fix that problem for me

  23. In an e-mail they sent me they gave me a “Support Ticket Number”..and it’s somewhat similar to the “Reference number” the lady gave me(What I thought I heard at least..) so now I’m just worried that I might have heard her wrong and the “Support Ticket Number” is the actual thing I need to write on the paper and tape to the box?

    Or is it just for something totally different?

  24. Shane: That’s right, the Support Ticket Number you got in the email is the one you need to include in the box. If you tape it to the outside, you should put one inside also, just incase the one on the outside gets ripped up or something.

    The reference number the lady gave you is for the support center. If you call in again for another problem, give them the reference number so they can see what has been done previously with your Xbox 360.

  25. J03L: You’re screwed, call Microsoft (1-800-4MY-XBOX) and see if you can return it for repair. Hopefully your Xbox 360 is still under warranty. That’s the same thing that was happening to me.

  26. Well Thanks, seems like i am going to cough up 130 dollars for some mistake MS made.Or just buy another 360 :D

    Thanks for the help Tyler

  27. dis is gay i got my xbox on de 2nd december 05 nd i jus got de three red lights on my xbox today, i cant get through to de helpline nd dunno wat ta do… any 1 got any ideas?

  28. I got mine around that time as well man and i got the same exact problem. I get no picture on the screen and 3 red lights.

  29. Mine just got fixed but then it keeps on coming back (same problem).3 red lights and no picture on the scree. After getting fixed it keeps on hanging and it just blacks out.

  30. Mine broke on 4/11 , I think, and arrived on 4/24 (sent it to them on a weekend) and haven’t heard from them since I got an email on 4/12. Should I be worried? I didn’t write any numbers on my box because I wasn’t instructed to.

  31. Apparently, the Xbox 360 is a steaming piece of crap. I’ll stick with my marbles and yo-yo to entertain myself and saves scads of $.

  32. My 360 has been freezin, blackin out,doin some weird ass chekerboard crap for a few days, and the three red lights went on once. I called in for a repair today and I just wanna verify: Do you write the number on the box that the Xbox support agent gives you over the phone when you register your 360?

  33. Also: Does anyone know anything about the disc replacement from MS? and if there will be any more games released like- Rainbow Six Vegas?

  34. Patrick: I’d be worried, but not too much. They have your Xbox 360 registered, so they can figure out who it belongs too. It’ll probably take a bit longer for you to get it back though.

    Mike: Write the number the Xbox support agent gave you on a piece of paper and put that piece of paper in the box you’re sending your Xbox 360 in. I also wrote my return address on that piece of paper.

  35. Well i got GOOD NEWS and BAD NEWS the good news is i am going to get my XBOX 360 fixed for free… but the bad news is that i already ripped off the microsoft sticker(In accident).

  36. J03L: It’s hard to say if they’ll still accept it. If I were you, I’d call the support number again and tell them the sticker is ripped off and see what they say.

    As long as you haven’t opened the case you should be OK, but who knows.

  37. o well i just got the guitar hero 2 and i already pre-order spiederman 3 for friday.. and my console just went dead with those 3 red lights… this is not good is it well first thing tomorrow is calling customer support and see what they can do for it.. this is bad!!!???$$$

  38. I called in for a repair on monday, April 30 and they said that they would send out a box to my house… its 5 days later and no sign of it. How long does it usually take?

  39. Mike: I’m not really sure how long it takes, I was told I’d have to provide my own box for shipping to the repair center. Your best bet would probably be to just call support again and ask them to clarify.

    I wasn’t aware they sent boxes to people to return their 360’s in, very possible though. Personally though, I’m glad I got my own packaging, I was in no mood to wait for some damn box to show up from Microsoft. I wanted my Xbox 360 fixed and back to me ASAP, I was willing to spend some for my own packaging materials and box.

  40. The agent told me they were gonna send out a box on Monday but I guess I’ll just call up support again and see whats goin on..I mite as well get my own packaging then..Thanks Anyways Tyler

  41. The lady said they sent a box via UPS yestrday and gave me a useless tracking number and she estimated 3-5 business days for shipping. I hate just waiting around

  42. My xbox doesnt have the red lights, but it just wont cut on. It has no lights at all and it simply will not turn on.
    Ive tried using another power chord and changing outlets and everything but nothing works. Does anyone know whats wrong before i ship it. And usually how long does it take to get ur xbox back? (I dont want to miss halo 3 beta)

  43. I bought my 360 in april and it froze 2 days after I bought it. It always freezes on startup every time no matter what I try. I finally got around to calling microsoft to try to get it sent in for repair but there was so much background noise at the call center that I could not even hear the agent talking. Hopefully I can try again later and get better service.

  44. I got the one red light on the bottom right hand corner and talked to someone today. I have to order the repair tomorrow, and he said it will take about two weeks, which sucks because I’ll miss like half of the HALO 3 beta. I hope they work fast for me.

  45. What is a support agent and is that Texas address the one where it should be sent.

    Thanks, Bob

  46. Bob: Support agents are the people who you talk to when you call 1-800-4MY-XBOX. The address I listed in my post is where I sent my Xbox 360 for repair. It got back to me without any problems. There may be other repair centers, so it’s important to send your Xbox 360 to the address provided by your support agent.

    If in doubt, call 1-800-4MY-XBOX, any of the support agents will be able to help you.

  47. I had my 360 since september and all of a sudden it just froze evrytime i started a game and 3 red lights came up phoned microsoft and they said someone is coming to get my 360 but i have to put it in a box etc… i was just wondering if and what i have o put on the box e.g address phone number or 360 serial number incase it gets lost?

  48. thanks for the info dude found it helpful. My xbox didn’t get have the 3 red rings it just ejected disks and they where still spinning very fast. Crazy and no I dont use a intercooler and xbox is well vented. Also never moved while disk was in tray so I donno only had it for about 1 month if anyone wants to comment or share same experiences drop me a line. [email protected]

  49. I donno jo3l Im Still waiting for the box. They did tell me that I should take no longer than 2 weeks though I will let you know though if you dont find out first. I really hope you didnt rip of the microsoft sticker under the faceplate though. I think you said something about it if you did I whould call 1-800-4my-xbox and ask them if its a problem.

  50. i did rip off the sticker, only because i was told that i didnt have warranty anymore. But then later found out that i did have warranty. Jesse thanks

  51. I droped my 360 off at the UPS store on monday May the 7th after waiting around 4 days for the pre-paid box to arrive. The box arrived at the repair center on Thursday the 10th. I recieved a call from UPS an hour or so ago, and was told I would be recieving my 360 some time tomorrow the 17th. I am really looking foward to playing more Gears of war on xbox live!! Has anyone else recieved a free 30 day xbox live gold pack? I think its the least they could do.

  52. Excellent news PAIGE304, I haven’t had any problems with mine since I got it back. Been playing Gears of War and Crackdown like crazy, although I’m pretty damn horrible when it comes to versus in Gears of War, it’s still fun. Applied all the updates since getting my Xbox 360 back and none of them have caused any problems. Now if I could only download the Halo 3 Beta through Crackdown, I’d be set.

    The 30 day Gold Xbox Live Subscription card I got only has 9 digits for the code, every place I can find to redeem such a card requires 24 or 25 digits, can’t remember right now. So, needless to say, I haven’t been able to redeem my free month of Xbox Live. Been meaning to call Microsoft about that and see what’s up.

    Anyone else gotten a free gold subscription card they can’t redeem?

  53. Tyler: Do you know if you got your origional console back or a refirbished one? Cuz they said they fixed mine and were sending it back, but im worried that there were other problems with my 360 that they didnt no about.

  54. i just recieved a call about 15 minutes ago from the ups store. telling me i will be recieving my xbox tommorow, Great News :D

  55. Mike: I got a refurbished Xbox 360, although I didn’t realize that when I initially wrote this post. Wasn’t till a few days later when I actually sat down and fully read the letter they sent me I realized I got a different Xbox 360. They said they registered it for me and everything. I think they just send a refurbished machine in most cases. How long was it from the time you got the receipt confirmation email till the time you got the email stating it had been fixed? If it was only a few hours, they probably gave you a refurbished unit. Good luck and keep us updated.

    J03L: That is great news! Hopefully you won’t have any problems once you get it back. I haven’t had any problems with mine since I got it back (although it’s a different system). I’ve applied every update there’s been for Gears of War and Crackdown so far and no problems.

    I did download the Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta today and had some issues with it. Right after the download finished, my Xbox 360 froze like a crack fiend in Antarctica. Turned it off then on again and all was good. I was really worried there for a minute, that’s the first freeze or anything weird I’ve had since I got mine back.

  56. i called support the 14th and im still waiting for the shipping box. i was told to write down the number they gave me on the box and to deliver it to a UPS. man missed out on that free arcade game… hopefully ill get a free month of gold.

  57. Im not sure how long the repair center had my 360 because I never got any confirmation emails.I found out that I would be getting my origonal console back to me when I called in to find out the status of my 360 yesterday. UPS picked it up last night. I also got a tracking number that actually works this time and at 6AM this morning it had arrived in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. The support lady said I should be expecting it on the Tuesday the 22nd since im in New Jersey. By then it will almost be a month from when I called in for my repair on April 30th.
    Thanks.Ill keep you guys updated

    //// I Need to play some Crackdown..and Rainbow6 Vegas- all my friends are catching up to me \\

  58. bad news my xbox was returned un repaired because it has a case which will not allow it to be fixed. Its the tampering with the xbox case. i called the micrsoft number and they said i should call back in 3-5 days so that they would have eough time to review the case and decide wether or or not to fix it. :(

  59. Jo3l take you xbox 360 to wal-mart and tell them that you got it 10 days ago and you dont have a receipt and they should take it back with you drivers license dont whorry the dirvers license is like a receipt its just the policey on everything you buy at walmart it helps if you have the box to put it in maybe your friend will loan you his if you dont have yours tell him dont whorry he will get it back. Even a newer box. But they do check everything so make sure you bring everything sometimes they take them without the boxes ive done it a few times.

  60. i recived an email saying they recived my 360 on the may10th and tht they will reply to me when they have fixed it it’s been 8 days now and no replys i relly need to get back before beta ends

  61. i called the repair center but i didnt hear a mailing address. i got the reference # and still waiting for the box. What should i do when i get the box?

  62. adam: You should call the xbox support number ( 1800-4MY-XBOX ) to find out the status of your 360 if you aren’t recieving the other email. MS might have just forgot to sent the email and your 360 might already be on its way.

  63. i just phoned them and they said my 360 is still bein repaired and to phone back in 3-5 working day for an update.

  64. i thought the policy was that if they can’t fix your 360 in 48 hours, they just send a refirbished one..but who can predict what the hell Microsoft will do next

  65. Hey gang…started the return process but the CSR confused me….am I support to remove the face plate as well? Even though its the white stock one that came in the box? Never got any vanity/themed face plates.

    3 Red Lights in the Ring of Light
    Started after Spring Update
    Gears of War

  66. Alright everybody, I guess I should share my story too, because everyone else is, and I’m really really bored.

    I found out that my 360 had one red light in the light ring on Thursday May 10th. I called 1800-4MY-XBOX and heard the sad news that my 360 had to be sent in to get repaired. The worst part was the HALO 3 beta was coming up in a little under a week and their systems were down so I had to call back the next day to schedule it. The next day I charged 140 dollars because I was out of warranty, and they said that a box was on it’s way. The next Monday (May 14) I decided that I couldn’t wait any longer and just sent the thing there myself. I used UPS and got it three-dayed to McAllen Texas. It’s a good thing I did too, because my box didn’t arrive until the following Thursday, the same day that my package reached the repair center. I called them and found out that they hadn’t even looked at my box yet, which really pissed me off, because I was in a hurry to get it back. I just called yesterday which was the 21st and found out that my 360 had been repaired and was on it’s way. It left San Antonio at 3:30 today and is scheduled to arrive on this Thursday the 24th. So from the day I first got the problem, to the day it gets back will be exactly two weeks, but it was only 10 days since I actually sent it out. My advice if you’re in a hurry is to send it in your own box, and three-day it there, because it isn’t too expensive. But if you’re not in any particular hurry, then wait for their box, it’s free and it will only cost you thrre days or so.

    I hope it does get here when it is scheduled to, and all your guys’ repairs go just as smoothly.

  67. i was playing madden online when i heard an atrocious sound come from the dvd drive, xbox went into console with an “unreadable disc” error. called up MS and they said its under warranty until 2009 and that they would send a box and give free shipping. i havent received anything yet (called on the 21st). has anyone else had the drive do that? i dont have the red lights or anything – it just wont read any discs and when it tries to read the disc it has an awful sound. ill keep you ugys updated

  68. Hey everyone i got a ? since i just sent my 360 in without any info on it exept the serial number will that still be ok because i would at least think that would be enough. thx

  69. I finally got my 360 back on Tuesday (May 22) and so far ive had no problems with it. I recieved a refurbished console since they couldnt fix mine. The total time for the reapair process was 23 days (April 30-May 22)It took a little bit longer than I expected. I also recieved a 1 month subscription for xbox live gold with my 360.

    If anyone has questions about my repair story, just post a reply on this forum.

    See you on live.
    GamerTag: G3TT3NS 29

    Tyler: Thanks for starting this really helped me thru the process.

  70. Yeah I live in Virgina and was wondering how long it would take for my xbox to go there and come back. I called them today and they never gave me a time frame… he did not speak english well. He did say he was sending me a box to put it in, does anyone know how long that takes?

  71. ye I gree, The tech support sucks but i would hope thet you get it back in a sitable time frame. Me personally just got a membership account to LIVE and have’t gottin an ounce of play. I hadn’t played in a whil and found my 360 was in shock, still haven';t called Bill Gates tho, yet……. If anyone can tell e wut ta do to quicken them up, pleeze share with uss!!!!!!!

  72. Hey people! I have recently experienced the Three Red Light on my 360 console, and I have no idea at all what has caused it, and also I have no idea, even after searching for hours, how to inforn Microsoft, and get it sent away for repairs, I have only had my 360 for exactely 2 months now, and I am pretty ennoyed this has happened so soon, so I want to get it sorted asap, just wondered if you guys could help me out a little.

    Thanks Tom.

  73. For me, it took 23 days for the entire repair process. Thats including them sending me a box, me sending it to mcallen, texas, and them sending it back. It was longer than I expected, but what can you do? I live in NewJerrsey so whoever lives near me would it would probly take as long.

  74. hey guys um i was wonderinddo they delte ur profiles and xbox live account wen u turn in ur xbox 360 hard drive to the repair center because my hard drive fell and i have to take it back to the repair center and it says error 68 so plz help me wit these questions

  75. yeah I just got my xbox back today. Took only like 13 days for the hole process was shiped back next day air It was a replecement though. they did give me a 1 month live card for the wait though so I am happy with the process.

  76. my dad take my xbox 360 get repair had a red light death on may 5/25/2007 when email i get back to me thank

  77. man i really quite annoyed at microsoft i recieved the three red lights last night and i was so worried i did some checks to today where i pressed the held the synch button and then pressed the eject button and got a code to find out that it is unknown code but the most likely prob is gpu come loose or soldering probs
    i get no picture from the tv so it kind of sucks
    so i got to get hold of details of my insurance from currys couse my 1 year insurance has run up with microsoft. i did ring microsoft and try to sort it out so i could return it on the fact that its a design flaw which it is and also said that most console where having problems and that it was not of merchantable quality but i just got shunted down and they tryed to play me for a mug andit was the worse expeirence ever in ringing them as they did not have any answer and would try telling me the same answer over and over
    anyone else have a bad experience with microsoft?
    altho i would say they where also most as they are not as bad talk talk customer services

  78. I know a lot of us are having problems with our Xbox’s and it seems as though it is either a never ending cycle or Microsoft seems unwilling to truly assist us in addressing these issues.

    I feel that if we all unite as a single force, we can open someone’s eyes! We need to get all the people together in one place! My suggestion is, let us grab all the gamers, friends, posters, bloggers, IMers, whoevers and get them all onto the Myspace page that I have created just for this reason. Send everyone you can! WE HAVE POWER IN NUMBERS!!!

    Remember to post your story. Be professional, courteous and mature in your postings please. Let’s take the high road and be civil.

  79. Lory’s solution worked for me. My 360 is playing a movie as I type this, but let me say that this is not for the fainthearted. Taking the 360 apart is a challenge all on its own and several times this task had me wanting to throw the bad boy at the wall. Of course then I am not very techy either, which is great news for those of you who are a little techy.

    I will update everyone if it bursts into flames or calls down beings from another planet to beam me away… errr… maybe not if that last thing happens ;)

  80. Hi guys i just wanna ask where i need to put the refference number
    that the guys of microsoft gave me, i know is inside the box but i need to write a paper or what please help me
    i wil appreciate. if somebody now spanish that will be much better thatnks. por favor

  81. Carlos: Just write it on a piece of paper and put it in the box with your Xbox 360. Actually, type the reference number out in a text editor and print it so it’s easy to read.

  82. Heres my story so far:

    I went on vacation from May 31st – June 4th, my xbox was working fine before i went on vacation. but when i tried playing it on June 4th it kept freezing on me. i still have my receipt and i bought it in October of 2006. i called MS support i think on tuesday and i still have not recieved my “Coffin.” i have tried the stupid towel trick about 4 times, with no luck. i also tried smacking it a few times, shaking it, clearing the system cache, and putting a fan on it. none of these things worked of course. so i will just have to be patient. but i am very unhappy with the way MS handles these claims, they know they have a design flaw but refuse to acknowledge it. i want a brand new console, not some other used one thats gonna break again. microsoft will lose business from me due to this ordeal.

  83. i had my xbox 360 for 20 mins and it fucked up.
    it froze on dead rising then went tits up from there.

    just had UPS pick it up yesturday!!

  84. I forgot to ask

    i live in the south of england and i was wondering how long do u think the repair centre will have it for??

    i didnt even play a single second of DEAD RISING on it!!

    it pissed me off proper!!!

    hopefully it will be repaired so it wont break again!!!

  85. As i live in England, wen they send my xbox 360 back, do they send it to UPS for me to pick it up from UPS or will they send it to my address??????

  86. HI, i just want to know if you have to include a purchace slip or reciept when u send it to MS.


  87. hey iam back guys well let me just say my Xbox wasnt fixed properly so i just went out bought a new one(the cheaper one which was about 299.99)and just put my old stuff on it like the Hardrive and the controllers etc. And i even sold my old broken Xbox for $100.So thanks for helping me to try and fix my Xbox guys appreciated it alot :) Laters

  88. hey guys i called MS support yesterday and began the repair prosses but still have not recieved and e-mail.
    also i thought you may find this interesting. my dad wore down the support lady and got her to cut the charge from $140 to $70 plus a waranty on the xbox they send me back.

    if someone would tell me when i will get my first e-mail i would be thankfull.

  89. about how long do u guys think it will take to recieve my refurbished
    xbox 360,im sending it out today and i live in canada.

  90. wow, microsoft sucks major ass, i just purchased my console and started playing saints row. I played for about a day straight, lol with some 2 hour breaks inbetween. Then all of a sudden, it freezes and BAM. BLACK SCREEN 3 RED LIGHTS. At this point i was pissed, so i threw my xbox across the room basically….and it almost cracked in half. I had a bestbuy replacement plan so i didnt really care…UNTIL…i figured out bestbuys little scam. With there replacement plans, you can only replace the console once in that period of plan selected, so if its a 2 year plan, its not really 2 years, its whenever you get a new one it ends. Then you got to buy a new plan for your new console, so in the end with bestbuy for replacing your console once, you spend $120…not a great deal..
    Microsoft truly sucks, later on i figured out that my consoles gpu was fried to a piece of charcole :] . Im bored and sick of wasting money on these gay ass consoles…

  91. I sent mine on June 11 to Purolator. According to the tracking number, it got to the DOCK or whatever fine….how long do you think till I get it back? Can I get it back on Weekends? One guy told me 3-5 days the other said 14 business days.

  92. hi every body, my problem was i was playing fight night round 3 and in the middle of a fight an error popped up and said the disc was dirty, so like a normal person i took it out and cleaned it with a lens cloth cleaner thingy. then i put it back in and it dosent even know that theres somthinng in there. i try all my other games and no luck just the words open tray, no play game.=[ so i called the xbox line twice because i couldnt understand the first dude. gave all my info. no email adress tho, dude didnt ask for it, he gave the the code and said my box or coffin as i say should be here in 3-5 business days, and then take too weeks to repair. any advice ?

  93. I’m from England. Sent my xbox via UPS to the repair centre. 9 days later I still haven’t got it back. I’m not impressed with the service. There should be a way of checkin the status of the repairs.

    Also they told me it will be a max of 15 days. I think they’ve lost my xbox personally lol!!

  94. Thats 15 working days three weeks and thats even before microsoft get hold of it. Thats what i’ve been told and their failure to tell me in the first place.I’M NOT IMPRESSED!!

  95. Hey, just a note:
    For a long time, Microsoft was sending out refurbs, if you sent yours in, you would NOT get it back.
    Now, on their website, they say you MAY, POSSIBLY get your own system back, you may get the one you send in back repaired.

    If that is true, then I can see how it would take longer, to fix yours, get it back to you, than just shipping you another refurb.

    Not sticking up for Microsoft, just letting you know why it may take longer now.

    I sent off my 3rd one recently.
    Usually, when I sent one in, got repaired one realy fast.
    Not this time.

    EXPECT YOUR 360 TO0 BE GONE A WHILE WHEN YOU SHIP IT OFF NOW. It does take time to get it, then fix it, then ship it back to you.

    You guys know me, you know my website.
    Looking forward to HALO 3.
    I suggest, everyone buy 2 xbox 360s, 1 for playing, 1 for sending in to be repaired.

  96. ya thats what ive been hearing lately, the long repair time. i hope they give me mine back because i bought an elite and that thing kicked ass and i want to continue by RS-vegas game im getting serious withdrawls.haha. i sent it off two days ago and ive been watching it every day on the ups tracker, and it just departed for the repair center. i just hope they fix my problem so it never happens again

  97. I bought my 360 in February and it worked fine for the first couple months. Recently though, I’ve received the “Disc is unreadable message” quite a few times. It started with NBA 2k7. The game was fine but then started freezing when I connected to XBox Live. Also, when I would play a game, it would just sit there for a minute and say it was loading but nothing happened until the unreadable disc message popped up.

    I noticed there were quite a few scuffs (not really scratches) on the disc that definitely weren’t caused by me. I figured at first it was me on accident or something and just assumed that I would have to get a new game. Then I got Tiger Woods yesterday. Worked fine all day and then today, it gives me the “Disc is unreadable” message and I notice one small scuff on the back. Same thing happened with a FIFA game I got yesterday. It didn’t last long at all and started not to work and scuffed it.

    I called support today and they gave me a reference number and said a box will be sent in 3-5 days. I believe the guy said to put the reference number on the inside and outside but didn’t get an address. Is the address listed in the post the only repair center there is? Or will I have to call to find an address?

  98. Sean,

    If MS operates the same way HP does then the box itself will have return address labels inside which you will have to stick on the outside and then call Fed Ex or UPS to come pick up the box the next day.

    Simple really.

    Best of luck.

  99. hey yo sean, i had that same problem and i just sent off my xbox to the box they send you will come with a shipping address in cluded. you just stick it on the side and bring it to ups and they will ship it out, when you do this i reccommend to get a recipt of the shipping which will give you a tracking # to follow your xbox online wherever it goes, i have been doing this everyday and it is a little more reassurance of my xbox getting there safely. Good Luck!

  100. My xbox has been broke sent it of 7 days no reply it kept freezing and showing 3 red lights after gears of war update :S. What do you mean put in the reference number i didnt i just stuck on the label with the free prepaid.

  101. That should be OK Ryan. I just wrote my reference number on a piece of paper and stuck it in the box I sent my Xbox 360 in. I didn’t get a box from Microsoft to send my Xbox 360 in. I wanted to make sure I had everything they needed, so I just stuck the piece of paper with the reference number on it inside the box I shipped my Xbox 360 in.

    Sounds like you’ve done everything right. If you’re concerned, call Microsoft, they can tell you the status of your repair.

  102. You are suppose to write the Reference number on the outside of the box.
    I always write it in Permanent Ink On Top of the xbox 360 itself.
    I do this to insure they get Mine.
    But, Now, Microsoft is saying you MAY, (MAY), get the same console you send in returned, and repaired.

    If you send yours in, make sure you keep a copy of your Serial Number and Manufacturing Date.
    More info on my site.

  103. just reading ms updated warranty page, it saya most people will receive their original box back and that they will repair and ship the unit within 5 business days of receiving it. thats what it says in reality this may not be true as mine was received on the 15th of this month 8 business days ago and they have no idea where it is they told me it may still be in texas or it could be on its way home they did not know. i may call the texas wharehouse where i sent it and see if they still have it. if any one else might like to call them about their’s the # is 956-683-0698 ask for dock18.

  104. Hey guys same problem as every one else … but im an idiot and i did not put the refference number in or on the box when i sent it out to microsoft. am i screwed or what?

  105. Hey,
    The 360 rocks, when it is working.
    I am telling you, if you buy 2, you will be ok.

    If you just buy 2 xbox 360s, then while one is off to never never land, you can play the other.

    Then, when you get the one back, it will be about time for the other one to crash…but, If you get the refurb back and it DOES NOT WORK, then you might be in trouble….
    Maybe we should buy 3???

    I would call Mickysoft right away, tell them you forgot to put your ref number, see what they say.

  106. lol same i didnt put in my refernece number its ok my mom wrote down all my information and i have had a confirmation email from xbox saying they have recieved my xbox 360 and get it back to me as soon as possible thanks Tyler

  107. I sent mine in about a week ago, and I only put the reference number on the outside of the box. Should I be ok?

  108. hey i was woundering ms gave me an email sayn they had got my 360 and would let me know when there shipping it back but i think its been about a week now and they have not sent me an email…could that mean that there not done yet or they just some how forgot to give me an email or sumthn and will still be shipped to me in a few days?

  109. I am truly dissapointed at microsoft. I am dumb for giving them my money. I had my 360 for a year and a week.Then it tour up on me by the three big red lights. I still get it fixed for absolute nothing which im glad. The point is people they released there system way to early.I am mad and I tried to bust it but myself wouldnt let me. I am just going to by a new one. Because I have to get my highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV this fall. I have a second thought though. I have been wanting a blue-ray player to go
    with my 32″ LCD HDTV. I might just purchase that big nice PS3 at my local WAL-MART instead.

  110. Ya im having the same thought just scrap the thought of the x box and get a ps3 with no worry of somthing going wrong

  111. Thanks Aaron for agreeing with me. I just dont know what I’d
    do with my Xbox360 game library. Gears of War, Saints Row, Dead Rising, Smackdown vs. Raw 07, NBA live 06, Test Drive unlimited, And many more dust collectors.

    I do want to get it fixed so I called microsoft and some man with the name Jerry told me I’d be receiving a box to ship it to them. How long may it take and do they back up their words and fix it so it will last. Thanks once again.

  112. I was told nothing of including anything other than the system itself (minus the hard drive, of course). Do they not do it that way anymore, or was I misinformed?

    I swear, if mine ends up getting lost because they forgot one little detail, I’m totally going postal.

  113. Ova – Aaron$,

    I am in the same boat as you two. I am on my 3rd xbox 360, soon to be on my 4th. My 3rd is sitting in it’s ‘coffin” right now, waiting to go back to microsoft for repair, which would put me on my forth. I just got the box late yesterday (7/03), and today is the 4th (holiday) so I wont be able to ship it out until tomorrow.

    The box took so long to get here, that I opened up my 360 (very carefully), and was going to fix it myself, but I had only gotten the outside casing apart just as the box/coffin arrived. I was able to place the sticker underneath the face plate back on VERY carefully, and you can’t tell at all that it was taken off, so I’m hoping the tech’s at microsoft don’t notice.

    Any way, whatever happen’s I am about ready to just scrap the xbox and buy that $600 PS3. Just sucks because I really enjoy the games on 360 (gears, oblivion, Rainbow 6, GRAW, ect.), and the online service, but all those thing’s don’t really matter if the hardware doesn’t work. I know PS3 will have a much larger library of games out by end of this year/beginning of next, and that the online is improving all the time, so PS3 isn’t sounding so bad right now.

    I’ll let you guys know what I do, and how the repair service goes. Let us all know how your’s turns out too.

  114. Dan you only send the system. No cables, hard drives, face plate just the naked systen itself. Thats what I was told to do. I am expecting the box anyday so I havent got to send my system for repair yet. SpazzyNate you are totaly right. The PS3 which I here some good and bad stories about
    is actually cathing the xbox360’s pace. The sales are now
    risen. The games are also expanding. A article which I did read said the PS3 is just now growing. There was a graph which showed the 3 systems sells. The PS3 has had a bumpy start but now its starting to have a clean route. Im not trying to make xbox360 sound bad but everyone on here has had this same problem with the 3 red lights. I think this
    is a known fact. It released to darn early. After having this system second in my high school and then giving it credit so half my best friends bought one this christmas is pretty bad. What are they going to say when the red light of death impacts them. SpazzyNate I hope they dont notice that you tried to fix their problem and hope you good look with whatever decision you do make. I dont like the fact that I had to spend my free time after school at a lousy job save my money and sell my psp and nDS to buy a 360 which did break down on me a year later it just makes me dislike MS even worse. If I get it fixed and it tears up on me again I will be purchasing a PS3 before GTA IV comes out this Fall. Thanks for nothing Microsoft.

    Thanks, Ova

  115. Freaking FINALLY!! Microsoft is now admitting there has been issues with the three red rings of light, and finally fixing them ALL. Also, if you do an internet search (try or, you will find a few very good articles talking about this, and also not only the 3 year warranty, but that Microsoft has been investigating the issue with the three red lights, and they believe they have resolved the problem from happening any more. So on future xbox 360’s, and the one’s that get sent in for repair, hopefully this will no longer happen again.

    Just an FYI that when I last checked the UPS website, my 360 was in Tennessee (why i don’t know, seeing as how im in oregon and tennessee is past texas), and the estimated arival date to the repair center is on the 10th (coming tuesday). I hope it doesn’t take too long to get it back. There is a Demo for the game Blue Dragon coming out, but will only be available to download from July 20th – August 3rd (i think those are the dates), and I would LOVE to actually play that game. Japan version looks really good, so really looking forward to trying it out….for now, I’m just playing my Nintendo Wii (zelda again, and the resident evil 4: wii edition).

    I’ll let you know once the system arrives (hopefully fixed) back at my house. With what mr. moore says, they have found the fix to the three red rings, so hopefully I’ll have a strong console when it gets back. My loyalty in microsoft (as far as the 360 goes) isn’t 100% restored, but it’s close.

    Thank you Microsoft. If my console comes back working like a camp, then I have no complaints, and you will have my money with future purchases.

  116. PLEASE i need HELP.
    I have sent my 360 to microsoft 30 days ago now and 10 days ago they emailed me saying they had recieved it but i have not heard from them since. What does this mean?
    I Am going to ring microsoft about it what information do i need for them to track my xbox 360 which is in for repair?
    Also i dno the serial number but on the UPS package ther is a 12 digit number could this be my serial number?
    Please help is is very appriciated.

  117. Hey boys I received the box to send in my 360 and Im sending it in on monday. I hope it dont take to long. Im
    going to wait and see if they do a good job with it before I get my hopes up for nothing. I want to keep playing my 360. I just hope they repair it to last. I thank Microsoft
    for extended the warranty for 3 years. Ryan I hope you good luck and that you get it back repaired soon.

  118. Thanks i rang and they have it and will get it bck to me within 15 days and because they have taken so long and i have the 3 red light problem i now get 3 years warranty instead of 1 year warranty woot lol

  119. Can someone help me. I called MS to see what I had to do before shipping . They told me not to put my name on the box just write down the reference number under the adress they sent me that was in the box. I did as they said but I wrote down my name, adress, serial number, and reference number on a piece of paper and put it in the box should I be ok.

  120. Hi All,

    ryan, glad to hear they were able to track down your 360 and get it back to you here soon.

    Ova, I’m not sure. The agent on the line never said anything to me about putting a paper with the reference number on the inside of the box, or on the outside of the label. All I was told to do was to remove all accessories, and take off the 360 face plate, put it in the return shipping box, tape it up, put the label on, and send it off. If I was supposed to put a Ref# on the box, and it gets lost because I didn’t, I’m going to be ticked. So any way, you should be more than ok.

    So far, my “estimated deliverly date” from UPS has been moved from the 9th, to the 10th, and now I checked this morning, and it has been moved to the freakin 11th….why??? O well, whatever. I had heard of this happening. It must be a UPS “thing” in the area, because a lot of people have complained that getting the box to the repair center, and back, is because UPS takes so long. It says 3 day select, but so far it is taking mine 6 shipping days.

    Hopefully I get it back here soon. Ova, let me know how the process with yours goes. Hopefully it gets there faster than mine is taking.

  121. guys i dont know if i should be ok because i send my xbox and after 1 week i reseived a email saying the they haved but now i have 2 weeks sense i reseived that email. i call the customer support and they toll me the i have to call them back i did but they toll me the i have to wait 5-6 weeks to get it back and i said i have 3 weeks waiting for it she just toll me call again this friday i just hope to no listed the same thing

  122. I sent mine in last week. It arrived at the McAllen site this morning. The only weird thing is that they had used the tracking number that was on the airbill to send back before. When I first tried to track it, it had already been delivered in March. Weird that they reuse tracking numbers.

  123. SpazzyNate thanks and I do apreciate your thought. You should be ok by not putting on your reference number.
    I havent checked my tracking yet though, but when I do I’ll
    tell you how mine goes. I have some good news. The news said that sony is dropping the price on PS3 by one hundred dollars a unit. This coulb be trouble for Microsoft. Who wouldnt choose a 20gb PS3 for the the same price as the 20gb xbox360.Because you would be getting more because of the BLUE-RAY and HD-DVD players. I think this is bad news for the 360 and MS should drop the price of their system as well. I will be getting a PS3 60gb for only $500.00 and I cant wait because I’ve been wanting one so bad and this $100.00 price drop is so awsome. I just hope I can get one when the price drop takes effect.

  124. Well, I just checked the UPS website, and my xbox arrived at the repair center at 10:31am this morning. I haven’t received a confirmation email from microsoft saying it has arrived yet, but hopefully will soon. I just hope that by taking off the sticker, starting to open, and then replacing the sticker (very carefully) underneath the face plate doesn’t mess up with them fixing it. Also, as well as not putting my info / ref# on the shipping label and in the shipping box. Seems like I may have cursed myself, but we will see….

    Ova, glad to hear your xbox is on the way to be repaired. Yes, I did read about the PS3 price cut, as well as the possible xbox 360 price cut. The 360 price cut will happen obvisouly, just a matter of “when”. Any way, PS3 60gb being at $500 is still pretty spendy, and still $100 more than the xbox 360 Pro. If microsoft has hopefully found the “true fix” to the “3 Red Ring of Death”, then I definitely want to stick with my 360. However, if the only “true fix” for the red lights is the new “Falcon” core processor(s) in their chips (produces much less heat, since it is at 65nm instead of the 95nm), then that worries me. Unless they are going to be replacing 360’s sent in for repair with the new Mother Board designs, as well as the new core’s, then I have no problem or worries. Not sure how they are going about this, but it sounds like that may be the case. Since they have extended the warranty to 3 years (for the 3 red lights), and have announced the new core chips at the same time, as well as the new mother board design, it would only make sense.

    So for now, still not PS3. If thing’s stay like they are with the 360 all through the remainder of this year, then I will be 99% likly to scrap my 360 and buy the PS3. But if Microsoft really has fixed the red light issue with systems with newer manufacturing dates, as well as console’s being sent in for repair, then I am 100% sticking with the 360. To me, it’s the best “bang for the buck”, best library of games, best online, and great HD graphics (not that PS3 doesn’t have amazing grpahic’s either).

    I’ll let you know all what I find out with my 360, and if it comes back all ok.

    Ova, again, good luck with yours.

  125. Should I be concerned that I never received an email from Microsoft, even when my 360 arrived at the repair center 8 days ago? Also, I know I’m just supposed to send the system without any peripherals/accessories. What I was referring to was the reference number. I’m now suddenly hearing that I’m *maybe* supposed to include a sheet with the reference number when I shipped the 360, and the agent I spoke with said nothing of the sort.

  126. Dan,

    I am in the exact same boat as you, except my 360 just arrived at the repair center today. I did not include any reference number on the return label, or inside the box. The agent on the phone never said I would need to, so I didn’t think of it. I am going to call support tomorrow and make sure they received it, and what the status is. If I were you I would do the same (1-800-4MY-XBOX). I will let you know what I find out.

  127. Spazzynate thanks. I have to say I havent checked on my system yet. I will soon though. I am so happy that the PS3
    went down so I do have to get one soon. I am going to wait and see about my 360 first of course . If everything goes well I will be sticking to the 360 untill next summer before purchasing the PS3. If I dont have luck with it I will have a PS3 this Fall when my most anticipated game comes out which is GTAIV.

  128. Hey all,

    Just got off the phone with support, and you will never guess what happened. I ACTUALLY spoke to a pure, english speaking american from freaking Seattle (like 3-4 hours just north of me). Finally, someone who can understand what I’m saying and vis versa. Any way, turns out they just scanned my box in this morning at 6:50am (EST). The lady on the phone was very polite, and told me that because of the new 3 yr. warranty announcement, they have been getting almost 3 times as much in for repair as they normally would, so it is now taking up to 14 days for a console to be repaired, and said to call back on the 25th of this month if I don’t hear anything by then. She said they are actually repairing them now, instead of just sending out refrubrished ones right away.

    To me, that proves even more that they are actually replacing the mother boards, and the cup/gpu cores. This way all the ones that get sent back out from the repair center, will pretty much be a brand new xbox (minus the casing) and hopefully will be 100% rid of the 3 red rings of light. That would also make sense why it is costing Microsoft 1$ Billion to fix all these.

    Any way, just thought I’d give you all an update. I will let you know what else I find out. Just out of courisity, are any of you watching the E3 conferences? I tried watching the Microsoft one last night, but my DSL isn’t fast enough (i live in small town, only option where I’m at). Later guys….

  129. Hey spazzynate my cousin watched it he said they showed GTAIV, Halo 3, Resident evil 5 and some other cool games. He said theyre expanding more downloading movies and more for xbox live. I seen on Buisness Watch from the news that the 360’s price is going to drop so its all good news.

  130. Anyone ever have any luck by getting a “tampered with” xbox 360 with the 3 red lights of death replaced or fixed without microsoft just sending it back to you still broke? I just called MS the other day and they are sending me the box to send it to them in … but my case has plastic scrapes and what not on the back but the seal was not “damaged” when I removed it while I worked on it…. I would have never tore mine open but I was outside the 90 day warranty period and the year extra that they offered…… and I didnt open the case till I thought I was completly screwed because I thought afte they added the 1 year .. that was gonna be all they offered.. so I said screw it and opened it up and put in the artic silver “fix”… then low and behold a month later they now offer 3 years… SOB’s… Just wondering if anyone else got “lucky” and got theirs replaced even though they opened it.

  131. ZPOLACK,

    I will let you know it goes with mine. My 360 just arrived at the repair center yesterday (wednesday) morning, and I called to find out how long it would take. Since they are now actually repairing consoles, instead of just quickly sending out “pre-fixed” (refurb) consoles, it can take up to 14 days before it is sent back.

    Any way, I started to open mine (took off the seal, and sides of the case), but then stopped because my box finally arrived (took 6-7 working days, not including the weekend). Any way, I was able to very carefully put the seal back on and hold my fingers on it to warm it up, and it stuck back on pretty good. You couldn’t really tell I had taken it off, or opened anything up really. So I’m hoping they don’t notice/repair the system any way. I never touched anything on the inside of the console so I’m good there.

    I will let you know how my situation goes. The lady on the phone said to give it 2 weeks (call back on the 25th), but I will probably call them on the 18th (next wednesday) to see what the status is. I’ll give you all an update then.


    Hey all, just thought I would let you know (incase you didn’ me) that you can track the status of your repair on the Microsoft website. I’m not sure how quickly it is updated, so calling support may still be the best way to go, but if you’re not able to get through to customer service, this could be an alternative to see where your freaking xbox 360 has been/is, after not seeing it for weeks on end. Here is the site:

    Go there, and click on the “Check Warranty and Repair Status” on the right. You will need to have a Windows Live ID (hotmail) address to sign in with, and the 360 serial number, and the correct name. Unless support has already registered that console for you, then it should already show up once you sign in, and you can click on that particular serial number for the console, and view the status.

    Hope this helps!

  133. i have three systems die on me. if i go through the process do i ship all together or one at a time. i ask this because of the one reference number

  134. Trock I couldnt tell you. you could be right, but I am 100% sure that the news did say the 360’s price is going to be cut down on count of their lack of sells and Sony dropping PS3’s prices $100.00 per unit. I am not calling you a liar or nothing and I dont want a enemy but the news did say that they was but who knows thats the news talking. I will check out your site because it seems you know your stuff. Thats if you dont mind. SpazzyNATE thanks for the info.

  135. hey SpazzyNate tanks for your help it really make me fell comfortable because i see that they have my correct information about my name and adress etc. tanks man but the things is that im mad becuase it’s taking to long to get my xbox back after 3 weeks and it’s about to take 4 weeks and i see that my console still in freaking customer support repair center and it’s no ready yet. well tanks anyway man you are really big help please keep informing us about your console status and you to Ova like that i can see wnen you resieved the console back.

  136. Thanks you all. I dont know what will happen. I havent even checked on my system yet and I do not know why I havent. I have been really buisy and times a issue for me right now. I am trying to call support but havent had no time to do it. I will let MS do what theyre going to do. I feel the less I worry about it the better I will be. I am going to get a PS3 here soon hopefully so I can watch movies in hd.
    Watching my dvds is what is going with my free time I get right now. See you all later.

  137. Yay i finally hafve it but ive had it 2 days and plaed it 40 mins after not playing for agers ive opened myself up to more fun better things :)

  138. They recieved my 360 at the repair center on Friday. They said that i will be recieving my new Xbox 360 in 4-6 weeks! Is this true? IT only took 2 days to get to the repair center. Do any of u think i might get it in earlier. 4-6 weels seems to long even if they are getting 3 times more in.

  139. Dylan,

    Yes, that sounds about right. When I spoke with customer service, the lady on the phone told me the same thing. Mine arrived there on the 11th, and she said to call back in 2 weeks to see if the status has changed. I have read other forums, where people are saying it has taken a complete month (30 days) to get their repaired system back.

    I honestly believe, that the reason for this, is because Microsoft is replacing the mother boards, and the CPU/GPU chipsets, with the new 65nm ones. It explains perfectly why it is costing Microsoft $1 Billion to fix all these, as well as why it is taking so long to receive the 360 back. I guess we just need to be patient. It does suck, but at least it’s summer time, not as many new games coming out. So in a way, it’s the best time to be with out the 360. We can now go outside and enjoy the sunshine (hopefully it’s nice where you all live), and do other things. On top of that, I do have my gaming pc, and Nintendo Wii (zelda, resident evil wii edition) to keep me busy until the 360 is back.

    Again, I will let you know how the repair process goes with mine, all the way until it arrives back on my door step.

  140. I’m in the same boat. They received my 360 on July 7, yet it hasn’t even been looked at yet, and they told me to call back in a week to find out. Plus, NCAA 08 comes out Tuesday, so I’m screwed. I’ll have my bro’s to play (pending it works; it’s his 2nd as well), but only for a week, then I need my own.

    Thanks Microsoft.

  141. Thanks Spazzynate Do i call 1800 4 myxbox to check to see hows it doing. Do they tell you if its close to getting it looked at or does it say when it will be looked at?

  142. Im glad you got your system back I dont know about the HDMI but I played the PS3 and my mouth hit the freaking floor and I have got to get one with MOTOSTORM. The Blue-Ray disc does prove to be a strong point in memory and the physics are awsome. I will get a PS3
    here soon and wont think twice about it. I am working for it right now. My 360 will sit for a while when I do get the PS3. Thats if i ever get it back. Thanks.

  143. I thought everyone was just over-exaggerating the 3 RED LIGHTS issue, but then it happened to me. Couldn’t even turn it on. IT was random because every once in a while it would turn on randomly. Sometimes three times in a row, then once every two days. I don’t know what the problems is. People say HEAT SINK or OVERHEAT, but not with mine. It was just random. My guess is that it has faulty wiring, or loose parts. People also say that they get them repaired and in a couple days it happens again, even more than three times. If mine ever does it again, I guarantee I will convince them to give me a free ELITE, trust me the only way these problems will get fixed is if everyone stops kissing their ass and starts demanding shit!

  144. Thats what happened to mine, it would turn on randonly but then i turn it off, then it would do the ligths again.

  145. All I can say is get ready to send it in. Because its already dead, If you ask me. Mine did the same thing and
    then it worked again, then it died again, then worked again then never came on not once after all of the trouble. If I were you guys I’d call Microsoft in a JIFFY. Make them fix it with that extra 3 year warranty.

  146. lol I have ALL your asses beat for RRoD time! Got my 360 in the mail LAST NIGHT, it RRoD’ed right away… had no idea wtf that was, so I replugged the cords and it worked. But I had no games yet so I turned it off and slept well… today I spent all day out getting stuff and bought Gears Of War, popped it in and pressed start… RRoD. Did the cord thing a few times. RRoD. Pissed off, went online and looked up the recall thing my dad was talking about when I first got the xbox… sure enough, first terminology I learned was RRoD, or more specifically, 3RLoD (3 red lights of death). Been on this whole time, and I’m about to call support in a minute. I’d do it now, but I have to sign off… damn dialup.

  147. are u all sure it will take 4-6 weeks because if any of u r, i will buy a core system on friday to play just as back up…so will it take 4-6 weeks?

  148. I have not heared anything about mine yet. I was thinking
    of buying a core at first and just adding my other stuff
    on it. I just decided to send it to MS instead. Dylan I have
    been hearing about it taking to long to fix as well. Thanks

  149. I sent my xbox in for repair almost a month ago and i know it arrived from ups but i still havent got it back. Someone tell me how long they had to wait before they got their xbox back

  150. Hey all,

    Tomorrow (Wednesday) will mark one whole week that my 360 has been at the repair center. When I go to to see what the status is, it still shows “received at service center”, and that’s it. I’m probably going to call tomorrow to find out the status, but I’m sure it will not change.

    Dylan – Yes, it is taking 4-6 weeks for a 360 console to be repaired, and then sent back, it is not an exaggeration. I know it sucks having to wait to get it back, but I wouldn’t spend $300 on a 360 core, just to play in the mean time, that’s a lot of money. If you are going to spend that kind of money, and don’t have a Nintendo Wii yet, I would HIGHLY suggest getting one (if you can find one). It’s not something that will replace the 360, of course, but find one and purchase Zelda: Twilight Princess, you will not be disappointed. Plus, it’s upwards of 50hrs. of game play, so it would definitly keep you busy.

    Any way, all in all, yes, it takes 4-6 weeks. We just have to be patient…

  151. cool ok i have the wii….beaten resident evil 4 a week ago ad zelda. im in the middle of playing scarafce on it and harry potter …and i have been making mii’s lol

  152. Dylan you mean you like harry potter. Thats awsome I do to man. I am going crazy right now. I just cant wait till saturday. Harry Potter and the deathly hallows book 7. That
    is one reason I am not worried about my 360. I am so into book 7 I cant get it off my mind and I am losing alot of sleep over it as well. If you have a wii and a 360 already dude you should go for that PS3. They have alot of great titles coming. GTAIV, Metal Gear solid 4, Killzone and more.

  153. Ova dude i cant wait either, be in barnes and nobles at 12…long lines, ill try to be first should be good. i do have a ps3 as well add me Spike14 my playstation tag. the only games i have are resistance and sigma. but yah dude i love all that.

  154. Ova, Dylan –

    My wife and I are both HUGE Harry Potter fans as well, and are VERY much looking forwards to this Saturday at 12:01am :-)

    Book 7 is going to be amazing, and we can’t wait. There are so many questions that need to be answered, and it’s really exciting. We live on the west coast, and are driving out to the city after work on Friday. Going to the Boarders book store. We are brining our laptop with us, so we can go online there, and read about everyone else that’s getting in line to get the book. That is also why I am not “as” worried as I probably normally would be about my 360 being dead and gone for so long…I’ll have book 7 soon, and because of that I wouldn’t have even touched my 360 any ways.

    So good luck on Friday night / Saturday morning!

  155. Ok so today i was playnig my xbox and out of no where…it froze on me…so i turn it off and turn it back on and the 3 red light thing starts to flash…i try everythign from unplugging cords to calling my friends…finally i call customer service…i call 3 times…put on hold for all three times….after waiting for half an hour the customer service number hangs up on me saying no one is able to help me…so im here now…pissed off cuz i cant paly my xbox…right now im thinking i wasted good money on it…i want to send it in for repair but cant get through to anyone…does anyne have any tips for me on how to repair this thing…thx…

  156. Steve try whiping all cables off with paper towel and also take off the hard drive. Turn on the system without the hard drive. It worked for me for two days then that was it.

    Dylan – Spazzynate
    I am so excited for book 7 as well only two days away. I am the first one to get the book because I waited over three hours to be the first to reserve the final book. My reserve
    paper has #1 wrote on it. So I can go the last minute and be first in line. That is so cool. I warn you all to watch
    the spoilers on the net all of my friends has already been
    spoiled by articles were they least expected it. They didnt spoil it for me by keeping their mouths shut and I thank them for that. They also warned me to watch certain sites
    like youtube and more. Last time 3 of my friends got spoiled
    at hastings because when they purchased their books on the way out of the store a car drove by and shouted Dumbledore Dies. Only two days to wait and the long wait is over for all of us muggles on 12:01 am Saturday mourning. Thanks!!!

  157. Just so you guys know, the price drop on the PS3 is only for the 6o Gig version, which they have decided to stop making. In simple terms the price drop will only last until they run out of 60 gig versions. The 80 gig version will sell at the same price as the current 60 gig, so if you don’t get one quickly, you wont save any money. Just goes to show you how serious Sony is about their customers. They offer a $100 price cut, but it only lasts until they run out, then its back to the old prices. At least MS isn’t doing anything like that.

    My 360 is also in for repairs. Have been reading all your posts about how to properly label the package, and here in Australia they email you a label to put on the front that has a section for your name and service number. Not sure why they wouldn’t do that in the US, but then again there is probably only one service place in Australia, as the label already has the address on it. And yes we have to talk to Indians on the customer support line.

  158. Ova,

    O wow! I heard all about that story on the news, about some people driving by shouting, “Dumbledore Dies”…so your friends were there? That really sucks, I would have been ticked…

    Any way, yes…I have been on and, and both have posted that the NY Times ran a review of the book already, with MAJOR spoliers. Some how, they were able to purchase the book from an “unnamed” book store. It just pisses me off..stupid people need to be freaking patient and clam themselves. So yes, be VERY careful where you go on the web until Deathly Hallows is released on July 21st, if you are a Harry Potter fan that is…if not, then I suppose it doesn’t matter where you go (except it’s still wrong the book is already out there).

    Also, on a side note, my 360 is still sitting in the repair center. Steve, I am sorry to hear about your trouble getting a hold of customer service, just to be able to send your xbox in…This really sucks, but pretty much what is going on is that Microsoft has releases a “RECALL” not an “extended 3yr. warranty”….I mean, they have, but I know for a fact they are replacing the system boards, CPU/GPU, and adding extra cooling (heat sink possibly), so by doing so, they are basically rebuilding the entire machine. So yes, basically Microsoft is “re-launching” the 360 all over again. It almost seems like Microsoft knew this might happen, and they did it just to be first out the gate….who knows?..

    Any way, again, just need to be patient. Steve, keep trying to get a hold of microsoft, and good luck.

  159. once you get ur 360 back form repairs does anybody ever have problems with it again or does it work for a long time

  160. Louis –

    I posted this above, but since it has sort of “faded out” from all the other comments, I will post again, so here it is… :-)


    Hey all, just thought I would let you know (incase you didn’ me) that you can track the status of your repair on the Microsoft website. I’m not sure how quickly it is updated, so calling support may still be the best way to go, but if you’re not able to get through to customer service, this could be an alternative to see where your freaking xbox 360 has been/is, after not seeing it for weeks on end. Here is the site:

    Go there, and click on the “Check Warranty and Repair Status” on the right. You will need to have a Windows Live ID (hotmail) address to sign in with, and the 360 serial number, and the correct name. Unless support has already registered that console for you, then it should already show up once you sign in, and you can click on that particular serial number for the console, and view the status.

    Hope this helps!

  161. I too have an xbox360 that died last Christmas, but since the warranty was over a full year earlier, I tried one of the fixes I saw on-line. It involved opening the xbox to look inside, sure I thought since theres no warranty what do I have to loose? Now Microsoft extended the warranty to 3 years, I’m still going to return it and explain I didn’t void the warranty since at the time there wasen’t one. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!! Oh by the way the fix didn’t work, the towel wrap worked for a short period of time but failed too.

  162. Ova (and to whoever else likes Harry Potter) –

    Book 7 is AWESOME!!! I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who has not read the book yet, so I won’t say anything, except that it was very good, but at the same time a little sad. I wish the ending (meaning the very last few pages, after all the events that happened) would have been a little more drawn out and longer (was some what disappointing), but I know it had to end some how. Other than that though, the book was simply great. Not all questions were answered (the book even raised some new questions), but I’m sure J.K. Rowling will answer them through interviews / on her web site.

    Any way, so just wanted to give an update with my 360. I just checked the xbox web site, and it now shows no pending repair. It also has a different serial# listed now, so I am assuming my system has been repaired, had a new serial# slapped on it, and is being sent back. To confirm this I am on the phone with support (currently waiting on hold) right now….and still waiting….waiting…

    Ok, it’s been about 20 minutes now, I hope someone picks up soon. Any way, I’ll let you all know for sure. And as for anyone out there being a Harry Potter fan, let me know what you thought about the book (but please don’t let out any details…this is obvisouly a xbox forum, not a Harry Potter forum…don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t finished the book).

  163. Sup yall. I didnt put the number given to me on the box becuz the foreign dude i was talking to musnt have remembered, will i still get my 360 back?

  164. Spazzynate I finished the book early yesterday. It was the best of the series and I did enjoy it as much as you did. I just feel that there was to much unanswered. I realy enjoyed
    it and I was right about a certain horcrux if you know what I am hinting about. I didnt think there would be that many people get killed. There was alot of deaths. Some were to much. The chapter the princes tale was one of my favorites.
    I knew that R.A.B was you know whom. Snape and his background was the answer to many things. He had it rough and Jo made you feel it. The epilogue was not that great and I hate to say it but I was hoping that a certain boy would not come back from KINGS CROSS. I guess he had to for the greater good. SpazzyNate I hope you catch what I am saying because I didnt want to spoil anything.

  165. Ova – Yes, I am catching exactly what you are saying. I very much agree, there were some thing’s left unanswered, and the epilogue wasn’t that good, but over all I am very happy with yes. Yes, the certain boy that came back from King’s Crossing, I think was a good thing. But at the same time, if he didn’t, I actually think I would have been ok with it….J.K. Rowling could have gone either way, but personally I am more happy with the ending she chose. So any way, I am glad you enjoyed the book as much as I did, and I will definitly be re-reading it.

    On another note, my 360 is on it’s way back to me. So, from the time it was “received at the repair center” to the time it has taken to be sent back to me, it was a total of 1 week and 5 days, in for repair. Not that bad actually…

    Any way, just thought I would let you all know. I’ll let you know how it goes once I get it all hooked up (supposed to be here Thursday) and test it out. Later…

  166. SpazzyNate Im re-reading book 7 at the moment to make sure I didnt miss any thing really important. I still have not checked on my 360. I am going to call them tommorow. I hope they are about done with it though. If I sent it in on the 9th of this month when do you reckon it will be back. Its been 2 weeks and one whole day. Thanks!!!

  167. A week ago, I called Microsoft and asked what was taking so long (I was quoted 5 business days to repair, which I knew was bull to start with), and they told me it would be 25 business days because of the anouncement on the 5th. I raised hell (albeit politely) and spoke with a supervisor, explaining to him that I shouldn’t be on a waiting list for something I preceeded. Not to mention the fact that they never told me about the delay-I had to find out through a fellow 360-user.

    After about 20 minutes of this, he asked if he could check on it and call me back. I agreed, but had no hopes of him calling me back. To my surprise, however, not only did he call me back, but a few days later I was notified that it was on its way, and I am currently awaiting UPS (which, for those who don’t know, actually stands for Ungodly Pissy and Slow) to deliver it.

    So yeah, if you sent your system in before the announcement, and you’re still on hold, raise hell. Worked for me.

  168. guys just let you know the my replacement (new console) from the customer service is broke they send me a console with the 3 flashing red lights. is really stupid how can they send me a unrepair console that is really gay.
    however i hope the your replacement work well and the you guys have the same problem or the same bad luck as me. the customer service send me a new shipping box and now have to wait another month.

  169. Bob, I wouldn’t expect it back before the end of August. The announcement on the 5th of July about the three rings problem caused a flood of people to send in 360s. I was, as stated above, quoted 25 business days (not including shipping, which would come out to about 35), so you may be looking at up to 7 weeks.

  170. Boys it could take a while so just wait. I sent mine in on the 9th and its untelling when I’ll receive it back repaired. Thats been over two weeks ago.

  171. Received the coffin on July 3rd and sent back vias UPS on Jul 5th. Unit was received at the McAllen, TX location on Jul 9th…as of today no indictaion as to when my X360 will be fixed and sent back.

    The actual fix for the issue can not possibly take that long (just swaping out a few parts). The fact that repairs take this long to process is a pretty clear indicator of the magnitude of the failure rate…has to be close to 40% of all X360s are failing and that is insane!! No wonder Peter Moore left…while the games and the machine (when working) are a success, overall this is a huge subsequent black eye on the X360 roll out not only from a customer service standpoint but also from a financial standpoint(hence the $1 billion charge to the M$ P&L).

    All I can say is that for the exceeding long time it takes to repair these units, Moronsoft had better be installing additional hardware (i.e., heat sinks) in the units they are fixing as this kind of delay is ridiculous.

  172. Hey everybody i Called about my problem with the three red lights and they sent me an email saying they sent the box but it has been three weeks i still havnt got it but luckily i have a PS3 also to keep me busy

  173. Hey after exactly 2 weeks i recieved my new 360. July 12 they recieved and they told me 4-6 weeks. I recieved it in 2 weeks. So it was less than what i was told. Spazzy Nate did u get ures in?

  174. Hey all,

    So, my xbox 360 has finally arrived today. Actually, it was only gone for a week and 5 days (basicaly 2 weeks) for the repair, which isn’t that bad I suppose. I just got it back today (7/26/07) so I cn’t say for sure if it will not die again, but so far so good. I a in the middle of downloading the new “Blue Dragon” demo, so once that’s finished I’ll play that for a little bit, and then some Gears / Oblivion to really test it out…then probably play a movie on it.

    Any way, so the system I got back is completly differen then the one I sent in. Unless they replaced it with a brand new case / serial number, which I doubt. I only hope that they are actually fixing them now, instead of just doing a “quick (temporary) fix”…The only thing I have a problem with right now is that it’s making a slight buzzing sound..Yes, I know the fans make a little noise, ect…however, that is not what I am talking about. Even idol, the system makes a buzing sound…almost sounds like one of the fans is going out in it, but I hope not. Time will tell…

    But other than that, it is working good so far. I will keep in touch for a couple more weeks or so and let you know how it is faring then..If any of you have any questions, let me know. I’ll try and answer them as best I can.

    Thanks, and best of luck to you all.

  175. Spazzynate Im glad you got your system back. I sent mine in on the 9th of this month which has been 2 weeks and 3 days.
    When should I recieve it back repaired. If you can help thanks!!!

  176. Spazzynate i wouldint be happy if i was you becuase the replacement that they send me is broken after 2 days and it did the same sound just like yours (fans) and after it opened and closed by it s self and it crash the cds so i hope the you not have the same problem as me good luck!!!!!! a and also i have to wait another month to get my console repair (again) it feels bad when you dont play with your console the hole summer. please tell me how yours go

  177. Ova – I know I sent mine in just a little before yours, so thats why I have mine back before you. But also, I am only counting the time from it actually getting to the repair center, and then back to me. Mine didn’t arrive at the repair center until the 11th, and I got it back yesterday ( actually took 2 weeks and 1 day)..So hopefully you hear something soon. I got mine in just before the announcement was made about the extended warranty, so I may have got lucky.

    edgar – I agree, I am not very happy. It is working, but that noise is annoying. Even my wife was like, “did the first one you have make that much noise?”…so if it dies in a couples days or whatever I am going to be pissed. Obvisiouly I was wrong about MicroS*** replacing the CPU/GPU and adding an extra heat sink (well, maybe they are still doing the heat sink part), because my 360 is still just as noisy, and when feeling the back of the console, seems to run just as hot as before. No difference what so ever, so it obvisiouly doesn’t have that new 65nm process yet…they are still doing the “quick fix” as always….

    I really hope this isn’t the case,…I can now have no confidence in the 360 because of this. This thing could last another year, and then die again. I know there will be an atricle out there eventually that tells when the new 65nm process is out, and about a 360 that “runs cooler” – Once that article hits the internet, and I find out about it, I swear I am going to buy one of those. I don’t give a crap, and then I’m going to smash the crap out of my current 360 and send it back to Microsoft to fix…

    Ok, I’m done venting now…sorry about that. Any way, I will keep you all posted and let you know how it goes…

  178. After getting my 360 nearly 3 weeks ago, I finally got it back. It’s a different one, so hopefully it works, if not, Microsoft will become my #1 enemy.

  179. hey MS recieved mine on the 23rd and umm i’d just like to ask if there is a way to see my repair process without the serial# because i already sent it, thx

  180. Hey All,

    So I played my 360 over the weekend, and it seemed to be running fine, except for two things.

    1. It is still making that high pitch whining noise. I assumed it was the fans in the back, so I tested this, by taking 2 thin, short sticks, and carefully sticking them through the holes in the back, just in enough to stop the fans from spinning. I then turned on my 360, and no high pitch nosie. I then took one stick out at a time, turned on the 360, and then did the same to the other fan. Both are making the same high pitch whining noise…So, what this accomplished, I don’t know..but now I do know it is my fans in the back, and not the dvd drive or anything else like that.

    2. I had been playing Oblivion for about an hour, when the disc tray started to make this wierd noise, and then a message popped up saying, “can not read disc. The disc may be dirty or damaged. Please clean, ect.” (or something that to effect) So I popped out the disc and looked underneath, and it looked perfectly fine. Not one scratch or anything, so the dvd drive didn’t hurt anything. I put Oblivion back in, and it came up just fine. I played it for another 30min., and then stopped (needed to get out of the house for a few…was a nice day on saturday).

    Ohh, and there was a point when playing Oblivion later on Sunday, that the high pitch whining noise stopped, and the fans sounded normal, like they’re supposed to be sounding. So I thought maybe the fans just needed to be broken in. But then when I exited out to the dash board, the sound came back. Maybe it was there the whole time, and the fans blowing out while playing a game drownded out the noise..I don’t know, but it seems to be working fine none the less.

    I thought about buying the Tailsmoon Xbox 360 Whisper fan (supposed to cool 58% better, and be 7% quieter), but that requires opening up my 360 (voiding the warranty)…but it might be worth it, plus it was take away that annoying high pitch sound…

    Well, at any rate, it is working for now. I better stop typing this “book”, so people actually read this post…Let me know if anyone else has experienced this, or has any comments on this, thanks.

  181. SpazzyNate it seems the yours is fine dont worry about that (fans) i think that is the way fans are suppouse to sound. oooo and i forgot to tell you that when i reseived mine and i plug all the things on the 360 it appears the 3 flashing red lights. i called the customer support and i fall the direction about the red lights problem and it works but after two days happens what i told you before.
    my 360 on its way to texas and SpazzyNate in which part of united states do you live, i ask you this because maybe the closer of texas you are the fatest your console come back to you

  182. edgar,

    I live in the Northwest coast (over by Washington State / Oregon area). So I’m about as far from Texas as you can get within the US, unless you’re in Alaska or Hawaii…

    Any way, I hope you get your 360 back soon. So this is the second time you have had to send in your 360 for repair??

    So you don’t think I have anything to worry about with the fans? I hope not…seems to be going ok for now, so I’ll just have to wait to see.

  183. Got the 360 back (or rather, the new one they sent me) today, and it’s working just fine.

    One thing, though…I can’t play the videos (or access ANY previously downloaded content) I got from marketplace unless I’m signed in to Xbox Live. When I try to do it offline, it gives me a “the licenses are expired/missing”-like error message. Kind of annoying. Anybody else have this problem?

  184. Dan i had that problem too with my 360 but after the 360 broke (dvd drive) my 360 stared to work fine with market place (online) so it seems that you might have to deal with the same problem as me.
    SpazzyNate do you call so many times to the customer service? i ask you this because maybe if you call them so any times they might send the console back to you,as soon as they can, because they dont wanna have problems with the customer and with there repotation. you dont think?

  185. SpazzyNate can you tell me your gamertag so i can add you to my friends list. so when i have my 360 back we can play online together. that’s if u want 2. if your answer is yes my gamertag is edgarmexxx. i give you mine so you accept the friend request when this comes to your message.

  186. edgar,

    I only called customer service twice, after my 360 arrived there. Once, to confirm that it had arrived. Then the second time to get the status (it showed on their web site that I no longer had any “pending” repairs, so I called them), which to find out it had been sent back to me that day, and I was given a tracking number.

    So I didn’t hound them or anything. But maybe a couple of phones calls, a week apart, might not be a bad idea…

  187. Hey guys I havent had time to get on the net. I feel that you all have had it rough with your 360’s. I hope you all are ok though. I finally got my 360 back. I have good news and bad. The bad is I recieved a replacement, It gets hot as my old one did. It is manafactured in 2007 and thats alright. The good news is I haved played two days straight
    and its quite and it is not doing bad at all. Its quiter than my old system was because when I pause it you can hear a smooth running noise. My old one was always loud when it was in use. I dont play games much and I played it for a little over an hour on Monday and the same for Tuesday. I hope it stays in working condition because I want GTAIV. I
    am going to try it again today with Gears of War and see how it does on the third day. I hope it keepes working for me. SpazzyNate and all you other guys keep us posted on how you all are doing with your 360’s. I hope you all good luck with yours. Thanks.

  188. If its the second time you send your xbox360 console in for repairs do you need to but your info inside the box. Cause the box only came with the instructions and and the materials. They didnt send me any papers to fill out with my name like in the first one o yeah i also sent the reference number inside to. Im kinda worried and i dont know what to do
    so can someone please help me.


  189. Ohh sweet thanks man ive been freaken out since the day i shipped it that day would july 26. oh yeah one more thing whats up with that email microsoft sends you? The first xbox i sent i never got that email but my xbox came within 10 days.

  190. My new 360 is working great i can definitely tell this isnt my old one becuase it seems quiter and the disc tray opens quicker…to everyone who sends there 360 in u will get it back in about 2 week…even if M$ says 4-6 weeks…plus they throw in a monh gold…sweet

  191. Spazzynate are you sure that auto downloads arent enabled on your 360? If you have soemthing you have downloaded and its not finished when you turn your 360 off, it will stay on and finish the download. Maybe thats why you hear it when it is off.

  192. Hey All,

    So ok, round two. I just got off the phone with Microsoft Xbox 360 support, because I am sending back my 360 (again!). The fan noise that it is making is driving me crazy, and it has stopped reading dics right in the middle of game play, twice.

    Now, for the good news…well, sort of. I was only on the phone, probably a total of 20 minutes, including hold time, which isn’t bad. They are sending me out a pre-paid shipping box, just like last time, to send it back to them in. The support person on the phone was very polite, and even though he wasn’t completly american (had a deep accent), I could still understand him pretty well. He said it would take 10 days to receive my 360 back, once it has arrived at the repair center, however because of the amount of 360’s they have been getting sent in, it may take a few days longer. So I’m not expecting to see it again (once it’s sent out via UPS) for another 2-3 weeks. But on the up side of that, they are sending me a FREE GAME. (as well as another free month of xbox live gold) I thought that was pretty cool…I had 4 choices, as follows:

    1. Viva Pinata
    2. Project Gothem Racing 3
    3. Xbox Live Arcade: Unplugged
    4. Kameo: Elements of Power

    I owned both 2 and 4 before, and sold them, so I since I had played them before I didn’t choose them. Number 3, well..I have xbox live gold, and can just download them (yes, it would cost money, as opposed to free, but I’m not too much into live arcade much any way). So I chose number 1., Viva Pinata. I have read some reviews on it before, and downloaded the demo / videos. It looks pretty cool actually, plus it’s free so I figure why the heck not. So getting a free game out of this is a pretty sweet deal.

    Right now my 360 works, it’s just kinda noisy, and might stop reading dics at any moment, plus it has made a grinding noise once in a while. The support person said if they were not able to repair the system, they would just send me a new unit. Do you think he meant an actual new unit, or a refurbished one? To me, I just hope it has a 2007 manufacturer date, with a month of June or newer. I doubt I’m that lucky, but you never know. I’ll let you all know how this one goes as well.

    Dylan – To answer your question, I don’t have it set to auto download, and when I turn the system off it doesn’t make any noise, because well…it’s off, lol. What I meant by being idol, is when I’m in the dashboard not playing anything, just sitting there. I tested it, and it’s definitely the fans. So, hopefully they replace the fans, or send me a whole new box.

    Thanks to everyone who has been on here updating. Incase any of you want to know, my gamer tag on live is the same as here (SpazzyNate). Feel free to add me, just send a message a long with it saying something like, “hey, it’s me from xbox 360 Repait at T. Longren”…(or something to that effect). See yah!

  193. just wondering. how long does it take? i sent my xbox in on july 19th. it reached texas on july 24th and now im waiting. should i expect end of august date for it to come back? i live in the northeast if that has anything for when i should expect my 360 back…

  194. Hey Billy I sent mine in on the 9th of July which was on Monday and I recieved it back on the 30th. So it took exactly 3 weeks to be repaired and sent back. SpazzyNate
    that is so awsome man I hope you get a brand new 360 for the trouble you have went through. Mine is still going well
    and is still quite. It has been cooling down as well and it dont get as hot as it use to. I just hope it stays in working condition!!! Thanks!!!

  195. Bill – I would expect to see your 360 by the end of next week (friday the 10th) or the beginning of the next (monday the 13th). Hopefully you see it before that, but regardless you should see it on your dor step in another week. Also, just so you know UPS (Microsoft) requires a signature to leave the package at the address location. I knew I wouldn’t be home, so what I did is leave a note taped to my door, saying: “Please accept this as my authorization to leave package (tracking# xxxxxxxxxx) on door step. If needed, please contact me at the following number (xxx-xxx-xxxx). Thank you, *signed your name* …That worked for me, so incase you can’t be at the house to may want to try that.

    Ova – Glad to hear your 360 is going well for you, and I hope it stays that way. I got the confirmation email saying the repair box has been sent out, so hopefully I’ll see it by Wednesday of next week. I’ll let you all know, again, how it goes this time, lol.


  196. Can I still get my xbox fix if I don’t have the receipt anymore but I still have the sticker on the back of the 360 and the date it was made was 2006-10-11

  197. YAY! estimated time of delivery is tomorrow! UPS called and said i need to be at home so i will probably do the note thing just in case. thanks for the idea. My xbox reached there on the 24th. And they shipped it from Texas on the 2nd so 10 days to fix. Not bad at all.

  198. I just want to say that you all probably wont get the same one back. You will get a replacement,which my replacemnet
    is doing real well and was manufactured in 07. I hope you all the best of luck with your 360’s and hope you all keep everyone posted on your behalf. Did you all hear about GTAIV getting pushed to spring of 08. That was my top game to get this year. This really does blow. I am now going to be getting it on PS3 because I am going to get one by next spring. See you all later.

    YES – Tony you should be able to.

  199. SpazzyNate i sent my 360 on july 30 and it reached texas on august second when do you think i will get it back.
    Ooo and also i sent you a friend request on xbox live i hope you accept it.

  200. Listen people they say about 4-6 weeks but it takes 3 for shipping and everything. You all will probably get a replacement like me and most other people as well. I didnt want to say this but I need some help. My system plays good and everything but when I turn it on the screen is blank everytime untill I shut it down and unplug the hd cable. After I plug it back up and turn on the system its works fine. So SpazzyNate or anyone else who might can give me some info why does it do this. Please help? Thanks.

  201. Well… an update to my story from while ago… been bout 3 weeks for my whole repair process… a quick recap as to what happened with my 360… had my 360 for bout a year and 6 months and it took a crap 3RLOD… so it was outta the extra year warranty that MS had offered at the time. It was a dead 360 and I was not paying the 150 for a repair at the time… so I said screw it.. i’m screwed anyways and took it apart. The artic silver fix didnt work… then I tried the heat gun fix. neither helped me out so I was basically sitting on a $400 paper weight. Well.. then 2 months later they annouced the 3 year warranty.. of course they did after I had “voided” my warranty. Well I said wth.. might as well try for a repair if they are offering it. Went through the entire process. 3 weeks later I get my original 360 back NOT fixed and a letter stating to go F myself basically and that I had voided my warranty by tampering with it. Well lets just say I spent about and hour and half on the phone with the support people and 2 managers last night and still got nowhere even after expressing how my original Nintendo still works from 1988… I requested refunds, I requested a new Xbox.. .nothing. I can’t even pay to get it fixed now they tell me. I’ve been pretty darn loyal to MS on their consoles and software even as I bought the Ultimate Vista when it come out.. $400…. SO now here I am… $1400 in console accessories and games for my 360… and a $400 giant paper weight of an xbox 360… Anyone have any ideas as to how I can scam a new one somehow? I really dont want to buy another but I am slowly bowing down as I just cant live with the thought of sitting on all the games and hardware that I’ve purchased from MS….. Sucky ending as I explained to the reps… I cannot believe that with an announcement like MS has made with a “acceptance of the complete failure of the xbox 360 hardware” coming from the head of the gaming division. Just rediculous…. I am a very very unhappy customer and I will be doing whatever I can to still get a free 360 outta their tightwad aces…..

  202. Sarah,

    It took me about 2 weeks to get my repaired 360 back to me. That is starting from the time it actually arrived at the repair center, to the time it got back on my door step. So like 7-8 days of that time was just shipping. I just sent my repaired one back in because it was having issues the day I got it, so I am in the same boat as you right now.


    It may be your component cables, or the actual video card in your 360 that is going out. Try using just the composite (yellow, red, white – meaning running your 360 in non-hd mode), and see how that works for a couple times (turning the console on and off). Then try switching thr HD back on, and connecting the component cable for the video. If it’s still doing that blank screen thing, it may be the video card. Do you have any friend near by that have a 360, that you could burrow their HD cable to test it on your system? Otherwise, you could buy a new set of cables and see how that works. Or, call Microsoft, let them know whats up, and you will probably end up sending it in to them for repair. Let me know what you decide to do, but I would definetly try getting an HD cable from a friend to try out before you do that.


    You said that happened was a while ago…Are you still with out a 360? If not, what did you do to get one? Would be interesting to hear where you are currently at on this.

    As for myself, I still waiting for the stupid coffin to get here. Hopefully I see it today or tomorrow. I’ll let you all know, thanks.

  203. My console died about 5 or 6 months ago. I opened it up shortly after the 1 year extension was announced and I realized that I had no options other then to spend $150 and have ms “fix” it.. but I decided against that as I heard a lot of horror stories about people sending it back for about 2 or 3 repairs and figured it wasnt worth it. Then of course about 2 months after I opened it and still had no working 360…. they announced the 3 year warranty which was now voided by my tampering with it.. I just recieved my 360 back from the service center last night after about a 3 week process of mailing / service dept time frame…. Still a dead 360. I am now contiplating the though of just purchasing the base 360 for $280 and attaching my hard drive to it and just moving on as I am sitting on about 15 games and 4 controllers with nothing to play them on. I dont think I have any other options at this point.

  204. I just filled out the service request online and got 2 emails. one stating that it was starting to process my order (this came shortly after filling out the online information) the second came the next morning saying ” Please prepare your Xbox console and follow the instructions provided by Xbox Customer Support. You will receive an e-mail as soon as the next step in the process has begun.”

    So my question is where do I go from here. the online service info I filled out gave me no infomation about what to do. am i suppose to be gettin a box and sending it back or do i send it back myself? is anyone familiar with the online service?

  205. Hi All,

    Well, I make a decision…I am eBaying my 360. Right now I am on my 5th one, and I’m having to send it back in for repair. I am listing it as possibly need to be sent in, and as it is still under regular warranty / 3 red ring warranty. I am just fed up with them breaking down all the time. I decided it would be better to invest more into my gaming pc (which i know works, because…well…I built it), as opposed to spending $500+ on games, and then 6 months, a year, 2 years, maybe even 3 years down the road my 360 dies, again. And then that time it’s completly out of warranty…I’m just not going to play that game.

    So, I have my gaming pc (which, in my oponion…don’t hate me better than a 360..depending on how much you spend on upgrading the pc that is), and my Nintendo Wii. Those two systems are more than enough for me, especially since I am married now, and just bought a new house. My time for gaming has slimmed down immensely.

    So here is me, signing out. Good luck to you all.

  206. i got an email today back saying they were sending me box to send my xbox back in. So, the online service repair is pretty fast. I filled out the information Monday night and then Wed. morning I get an email saying they are sending me the box to ship it back in :) Not to bad.

  207. I recieved mine in 2 weeks exactly right after i got an email saying it has arrived at the repair center. The email says 4-6 weeks but i guarantee U it will come in around 2 weeks. I experienced this first hand so i know.

  208. i got a question i sent my xbox in 5 days ago it just got to the repair center yesterday how long is it going to take to get it back if im in georgia? Im bout to cry because im going to be behind when madden 08 comes out

  209. they just sent me a message this morning saying that it has reached the service center but it got there 2 days ago how long is the wait now

  210. Everyone should expect about 2-3 weeks time frame from the point you made the service call and or email, and to the time you get the system back to you.

  211. zpolack i dont know i had a busted drive it wouldnt read any discs that why im asking. but im guessing the 3rings.

  212. ZPOLACK not everyone send the console for the problem of 3 flashing red lights. just like me i send mine because the dvd drive did not work well when i was trying to open the dvd drive it close by it self so thats why i send my so dont try to fool nobody because no one has the same problem.

    JAVI the you call them so many times because if you did maybe thats why you get your console back very fast. well thats just a question and also which part of united states do you live because maybe the other reason to get your console back very fast is because the closer from of texas you live the fastest you get it back.

  213. Device: Xbox360 Hardware
    Serial Number: 202710255006
    Warranty Status: Out of Warranty
    Repair Status: Device Received at Service Center

  214. Device: Xbox360 Hardware
    Serial Number: 202710255006
    Warranty Status: Out of Warranty
    Repair Status: Device Received at Service Center how long is the wait now cant they repair a console in 1 day do it really take 2 weeks per console to be fixed

  215. well it depends on were you live. i live in arizona so it took like 6 days for me to get mine. Where do you live?

  216. i live in boston and the first 360 i send for repair,it took 5 weeks to get it back this is the second time i send my 360 for repiar but i think this time im going to get it early because the first time i send it was when microsoft had alot of consoles for repair but now they have less than before but i dont know you tell me, Spazzynate he use to write in this site and he tell me it took 2 weeks for him to get it back and he live close of canada he said between oregon and washington. but i dont know you think i should call them (customer service) and also did tell you that it was going to take 4 or 6 weeks.

  217. Do you guys think the service center is busy in aug? Most people should be at vacation, so we can get our consoles faster. ( I just sent mine,box came today-3 red fucking lights)
    We’ll see how long is it gonna take.

  218. yes (texas is the only place in usa) and nevermind i just got an email from customer service saying that my xbox is on its way home impresive this time it took 4 days to get repair the xbox 360 i never expected that from microsoft. but the important thing is the my 360 is on its way home yay!!!!!!!!

  219. you never got one maybe is because you live in arizona and they only took them one day to give it back to you. so they dont need to email it to you.

    Tim if i was you i would not put my serial number on this site becuse some body could steal it and you will never see your xbox again. if you have a serial number and you go to repair status you write this serial number after that it appears all your information and is an option were you can change your adrees and all your information sorry man but i have to say this that’s really dumb and about when you get it your 360 back i think next week you will reseived an email from microsoft saying that your system is on its way home i hope you dont have any problems with your 360 good luck.

  220. uh oh. i got the red lights…..but hopefully it isnt bad because i took out my hardrive, turned it on its fine. Put my hardrive back in turned it on and its fine….but my games are freezing now :( so i assume this one is going to fail soon but i just got it on monday! anyone know if a xbox will randomly show 3 red lights then be fine?…wow i think if this one breaks. wow.

  221. dude you got the lights already damn! i got mine on wednesday and freakin awsome new disc drive and it doesnt make alot of noise. were do you keep you 360?

  222. I had the three ring lights problem, called xbox on monday and box has been shipped. I’ll let you know my progress


  224. I Just got the email saying my xbox has been recived at the center how man days will it take i want it for madden

  225. ok i guess people stop asking how long it will take. just tell your story like if they people were nice and responsive, is the xbox holding up (unlike mine right now). do you notice anything like it is quieter? Repeating what dylan said TO EVERYONE, FROM THE TIME IT TAKES TO GET AT THE REPAIR CENTER IS BASED WHERE YOU LIVE, BUT WHEN IT GETS TO THE REPAIR CENTER IT WILL BE SENT BACK AROUND 2 WEEKS LATER. THERE YOU GO….just tell your story or any examples like i said above.

  226. I’ll tell you all one thing the system you get back will be a replacement. So I would not be so happy. I am going to retire my 360, probably sell it at gamestop. Then go buy a new PS3. I have played all of the new consoles and the PS3 is sharper. I hope you all dont get mad but if I were some of you I think I would purchase the PS3 for only $499.00.
    I just recieved my 360 back about two weeks ago and its already flashing 1 red light and acting weired. Thanks you all and good luck to you and thanks once again SpazzyNate.

  227. dylan. breakpoint27 thats my gamertag. send me an invite. Yea Ova mine is acting strange too except mine flashed the 3 red lights….. But it is doing ok right now. I cant go to the Ps3 just because all my friends have a 360 and its fun to team up and play with them. But I do see where your coming from. I heard it is 40% xbox 360s have the gotten the 3 red lights. Anyone else here any other numbers for that? Oh yea and SpazzyNate helped us all a lot. Thank you

  228. do you have to sign to get the box that they send you? i should be getting mine tomorrow, but i work so i didnt know if i should leave a letter on the foor or not.

  229. hey guys..i’ve had my xbox 360 for well over a year now, and i’ve NEVER had any complaints, up until yesterday. i was shocked that it had been working so well, and everyone around me was having to send theirs back for repair. anyway, i have it plugged into my television via the component cables that came with it. i powered it on yesterday, and i got sound coming through the speakers, but no picture on the screen. i unplugged the a/v cable and plugged it back in on both ends, didn’t work. i thought maybe it was my tv’s input jacks, so i hooked the wii up to them, and the wii worked fine, so it’s not my tv. and keep in mind i get NO RED LIGHTS at all. it powers up fine but i simply get no picture. anyone think maybe the cables could be faulty by now? or if i’ll more than likely have to send it in for repair, which i think my warranty’s been up for a while. thanks guys.

  230. heart check to make sure your av cable is in tv or hdtv, the one you want. i accidcently kept it on hdtv when i wanted regular and i was like oh no what did i do, this seems worse than the lights, but my friends saw i had it in hdtv. check that out.

  231. dawn you have to sign for it, but someone a while ago said if you leave note saying i allow you to leave this package on the doorstep with this tracking number ->____________

  232. billy, thanks for the advice. i checked it and it’s on hdtv, which is what i’ve always had it on, and i’ve made absolute sure that everything is plugged in the right jacks. if it was something within the xbox like hardware failure, you’d think i’d at least get the red lights too, but still, i don’t have any. i don’t know what the problem could be.

  233. try googling it lol. thats weird i have never heard of that. maybe the jack is broken or something. ill search some stuff for you tonite and get back to you tomorrow afternoon here :)

  234. realized that last comment didnt make much sense….i mean i wasnt sure if u had to sign for just getting the box to send the xbox back. i knew u had to sign for getting ur 360 back….thanks…

    i need to reread my comments before hitting post :)

  235. Hey heartcooksbrain thats my same problem as well dude. After a year and one week my 360 got 3 red lights. I sent it for repair and got a replacement. It works good and all
    but every time I turn it on no PICTURE. So I turn it off unplug the AV HD cable plug it back in and turn it on and boom it works perfect. I have to go through this every single time I turn it on for the past 2 weeks or longer.
    I am about to get a new cable and see if its that. If its a hardware malfunction I am sending it for repair and when I recieve it back Im selling it at my local EBgames/GAMESTOP.
    I know its not my HDTV because its new. I am going to buy the PS3 because my HDTV supports 720p and 1080i. PS3 is alot sharper anyway. Thanks!!!

  236. ova, i read one of your earlier comments about motorstorm amazing you, or, i think that was you. anyway, i recently splurged and got a ps3 after the 100 dollar price drop. i brought it home, hooked it up, my tv also supports 720p and 1080i. everything ran great, but after about 10 minutes of playing motorstorm (FANTASTIC game by the way, the graphics get me every time, and i’m a fan of all 3 current gen consoles) i noticed a very high pitched sound that was just unbearable to the human ear, haha. i put my ear up to the ps3 and it was coming from inside. turns out it was a defective unit and i had to replace it at wal mart. now i’m on my 2nd ps3, it works perfect, and i’m very impressed so far. but yeah, i know exactly what you mean by sharper, especially with motorstorm. and it’s a very early title too, if not a launch title? i’m not sure. my 360 just had to screw up when i finally had all 3 systems, haha, just my luck. but anyway, thanks for the response and lets hope for the best.

  237. got 3 more red lights again. took out the wires put them back in and its good. for now. anyone knows if this is going to lead to 3 red lights that cannot be fixed???

  238. Thank god I have a doorman. Sent the box to mcallen tx on thursday now its in transit and will be at the repair center today. We’ll see how long it is gonna take to sent a refurb console? back

  239. its been a week at the repair center and still no xbox360 come on microsoft i dont want to miss a whole week of madden cry.cry.cry

  240. i bought a new a/v component cable, hooked it up, still no picture. not the tv either. this thing is just dead. no red lights. no warranty. guess i’ll save up for an Elite in the future. later guys.

  241. hearcooksbrain. I heard that the elite is not that much better and it is the Xbox 360 except black and bigger memory. Do some research before the buy just in case

  242. Listen here guys Im a mad SOB!!! Every time I turn my 360 on I have to do the shut down and take out the cable. If I have to do this repeatedly Im done with microsoft. The dumd a$$ guy on customer support told me nothing when I called.

    On the 31st, when the Halloween REMAKE premiers Im taking my 360 to sell it a freaking gamestop if i can. Thanks !!!

  243. What im planning is if my xbox 360 comes back if this one breaks quickly like one month and stuff then im sending it back and selling the new “repaired 360″ to EB games.

  244. Well Guys and Gals, I got my Xbox 36 December 12th 2006. It would lock up once or twice a day when playing Vegas (probably the game). But as of Monday Past august 13th the red 3 rings came up. It’s definitely gone bad. Called MS tech support and they said they would send me a box. Got that yesterday on August 16th and sent the Xbox 360 right back out the same day. Purolator says its 2 days delivery to the MS repair center. Since I’m in Canada, Nova Scotia it will go to the Ontario, North Fork Fulfillment center. I was told since they actually don’t do repairs in Canada I’ll either get a new one or a refurb (which sucks cause I bought it new). So they should have it by Monday. Now the waiting game to see how long it will take to get me replacement. Also a side note when I brought it to Purolator office to be shipped its in a plain white Box, the Purolator guy said “there’s an Xbox in that hey?” I said yes, turns out they are getting allot of those box’s, and he said he even had to send his in …lol I’ll keep you all posted on the return for us Canadians.

  245. I dont blame you one bit Billy I would do the same thing.
    I dont want to say it but you will probably be selling your 360 if you mean buisness. Dukester good luck to you as well
    man, but I would’nt be so happy about a replacement.

  246. Thanks Ova, I’ve ben doing some reearch and it looks like the processsor is heating up on the 360’s because of improper installation (not enough material to prevent it from overheating) Same principle as in computers.
    A replacement if its new would be great, but if its a refurb I won’t be happy about that. I bought mine new I want that fixed or a new one in its place. I have marked mine in certain spots to see if I get it back or a different one. Purolator told me 2 days they would get it so they should have it tommorow – monday. Then the wait for another one to be returned to me.

  247. Hey, to the people who sent in their “voided” xbox 360 to the repair center, did you guys have to pay a fee once it was sent back to you not repaired? I just sent my xbox 360 to the repair center feeling confident that I might get a new xbox 360 because I made SURE that I would get a fixed xbox 360. I called 18004MYXBOX and I clearly asked twice if they would repair my xbox 360 even if the sticker had been removed and twice they said yes. So does that mean I would get a fixed one back?

    I’m really sorry if my writing is sloppy at the moment, many things are just running through my mind.

  248. Also, if you think about it, I didn’t really VOID my warranty since there was no warranty at the time I actually opened it.

  249. Xbox 360 3 lights late July

    August 1 – Your Request for Xbox Service email
    August 2 – Xbox Repair – Box Shipped
    August 12 – Xbox Repair – Reminder
    August 14 – We have received your Xbox console at our Service Center.
    August 17 – Xbox Repair – Repair Completed

    As of August 20th still haven’t received email regarding the return tracking number. Hopefully by the time I do get the email its already in transits.

  250. paul your xbox may be on the verge of dying. but check the back of the discs. if you have a circle scratch on the disc…it wont work.


  252. @Christian

    Who knows?

    Anyways in reply to my earlier post on Aug 20th, 2007 at 12:53 am.

    After much wait on tracking number email I decided to call MS to get some status on my repair. Thankfully they were able to provide me with a tracking number. I will receive my new xbox 360 (different serial number) on 8/23. So from putting in the first phone call to getting your xbox back its about >= 23 days. Feel bad for those who will not have their 360’s for release of halo 3 =/.

  253. 2 BIlly

    well thx alot billy but if its not to much to ask what did u do to ur brand new xbox did u send it back to repair or wat did u do to it….

  254. I have said it a thousand times or more you all will get a replacement/REFURB. It really sucks as well. I got my system fixed in July and it has a problem by not showing a picture. So everytime I have to shut it down unplug the cable. After I plug it back up it works great. I am going to sell my 360 and get a new one probably. Thanks.

  255. Hey all, I have been visiting this place quite often because like many of you I had to return my 360. In my case however, I had previously opened my 360 up to try and fix it before they announced the warranty extension (dammit). Naturally i thought i was screwed even though I still had the warranty sticker attached but to my surprise I calles MS and they sent me a box to ship it in and I got back another system exactly 2 weeks after i sent mine in with a free month of xbox live to boot. I was surprised how quick it was especially after hearing about people who got back thier old console not fixed. I don’t think that they even looked at my console they just shipped me out a replacement and from what I can tell so far this one is real quiet and the manufacture date on the back says 8/07/2007. Needless to say I am happy so far but I hope nothing goes wrong on this one. So to all of you people who might be afraid about sending in a tampered xbox I say do it anyway I did it and I’m telling you they still took it and I’m sure they knew I tampered with it bacause if you look close enough at the sticker it was noticable. I think MS just wants to do right by the customer. I figure what else do you have to lose they sent me back a different one and thats fine by me because this one seems to run better than my last one did.

    I hope this helps and gives some of you insight on what to do.

  256. Christian. I sent it back. Its free so why not? Hopefully it was a fluke and my next one will last for a lot longer time.

  257. oh people send me some friend invites on xbox live. obviously tell me the name you use in forum. gamertag breakpoint27 you all seem like nice people. Be glad to talk to you and play some games online with you. Send me an invite please :)

  258. sorry u guys but have another question my xbox just arrived at the repair center cuz i tracked it and it says my xbox360 got delivered…but i didnt get an email from microsoft saying it arrived am i suppose to get an email from them??

  259. Hi everyone..
    Got my 360 for Christmas. Worked great until about a month ago. Then the disk drive went bad. Contacted MS Support. Empty box came in about a week. My machine was returned about 2 weeks later (a swap, not my original).
    Went to play last night, and WHOMP! red rings of death.
    Called MS this morning. I had saved the box and decided to ship it to them on my dime vs wait for another box. Hopefully that will improve the process from 3-4 weeks to 2-3 weeks. BTW, the one I received in exchange for my was pretty scratched up on the case. I think the quality control is being sacrificed for getting the volume of boxes out the door to a more manageable level. I also found that if you complain to a supervisor, they’ll offer you a free game (as someone else mentioned) but I declined them.

    I’ll report back once I get it back..


  260. I have a question on when I can expect my 360 back. Here is the timeline.

    1.Called on the 14th I believe it was and was told my box was ordered.
    2.On the 20th, my box came and I shipped it the same day.
    3.The box arrived on the 23rd at McAllen Texas.

    When Can I expect it based on the Info I relayed?

  261. I’m starting to worry. My xbox 360 made it to Mcallen, Texas yesterday and then I go to track my repair from (not 100% sure thats the website, but it’s similar to that) and it said that a problem occurred and that I could not complete my request of repair, although I already sent it in. Do you think they threw away my xbox 360? after all it WAS a voided xbox 360. I asked the foreign lady TWICE if they would repair my xbox 360 even if the sticker was off and she said the same thing to me twice and it was a “Yes.” Any help?

  262. To Jan and Westside Ralph

    Jan there are many stories of them giving new xboxs to people who were voided. I think you can call the line, wait for the 3 red lights and ask if they recieved and then mention well its ok if it was voided? I think if anything they send the xbox back if its voided.

    Westside Ralph give it two weeks at least in texas and 3-5 days shipping it back. Worst case 3 weeks in texas but usually its 2 -2.5 weeks in texas. Mine recieved there on the 21st. So when i get mine i will let you know . Do you check these forums? If so just check back here relatively once every couple days.

    Off topic but you realize how many good movies are on tv when you dont have a 360 to play, and i caught up on my favorite television show the office too. This is a bad time to lose the 360 with rock band, halo 3, guitar hero 3, call of duty 4, bioshock coming or came out.

  263. Do I notice the movies that are on TV while my 360 is gone? I dont think so. I like to watch The Sopranos, ESPN’s Playmakers, 21 Jump Street, GoodFellas….The only TV I watch is SportsCenter…and even that is unwatchable…but the shows I mentioned…DVDs.

  264. Jan most likely no. Because I have seen other stories where people sent voided xbox 360s with 3 red lights and got a new one back so probably not. Westside ralph i was just saying like usually i see a movie and judge it quickly and fall back on my 360. But now i watch movies and a lot of them are decent. Good choice of shows Ralph :)

  265. My 360 died today with the infamous 3 red light. i was about 2 play Ghost Recon and when ubisoft logo showed up it freeze then i turned back on and bingo 3 red light i call xbox support and they say they’ll repair it 4 free and pay the sending shipping i’ll have to pay when i send it i mark my xbox to see if they send me other than mine. Hopefully when i get it back dont ever give me the 3 red light or other problem. The system is great but with that problems people is holding on buying it. I wish good luck 2 every one that send the system 2 repair dont get any problem because “money dont fall from the sky”.

  266. Hey Waldy mine finally kicked out the first time when playing ghost recon too. Ah yea good luck getting yours back. Hope you got a nice understandable person on xbox support

  267. Haha, do you actually think they check the stickers? And is the sticker the one that says Microsoft on it or the silver sticker?

  268. I bought my 360 on Christmas 06 and I bought the 2 year warranty. It just died in a power storm and a few weeks before that I got the 3 red lights in a power storm but, for me, a good power off and on fixed that problem. I told the guy at Customer Support that and he said all you needed was the reds lights. So I get a free one and I’m gonna ship it tomorrow after school. When do you think I will get it back?

  269. Wait Nick if they dont get the red lights there they send it back unfixed. Thats what my guy said. Jan probably not. YAY for you.

  270. Hmmm.. This is odd.

    Today I went to check on my status on, and it’s got a different serial number than the one I sent it AND (the scary part) it says “Not in warranty”. Now my guess is that this is the unit they are swapping for mine, and that they just haven’t updated “the system” to pick up my warranty date.

    But if not..ohhhhhnoooooooo..

    I’ll let you know
    Johnny Jersey

  271. Well I bought Bioshock on Saturday and went to play it yesterday and my 360 froze at the games opening sequence. I turned it off and turned it back on and the RROD came up. I had a feeling it was coming because it froze on me on Friday when I was playing demos.

    Phoned Microsoft today and they are to send me an email with my UPS label. Hopefully it won’t take long to come through. I don’t want to have to wait 20 days to play it again, I’m desperate to play Bioshock!

    I’ve had it exactly a year, when I looked at my receipt it turns out I got it exactly a year ago today.

  272. hey billy on xbox support i didn’t get a nice person 2 talk 2 anyway 2 all of you people i guess the “3 red light problem” cant be fix. i try 2 read all reply’s here 2day and most of the systems that are “repair” dont last very long if something is really fixed dont tell me it will last 5 days or maybe a month it have 2 last years!!! By the way the 3 red light is programed on each system 2 do so because when it happens “hardware faliure” that’s the pattern of light 2 show on the ring example no video cable connected 4 red ligth show on the ring. ill send my system soon but ill only give MS one chance 2 resolve my problem if it my system dont last 2 years minimum ill send back but when i get it ill sell it or maybe use it 2 target practice bcause im a cop and my only way 2 forget my bad days is playing good games.

    Good luck everybody and God Bless.

  273. Johnny Jersey,

    I just checked the status of my xbox repair and realize it now has a different serial number, but mine is still in warranty. They have had it a little over a week now. I was hoping they would send it out to me today so I could have it for the long holiday weekend, but it doesnt look like thats gonna happen….

  274. I know my console has only been collected today so don’t expect any info on it just yet, but I was wondering where you are all looking to find out the status of the repair?

    So far the only email I have got from Microsoft is the email with my UPS label in it.


  275. David, You can try to check on the status of you’re repair. Mines been in the service center for almost a week already and I’ve never received an email from Microsoft.

  276. Thanks, had a look on there but I’ve never registered the console on the site so I can’t view anything. Damnit.

    Any other way to get the info or would I just have to keep ringing them up to check what’s happening?

  277. hey everyone well i sent mines on the 16th and when i cheked on my serial number changed and i called them up and the guy said they shipped it out on saturday so i should be geting mines back on friday or so but i havent gotten an email form them or a tracking number…i hope mines dont mess up again and have to go through this crap over and over

  278. p3nguin,

    did u get an email saying that they recieved it? I didnt call them, but maybe I should. I still havent gotten heard anything back from them since I realized the serial number changed. I may call to see whats going on.

  279. Whats the story on Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, and Walmart currently? Where can you return a 360 with a box, without the receipt and get store credit for a 360?

  280. just an update i called xbox and they also said that my order was completed and it could take up to 5 days to get it. didnt say when it was completed so i am hoping i get it back by fri. i still havent gotten a email though…i let u know if i do…

  281. i dont think you can without a recipt but if it has the RROD you can send it in and get a rfurb one but you cant return something without a recipet

  282. Whoa…Im not trying to defraud companies… just trying to get an upgrade instead of getting a refurb piece of trash…I think I purchased this within 90 days…..

  283. so, i called one more time to see if i could get the ups tracking number and after about 10minutes of confusion by the woman on the other line i got my tracking number and i should get it on fri!

  284. my console arrived in texas on Thurs.8/16 (as per UPS tracking info), but I didnt get an email saying they got it until Fri. 8/17.

  285. hey guys just wanna tell ya i just got my 360 bak right now and imma try it out and i think its a new one cuzz the manfature date is on august 18 2007

  286. yea thats the day it arrived at the service center soo it basically took 3 weeks for me to get it back and im happy playing my new 360 its quieter then before

  287. Barry, I put my ref. num inside the box. I wasn’t told what to do with it other than keep it for future reference regarding the phone call, but I put it inside the box along with my console serial number, my name and adress like it was mentioned at the top of this page, just in case it’s required. The only thing I put on the outside of the box was the UPS label.

  288. I think I made a huge mistake not putting that ref. number on my box !
    Does anyone know if that ref. number they gave you through the phone was the ref. number used to track your xbox 360 coming back from repair?

  289. Jan, I think. I wrote it down. I called MS before I shipped it off, because I didnt want any delays…they said write it next to the tracking label.

  290. I call MS almost everyday…its been in service since the 23rd…today its the 30th….Based on the calculations here…..

    someones xbox got to the service center on the 16th..and got it back already…on th 29th.. 13 days…which is pretty damn fast…with a manufacture date of 8/18/07

    So mine should have a manufacture date of 25th..and should be here……first week of september….so 7 more days…..

    man im pissed at MS….If I dont get it back by then

  291. haha if takes them a couple for me weeks for mine to get mine back, i wouldnt care as long as it doesnt break again. Dont you have a feeling they know its going to break eventually? thats why they programmed the 3 red lights. Well i just want to know why they cannot just send a new xbox 360 when they know your old one broke.

  292. i just got mine back today so it took exactly 2 weeks from the day it was recieved at the repair center. so far so good with it i made sure to play guitar hero right away because that was the game that was freezing up and giving me thered rings. no problems! i hope it lasts!

  293. Hey Jackal, when you call Microsoft, what do you usually ask them? and how do they inform you about the status of your repair? and lastly, is the number you dial 18004MYXBOX?

  294. i live in pittsburgh. they sent it via the 3 day shipment. I advise calling and see what they say because i never got a email saying it was on the way i had to call them and get a tracking # from xbox.

  295. i will call. i live in New York and also sent mine on the 16th, they received it on the 21st so 3 daya. I will call and maybe, maybe it will come soon.

  296. hi u guys its me again my xbox was received on the 26 and i was wondering when im gonna get it back and i sign in my windows id to check my repair status and it tells me on the top the a promblem has occured,request cannot be completed

  297. i just got confirmation that my xbox has been recieved.

    and i just want to let you know that my xbox has been opened and it does not have the microsoft sticker seal anymore.

    i will keep you posted as when i get it back, if i get it back, any phone calls or emails saying i must pay.


  298. Mike daher, I sent my voided defective xbox 360 in as well, I mean what do I have to lose? I’ve heard you don’t have to pay if it made it there and they find out that it’s been opened but they just send it back to you unfixed. I’m currently waiting for my xbox 360 to come back for a while now (feels like forever) but it’s approaching 2 weeks (this coming Thursday) since it’s been in the repair center at Mcallen, Texas.

    I’m really getting impatient, but if I pull this off, it’ll be worth it.

  299. Christian, I’ve had that problem so many times at but I just keep refreshing and that makes all of information and status reappear. But I worry that it isn’t legitimate information anymore because it keeps saying “problem has occured.”

    My xbox got to the center on the 23rd, so you probably get yours back 2 – 3 weeks from when your xbox 360 arrived at the repair center.

  300. THX ALOT JAN really appreciate it…it worked now that i tried it…but the thing that pissed me off was that the repair status says Device Received at Service Center which really doesnt give u info about ur 360…Well i called microsoft and they told me that i should recive it back like in 3 weeks..

  301. hmm i still havent called but wow it got recieved on august 21st. 2 weeks would have been today. so i guess give it 3 days to ship maybe if i am lucky this week, but most likely next week. :( i wish right when they saw you have a broken 360 they just shipped one straight out to you.

  302. I guess I wont get mine before you billy…Aug 23 was the day mine was received. They claim alot of things over there that I wont post over the internet about what protocol is. But heres a hint. I think you should call, if its been 10 business days.

  303. well i just called them and they told me that my xbox HAS been fixed. (apparently they didnt notice i voided the warranty) and that it is on its way back home. YAY

  304. I dont know why they want to lie to the customer….I think Im being lied to. They said that UPS is going to use the same tracking number that they used when I sent my xbox to Texas…they said it would be the same coming back to me….

    Is this true?

  305. well it says on ups.

    Type: Package
    Status: Delivered
    Delivered On: 08/31/2007
    8:43 A.M.
    Delivered To: MCALLEN, TX, US
    Signed By: JONES
    Service: 3 DAY SELECT

    that was my xbox to them.

    and then i was talking to them over the phone (XBOX not ups) and they said that they have recieved it and that it had been fixed and is on its way to my home.

    the guy gave me a NEW tracking code. for the box back.

    and this one said.

    Type: Package
    Status: In Transit
    Service: 3DS DEL CONF

    so i suggest that you call them and just ask questions. when i called i said id like to know the status of my xbox repair. and on the phone when you get the machine it says not to ask about the repairs and to get the info online. but that shit didnt work.

    call 18004myxbox again. speak to a rep. ask how your xbox is.

  306. Sorry for this double post….but they are finally shipping my Console Back…or a different one…

    I dont know what happened…but before my phone cut off tonight…I said…the word “f*ck”…because I was just mad…and magically….my console is on its way back to me.

    Could they have shipped me off some faulty crap…or are they going to do me right…will they have done the right thing? or to shut me up…did they send me something that will break down in a month?

  307. Westside Ralph, maybe if i call they will decide to send my 360 back. I sent mine in before you in and Mike. Arghh it seems like they don’t care until you take your time and call them, then magically oh your xbox is on its way.

  308. sure..why not….also…how do I find out the Manufacture date for my console before it gets to me….I mean….they are supposed to know right? They told me they dont have that information…I smell lies.

  309. GUESS WHAT GUYS! my voided xbox has been replaced with a new one and it’s on it’s way home now !

    Just for those people who want to know details, my xbox 360 was received at the repair center on August 23, 2007 and they replaced it today September 5, 2007. I’m so happy now !. thanks to those who helped get me through these 2 dreadful weeks ! =]

  310. im on the same boat as Jan…arrived same day…replaced same day…..

    I told them to give me my new serial number and tracking number…did u get that info from them Jan..

    IF you didnt….go and get it…and please ask if you can have the manufacture date for your console…if they have it…they should..but they told me they didnt know it.

  311. I didn’t EVER get notified for every step they had taken. So Westside Raph, do I call 18004myxbox for a tracking code?

  312. yeah…call that number and ask for ur tracking number…..urs might have the same status as mine….its not been picked up by UPS yet…its sitting somewhere until tommorrow morning…

    Billy…call them…I called 95 percent of the days its been gone…I dont know why….I wanted to hound them to speed up the process

  313. I called and the automated voice “max” was like you have a repair order shipped August 13th. This service has been completeted and shipped. Please expect 5 business days for your console to arrive. Sooooo the latest i should get it if i count today is thursday, friday, saturday, monday, so tuesday. If it doesnt come by then…well they will be hearing from me and it will not be pleasant.

  314. BILLY….You better talk to them on the phone.

    I got that same message when I first sent my console in…Infact…i got that same message the day I sent my console… Aug 20th..and it didnt even get there until the 23rd.. I would call them and stay on hold to talk to them….Yours might not be done….but hold on…I will call them right now..and see if “Max” says mine is coming to me..BRB

    Ok…Max says that its been completed and shipped..

    But Billy…if I were you..I would call and ask for the serial number and Tracking Number….

  315. BILLY

    sorry to break it to u but all that i fake because the computer “max” said that to me a very long time ago it said 5 buisness days and i never got 1 until i called microsoft and they told me my repair status was received in the 26th….i might be wrong..but i will call them if i was u if u do plz post it so i can see wat happened!! = )

  316. soory u guys for this but i just checked my repair status..and i have a different serial number and it says that my repair status is not pending what does this all mean???plz help!

  317. Christian, that means that they replaced your xbox with a brand new one and that they will be sending it back to you. =]

    And I recently checked UPS and my shipping got delayed until September 11th Boohooooo.

  318. Hey guys,

    I’m just getting ready to send my box in for repair, and I’m a little confused as to which number to put on the box. I have a Xbox repair order number (that I got from, and a Service Request Number (that I got in an e-mail).

    Which one is the correct one? Thanks!

  319. I just sent my xbox in on monday and they should have gotten it yesterday. damnit why does it feel so fricking long! anyways hopefully ill get my own back or a new one. i didn’t put my reference number in but they can check all that crap on the computers. that 360 that i sent in has my heart in it and it can never be replaced! it is the first video game console that has gotten me into hardcore gaming!

  320. Boys you all will get a replacement that will tear up again. I know because I did. I sold my 360 with one game for $250.00 and I am going to wal-mart the first thing this mourning and getting me a new 360 or PS3. See you all.

  321. Ok….maybe i won’t get back my 360 or a new one…..but as long as its not in shitty condition….if it is i am going to raise hell on the people in a polite way because halo 3 is coming out soon and if i don’t have a working 360….i will be coming at them with hell hath no fury… better not have cracks in the shell either, or any hardware problems or anything of that matter….oh god damn i want a new console!!

  322. ill probably end up selling my replacement console if it’s not in good condition or if it’s used cuz it’ll break and i know that…. well i hate this so many days and no xbox 360……ahh!!!i’m ready to kill myself for entertainment I’m actually playing my Wii! now that’s called bored with no 360!

  323. you know what if i get a replacement console that doesn’t work i’m just gonna buy a new premium put that old shit in the box and return it HAHAHA! SUCK IT MICROSOFT!!!! It’d be a lot easier.

  324. Well my power button is stuck and it does not click to turn the console on and off. But if i hold it down long enough it does the job. I am keeping this but calling them to complain. There are ways around the power button, xbox guide controller, opening the disc, then closing it is only xbox guide. People who have or just recieved their xbox, friend request me. ——–> breakpoint27

  325. Because the new 360’s have a 65 nm processer chip that runs faster quieter and without any problems aka u wont have the red rings of death
    the 360s made before have a 90nm processer

  326. Well I sent mine in and got one made in May 06 so obviously they “think” they fixed it. We will see…..Most likely you will get the old one.

  327. i got my same xbox back with a note saying a quick inspection of your console reveals that you have tampered with your console and we have not made any repairs.

  328. I been told that the repair takes up to 4-8 weeks now,since microsoft extended the warranty is it true or is just a rumor?

  329. mike thats bad. I dont know any other options you can do. roger g i sent mine in a while ago and well it was 3 weeks. Also i sent one in right after they announced the waranty and that took 3 weeks. so i say rumor.

  330. well the person on the phone said it would take 2-3 weeks but it could take shorter. And mike if you actually didnt do anything to your 360 ur screwed. Well I’d say the thing to do mike is to buy a whole new 360 take that one out and put the old one that doesnt work in there and make sure everythings packed correctly and the tape isnt ripped and then tell them to return it. but if they dont return it and they just exchange it just make sure that after you exchange it dont do anything to it and wait til theres another person at the customer service. probably another day make sure that person isn’t anywhere close to where you’re going to return it. and just return it there and then you have your money back and a new and non broken 360. Walmart works best trust me.

  331. Well I phoned up Microsoft today again expecting to be told the usual thing that my 360 was still in the repair centre but was pleasently surprised to be told it has left their repair centre and is on it’s way to UPS :D

    The UPS tracking number isn’t on the system yet and they told me to ring back in the next two days to find out the tracking number, so I’ll be ringing them tomorrow again!!

    I couldn’t believe it when they said it was on it’s way since it was only picked up two weeks ago tomorrow. Hearing it was on it’s way certainly made up for the 17 minutes I was on hold to get to speak to somebody!

  332. Sorry I didnt do an Unboxing….

    It would have been funny if I was recording what happened live. Everything seemed fine…Then…When I go press the Synch button on the console…it wont work…the son of a B wont work. I have to use the play and charge kit to get it to connect. Those bitches at Microsh@t wanted me to sent it back in, even though I can play games. Bullsh@t on them. I said NO….since the Manufacture date is Jan 2006…I know that piece of shit if going to get the ring of light soon anyway….so ill send it in for that.

  333. I have a question..

    I have the 3 red lights error, but it isnt right when you turn the 360 on. I can usually play for about an hour before the xbox shuts off and brings up the error. Will they still take it to be repaired or should i not even bother..

  334. and one more thing to add..sometimes i can play for over an hour without it messing up. It did the 3 lights error ever since i brought the 360 over to a friends house and put it on the HDTV setting, and that night it did the 3 red lights appreciated.

  335. Ralph just like my power button will not work so i am waiting for the 3 red lights. Jason eventually you will finally crash but DO NOT SEND IT IN UNTIL YOU ARE 100 PERCENT SURE IT WILL NOT WORK AND JUST FLASH 3 RED LIGHTS. IF you dont and you send it and it works at the repair center, they send it back.

  336. Hey, this will probably be my last post since my xbox 360 just came back tonight and it’s beautiful. My MNF Date is August 28, 2007 so it’s pretty new and I’m happy about that. And by the way, when I sent in my xbox 360, the seal had already been taken off so don’t be afraid to send it in because you have nothing to lose, except 3 weeks without an xbox. Thanks for those who helped me throughout these 3 weeks and good luck to the rest of you facing xbox 360 problems.

  337. ive been reading some of the problems that exist with the xbox360 . im waiting now for the paperwork to send it in for repair . i honestly want a new one not a fixed one
    ive had it a little under 9 months and i love that box as sexy as it is . from the research ive done just by looking on this site i got some good info .
    im going to look for the manufacture date when i get it back
    thanks for your comments on this site it was very helpful
    i’ll keep you all posted .
    once again i hope its a new one.
    keep on xboxing

  338. Hey guys I just want to say I went and bought a brand new 360. Its awsome because its got the HDMI port and the cables and hard drive is made different from the 06 version.
    I have played it three straight days. I played Gears of War,
    Test drive,and all kinds of arcade games and demos. I also have watched over 10 game videos. It doesnt get hot like my old one did. Its updated to date right out of the box because it was just manufactured recently. If I were you guys when you recieved your system back from MS, I would sell it and go buy a brand new one thats got warranty at your local retailer because MS will send you a refurd like they did me and my friends. refurbs will just tear up again and again. Thanks and good luck to you all.

  339. after the consoles are shipped to texas, is there another repair center in Granger or South Bend, Indiana?

    heres the time line using UPS’s track #’s:
    -left where I live in Tampa, FL on Aug 28
    -recieved in service center in texas on Aug 31 in the morning
    -left service center on Aug 31, in th evening
    -recieved in Granger Indiana (it also said South Bend, but looking on google earth its really the same place) on Sept 6

    now when it was recieved in texas is said for location “dock” which is easily undestandably a warehouse of some sort.

    however when it was recieved in indiana, it stated for location “frnt porch”…which sounds like a house to me.
    now unless microsoft is fixing these things at people’s houses, it seems they shipped my xbox to some random person out in indiana somewhere

    that’s not all…
    looking at the “status” on the support website, it said “no pending repair” until Aug 31 when it was revieved. It then changed back to “no pending repair” the next day, so I simply assumed that meant it was already being shipped back to me. It still stated “no pending repair” up until this morning. Curious about other people’s expierences I found this site and discovered that they gave you tracking numbers from the support website. I decided to sign on again and look, and not and hour after I had last checked before, status now said once again “device recieved at service center”…

    anybody with a similiar expierence or any advise?

  340. Finally! Console has been shipped and is coming back to me within 3-5 days! thanks to every1 who helped me through this i doubt ill be on after my console

  341. Hey guys, well just to let you know my console arrived back today. I’m not long back and have just hooked it up and started playing Blue Dragon, it seems to be running fine. I was surprised to discover I got my own console back again! The first thing I checked was the manufacture date and discovered it was in 2006 so I thought they had just sent me a refurb, then out of interested I looked on the bottom to see if the dot I had put on it before I sent it was there and it was! Then I checked the serial number and everything is the same!!

    It looks like they’ve also replaced my DVD drive for whatever reason because it had the clear film over the front of it which I know I definately had taken off before!

    I hope this keeps working now, and I hope everybody else gets theirs sorted!

  342. Well, I am also a victom of the 3 Lights of DEATH
    First, I tried that stupid solution of wrapping the XboX in a blanket for 15mins, surprisingly, it worked, for a good week, then it died again. Shipped out the Xbox, and it took 17 days for box to come to house, ship out XboX and to recieve XboX back from Texas, with a punk ass 1 month XboX Live Card. I recieved my XboX 4 days ago and I gues Im lucky cause I got (i think) a brand new XboX, MFD 8/24/07. so I guess Im happy for right now

  343. hey there people. i requested repair for my 360 on tuesday 9/11(go figure). it showed the 3 red lights and i called the service center immediately. the agent told me they would send me the box to mail back to them in 3-5 business days. when should i expect my 360 back?

  344. Hey there bryan:
    I have had to send back 3 different 360’s!!! But everytime I sent mine for repair I get my Xbox back in about 4 Days! I think its because I live in texas about 13 hours away from repair center. I get my box in about 2 days

  345. My xbox just decided to get the three rings of death yesterday(no problems for 1yr 9 months) called up xbox support i got some crazy russian who couldnt speak english said that th BOX FOR THE SHIPMENT TO THEM WILL TAKE A WEEK WTF HALO 3 COMES OUT IN 10 days. is there any other way to speed this process up by like paying more for faster shipment

  346. Well, Ive had my 360 back since the 11th…and everything is running great. So far so good…Glenn…u could always mail it to them yourself…OverNight…and then put a return over night in with the 360.

  347. Westside Ralph when was your xbox 360 refurb manufactured date? Thats good idea for getting a xbox back quickly. i think halo 3 is overhyped personally.

  348. I’m in the military and currently in Iraq, yep got the three red rings…I called customer service, spoke to some hispanic lady, it was a nightmare i had to spell and respell everything out to include my address..She kept apologizing for her errors, not sure if she was trying to make the errors on purpose to upset me so i would get frustrated and hang up. I Came close. She got my phone number wrong like 10 times, finally I decided that she had my address and E-mail and that would be sufficient. We have time limits on the phone here in Iraq, she put me on hold for aprox. 6 to 7 times. By the time she almost hung up with out giving me the reference #, I also asked her to give me the the address to the repair center, she put me on hold again. about this time I had some guy in charge of the time limit on the phone monitor, he was kicking me off..So I had to hang up. I used the above address and sent it out to McAllen Texas, I hope it gets there. I provided in the box serial #, reference #, address,… any advice??

  349. Damn, I just read something alarming, the support reference # that I recieved from customer support rep is supposed to be used to get a different support number on the site, whic is the number you send in along with the XBOX??? so if I included the reference number given to me by the CSR in the Box are they still going to repair it?? I gave her my E-mail address but I went over it 20 times with her until she got it right…still havent recieved any E-mails from Customer support or Microsoft and its been approximately 24 hours..should this be cause to be alarmed??!! I’m getting a bad feeling about this…..

  350. Im more alarmed that youre playing 360 while they are setting up road side bombs. Just sayin.

    Billy, I have an old model, Jan 06, but its still doin great.

    Tony, man, you should have gotten the address from them. I would call them and give them my serial number and ask if there is a repair scheduled for that xbox and if the above address is correct. Otherwise, if you shipped UPS…Void the Shipment and have it sent back to you

  351. Life continues beyond the roadside bombs as you put it, we too need to decompress and enjoy a bit of downtime as you do from your daily routines….just sayin too..

    Got it, I’ll take your advice as far as the repair scheduled. Unfortunately we don’t have an UPS as an OPTION, everything is shipped priorty mail. Mail here truly is “Snail Mail” takes approximately 10-12 days to reach US soil. So, theres no way I could halt the package even if I wanted too.

  352. OK here’s an update, If the CSR fails to give you and an address as to where to send your 360 for repair or you simply forget to ask because you’re really weren’t factoring in doing the CSR’s job for them. Don’t fret, Send your console to the address listed at the very begining of this blog. but if you must, for peace of mind, call a CSR. This way you don’t have to lose any sleep at night knowing that your console will reach its correct destination for repair.

  353. Billy you would be really smart if you chose the same path as me and sell the refurb and with the money you get go buy a new one. I did it and yes I lost some money but I now have a new 360. Plus a HDMI port because my older one didnt have one. I also can be the one who agrees with you and say HALO3 does got to much hype.

  354. Ova since this one is working i will keep it until it fails. Send it back and then return the new refurb. Might as well play this if it works. IS the new 360s quieter? or same overheating and hearing the fans problem?

  355. Hey, i’ve been through a nightmare here. I initially called MS on july 31st after the three red lights turned up a week before. They told me i would get the box in 3-5 business days, okay. So i waited, waited, wiated, waited, it got to the 10th of Sept. when i was like, Shit, i gotta call and find out whats happening, i would’ve called sooner but i was like, “Halo is still a month away”. So they put another repair order in, and are sending a new shipping box. Its been seven days now, and no Box! I don’t know if i can personally deliver it or ship it myself, but this has been a nightmare, over a month and a half just to recieve my shipping box, by the way, i’m live in toronto canada.

  356. HELLO ALL


  357. My xbox got the lights on august 31st and i sent it in on sept.7th but no one ever told me to put in the reference number i was given from the support agent inside of the box with the console… so does anyone know what happens if i forgot to??????

  358. My xbox got the lights on august 31st and i sent it in on sept.7th but no one ever told me to put in the reference number i was given from the support agent inside of the box with the console… so does anyone know what happens if i forgot to??????

  359. Most people do not get emails. Its fine if you do not have a reference number. If they send it back which there is a 99.99 repeating of course…percent chance of them not doing it, just get on the phone and complain even more, ask for retribution because of shoddy customer service :)

  360. Hey guys, I sent my box in for repair on Sept 7th, having followed all the instructions, and I just recieved this in my e-mail yesterday…

    “This e-mail is to let you know that we have received your request for service. However as of today, we have not received your Xbox console and would like to verify that you wish to continue with the service. If you have not received the shipping materials or are having a problem with the shipment, please contact Xbox Customer Support. If your Xbox console no longer requires service, you can cancel your order by accessing You will need your Windows Live ID and Xbox console Serial Number included above to access the status of your order. Once you have logged in, click on “Review your repair status”. Or, please let us know and we will cancel the order for you. If we do not receive the Xbox console within 30 calendar days from the date you first requested service, your order will be automatically cancelled. If you wait longer than 30 days, this service request will no longer be valid and a new service request will be required.

    If you have questions about this service, please contact Xbox Customer Support”

    Has anyone else experienced this? I sent it in using USPS (I was too impatient to wait for M$ to send the box, which took over a week to get here), and I lost my tracking number… I know I know, MORON!


  361. Billy mine still makes some noise but not as loud as my old one did. The new 360 I got was manufactured in late July and it has the HDMI port. No it does not get hot. I played it about 6 hours and it was only milk warm. See you.

  362. Hey guys i just sent my 360 yesterday and i put the reference number that i got from the operator on the 360 and the box, now did i do it right? and can someone please tell me about this site that you can see the repairs being done to the 360?

  363. i just got an email 2 days ago that said

    “Thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. We have received your
    request for service. Please prepare your Xbox console and follow the instructions provided by Xbox Customer Support. You will receive an e-mail as soon as the next step in the process has begun.”

    am i suppose to call them to give me instructions or do i wait for an email. cause i have no idea what the hell they are talking about when they say follow instructions given by customer support. i never got any instructions by them

    help me thnks, matt

  364. hey i sent my xbox in and it got received on Monday the 17th. And today the on the xbox service center website it says “no pending review”

    What does this mean??


  365. So I got my 360 back yesterday… and it’s awesome!!!! Instead of a shitty refurbished they sent me a completely new one manufature date september 5 2007!!!! No HDMI becuz its a core system but still i got a completely new one! It doesnt get hot at all, when i turn it on i cant hear any noise when im on my couch….!!!!!

  366. I am set for max playing in halo 3!! Oo ya Eric if you got a new serial number and it says no pending repair then they are shipping u a new one call microsoft for a tracking number. And if its not a new serial number they give u ur old one that either says that u have tampered with ur console or…..they fixed it…more likely for tampered with console

  367. Wish i could play Halo 3. I got the latest error of “no video but audio”. It sucked so bad. I live in Australia and I called customer support. They ran me through all the troubleshooting which was really annoying because usually its the stuff you’ve done first. Then they said I’ll need to send my xbox in to get repaired, but they told me I had to call back the next day because the service website was down. So i called the next day and told them that i was told to call, blah blah blah. Then the guy said we have to run through the troubleshooting steps again… Gah…

    Anyways. Finally I sent it off yesterday and hopefully i get it back soon. I want it back before the end of school holidays. And it sucks because I miss the Halo 3 Launch, although that aint stopping me buying halo 3.

    So far customer support has been great.. I just hope they fix it.

  368. hey guys hows it going i just got my xbox back after a grueling 7 weeks and guess what it not even mine which was mfr on feb 2 2007 the refurbished(or so they say) one is made feb 2 2005 iam so pissed but then they tell me about it being a project falcon xbox how do i know? i hope i was wearing lipstick cause i wanna look good if im gonna get f**ked. ps3 here i come anyone got a comment on this issue or help please email me at [email protected] any help would be greatly appreaciated thanx

  369. what the hell is project falcon? thats some crazy stuff. i’ve heard of people getting refurbished boxes but they said they worked ok… PS3 suck. thats what i think, i am sticking with the xbox no matter what.

  370. Jason no offence but refurbs from MS sucks. They will work alright at first but then boom. I know from experience refurbs are bad news. I got a refurb and sold it. With the money, I bought a brand new one thats awsome. I cant say the PS3 sucks neither. Thats your opinion. I love the 360 as much as you do because the achievments. If I were you I would sell the refurb and buy a brand new 360.

  371. How long does a refurbed 360 last and if you sell it, how much do you get out of it.

    does the elite have a red light problem?

  372. Heres a good one, I sent my 360 to be repaired on 9/10/07 it got there on 9/13/07 It was repaired that day and sent back on9/13/07. The BIG problem is they sent MY console out as a refurbished unit to ANOTHER customer, it is now 9/27/07 and I am still waiting for a replacement console? I was told they would repair it and send it back, if it was “deemed unrepairable” it would be replaced with another one ( which it was not ) mine was repaired and sent to somebody else. I KNOW this for a fact because the MS support guy I spoke with gave me the return tracking number for my consoles serial number and I ran it with UPS and it shows delivery on 9/18/07 to another person AND this has been verified with Xbox support who cannot tell me why it was repaired and sent to another person because it should have been returned to me. I have the original purchase receipt with the serial number, the original box with the serial numbe, and a service contract with the serial number on it for MY console that thet sent to someone else.

    I am seriously considering reporting it stolen, give the police the tracking info and having them pick it up for me. This is a breech of contract and I legally own the console, it was repaired so therefore it was to be sent back to me, not sent out as a refurb unit. I mean if MS had did what they said, fix it and send it back I would hav had my console back in just over a week and would not be so frustrated having Halo 3 sitting here collecting dust.

    So GOOD LUCK dealing with Xbox support, they don’t care about you or their terms of repair.

  373. I forgot about this, when I went online to check the status of the repair. MS had deleted my info so I was unable to find the status because according to them I do not own a 360.

    Whenever dealing with them ALWAYS keep a paper-trail of tracking info, receipts, or anything else refering to your repair & ownership. Have copies of everything and only give them info they NEED. They will try and get information from you that is not relevant to the situation and change things around to cover their butts. They will run you around in circles to try and confuse things but just be patient and calm and you will prevail. Go up the “supervisor ladder” – the further you go the more english they speak.

    The fact that I have all the proof of ownership and tracking information is really biting them in the a**. And if you call enough you will find someone dumb enough to give you information you should not have LOL.

  374. wow Don, I bet thats why it is rare to get a new 360 back from them. thats so typical, just send out a broken 360 to someone else. I think we all should put marks on the xboxs and maybe one of us will end up with each others lol.

  375. I sent my xbox 360 to get repaired in McAllen Tx, and they recieved it on September 17… i live in Massachusetts any idea on when i should get it back?

  376. dean two-three weeks from the 17th. hopefully you get a xbox manufactured in september or august..the project “falcon” xbox i think its called.

  377. You might just get one of the first ones made from last year LOL.

    I really doubt you will get the “new” Falcon chipset. It is not even confirmed ( completely ) that it is in the elites or the H3 models.

    I sent mine in to be fixed, and instead of fixing it and returning it to me, they repaired it and sent it out to another person that sent their Xbox in to be fixed and I bought mine on release day LAST year.

    The really sad part is if they had fixed mine and sent it back to me, I would have had it back in 8 days.

  378. And the replacement one they sent me was made March 06 AND is defective right out of the box.

    Back to square one, sending this one back too.
    I am so glad I got Halo 3 on release day, I will not be able to play it for a MONTH!

    This really SUCKS.

  379. I too am extremely frustrated with the release of Halo 3 and not having my XBOX back from repair service yet! Like a good little boy I pre-ordered Halo3 with 2-day delivery. About 2 weeks prior to the H3 launch the XBOX started flashing the dreaded 3 red rings of death NOOOOOOOOO! I called right away having read of this problem and they shipped me a fancy box to ship it back in, prepaid with a label.

    So far only problem has been that UPS declared package delivered on Monday the 24th and MS’s system has that it arrived on the 26th. Precious 2 days.

    I have called a few times and everyone tells me 4-6 weeks. Don’t think I can wait that long. DOES IT REALLY TAKE THIS LONG???

  380. Boys it took mine 21 days on the dot which is exactly 3 weeks. I sold it after it came back in and it was a refurb that was messed up. If I were you guys I would sell it and purchase a new one if you want to play halo 3 and enjoy it.
    Because refurbs is bad and you can not depend on them, my friends just tour up a week before halo and he is going to sell his asap when the refurb comes back. My other friends has had to send in their refurb consoles more than 3 times.
    If I were you I would sell the refurb and get a new one. Halo 3 has a kick A$$ ending, but the game is not better than GEARS OF WAR.

  381. SORRY but anyone who goes and BUYS a new console is out of their mind. That is just what M$ is counting on DON”T DO IT!!!!

    When YOU go and replace it with a new one YOU are just giving M$ a reason to keep screwing people over with the repairs.

    We support them NOT the other way around. Think about it, if nobody bought the 360 or games they would be out of business.

    If they don’t want to fix mine to MY satisfaction they have lost a whole house of customers. I own Almost EVERY console made, my Xbox’s are my favorite ( both original & 360 but not as good as my PC ) I have around 100 games ( just for Xbox ) , 9 controllers, a wheel, and more that I will scrap / sell and NEVER BUY ANOTHER M$ product again. They may have made their money on my purchases already but M$ LOST money producing the consoles. They are hoping to recoup the loss on the games & accessories, if I/we don’t have working consoles or don’t buy the games, they are SOL.

  382. Don I am just trying to make a point, no offence to you. If you are considering keeping your refurb they send you thats you I am just being a nice guy and trying to give some good advice. Look on this site and any other on the web. Refurbs are worth nothing. All I can say is if you are a man of your word I guess MS will be losing your buisness because after you get a crappy refurb back and you have to send that one in then the one after that you will see things from my point of view. After you send in your 3 refurbs you will see that im not the crazy one after all. All I can say
    is if you dont plan on buying a new one your 360 will spend more time at Texas than in your home. Please dont get mad thats just my oppinion. Who knows you might get one that works great as a new one.

  383. I have an X Box 360… its more than a year i purchased… now it isnt working cos of Error CODE 20.
    I got it from Ireland and used it in India.
    It was not working in the warranty period.. i registered my Complaint Online. they gave me a support Ticket Number. I have It.
    will they replace or repair the X Box???

    rest of u Happy GAMING!!!!

  384. Ova, how much did you get for selling a refurb? Well so far my xbox is running smoothly. Sometimes it freezes and before i turn my xbox on again i pray for no red lights. It has frozen twice but 2 times i think it is xbox live while playing a game. My system sounds a little quieter and it doesnt get as hot as the old one. Don, i understand what you mean about not buying new ones, but really they will not notice if one person does not buy a 360, they wont notice if 100 people dont. You would have to a whole community to not buy a new one, but the xbox 360 is such a great console that it is not going to happen. Oh by the way my ups guy said he gets tons of xbox 360s to go back to repair. sorry for the rant, good luck all.

  385. Well after 2 week of waiting for my 360 to come back I finnally recieve it on Friday and I have to handed out to microsoft for doing such good job.I didn’t have to time to post on here when I got it because I was playing Halo 3 XD. I play like 5 hours nonstop and nothing happen to the refurbish 360 it work perfectly!

  386. mine was received by microsoft on the 27th, but now 4 days later when i’m tryin to see my repair status —- it says i have no registered devices………

    what does it mean

    please help gracias

  387. i just recieved my xbox 360 from repair and i agree that it sounds a bit silent than my old one i sent. I still have my worries about it failing in the future. i am not that anxious or worried till GT4 comes out next year. Can anyone confirm that the repaired 360S include the newers chips or more dependable than the old ones.. and how could u tell if it is? . I am a very glad that i could send it back for repair( since MS has this 3 yr waranty), but ill be damn if i have to wait 1 month everytime.anyways, i was initially frustrated when i became a victim of the red light issue, when i am only playing with this thing when my 4 yr old son is sleeping are in school. the most i played it is i think 4 hrs str8 when i was playing rainbow six vegas.. but for the most part… i only had it for 4 months!! and it broke… well lets keep hope alive and count on those big MS execs that they are doing their jobs.

  388. “”mine was received by microsoft on the 27th, but now 4 days later when i’m tryin to see my repair status —- it says i have no registered devices………

    what does it mean “”

    Matt, from the experience I just went through with them I think it means they got yours and they are sending a “replacement console” to you. At least that was what happenened in my case, they deleted my info because it no longer applied to that particular console.

  389. how long does ur guys’ refurb(s) usually last before it turns to s***.
    i’m thinking about exchanging mine in at costco if they dont last long.

  390. I am going through this experience now: called support Sept 7, a few days later the coffin arrived, a few days later the repair center received it. Every day I would check the status via and for a period of about 5 days it showed “no repair pending” even though it had previously said “device received at repair center”. Eventually it went back to the received message and last Friday it shipped out my replacement (it will arrive tomorrow).

    Luckily, my new serial number ends with 73807 which means I’m getting a brand new unit (2 weeks old!). HDMI will be nice but hoping it has the 65nm Falcon or at the very least is quieter than my old one (manufactured 12-15-05). I really can’t complain though, I played the hell out of that thing for over 18 months before it died. And if I truly am getting a new Falcon unit I’ll be happy.

  391. HOW LONG DID EVERYBODY WAIT FOR THEIR SHIPPING REPAIR BOX? I ordered mine last Wednesday, i was told i would wait 3-5 business days. It has been 5 business days.My repair status on says Waiting for Device at Service Center.

  392. Billy I got $250.00 out of my replacement/REFURB.I included SAINTS ROW with it. I dont want to make anyone mad but if you want to know about the refurbs read some early posts on THIS site.

  393. i got my xbox 360 back today , they sent me a refurb not a
    new one (that sucks) but i hope it works when i try it tonite , well every one i got some xboxing to do have a good rest of the year! xbox here i come


  395. I just got my 360 back from the repair center. It’s a new unit, manufactured 9-19-2007, but no HDMI, about which I’m kinda bummed (I thought all recently manufactured units had HDMI??). Ah well, it works so at least I can Halo 3 — finally!

    Total time from phone call to now was 3-4 weeks.

  396. I was finally able to access the service site and it is telling me this:

    * Device: Xbox360 Hardware
    * Serial Number: ************
    * Warranty Status: Out of Warranty

    # Repair Status: No pending repair

    I know everyone receives the No pending repair but what is up with Out of Warranty?

  397. I bought my new 360 a little over 3 weeks ago and mine has the HDMI port so jds yours is a refurb. Who here has beat HALO 3. It took me around 6-7 hours to beat the whole game.
    It is really short but a decent game. Thanks.

  398. I Just sent my box back on tuesday but they never told me to put my return address in the box with it. Hopefully it makes it back.

  399. I had to talk to this spanish lady named Marlin at the support hotline. She said nothing to me about putting any return address, she gave me a support refernece number but she said nothing about putting it on the box. Im worried now that i might have done something wrong…

  400. Repair center recieved my xbox the 17 of September shipped it back to me on the 28 of September . Now UPS sent it to my house on the 3rd and nobody was home so they said they would send it back the next day, I come home from school and still no xbox. I end up waiting until around 9pm and still didnt have it. I called UPS the next day and ends up that they have no idea where it is, saying that it is either lost/stolen. Xbox is supposed to send me a new one around October 9th…..what a nightmare. Should I be recieving the new Falcon Xbox?

  401. I sent my console in on september 19 and i ended up getting a new one back today. and the date it was manufactured was 9-17-07. its sounds a little better still gets a little warm but it lasted up to a few hours of Halo 3!! im just gald its back. for me it only took 3 and a half weeks. to get it back. service could be better though on the phone. those people are dumb asses espeicially the ones that speak a different language. well anyway hope you guys get your consoles back soon.

  402. i know this has nothing to do with fixing an xbox360 but can some help me on this thanks ok heres my problem i cant redeem 12membership on xboxlive what the hell man! it say cant retrieve information from xboxlive, please try again later. then it has a status code someone please help!!

  403. i dont know dude i cant redeem the 12 month membership! ok heres what i do i got to redeem code and i put the 12 month code in then when i do i get that message the cant retrieve information from xboxlive plase try again!

  404. well ive never really had xbox live but maybe because you put in the code on your old one. the code stayed on your old one and you cant retrieve it on your new one i guess. not too sure.

    read some of the older comments on this pg. i think i remember somebody talking bout the same thing

  405. “” i know this has nothing to do with fixing an xbox360 but can some help me on this thanks ok heres my problem i cant redeem 12membership on xboxlive what the hell man! it say cant retrieve information from xboxlive, please try again later. then it has a status code someone please help!! “”

    Then why post it if you know?? This is not the place for that question – this is “” Xbox 360: Returning Your Xbox 360 For Repair “”

    CALL 1-800-4MY-XBOX For live issues

  406. i called support about not having my return address in the box and they said not to worry about it. Hope I get it back soon so I can finish halo.

  407. how do u see if the 360 they’re sending you is new
    is it the last 5 digits on the serial #, if it is then i got one on 6/28/06 ….. which is older than the one i sent in

  408. It would be the manufactured date panda which aint located on your serial number. If im not mistaken its the last one on the main bottom. Has anyone on here seen the new Jericho
    game. It looks like it has lots of potential.

  409. guys. i got the rrod like 1 week ago, i just got my repair box on the 8th of oct. and im goin to ship it to ups. But im wondering if mines will get lost cause i didnt put a serial num inside the box. Also how long will it take too get it fixed cause i want to play halo sooooooo BAD plese someone HELP ME,,, and also where can i track my xbox’s journey???????????????

  410. Ok Jeff i’ll help you out. I called on the day of 9/17/07 and got the box on 9/25. I sent the broken xbox 360 back and it got there in 3 days. It took them about 10 days(including weekend’s) to repair my xbox 360,and then it will take another 3 days for your repaired xbox 360 to be delivered to your house.

    I called on 9/17/07 and I got my 360 back on 10/10/07. I hope i answered your question.

  411. hey i got my 360 back today 11 and it works fine and it took exactly 3 weeks from the point where i received the box. they also gave me a free month of live. the only problem that i have is the disc tray, i have to press it like 3 times before it opens, but i can live with that

  412. thanks alex, and i have another ?. Do u ahve to be home to get the 360 cause i have school at that time but ill be home by 3:00. Soo what should i doo??

  413. Jeff if you read up, you can leave a note on your doorstep saying i allow you to leave this package with tracking number (whatever the tracking number was) on my doorstep if i am not home. then add your signature.

  414. Xbox customer support is garbage they taken 2 weeks just to tell us they will look at my box in the next 12 days *i sent the box 3 weeks ago

  415. I sent my Xbox360 on September 20th and they recieved it on the 27th…. now its october 12th and i still don’t have my 360 back yet. I am just wondering how people got free games for compensation for there broken 360’s. This is the second time i have had to sent mine back. I missed the Halo launch….and am in severe withdrawal. Plz i need my video game fix.

  416. If I were you Calvin I would call them and tell them a piece
    your mind. The one they do send you will break down in a period of time so I would get a new one anyway.

  417. I had my 360 since 2005, on the 21 sept in got the three red lights, I rang microsoft who emailed me details to stick on a box and send the 360 away. UPS came and collected it, two weeks later it came back with new mother board and 1 month free live. I put Halo3 in and it kept freezing up, i tried foza2 and the same thing. I rang microsoft who talked me through a secret maintenance menu. Now it will not even boot up!!!!! I never got to play on Halo3. It is now going back for repair again.

    I am after a complaints email address. Does anyone know of one.

  418. Hey ailes if I were you when the one they send you back comes in I would sell it and get a new one like me. Now they have the pro bundle that comes with the HDMI port and two free games Forza motorsport 2 and Marvel ultimate alliance. Thats what I would do because my friend did.

  419. Well to all here.I just had to contact Xbox about my 360,and guess what?My Warenty is out,So I’m stuck paying $108 for the repair,plus shipping cost,

    Funny thing is the problem with my 360 is the DVD drive wont read the game disks,it just gives me the same old Messege,TO PLAY THIS DISK INSERT IT INTO AN XBOX360 CONSOLE.

    And well I looked at some DVD drives online and Found that the DVD drive it’s self only cost $40.Wait did I read that right?Yup $40 for the DVD drive,yet I have to pay a total of about $125 to get it fixed?Wait Microsoft sold the 360’s with a faulty DVD drive and we get stuck paying them to Repair their own faluty Product?CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THE LOGIC HERE?

    Anyways I’m not even sure I want to send the thing back,Yes I love the games,I love the Xbox Live,But I paid $400 for it when it first came out,Now I have to pay another $125 just to fix their problem,I’m on a fixed income and I can’t blow $125 to fix someone elses mistake.I’m just not even sure it’s worth it.

    We get Charged $60+ for games,we get Charged $8 a month for xbox live,plus now we get stuck paying them to repair a problem that is their fualt in the first place.NO LOGIC THERE,JUST TO QUOTE A MOVIE(SHOW ME THE MONEY) Tactic by Microsoft.

    I have a theory,when Microsoft learned it would be loosing money by selling the 360 at $400 they realised they could make it back by charging us to get the thing fixed when it overdosed on it’s own just my take on it.

  420. Here in the UK Microsoft have extended to warranty, my 360 was brought in 2005 and is still covered. They collect and return the broken console free of charge as well. There customer service centre for Vista and Xbox problems is, as far as I have experience very good, shame the repairs centre did not repair my console correctly the first time around. Sorry to hear you have pay for repair Rancidbeast.

  421. I called for repair Oct. 12, 2007 and got the ref# and all. How long after that should I receive an email confirming repair process?

  422. Hey guys its me again it look like microshits 360 they sent me back broke again last time i commented here about the last time my 360 broke was in july that wasnt to long ago well anyways im sending in my 360 for repair a 4th time. (

  423. It’s me again….I STILL have not recieved my xbox360 nor recieved any emails from xbox regarding it. I sent my xbox360 in mid september. This is absolutely ridiculous. I have phoned support a couple of times, in which i get contradicting facts. For example the first person i talked to told me they recieved my xbox on the 27th, the second person told me they recieved it on the 26th. What is up with these people? Also, the second person told me that they are going to send me a bran new one because they sent mine to someone else. If they are sending me a bran new one it seems highly illogical that it should take this long. I am very frusterated so much so that i will never buy a pc again. Only Mac’s from now on. Oh and by the way this is the second time I have had to send my Xbox 360 back.

  424. I just phoned Xbox Support and for the first time i got an ENGLISH SPEAKING PERSON! YES he actually made proper sentence structures and awnsered my questions rather then think i was asking something else. He also spoke at a normal pace rather then those other guys who don’t speak english who slur there words and talk super fast. Through him i found out that they sent my xbox on transit yesterday!!!!! He also gave me a purolator reference number so i could keep an eye on where it is. I guess I’ll be getting my xbox 360 monday or tuesday. I will have been over a month without it…

  425. Hey whats up guys, I was reading everyones posts. I sent mine in about a week ago and I too have been checking it everyday I got off work. It shows its delivered and that Microsoft Repair Center recieved my “device” (Xbox 360) and when I go back to check a few hours later when I check the Repair Status it says no registered devices. WTF?!? Does that mean they are sending me a new one and removed my registration? Im worried because I just bought this system, and I want it back before the Holidays! I still have my UPS tracking number but it still shows the same day it was delivered which was the 16th of this month (October) but there is no update on the or UPS. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

  426. Hey Ben they wont send you a new one and you should know because its MS. Also my 360 tour up in June and I got it back in July. It was messed up so I sold it in September for $250.00. I just want to say mine tour up before my friends did so I was the one who gave my friend the advice
    and we are not stupid for getting a new one. If you want to keep the trash refurb they send you thats your problem dude. The best thing to do is get the new one on count of the HDMI port and the new cables. No offence man but the refurbs is not worth hooking up.

  427. The repair center shipped me back a new xbox 360 after it broke 3 months after having it. They sent a new xbox to my house september 29th. After UPS came to my house the first day and nobody was home they left a note saying that they would come back the next day. Ends up UPS lost my 360. I must have called xbox 100 times and nobody seems to care that i dont have an xbox. Now they are telling me there is nothing they can do, I just lost $400. What should I do????? help

  428. Call UPS and file a claim. UPS lost it they have to replace it or at least find it.

    Can’t anyone think on thier own anymore

  429. called UPS plenty of times already and they pretty much told me not to call them anymore and that all my questions had to go to xbox

  430. I got my xbox back on October 24th and it is indeed an old one just like Ova said. I checked the back and the date said April of 2006. WOW OLD! I nervously hooked it up and turned it on and luckily no red lights so far…but i have only played it for a little bit, it has yet to stand the test of time. I dont understand how microsoft in their letter act as if the 1 month xbox live gold card is a gift when really its just making up for what we lost in the first place. Afterall, the entire process to get my xbox back took over a month so not only is it not a gift but its not even proper compensation.

  431. Their support system is the most unorganized , jumbled selection of misfiled reluctantly solicited input I have ever had to deal with as a reciever. Their advice is backed up with some of the most ill tempered , ill informed , undependable service personnel I have encountered since the Nixon era.

    They lack coordination , professional courtesy and common sense even at the most basic of levels when contemplating social organisms ranging from sea slugs to chimpanzees.

    Not withstanding, I would rather deal with Dr. Kevorkian then go through another attempted return of an Xbox 360.

    I may as well have thrown my hard earned money down an outhouse hole.

    Little Billy

  432. My 360 made it to the facility on the 23rd, I left the reference number on top of the return box. When should I start calling them to check the status on it?

  433. My 360 made it to McMallen Texas on the 25th Cliff. I called 1-800-4my-xbox, went through the options, and the automated voice guy, Max, or whatever the hell is name is told me it had been recieved and was currently being repaired. My guess is when it is being shipped back to me, he’ll let me know what the tracking number is. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer.

  434. Guys, I just called in for my 5th replacement unit. They are sending me a box to ship it back….again. I tried to escalate to a supervisor as I only had this one for 6 days before it gave me the “red ring of death” but they were less than helpful. this one has a manufacture date of 8/2006. I am tired of getting these refurb junk boxes.

  435. I purchased a XBOX 360 in November of 2006.
    In October of 2007 it died , the red ring of death.

    I contacted the Xbox support division and told them what had happened.
    They asked for the serial number of my Xbox , I gave it to them.
    They looked it up and told me the warranty had expired.

    I asked if the Xbox I purchased had at least a one year warranty , they said yes. I ended up finding the copy of the check I purchased the Xbox with and the receipt and had to fax it to them to prove the date I bought it.

    The local WAL-MART store where I made the purchase faxed them the info for me. The XBOX support center set up a repair order for my Xbox , gave me a reference number and said they would call me and let me know if my XBOX was covered.
    A week went by and they did not call me back. I called them back and asked about the status of my repair order. I was informed by their employee that the repair order had been cancelled the same day they set it up and the same day WAL-Mart had sent them the fax with the check number , the date of purchase and the receipt number.

    Baffled by their actions I asked again if they had received the fax , they answered yes. They set up another repair order for my XBOX and gave me a new reference number.
    They told me at the time that I should not have had to even send in a receipt or check number for proof of purchase because all of their Xboxes were covered by a three year warranty for the red light issue.
    They gave me the address in Texas to send my Xbox to and told me a shipping box would be sent ups to me within three working days.

    Four or five days later the box had not yet come and my phone rang.
    It was XBOX support calling. This time they told me that indeed my XBOX was still under warranty and I needed to set up another repair order so they could send me a shipping box to submit it.

    I told them about the prior calls and what had taken place and I was basically told to forget about our past communications and just give them the information they needed to get it done.
    Again I gave them my phone number , address, name etc.
    They told me the shipping box would be to me in about three days .
    It has now been over a week of working days and still no box.
    Pissed off beyond belief I called the XBOX support center again today.
    They asked for my name etc , the reference number I had been given.

    Then they told me I needed to fax them the Receipt number for my original purchase__ AGAIN !!!
    I hung up on them and have been spending this afternoon thinking about never buying another Microsoft -product again as long as I live and getting in a dig against them every time the name Microsoft comes up around me in conversation of message boards etc.

    I am sitting on many thousands of dollars worth of Microsoft equipment and programs but not for long.

    I have heard a lot of people complaining about Microsoft over the years and just chalked it up to bitchy people that could not be nice to an operator long enough to get their message across correctly for service.

    This is the first time I have had to deal with them on a return.

    Guess I chalked that one up wrong. Tomorrow I am headed for the local landfill with a pickup load of computers and software and various devices.
    One at a time I am using a sludge hammer on them before dumping them so no one else picks them up and ends up giving even a penny for anything that will go to Microsoft or it’s subs to maintain or upgrade the Microsoft crap I am dumping.

    Hey Bill , do you know your people are driving away your customers to get a pat on the head from you?
    What a Buffoon.

    Little Billy

  436. I got my replacement today, a core console with the date of 8/13/2007, how do I tell if I have the new chip and heatsinks? By the way, my timeframe went like this.

    10/19/2007-Sent the console in.
    10/23/2007-They get my console.
    10/25/2007-They ship out my new console.
    10/29/2007-Missed UPS guy and get it on 30th(today)

    They said to me on the phone that if the red rings is unrepairable, they just send you a new one. So word to the wise, FRY THE DAMN THING.

  437. microsoft has the worst customer support, i sent them my xbox two months ago ups lost it and now xbox will not send me a new one. i contacted ups and they said they would pay xbox to send another. Xbox is to fucking selfish to send another one. everytime they call me they tell me the same old shit and then they say they’ll call back in 24-48 hours. screw xbox i will never buy one again, my advice is to not buy one in the first place, its only a headache!!

  438. Hey all. Reports are my xbox is doing okay. It got the “cannot read disc” screen but cleaned it and it works so hopefully not the 360 problem. My xbox is actually not overheating and thats after playing guitar hero for 4 hours. So, they did something to this old xbox… The 2 microsoft i talked to on the phone were ok. Nobody was annoying. I dont know what to say. Microsoft probably thinks they have the gaming market on lockdown with the 360 so they arent going to fix it.

  439. a wat number do i call to see when they are done repairing my 360 all its says when i check it online is recieved at the place and its been sayin that the last couple days because they never emailed me sayin recieved it or how long it would be i had to check it

  440. Guys I am finally happy. I traded my xbox 360 for a brand new 80gb Play station 3, to my cousin. He had warranty on it and took it back and got me a new one in the box.It came with Motorstorm. He then gave me sonic the hedge hog and bought me new 1080 hd cables. I went and bought Fight night round 3 and spiderman 3 blu-ray movie. All I can say I will never talk about Sony again because I have played it for two straight days and it is quite and does not get hot at all. I love it and the best thing is you dont have spend extra money on batteries or charge kit because it charges
    with the usb cable. I also like all the features it has that my 360 didnt. You all they sound expensive but they are worth every dollar. The blu-ray is the best thing ever and if you all look at it the 360 is more expensive on count of the hd dvd add on, charge kit, wireless network adaptor and eveything else you have to buy seperate. The ps3 everything you need is in the system. Guys trust me they are worth the money and you all should look into them.

  441. My history;

    16 October - Red ring of Death

    17 October – Called MS to register the repair case, told to wait for a box to ship the Xbox in (to be deliverd on my door by DHL). Calculated from the day I send the box to Germany, it should take no more than 15 working days before I receive it back.

    18 October - Received the shipment box and sent it to Germany for repairs (day 1)

    19 October – DHL confirms delivery at MS Germany, MS is however not able to confirm (day 2)

    22 October – MS confirm receipt – “Repairs should be done within a few days. You should have your Xbox before the weekend. Call us on the 24th or 25th to confirm” (day 3)

    24 October – “Sorry, repairs have not taken place yet and we don’t know when they will. Call us back at the end of the week. Oh, and by the way it won’t take 15 working days from you sent it, but 20 working days from our receipt. However, don’t worrie, it never takes that long” (day 5)

    26 October – same story all over again, “Call us over the weekend” (day 7)

    31 October – “Your Xbox still not repaired – lots to do in Germany. Please hold while we check with Germany”. “Hello? Yes, your Xbox should be finished over the weekend and shipped out to you on Monday, Tuesday at the latest.” (day 10)

    5 November – “Sorry, we do not know the status of the repair. Please allow us 72 hours to find out and get back to you” (day 14)

    MS now seems to have lost my Xbox and wants 72 hours to look for it. If they use the full 72 hours, I’ll will receive notice on day 17 calculated from the day I sent it, which is 2 more days than the whole process was supposed to take. Even if they send it within the end of the week, they will have broken their initial 15 day promise by 5-7 days, and that is based on them being able to figure and sort it all out ASAP. Starting to loose patience. Been yelling at Tech-support people for giving all the different stories. Head of tech-support to follow up, but he gave me some lip, which made me even more angry. First this a-holes sell me a $500 box that does not work. Then they give you all these different versions of how the process will go. Then they just plain loose your box… Oh my God. No wonder Gates is so rich – I would be too if I had it in me to screw over so many people. Poor, poor and poor. Very disapointed.

  442. I thought I’d share my own repair process.

    October 14- I called 1-800-4my-xbox and set up a repair order. He didn’t have pefect english, but it was easy enough to follow along. I was very polite, and so was he. He told me I’d recieve the box in a few days time.

    October 19- The “coffin” arrived. UPS just left the box on my porch.

    October 20- I followed the instructions that came in the box, and packed my 360 up. After reading a few repair horror stories, I put my name and address in, along with the reference number both inside and outside the box to make absolutley sure they had all the info they needed.

    October 22- My box began its journey to McMallen Texas. The UPS store website said they had Saturday pick up, which I was in time for, but nothing registered on the online tracking until this day. So I’m guessing pick up happened earlier then their website said, or there were so few shipments, they decided to wait till Monday. No biggie.

    October25- The coffin arrives in McMallen TX.

    November 6- I decide to call in, and to my suprise Max tells me my xbox has been repaired and is being sent back to me. He didn’t give me a tracking number, so I called back and talked to someone so I could get that. Again, I was very courteous, and they were very helpful. The guy kept apologizing to me like I was about to rip his head off. I can only imagine that he has to have one of the worst jobs at the moment. He gave me a tracking number, which I am now following. It is on time, and is due back to me on November 9.

    So from the time I made the call, to the time I get the box back will be just under 4 weeks. All things considered, that isn’t horriable. Now, should this many people have to go through this process? No. But it’s kind of hard to call Microsoft greedy when they are putting away a billion dollars to solve this problem.

  443. Yea mine died as i was playin call of duty 4 online. the game froze and i turned it off. then i turned it back on and it gave me the 3 red lights. i let out a big F**K1!!!! i was pissed. so i looked up the support # and gave them a call right away. hey gave me a reference # and said that i would get a shipping box in 4-5 business days. it been 5 days now and still no box or email. i hope they send me a box soon. im gettin GH3 and rock band for X-Mas and dont want to get them and not be able to play em. if any 1 can give me advice please do.

  444. So happy I recieved my xbox 360 the other day after a f***ing nightmare. Took a little over 2 months and never thought i would get it back. But i finally recieved it and they gave me ONE free month of xbox live. HAHA they should have given me 2 xbox’s for waiting so long

  445. Yea mine got the three rings so i slapped it around shook it and then it worked again. Piece of shit still freezes on HD tho..and yes i have an hd tv. They are sending me a box, and if it takes anything over a month im going to call them every day. Me and the sales lady are going to become buddy’s. I think they went to mexico and picked up a bunch of people to answerer the phones because they all have thick accents. Maybe its a tactic on microsofts part so they dont have to fix as many xboxs.

  446. Well after all that read prior posts. My wondeful refurb unit they sent me now hass RROD!!!! Lesst than a months use and it had DIED, here I go again.

  447. Well after all that, ( read prior posts) . My wondeful refurb unit they sent me now hass RROD!!!! Less than a months use, and it has DIED, here I go again.

  448. yeah thats great that you got your console back and thank you for the tutorial but the only thing that i really need is the number in which i call microsoft or whoever i need to call. so if you could give me a number that would be terrific thanks again.

  449. Hey skyler fox the number is 1-800-4MY-Xbox. Guys I told you what I did. I got the PS3 after my third 360. I love it,
    it is so awsome you all should check it out. It is now reached over 5 million sells and has outsold the Wii for 2 straight weeks in JAPAN. You all its worth it with Uncharted, Resistance, heavenly sword, being exclusives and it has Assassins creed, Call of duty 4, GTA IV for it as well. + Metal Gear Solid 4. Hope you all the best of luck.

  450. 1-800-4MY-XBOX Figured that should be in BOLD PRINT I got my EMPTY box today and wait, what’s this they are now using Fed-ex instead of UPS, thats just great the are no business’ I can drop it off with, had to catch the Fedex guy at a drop off point LOL, sometimes living in a small town can be a PITA. Today is the 26th let’s see how long it will take this time?

    I still can’t believe this one quit working in less than a month. If the cheap bast**** at M$ would just replace the broken units with NEW ones, they would save a fortune in shipping fees and staffing, not to mention all the fuel wasted. But I guess as long as there are 360’s out there, people will have jobs, answering calls ( unfortunately not in America ), transporting them, working on them, but calling them fixed does NOT actually repair them.


    The ONLY people missing out are US, the gamers.

  451. i had my xbox about 3 months and it finally died… I sent it in a week ago and they said its gonna be at my house by tommorrow. Hopefully it got fixed because the guy I bought the 360 from on e bay tore off the warranty seal. I told the lady at 4myxbox and she says it won’t matter, hopefully she isn’t screwing me over :)

  452. hey guys p3nguin here again to tell you guys my xbox 360 died again but this time it wasnt the red lights of dath the disc drive messed up and they told me to send it in i sent it before thanksgiving and dindt get there till the 27 yesterday sooo yeah probly take 2 more weeks like the first time..if you guys got a 360 back be prepared thats what everyones been telling me that the refurb ones willl mess up and you will have to send in again and the lady said they willl be putting in new ones sooo you will get yur old one back i think? sooo yea ill get back when i get sum new info

  453. FYI I have not found one person at repairs that ACTUALLY KNEW what was really going on. They will tell you what you want to hear – not the actual truth. I have spoken with over 20 people there so I do know what I am talking about. So don’t hold your breath, when you call in you are not even talking to the actual repair center, which is why they are always giving you the runaround if you try and get facts about your repair.

    Something new and exciting in the Xbox 360 repair world happened to me, the box and repair label that came THIS time was actually for FedEX OVERNIGHT delivery, so this broken console actually got to the repair center the next day so hopefully the repair/replacement process will go quicker this time. Doubt it, but maybe I might actually have it back by Christmas LOL.

    And P3nguin, sorry to say but, yes, from what I have learned ( and experienced ) it is only a matter of time before your “repaired” 360 quits again, I have a “friend” on live that has been through this 7 times with them, I’m on my second, it is really luck of the draw. You might get one that does last, but I wouldn’t really count on it. That is unless you get a new one with a production date AFTER 8/24/07 ( that is when it kind of has been confirmed the new uodated chipsets are in there and hopefully they have learned to fix the problems. This is not really the place to explain what that means, so if you don’t know, GOOGLE it and find your answers about the new Falcon chipset ).

  454. Reading through some of these comment, i think you guys need to get a room x-box!! My experience has been as folloows…. 3 rings of death,.. Call customer support go through there little spiel to ultimatly just send it in, wait a week to get a empty box, pack it all up send it in. 2 and a half weeks later got a new refurb( believe me there not new!!!!!) notice the bottom panal missing, ok whatever go to play halo3 takes 10 min to load just to send me back to main screen, call support gave me good ideas like try formatting your hard drive….yeah (i’d like to cloths line that mother —— for that idea!! the x-box did’nt have any interior memory installed was the prognosis. anyways needless to say sent it back in 3 weeks later recieved a new referb hey look its its at least got all the pieces plug it in, turns on great but no picture no sound call x-box oh sorry sir you need to send it back in but were going to let you talk to our escalation manager so he can compisate you ok he asked what would ease my pain i told him a new playstation 3 and a death certificate of bill gates from a tragic farm accident. of course they was’nt willing to go the extra mile for my customer satisfaction the longer story short now i have to wait 48 hours for an even higher manager to call me to maybe work out giving me 3 free months of x-box live and work out the details of sending this box back in. so any gamers out there on x-box live i hope to be on sometime in january at this rate see yeah then

  455. I feel ya, it really SUCKS to own a 360 sometimes. If my Live wasn’t paid up till 09 I would probably give up.

    btw I am STILL waiting for that same call from the last “fix” – from last month

  456. My advice would be to not buy the 360 and buy a wii or ps3 i recently bought the elite console, it was crap to begin with after a week i sent it in to get repaired its now 2 months later and those jerkoffs just ignore my calls and emails they make promises i think just so i’ll leave them alone, my advice is don’t support such a crap organization they are probably renting my xbox out to others. Fags

  457. hey guys i called them up and they told me my console is repaird and sjipped back to me sooo that toooook 3 days form when they got it i should be getting it back wednsday sooo hope its not a messsed up one and crap on me again

  458. MrArn
    An elite was crap? why?

    You bought an elite and sent it in for repair, and now you are just going to leave them alone???? Granted the “first level” of repair support is just about the WORST one on the planet, go up a few levels ( ask to speak to thier manager ) and eventualy you wil get to someone here in America that actually gives a sh** about you.
    Sad to say, YES, but outsourcing has become a BIG problem and the people over there rally could care less about you.

  459. OMG- that’s probably a record I sent my 2nd broken 360 out on Nov 21st, I didn’t call about it or anything and they actually FIXED the console ( sent me the same one back, why couldn’t M$ do that the first time??? ) and had it back to me Dec 5th.

    We’ll see how long it lasts this time. LOL

  460. Well, I just sent my 360 off to McAllen, TX. They supplied me with the box, etc to send it and the shipping was all free. So, we’ll see how it goes from here.

  461. DAM! I hope I get as lucky as you Don. i sent mine on Dec 3. Hopefully by the 18th ill get mine. I hope its before the 22nd(my birthday) and christmas vacation of course.

  462. My XBOX got the “Ring of Death” so i called them and they gave me that junk yard box and i put my xbox in there send i back to them. THEN I WAIT A FREAKING MONTH FOR IT TO COME BACK THATS $ WEEKS OF NO PLAYING TIME. I FREAKING SUCKED AT GEARS OF WAR WHEN I CAME BACK.!!!!!!

  463. OMG, i might set the world record for getting an XBOX repaired. Its been 7 days and i called today and they told me in less than 5 buisness days ill have my xbox back! I might have it in less than two weeks. Amazing!!

  464. Gilman, when you call up Xbox and start the whole process of getting you 360 repaired they give you a number to refer to anytime you call them up and have questions about whats going on and such. It;s like a case number. Think of it like a phone number, if people want to get a hold of you they need to have your phone number. Same thing applies for when you want to find out information about something you called Xbox for, you need the reference number that they gave you for the original call.

  465. I just called them and i gave them my pphone number and they gave me the refference number and they said my xbox 360 is going to come on January 9 and i send it in January 2 wow that was fast

  466. Wish you the best of luck, but don’t definitely plan on it showing up that quick LOL Xbox “support” ( or lack there of ) don’t always tell the truth.

    I heard the same thing ( you will have it on …) but it showed up a WEEK later. Hope you get yours when they said, I KNOW how frustrating this can get.

  467. I just woke up and decided to call Xbox and see where the hell my 360 is and thy gave me kinda good news. I’ll give you guys my story and let you know what I think of all of this. I bought my 360 on April 12, 2007, therefore I have a 1 year warranty. Around the beginning of October 2007 my Xbox started acting up (only 6 months after I bought the damn thing) and I started having flashbacks of my first 360 (that one I bought as a used video game store) and all the hell it gave me. Anyways, My current 360 is having a problem which I have described to over 500 games online and 30 different Xbox customer support and no one really had a clear idea of the problem that I was experiencing. So put it in my own words, everyone knows what I am talking about when I say that when your 360 is powered on, the system produces its own noise which can be pretty loud at times. My guess is the noise is coming from 2 things, the internal fans working which produce some sound and the motor that spins the disc drive makes the most noise. I will actually be playing my 360 and my it will go silent and that’s not a good thing because thats when other problems start to occur like game freezing and disc read errors. The odd thing is that I will be in the middle of an online match of Halo 3 and my 360 will go silent on me and it will still play surprisingly for sometimes up to an hour before I start to get problems. Now this is where I am worried….When I sent out my 360 to be repaired they give you the list to check off the symptoms you are experiencing, however there is nothing mentioned that refers to the disc drive going silent (which I know means that it is failing) so I prepared my own little note like this that I stuck in the box when I sent it out hoping that they read it and don’t just go straight to repairing the disc read error and game freezing problems and overlook the problem that is leading to all of the other problems. I am aggravated that you can only talk to the retarded middle easterners when you call up Xbox support and are unable to talk to the people that actually repair the 360 because every time I call Xbox to check the status of my repair the do their little review of whats going on and they tell me that I am calling to check the status of my 360 that was experiencing the 3 Red Lights. So here is how long it has taken so far…. On December 13, 2007 I called them up and reported that it needs fixed so the next day they sent out the box via UPS 3 Day Select to me in Pittsburgh and i received the box on December 18, 2007 so I took 5 days for me to receive the box. Then my fault I was busy for the next 10 days and didn’t get the chance to send it back so I finally took the box to the UPS store down the street on December 27, 2007 and it was sent to the repair center in McAllen, Texas via the 3 Day Select lable that they gave me to put on the return box and they received it on January 2, 2008 which tells me one thing so far, UPS 3 Day Select actually means 5 days. So this morning I woke up and called Xbox like I have been for the past 4 days trying to find out if it has been repaired yet (because they kept telling me that they have no record of the repair center even receiving my 360 yet) and they tell me that it has already been repaired and was sent out today via FEDEX yesterday, January 5, 2008 and they provide me with a FEDEX tracking number instead. So I go to track it and of course it hasn’t even left the repair center yet like they said it has. So I call FEDEX because the tracking number isn’t working and they tell me that it’s because my package hasn’t been sent out yet. Imagine that. So they said it will probably be picked up tomorrow and this time Xbox was cheap and went with the FEDEX 5-7 day delivery method and its funny because I was telling the FEDEX woman my story and she even said “Yup, Xbox went the cheap route this time”. So overall with me living in the Northeast I would say that my repair has gone really quick minus the 10 days in between where I didn’t have time to sent it out. Overall It was sent out on December 27, 2007 and is expected to arrive on January 11-12, 2008 so overall 14-16 days isn’t bad at all. Hope my long and boring story helps anyone get an idea of how long it takes and some of the problems with Xbox customer support and so on.

  468. Pyro Did yours have the red rigs of death i was just wondering but yeah i did the same thing i called them today too and they said it should come on Jan 9 and they also gave me a fed ex tracking number but mine was 3 day select idk mircosoft should just make ur 360 warranty for like 3 years and also Xbox Lve Should Be Free

  469. FOTFLMAO Pyro, not at you but WITH you, damn that was a long post. Been there done that, you know what’s funny about this the last time I sent my 360 in I did NOT call about it and I had it back in about two weeks, I guess if you don’t call for status they push it through LOL.


    Most of you know:
    1. If your 360 crashes, you get it repaired by Microsoft, you will not get YOUR console back, but one that somebody else owned, and Microsoft repaired it and sent it to you.

    2. The new, refurb will have a different serial number than your original purchased one.

    3. This is how it works, you can not change that.

    But did you know, if you purchase an extended warranty from Microsoft, You most likely will begin your NEW nightmare….Microsoft will not transfer your warranty to the refurb they sent you unless you fax a bunch of info to them.. then wait… I have been waiting since about october… and My last refurb, 1 of 4, got here in July…..

    Most 360s last about 6 months… so, I am in trouble.. I have had this one since July 2007, and supprisingly it is still working, but I am not covered by my extended warranty that I purchased… so, if my 360 dvd drive fails.. I am intercoursed! You to will have this problem… check it out.. if you have had yours repaired, call and see if your new serial number is IN WARRANTY for your extended warranty!

  471. I sent mine in four days ago with the red ring of death and i wrote down the tracking # on the box so I knew where it was. I’m in massachusetts and it got there today, the tracking # at sayed its there but when i check it at it says the service center is still waiting for repair. And if anyone knows does it really take only 2 business days for them to fix it?

  472. Hey Dots call 1800 4 My Xbox and ask them u need your refference number and if u dont have it they will give it to you and then if they fixed it they give you another tracking number with fedex or ups

  473. yo dots. im surprised that the service center has gotten you 260 already being that you live all the way in massachusetts. i live in pittsburgh and it took 5 day but i guess that is because new years day was in between. regardless, once the repair center receives you 360 it will take between 12-24 hours for it to show up on the internet that the service center has received it. i happen to know that it has only been taking them between 4-5 days to repair them lately and thats cool. the thing that sucks ass is that they are only shipping 360s back via fedex from now on so it they use 5-7 day ground instead of the 3 day select from ups. the other bad thing about fedex is that they dont pick up packages as often as ups does after you get word that it is repaired expect another 2-3 days before it is picked up. also be aware that when your 360 repair appears to be complete and they give you a fedex tracking number this time, it will say that the label has been sent and you will not notice any movement at all until they ship it which takes another day. and the last thing to be aware of is fedex’s website tracker, it too sucks ass for they only update the info once a day where ups will update every couple hours/every time the truck delivers to the next arrival point. this is a excellent guess of how long its gonna take until you get your 360 back since it was just received: up to 2 days before they start working on it, they usually fix them the same day they start working on them so 1 day for it to be fixed and another 3-5 before it gets picked up by fedex and since you live all the way in massachusetts and your 360 is coming back via fedex 5-7 ground font forget that sundays dont count. so overall its gonna take about 14 more days or so +/- a day.

  474. hi guys yeh ive jus sent my xbox in for repiar im in the UK we had UPS service bring out a boxto take the 360 so its all good so far they said they are bringing out some sort of label thing or something im guessing thats the membership or something well ok will post back soon

  475. im just sitting here waiting for this damn 360 to get back. i was looking at the fedex tracking site and it angers me a little, read what has gone on so far since my package has left the repair center.(hopefully it will look right as i post it):

    Ship date Jan 7, 2008
    Estimated delivery Jan 11, 2008
    Jan 9, 2008 7:39 AM
    Departed FedEx location
    Jan 8, 2008 8:44 PM
    Arrived at FedEx location

    2:10 AM
    In transit
    Jan 7, 2008 9:28 PM
    Left origin

    5:43 PM
    Arrived at FedEx location

    Picked up
    _____________________________________________________________________ Jan 5, 2008 7:20 AM
    Package data transmitted to FedEx

    notice how the repair center in texas was waiting 2 days as the shipping label came from reynosa, tamaulipas, mexico. yes, thats right xbox fans, xbox is fully active with the mexican government (lmao). mexicans = slow and lazy so im assuming thats why it took 2 days for the label to get to them. keep in mind that the repair center in mcallen, texas is pretty much on the us/mexico border anyways. when i called xbox on Jan 5 they told me that my 360 has been repaired and shipped out already but it really just sat in the service center shipping area until the shipping label got there and fedex came to pick it up. (in my previous post this is what i meant when i said that when xbox tells you that your 360 has been repaired and shipped out, it is actually gonna take another 2-5 days until it actually leaves the repair center). all i know is that as soon as this is all over with and i have gotten my 360 back i am going to rub one off as i hold it because its been about a month since i have actually played with my 360 and im feelin horny. ill keep everyone updated.

  476. Ya I can’t wait for mine to get back but now when i look for its status on the serial # is no longer there so idk what they’re doing with it now? It was “device recieved at service center” at 3:00 today and now it doesnt say anything some mexican probably stole mine. haha.

  477. Got mine back within a week in Oct. Remember don’t write anything on the UPS box saying it’s an xbox (representative told me). Never know…ANYBODY can steal it…white, black, brown, yellow, red, purple…green