Ian Hickson decided it’d be a good idea to do away with the HTML5 time element and replace it with the more generic data element. Bad idea in my opinion, but OK.

A couple days after that decision was made, the W3C added the time element back to HTML5.
Webmonkey explains some issues with how the time element is currently outlined:

While Hickson’s move to toss time out was probably premature, there are nevertheless some problems with

I’m just glad to have the time element back. HTML5Press uses the time element in a number of places, pretty much every place a time or date is shown. I was not looking forward to going through and replacing time with data. Looks like I won’t have to now!

Yesterday we saw the debut of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Google also released the SDK for Ice Cream Sandwich, which contains some neat graphical goodies developers can start using to create Ice Cream Sandwich themes for ADW, Cyanogenmod, or whatever else really.

DameonAndMeagan at the XDA Developers forum has created a modification for Cyanogenmod 7.1 that will make the ring screen lock resemble the one found in Ice Cream Sandwich. There’s a few colors you can choose from, they’re all attached to this thread for download.
To go along with that, sonnysekhon, also at the XDA Developers forum, has created an initial Ice Cream Sandwich theme for the Cyanogenmod theme chooser. The theme has lots of bugs as you might expect, and a lot of missing graphics, but it does work. sonnysekhon has only had a day or so to put this together, so I expect he will be making improvements rather quickly. UPDATE: This Ice Cream Sandwich theme is now available on the Android Market.

sonnysekhon has also included an “extras” zip file that contains wallpapers from Ice Cream Sandwich, as well as icons. Both downloads (the extras and the CM7 theme) can be found attached to his thread.

A new font, Roboto, is the default in Ice Cream Sandwich. Android Police has details on how to set it as your font on your current (rooted) Android phone. They recommended using the Font Changer application, however I used Font Installer and was able to get it installed without any problems.

Kovdev has an Ice Cream Sandwich theme for ADW Launcher, Launcher Pro and Go Launcher EX available that’s pretty nice. I’m not using it in the screenshots attached to this post, but you can find some in the Android Market.

In the screenshots below I’m using the Ice Cream Sandwich CM7 theme and the Ice Cream Sandwich ring lock mod. The ADW theme is ADW Faenza and the wallpaper is from Ice Cream Sandwich.

I’ll keep this post updated as more Ice Cream Sandwich theme items are released.

UPDATE 10/23/2011: sonnysekhon released alpha 3 of his Ice Cream Sandwich Theme Chooser theme for Cyanogenmod. I sent him a message a few days ago asking what his future plans were for the theme. He says that he plans to have the Ice Cream Sandwich theme released to the Android Market within a week. So it’ll be much easier to install and update that theme once he gets it on the Market.

UPDATE 10/24/2011: AChep has released an Ice Cream Sandwich Cyanogenmod theme. He’s even got a version with a transparent status bar, which is a feature I’ve come to like a lot lately. I couldn’t get it to work on my Defy though, probably because it’s for MDPI devices only.

Also new is an Ice Cream Sandwich themed keyboard by proxuser. Not something I’ll probably use as I’m pretty loyal to SwiftKey X. Can’t see myself ever using another keyboard for Android.

UPDATE 10/27/2011: DameonAndMeagan has another mod to make your Gingerbread device sound like Ice Cream Sandwich. It has Ice Cream Sandwich sounds for lock, unlock, camera shutter, and others. It comes in a flashable zip to install via custom recovery. You can find it at this thread on the XDA Developers Forum.

Cyanogenmod 7.1 was released this past Monday. This release is especially exciting for me, 7.1 brings official support to my Motorola Defy! Motorola Defy+ isn’t yet officially supported by Cyanogenmod, but I believe folks are working on it.

Lots of new devices are supported by Cyanogenmod 7.1. Other than the Motorola Defy, some other supported devices are the Motorola Droid 2, Motorola Droid X, Motorola Cliq / Cliq XT, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S2, and many others. There’s also a number of devices in beta, those include Pyramid, Doubleshot, Shooter, HP Touchpad and Optimus 3D. A list of all the newly supported devices can be found at the end of this post.
I flashed 7.1 to my Defy last night. Prior to Cyanogenmod 7.1 stable, I was running a nightly from a couple weeks back. The nightly build was extremely stable and I didn’t have any issues other than the proximity sensor not always working correctly. With the 7.1 update the proximity sensor seems to be fixed. The screen turns on when I move my phone away from my head.

If you’ve got a Motorola Defy, I really suggest you give Cyanogenmod 7.1 a try. It’s very much worth it, and getting it onto your phone is a lot easier than it may seem at first. The benefits are too many to list. I’m just amazed at how much smoother my Defy runs than it does on stock T-Mobile/Motorola Froyo. Animations and screen transitions are incredibly smooth and fluid.

You can find screenshots of my Defy running CM7.1 in the gallery below. I’m using the JAMT White Gradient CM7 theme by ClassicalGas, and the ADW theme is Android Honeycomb by Creative Themez.

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HTML5Press 2.1 is available for download from the HTML5Press page. You can see a detailed list of all the changes between 2.0 and 2.1 on Github.

There were three major additions to HTML5Press 2.1, including fuzzy timestamps, a built-in Twitter widget, and support for WordPress custom backgrounds. Gregory C left a comment a few days ago that made me decide to add support for WordPress custom backgrounds. It was a simple enough thing to add, not sure why I didn’t add support for custom backgrounds earlier.
The featured photo for this post is just a screenshot of the Twitter widget options. That widget may look familiar to you. It’s nothing but a slightly modified version of Simple Twitter Widget by Matthias Siegal. I made some modifications to his plugin to include the HTML5 time element and to also make use of timeago for fuzzy timestamps.

Fuzzy timestamps are global in HTML5Press. Dates/times on posts, pages, comments, and the twitter widget will all be shown as fuzzy timestamps instead of the actual date/time. Mousing over the fuzzy timestamp will reveal the true date/time.

Some other, more minor changes and fixes:

You can download HTML5Press 2.1 from the HTML5Press page or from Github. If you notice anything broken or have any other problems, please start an issue at Github.

I got invited to MyColorscreen.com a few days ago. I’ve been visiting the site for a few weeks now. Mostly just to find some nice wallpapers for my Motorola Defy.

I got around to posting my first screen today.

If anyone is interested in an invite, just let me know in the comments on this post and I’ll send one your way. It’s a pretty fun site to browse, the amount of customization some people put into their phones is amazing.