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Fix Your Xbox 360 Freeze Problems

P1010029Last Friday, I bought an Xbox 360 at my local K-Mart. It was probably a mistake getting it from K-Mart, but I sort of decided to buy it on the spot, didn’t really put much thought into it. After getting my Xbox 360 out of it’s box and all hooked up, I started wishing I had made the purchase directly from Microsoft instead. All is fine and well now, but I had nothing but problems for a few hours after setting the Xbox 360 up.

Right off the bat, I had three red lights on the Ring of Light. Not good. I followed the steps Microsoft suggests, after unplugging and re-plugging everything to the power supply, I finally got a green light and the Xbox 360 booted.

At this point, I did the initial configuration on the Xbox 360. I setup my profile and just started playing Need For Speed: Carbon. That didn’t last long though, the 360 started freezing up every minute or two. I kept rebooting it, hoping for a better result, but nothing.

P1010027After a few reboots, and barely getting a profile created in Need For Speed, I was presented with the error seen to the left. Click the image to make it bigger, sorry for the shitty picture. My heart really sunk at that point, the description of the E71 error message is rather disappointing: “E71: possibly a dashboard update error, there is no solution at present the console must be sent back to MS for repair.” There’s a nice post over at the xbox-scene forums that covers error codes and what to do about them. After finding the meaning of the E71 error message, I set out getting my Xbox 360 on my network. I was hoping a network connection would force the 360 to check for a dashboard update or something…anything.

Getting my Xbox 360 online wasn’t a problem, the hardest part was finding an ethernet cable long enough to go from my switch in the office to the living room. Once I had the network cable in the Xbox 360, I turned it on and it immediately said there was an update to download from Microsoft. It must have grabbed an IP really quickly from my DHCP server and checked for updates. Had I not had a DHCP server running, I may not have gotten the update. I don’t think I could have gotten into the dashboard to manually configure tcp/ip settings for the 360. It would have frozen up and that would have been it.

Anyway, the update downloaded and was installed, and my Xbox 360 was rebooted. After that, the 360 finally came up and my freeze problems were gone. So, if you’re having all sorts of flaky issues with your Xbox 360, try getting it on a network with an internet connection and see if it’ll download a dashboard update. I haven’t had any problems with stability since the initial update was downloaded, thank god! I really didn’t want to have to send my brand new Xbox 360 into Microsoft for servicing the day of purchasing it.

If you are experiencing problems like I was and this fix works for you, please let me know. This has probably been written about elsewhere, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it.

Well, now what?

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  • NotSoHappy

    Funny, downloading the update caused mine to start freezing. Not sure this is good advice.

  • Does it freeze in the game or is it freezing before the dashboard is even loaded?

  • stuart macgregor

    hi, try lifting the power supple using an empty box so there is maximum circulation on all 6 sides. it should work better than before

  • stuart macgregor

    or if this does not work, remove the faceplate and side plates so that the console itself can be cooled, if this does not work, send it back to where you got it and swap or get your money back

  • Good suggestion Stuart. That little fix seems to have helped a lot of people out. However, the problem I was experiencing wasn’t caused by an overheating power supply. My Xbox 360 wouldn’t even finish booting into the dashboard. Applying the update seemed to have fixed it, and the 360 booted all the way up.

    I have yet to have any problems with my power supply. I’ve left my xbox 360 on for about 10 hours and it didn’t freeze. Probably 90% of that 10 hours was spent playing games, so the xbox wasn’t just sitting there idle.

    Good advice though, I should have included that info in my original post. The box idea is good, I personally wouldn’t be too fond of hanging my power supply up in the air, attached to a string. It’s a heavy power supply.

  • My Xbox 360 downloaded another update lastnight. Seemed to be a pretty big update, took a few minutes to download on my 5Mbps connection and took a bit to apply the update also. Xbox 360 came back up after the update with no problems. Although, my Xbox 360 sounds slightly different now after the update. It’s louder than it was before when it’s sitting idle…

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  • Aaron

    ive had this same behavior right this second ive tried and got it going but now its doing it again when i put carbon in and ive got it going but i have already been online and had updates? and it works when it wonts to so no luck realy

  • Karim

    I had to send mine to MS still waiting for them to fix it….WAIT NOW 6 DAYS….

  • Many people have freezing problems because their date/time settings are not correct. Try setting those up right. Reason is, is XBOX automatically tries to check for updates. For some reason, if the time is wrong, it’ll freeze your system. (Or so I hear) If your system continues to freeze, return it to the store, or call Microsoft. Don’t WAIT, the warranty is only 3 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good advice Erick, on both the warranty and making sure the system clock is set to the corrett date/time. Would be interesting to confirm weather the date/time freeze and fix. Not sure if I wanna test it on my Xbox 360 though. Maybe I’ll try to get another Xbox 360 for Christmas. I need a test box.

  • Shaw

    but how do i get my xbox online? right out of the box i got this error…thanks

  • Shaw, mine gave these errors right out of the box also. Do you have a home network? If so, plug an ethernet cable into your Xbox 360, and then plug the other end into your router or switch/hub.

    Once that’s done, the Xbox 360 should grab an IP address from your routers DHCP server (assuming your router has a DHCP server). At that point the Xbox 360 should check with MS for updates to the dashboard even before it gets to the point of freezing.

    Also, Shaw, try plugging your power supply directly into a wall outlet if it’s not already. That can help a lot.

  • Shaw

    im not sure if you got me email, but i plugged my xbox into my router and nothing happened, it still just froze up,im using my westel dsl modem/router, could you help me fix this pleaseee…thanks

  • Hi Shaw, just sent you a reply email. I can offer some help. Let me know.

  • Andy

    My xbox wont even turn on because of them three red lights! I tried unplugging it from the mains and everything, i cant get on to see if there is any updates and when it does come on it freezes on the XBOX 360 logo! I don’t want to have to send my xbox away, can you give me any tips???

  • H. Lis

    Also have 3 reds on the ROL, and green on the power supply. My unit has an April 2006 manufacturing date, waiting to hear from Microsoft tech support. Have tried to disconnect/reconnect without success.

  • Hi Guys,

    Sorry, no new tips right now. My xbox 360 has actually stopped working again. I popped Halo 2 in, it downloaded an update, and now I’m getting the 3 red lights on the ring of light. I plan on calling Microsoft tech support tomorrow (new years eve), provided they’re open.

    Luckily, the factory warranty on the Xbox 360 has been extended to 1 year. Previously it was only a 90 day warranty.

    I don’t expect Microsoft support will be of much help as I’ve already tried everything mentioned on their support and troubleshooting pages. I will post anything new I find here. H. Lis, was Microsoft support able to provide a fix for you over the phone/email?

    Supposedly, Microsoft has pretty quick turn around time for repairing xbox 360’s. I really hope that’s the case. Luckily I have a buddy’s 360 here at my house right now.

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  • Brandon M online petition to get it recalled.

  • Thanks for the link Brandon. Hopefully MS will own up to their mistake here and attempt to make everything right. Although, I don’t see them issuing a recall since they’ve been receiving so many consoles for repair…


    My 360 freezes when its ussualy loading or trying to load. i got my 360 for christmas(’06) and i didn’t have any problems then, although i did use DVD/ CD cleaner on a game called “GRAW” or ghost recon advanced warfighter and now it freezes. i don’t think the cleaner is the problem. o yea my uncle played for the “colts, chargers,and the cowboys, anyway the last team he played for was the colts. so he’s know well-known in some places like ebgames. in ebgames, he can trade in a game or system and get full credit off of the system or game. so i’m gonna ask to do that with ou 360 and games and ill let yall know iff i will get a new one THANKS FOR THE TIPS TYLER!! BYE!

  • qman

    ummm evryday my xbox freezes at least one or twice in a game but other then that its good anyone know how to stop it freezing?

  • Wassco

    Wait, i dont think im fully understanding this Post alltogether…

    This post does or does not fix the E71 error…

    cuzz its confusing, E71 CANNOT be fixed right?

    less u send it in?

  • Wassco, E71 officially can’t be fixed without sending your Xbox 360 in. However, after fooling around with my Xbox for a while (as described in this post) I got the E71 error to go away and haven’t seen it since.

    Really, the only sure way to fix your Xbox 360 is to send it in or exchange it for a new one. Have you experienced the 3 red lights on the Ring Of Light (ROL)?

  • Wassco

    mines too old for exchange, im gonna just wait and see if there ever is a bios flash option in the future, guess ill have to get another one 🙁


  • PyroXIII

    Well, I just got a new 360 two days ago and it worked fine until earlier today it just froze in the middle of a GoW match, I shrugged it off as a common ‘once in a blue moon’ freeze and restarted it. I started to play GoW and where it flashes EPIC it froze in the middle of that. So I shrug it off and do it again, same thing over and over again, I have no other games to try on it, I assume its the 360 due that my GoW disc has absolutly no scratches or smudges on it. I have also been looking alot on sites… I have my power supply lifted in the air and my 360 alone on a table. I’ve been to the support site MS provides, and did what they said, and it helped as much as nothing. I think kicking the damned thing out my window and running it over with my car would be a better solution than what MS provides. They should not have to make people send them back in. I don’t think the dashboard has been updated due that it still freezes, but it does automatically update, so I can’t think what MS screwed up now…

  • Neal

    I got my Xbox 360 for Christmas in 2006. Every once in a while, while playing NCAA a tab would come up saying the disk is unreadable and I had to turn off my system. The past couple days all my games have been freezing about every 10 minutes. It usually freezes while at a saving or loading screen, or while I’m in a campaign / career / dynasty. None of my games have scratches and my 360 has never been hit in any way.

    My date is still set to 11/22/05 for some reason. Would that have anything to do with it? How do I change the date?

  • richie

    hey guys….i’ve had my xbox 360 since jan 2006 and havent experienced any problems whatsoever with my console…and it is used a lot….also for cd’s and dvd’s. maybe i got lucky! u can change the date on the settings tab but if u have no storage device it wont store it (i think) and also if u have it connected to the internet (cable or wireless) then it automatically sets the date for you.

  • smart one

    Jan 26th, 2007 at 8:42 pm

    it works when the 360 is really hot……

  • Drew

    I kind of have the same problem discussed here. My 360 started out with one freeze during Oblivion when I first got it around Christmas time. Nothing really happened after that for a while, so I dismissed it as a glitch in the game, or one random system freeze. Hey, they all have them. However, as time went on it started doing it more and more frequently, and it was getting really annoying. Now, I can play a game/movie for about 5 minutes before everything freezes up, and I actually have to go over to the console to turn it off (controller does nothing). FYI, it even freezes with that game on the HDD, Hexic, i think it’s called. What’s funny about the last post is my 360 seems to work if I leave it on forever. It doesn’t freeze up if I leave it on for like 3 hours. So overheating is definitely not the problem. “more open air” won’t do ish for me, considering it’s in as open a space as it can be, and it hardly gets hot at all. Warm, but OMG overheating hot. Power supply same thing. I am not about to wrap it up in towels, and leave it on for a half hour though. Scares me. @ Neal, I have noticed that the games are jumpy when the time/date is not correct, it’s never frozen because of that. For instance, in Madden 07, when they show you the defense getting ready, it freezes for a second, but the whole system doesn’t freeze up. You can try going into the console settings in the dashboard, and change it, but I don’t think that’s your problem. However, you’ll be surprised at how smooth everything is running, if it’s always been wrong. I downloaded the update, didn’t do anything. If you don’t have a home network, you can plug the 360 directly into your modem to get the update, however, I doubt it will do anything. I’ve also never gotten the E71 message, or the rings of light. I personally just think it’s a junk part that MS uses, and whatever it is, they need to stop using it. The troubleshooting tips on the website are a joke, and did nothing for me. I am sending it in for repair, kind of mad because I’ve had my original XBOX for 4 years without any issues. I guess if MS fixes it properly, and quickly, no harm, no foul.

  • Drew

    Oh, and I agree that they shouldn’t make you send them back in. I mean, they’re sending me a box, so I can send it UPS, or whatever they use, so it can get there, so they can fix it, so they can send it back. They say it will only take 10 days, but it’s already been 3, and it’s a Saturday. Also, can’t MS find some customer service reps that speak clear English, when I’m calling from America? I could hardly understand the guy speaking, and he could hardly understand me.

  • Shakti

    I sent my 360 back for the *second* time, so don’t get your hopes up. It came back after repairs a few months back and it appears they did nothing except wrap it up upon arrival and ship it right back out. I hope they aren’t doing the same thing this time after simply reseting the cache — a trick everyone now knows about. Unfortunately, that might be the case since they shipped a package back my way the same day they received my delivery. Will update either way once it’s back and has been played for a while.

  • junior321

    this is my third xbox360 and i have to send this one back im very mad because i brought 16 games and cant play anyone of them i guess i should put my money in sonys pocket instead

  • Drew

    Hmm…well, I told them I played it without the HDD on, and it still froze up. So, they told me to send it in, without the HDD even attached. It would be pretty hard for them to clear my cache, without the HDD. They just want the console, no wires or anything. I personally think it’s some problem with the video card in there, or bad soldering connections, considering the game on the HDD freezes up. Only thing I can think of. I’m really just pissed off about the fact the the customer service rep told me that I would have it back in 10 days, it’s been 6, the box to send it off in isn’t even here yet. It’s coming tomorrow. He also gave me the complete wrong tracking #. I even told him it was the wrong # of digits for a UPS tracking #, and the tracking # for UPS has letters in it. He was a complete tool. Oh well…I’ll update whether or not they actually fix it.

  • Drew

    Oh, just to clarify, I did call back 2 minutes after the first customer service rep to get a new one. Guy spelled my name wrong and everything. Don’t know how much clearer I could have been with him.

  • Elliot

    Hey you guys i’ve been expierencing some trouble with my 360. Iv’e had my 360 since last april ( birthday ) and i’ve been getting these 3 red lights that will go on in the middle of my game ( Gears of War ) and it wont even let me shut it off by pressing the button on the xbox. I have to unplug it and let it sit for like 30 minutes. Then turn it on again. If anyone knows how to fix this problem I will greatly appreciate it if you help me, and i will reward you with a 3 month trial to xbox 360 live. ( if your theory of fixing it works ). Thanks again. If you wish to tell me on XBL my Gamertag is II MeTh0dz II. The o is a zero in the name, and there are spaces between the I’s……. thanks again.

  • chris

    my 360 is freezing when I sign onto ea server i attempt to start a game and it freezes and i have to shut it down…I hate xbox

  • Drew


    Could be one of 2 things, otherwise it needs to be repaired. Your’s actually sounds like it’s overheating, since it works if you leave it off for a while. I’m going to assume you’re not a complete idiot, like MS doesn’t, and not tell you to put it out in open air. A lot of people have been having success with suspending their power supply somehow. Either stringing it up, or putting it on a box corner. Apparently it overheats more then the console.

    The only other thing I can think of, is some people had a problem with a patch from XBOX live, and for some reason it makes their HDD connection all screwy. Some play with it vertically and put a book on top of it, and that seems to work out for them. However, that’s effing ridiculous, and if you have to do that, you should be sending it in anyway.

    Other than that, I can only tell you that a bad AV cable connection is another cause of the 3 red rings, if that’s plugged in well to the TV and the XBOX, I don’t know what to tell you man. You can try going through Max’s BS troubleshooting tips, on 1-800-4MY-XBOX, but that usually doesn’t solve anything. Good Luck

  • Elliot

    Yea thats what i think it is. I think its overheating probably because I play it so much lol. My friends keep telling me to buy a fan or 2 that you can plug into the back of your 360 and that will keep it cool? The funny thing is that its -10 degrees here right now so my heat is blasting and thats what is probably causing it to overheat. If anyone knows about these fans and if they work good please let me know the price and where to get them, Wal-Mart,Best Buy, Gamestop, ETC. Thanks Again.

  • Drew

    FYI, GoW and Madden 07 are the 2 main games that froze on my console, ALL THE TIME. I couldn’t get through a full quarter, or 5 minutes of play when playing either game. Oblivion never froze, except at the load screens sometimes, SvR 2k7 froze frequently, but sometimes not. Kameo froze after 5 minutes, and so did Hexic.

  • Drew

    The Nyko fan apparently does nothing, because it uses the 360s power to work. Supposedly it causes it to overheat more then if you didn’t even have it on there, and MS does not like you having it on there, for some, the fan actually voided their warranty. One thing you could do, is buy a standalone fan, and point it at the 360, or obviously if you have one just use it. But from everything I’ve read, the Nyko fan is actually a bad idea.

  • Aaron

    well i had the three red lights hapeened constantly i never got to play it but i took the side panels off and the dust was about 3inch thick so i wiped that off and wrapped 2 towels round it for 45 mins or so it kept turning off but i turned t back on and its been ok for about 4 days now so try it. and see if it works for you

  • Drew

    Does anyone know if my warranty is burning away while the repair center has my XBOX 360? Do I get a different warranty on my repaired unit? Or is it still just one year? Really doesn’t seem fair that they’ve had it, or it’s been not working for a month, if they don’t take that off my warranty time. I mean that is 1/12 of my warranty. Does anyone know how it works?

  • Fred

    My Xbox 360 freezes up when i power it up. It doesn’t even make it past the entrance thing it does. I havent seen the dashboard for days. I heard that holding A while it starts up clears the cache off of it, which would make since because i was playing ES4 Oblivion and i heard that game takes alot to run so i might try it but i really dont wanna be dissapointed again when it doesnt work. I will probably just submerge it in water and end its life all together…….

  • Drew

    Fred, clearing the cache is a little more involved than that. If you take the HDD off, and it still does that, it has nothing to do with the cache. Try running all your games in it, one after another. That’s supposed to “clear the memory”. It’s easy to see if it’s the HDD, just take it off.

  • sandra

    my xbox has these 3 red lights. i have tried that the towel thing but that isnt helping. it doesnt even go to the xbox logo. it just stays blank. i need to know if i should send it in and get bit fixed or just buy a new one. just somebody tell me what to do.

  • Mr Anderson

    “Hello, I called earlier and was told to send my xbox to the repair center… but I did not get any information about whether you are sending me a box or whether or not I have to pay to ship it myself. It would be great if you could help me with that.”

    “You need address for repair center?

    “Ummmmmm, no, i was wondering if you are sending me a box and whether or not i have to pay for shipping.”

    “Ok mr. Anderson, address is 5700 South International Parkway Door #18 McAllen Texas 78503… You need me answer any other questions?”

    JESUS TAP DANCING CRIST, I’M NOT A RACIST PERSON BUT IF YOUR JOB IS CUSTOMER SUPPORT ESPECIALLY OVER THE TELEPHONE, LEARN HOW TO FUCKING SPEAK AND UNDERSTAND ENGLISH. No exaggeration… i called them 9 times and got 8 mexicans… 8 of which i could barely understand and 6 of which couldn’t understand me. Please, please find any english-speaking citizen to answer your telephones. I don’t care if they are a crack addict, as long as there is a clear communication that I am asking them for help in a specific area, and they aren’t guessing as to what I am asking about, reading off a list of “Common Responses To English-Speaking Pissed-Off Teenagers”.

  • Martha

    I will fix your xbox for you.

    email me [email protected]

  • rory

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rory


  • That’s a really crappy deal Rory, means your hard drive is trashed. It’s not all bad though, because replacing the hard drive is really easy.

    First, I’d call Microsoft support and let them know your hard drive is dead. They may ship a new hard drive out to you if your Xbox 360 is still under warranty.

    If your warranty has expired, go pick a new hard drive up at your local electronics store.

    Hopefully you didn’t have a bunch of saved games and achievements on your dead hard drive. They’re pretty much lost forever.

    The one good thing about hard drive failure is that it doesn’t require you to send your Xbox 360 into Microsoft for repair. MS can either send you a replacement or you can go purchase one by yourself.

    When I was speaking to Microsoft support about my issues with the 3 red lights, the agent was confident my hard drive was to blame for the red lights. I popped the hard drive off and still got the red lights, so it wasn’t the hard drive. I was pretty disappointed when removing the drive didn’t fix the 3 red lights.

    Have you seen the 3 red lights at all Rory?

  • pipetrain

    Mine was fine until i started playing call of duty 3, now i have the freeze thing happening too, but no error codes yet. it’s not my psu because i blew that up 6 months ago and made my own with a 350watt computer psu, and everythings been fine until today. what a $400 piece of crap!! In case anyone is wondering how i blew up the psu, i plugged my 110volt xbox360 into a 240volt outlet. bought it in usa, took it to spain.

  • remerone

    what if the game starts but frezzes on the game startup logo?
    This has happened to all my games even the demos i have downloaded.
    is it overheating?
    Man, microsoft is f***ing up.

  • Madhur

    Hey. A big problem with my xbox 360. When i play Need for speed :Most wanted in it . it hangs after some time.I play this game on a crt tv(60 hz). The whole system hangs as the controllers dont even work. I think its only a prob lem with most wanted as i pplay CRACKDOWN, GOW,GRAW and PGR3 on it. Its also not overheatd . So please help.

  • marckbza|

    i need help with the system i wanna know what error e67 is really about and if its possible to be fixed. error ocurred right out the box, console freezes after the 360 logo and doesnt even load the dashboard

  • Bean

    I found Mr. Andersons comment very funny, however there Indians in India, not mexicans, and I completely agree. My xbox is also freezing. It veries on the time, and place. Sometimes in the screen logo, sometimes in the game. Really anywhere. I have found that in cases on the logo freeze, the machine will go quite. If the xbox revs (gets loud) it manages to get over to the set up. Also, it makes a wierd click sound when it first starts off, one that I cannot remember it doing when I first got it in December, 2006. It sounds like it’s cacthing on something. I also read in an Internet article that the intercooler cooling system might be messing withit, draining valuble energy from the xbox, and leaving scoorch marks. Also, Im wondering about this update. I beleive it does it manually for you, so should my xbox already have it? I’m going to try some of the tips people said and get back. Hopefully I don’t have to deal with those none English call centres!!!!!!
    (no affence ment)

  • Bean

    (spelling mistakes) 🙂

  • Drew

    Ok, well, I got a completely different XBOX 360, and I think it’s brand new. Everything works OK, except for the fact that sometimes it displays everything too dark, sometimes too bright. It’s frozen twice already. Oh, I forgot sometimes it says “if you want to play this game, put it in a XBOX 360.” In case nobody could tell, I was being sarcastic when I said everything was OK. Sometimes it takes 10-20 minutes of ejecting, and powering on and off to get the thing to work. I guess I have to send this one off too.
    Marck: From everything I’ve read, you’ve gotta send that XBOX to MS. Some people have been able to get it to go away for a while, but eventually their 360 crashes anyway.

  • motaz

    I bought my 360 in like june of 2006 and i guess 3 months after that i started getting this message “unrecognized disc” and i thought i didnt take care of my games then i got FIFA 07 when it came out and i took very good care it i would take it out before turning the console off then the next week it stopped playing it wouldnt work at all and i noticed these scratches on it that look weird like squirlly lines and i tried my other games and not a single one worked WHAT DO I DO SOMEONE PLAESE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • motaz

    i have never connected to xbox live does it need to be connected to get updates would the updates help with my problem MOTAZ

  • Bean

    Motaz- From reading some of the comments on this page, and others, I have found out that updates can be our Xbox’s live safer, or it’s ultimite down fall. I guess it depends.
    My question after my first post is that after doing some of the tips, like removing the harddrive, I heard a slight sound. It sounds like something has come loose. does that majorly affect the condition of the xbox??? I know my remote for my t.v has something also loose inside, and it works fine!? If someone has a similiar case like mine, or knowledge on the subject, please make a comment back!!! Thanks!

  • chris

    hey i accidently sent in my hard drive with my comsole for repairs. they told me just to send the console. my friend has the exact same problem as my 360, and he sent his in. He got a entire new xbox. does anyone know if i get a new 360 will i get my hrd drive back? im a little worried because i got 8 arcade games on there…

  • Nick

    My Xbox 360 has had freezing problems lately and I’ve been trying to get the top plate off so it might back able to cool faster. It seems to get very hot after awhile and freezes shortly after playing a game (I can get to the title screen and leave it on for hours without it freezing). What I want to know is how to get the plate(s) off.


  • DJ

    My xbox is like sucking rihgt now ive tried it all. I unplugged all i put towels over it it worked but the stupid tv screen stayed blue from the V.C.R!!! ms dont help for crap if you want to have a 360 that works you might as well mail it in!! =(

  • DJ

    Hey bout my last comment pleassssss mail me back if u know how to get that dumb blue screen like me and have info on how to get it right. THANKS!

  • Seven to Eight

    Ok I’ma kinda got that but i got mine 3 months ago and I got the 3 red rings of doom fix that but now I got this freezing and blue screen thing and no one else as had and it keep freeze every 2 mins I don’t want to send it in but I have to it sucks b/c I got crackdown and I havn’t even played it yet so if you think you can help me!!!! -cries-

  • DJ: Best thing you can do is call Microsoft at 1-800-4MY-XBOX. I had to call today and finally convinced them my Xbox 360 is toast. I’m sending mine in to the repair center in McAllen, TX on Monday.

    The support “agents” at Microsoft are pretty difficult to understand. First time I called the guy spoke perfect English, last two times I had real trouble communicating at all. Hopefully I got the address for the repair center correct.

    I’d call MS and tell them you’ve tried all the fixes (you really should). They will probably then offer to repair your Xbox 360, assuming it’s still under the 1 year warranty.

  • Chris: Probably won’t see your hard drive again. The lady I spoke with earlier today told me there’s a good chance I wouldn’t get my hard drive back if I sent it in also.

    I’d be interested to know if you get yours back, let me know if you can.

  • Drew

    You almost never get the HDD back if you mail it in accidentally. Some people have gotten “free” HDDs because MS mistakenly put it in their box. That’s why you get that sheet in your “coffin” that says to take everything off that you don’t have to send in, in bold font. If you call 100 times, you might get someone who wants to work with you. However, it’s extremely hard to get someone you can even understand. I must have called the number 20 times, and gotten someone I could clearly understand once, and didn’t have to say “what?” at least 20 times. I’m not exaggerating.
    Bean: Both 360s I’ve had sound like there is something free, moving around in there, near where the HDD is supposed to be. I’m not at all sure if it’s supposed to be like that or not (definitely sounds like something has broken off), but both I’ve had, I could hear it if I rotated it. I heard it on my second one while taking it out of the box.
    Seven to Eight: Send it in. I didn’t want to either, but it’s sure better then sitting around with a XBOX 360 that doesn’t even work.
    Motaz and Nick: My first 360 froze all the time too, every 5 minutes. If it happens with most games, your time and date are correct, and you’ve tried it without the HDD attached, there’s no magical cure. Something in the 360 has gone, or has always been bad, and you’ve gotta send it out for repair. FYI, the only game of mine that worked, on my first 360, was ES4 Oblivion, and it looked terrible, too dark, and tons of image smear.

  • chris

    I will…i just hope i will get it back..

  • Bean

    Drew- That is exactly where the loose sound is coming from, right near the harddrive. I guess if it gets worse, I’ll send it in.

    I live in Canada, any estimate on how much shipping and handiling, etc. will cost?? Any more tips or suggestions??

  • Zul

    Hi I’m from Mexico city, the reason i’m writing right now i because i need help, i think that i have the same problems with the xbox 360, when i am playing, any game, the xbox always freezes, my xbox its always connected to xbox live because it has the wireless adapter and now i am frustrated because i already sent my xbox to MS three times and i don’t want to send it anymore.

  • Drew

    If you’re in warranty (year) I think it’s free shipping. I know it was free for me, but I live in the US. I don’t see why they would make you pay just because you are in Canada. The only people I’ve read about having problems are people overseas or something, and only certain countries.
    I just read your first post, sounds like you are having the same problems as my first one. However, mine froze once in the beginning of me getting it, didn’t do it for a month, and, all of a sudden, went from working perfectly to freezing every 5 minutes of gameplay. It was especially bad with GoW and Madden 07. If it’s in warranty, I wouldn’t deal with freezing problems. From my experience, nothing freezing up, magically gets better, it only gets worse. Give them a call, and see what they’ve got to say.
    On a side note – people in the US pay around 8 dollars for 2 day shipping, and around 140 to repair. It varies.
    If you’ve got time, you can read that thread. It’s the official thread on return/repair/shipping. People’s experiences.

  • jose GAIROLA

    PLEASE HELP. I have a xbox 360. Since the time i have played crackdown on my console SOMETIMES i get this ERROR:


  • Fred

    Got it fixed but getting a new car so i have totally forgotten about my Xbox, thanks for all your help.

  • Bean

    Yah man, my one is in the year warranty. The frezing is not that bad, I just have to turn it on and off about 5 times, each time getting farther. That eventually gets me to the game, where it seems to be fine. It’s only from start up to the dashboard where the problem is. Mabye it’s something to do with the hard drive. I don’t know, whatever. It just sucks because I can’t really watch movies on it. For Eg, i downloaded that South Park, video, and I can only watch about 5 mins, until it frezes. Thanks Drew

  • Sniperman

    u can also try an hdd cache clear to see if it helps.

    btw, the loose thing u hear near the hdd side is not anything broken, its actually a sensor that tells the console whether u have the unit itself standing vertically or horizontal, its nothing to worry about.

  • Daniel

    I bought my 360 from a good friend and apparently he haven’t had this big of a problem with freezing screens, but for me it freezes up from time to time, sometimes it happens after 5 mins, sometimes after 5 hours. I think it’s only when I play games it happens, not necessarily ones I bought but demos and downloaded stuff too. So it might not just be the CD reader. I’ve left it on for several hours just downloading and nothing happens so.. When I started Project 8 (tony hawk) it first froze two or three times directly after I started to play, then I could play for hours without any problem, same with Oblivion. I mean what the? Why? My TV is pretty old though, it’s probably from late 80’s early 90’s. But why is it that it only happens sometimes? Yesterday I could play all day without a problem, but on the evening it happened pretty often. I’ve wanted Oblivion for so long and I don’t want any problems with it now when I’ve got it.

    The xbox gets quite hot though, but as I said I’ve left it for several hours without any probelem, and sometimes it just freezes after 5 mins from being completely unplayed for a long time.

  • Sorak

    Mine has been having the same problems as daniel’s i had heard that the was a recall for xboxes sold in the last 3 months but have not been able to find anything about it on their site or anywhere else let

  • andrew

    Ever since i have bought guitar hero 2 my xbox has been freezing and given my the ring of death

  • sniperman

    well mine was freezing with mlb2k7. froze, scrambled screen or weird colors and made funny noises. the freezing got more frequent and then the red lights.

    it is not under any warranty so i decided to try the towel trick. worked ok for a while, then red lights again.

    tried the towel thing again, and now i let it sit turned on for about 15-30min and then i use it as much as i want with no freezing, it is running as new once again.

    ps. i have also turned the power brick upside down and over a cd spindle box.

    im impressed on how well its been running, specially since thinking my 360 was dead.

  • Aaron Burnett

    Hello, my box keeps frezing after 3-6 mins. It has wiggely lines and makes wierd sounds. It is not over heated and does not have the three red lights. I can get passed the dashboard but when playing various games they all freeze. This is obviously not the games fault but the 360’s.

  • Aaron Burnett

    P.S HELP !!!!!! Either Tyler of others

  • Aaron Burnett

    or* not of

  • Sniperman

    sorry to tell you bro, but it sound slike ur 360 is dying, mine started doing the same before it died.

    soon enough ull get the red lights.

    i suggest u start looking up the towel trick and prepare ourself to do it.

    that is too say, if ur not under warranty, if u are, then u should contact ms.

  • Aaron: Sniperman is right, unfortunately. That’s exactly what mine was doing a few days before I started getting the 3 red lights like crazy.

    Your Xbox 360 is most likely on its way out. It may be worth trying the towel trick once you see the 3 red lights. Seems to work for a number of people, I didn’t have much success with it though. I got the 3 red lights to go away for about 5 minutes using the Towel Trick. It’s by no means a cure-all for your Xbox 360’s problems.

    Really, the best thing you can do is call Xbox Support at 1-800-4MY-XBOX and start troubleshooting with an agent. If they’re unable to get your Xbox 360 working, they’ll probably ask you to send it in for repair.

    If you do end up having to send your Xbox 360 in for repair, check out my post about returning your Xbox 360 for repair.

  • Sniperman

    i shoulve have mentioned this previously, but there is something u can do to see what the red lights really mean, specially if u have the 3 red lights.

  • Aaron Burnett

    Oh oh I now have the red ring of lights help!!!!

  • Aaron Burnett

    I phoned the ms support line but told me to take the power supply to a local store because they diddnt know if it was that or the console itself. They wanted me to try it with another 360 to see if it was the power supply charger thing or the 360.
    If it was the console they told me to send it in. If it was the power supply then send that in.
    Luckly im 8 month under garuntee so i think ill send it in rather than the towel trick because that sounds as if it might make it worse.

  • Sniperman

    i doubt its the power brick.
    in either case, good ur under warranty.

    i was out of it, so i did the towel thing

  • Drew

    You know, the towel is only a temporary fix. Eventually it will completely break. It’s just expanding the solder in there, and other metals to give you a temporarily good connection.
    Aaron, MS told you to go to a store, and try the power brick with another 360?! That’s ridiculous. I’ve never heard of that. Usually, they tell you to look at the light on the power brick, and tell them what color it is. I’d call back for someone else. The guy I got hardly asked me any questions at all.

    “What color is the light on the power supply?”
    “Green when it’s on, yellow when it’s off.”
    “Ok, your XBOX has to go out for repair, we’re sending you a box.”

    It was that easy.

  • Sniperman

    the towel trick has been my temp fix for a couple of weeks now, actually only did it twice, now it seems i just have to let the console sit for about 30min and i can play all i want without freezing.

  • Drew

    Well, that’s good. I’m just telling you, it won’t work forever.

  • anthony

    my xbox 360 keeps getting the three flashing red lights and i did what the customer service told me to do you know the unplugging and the plugging back in shit and i did it like 10 times and it still wont work so i unplugged everyhing and i held it up to ear and gave it a little shake and i heard a little ticking niose………so WTHF should i do?

    ps if anyone has or had the same problom help me out

  • Drew

    I’ve always had the “ticking” noise with all my consoles. Near the HDD. But, all my consoles broke within a month, so I’m not even sure it’s supposed to do that. It has to be sent out for repair. If you’re not in warranty, that kind of sucks. There’s no magical cure.

  • Sniperman

    what did u hold up to the ear? the 360? if so, yeah, u should hear as if something was lose inside. what you hear is the vert/hor sensor.

  • MS Sucks Donkey D$ck!

    I purchased my console about 9 months ago. I searched NY, NJ, and PA to get my deluxe system. Finally, I found one at the Sam’s club. This was one of my happiest days I could remember. Since buying the console, I purchased FNR3, Star Wars Lego, Blazing Abgels (sucked!) and the original Ghost Recon (awesome!). The box worked fine. About a month ago, I purchased Ultimate alliance and MLB2K. Both games froze on me for the first time and then gradually freezing became more frequent. Now freezing is a common occurrence sometimes in the middle of the game or sometimes at startup. I don’t have my origianl receipt so I have to pay for the repair but i refuse to after reading all these horror stories about people who are on their third box?? This is effing ridiculous!

    My question is: has anyone heard about freezing or similar problems associated with the more recently manufactured xbox 360s?

  • Drew

    @MS sucks: My original 360 had an April/06 mfr date. It had the same exact problem you just described, within a month. I sent it in, and they sent me a refurbished console from October/06. I played for another month, it froze, and gave me the 3 red lights when I tried to turn it back on. Obviously since October/06, it’s already broken on at least 2 people. I have no clue about the 07s.

  • {C}[A]~M~

    mine started freezing at the dash board but its fine with out the hard drive so im jus gonna send it in fer a new 1 =]

  • sniperman

    if it works without the hdd u can try and clear the cache.

  • MS Sucks Donkey D$ck!

    sniperman: lets face it, all the trouble shooting tips is a waste of time b/c they don’t work.

  • sniperman

    they worked for me.

  • Matt

    Hey guys i need some help. I want to hook up my xbox 360 wirelessly but i dont want to spend $100 dollars on the microsoft adapter. are there any other adapters that work?

    Also, my computer connects to my internet wirelessly, so would it be possible if i connected my 360 into my computer with an ethernet cable, that i would gain access to the internet?

  • Matt

    Another thing, i dont have a warranty for my xbox. i bought it from best buy and didnt get the 2year coverage plan. If anything was to ever go wrong, am i totally screwed or can microsoft send me a new 360 regardless?

  • sniperman

    ur screwed if ur out of warranty.

    u can get a router on your pc then connect the 360 to the router, but since u mentioned wireless, there are many “wireless game adapters” on the market, some are pretty cheap.

  • Matt: I’m using the Linksys WET54G wireless bridge for my Xbox 360. I just have a short cable going from the WET54G to the ethernet port on my Xbox 360. Works like a charm.

    There’s probably cheaper options though, the WET54G is $90 now at Amazon.

  • sniperman
  • Jacob

    Hey Drew I’m getting the same problem with my xbox. It’s almost like your reading my mind. lol If I ever made a game system I would at least have them all working correctly. I’m not freakin rich. I’m 16 and I paid 400 dollars of my own money from lawn mowing to buy this thing!!! Do you know how hard it is to get a job around here and get money for the things I want. It’s very HARD! I spent all my summer saving up for the 360. I should have kept my old xbox at least that worked.

    Those A-Holes

  • Drew

    Heh, yeah. I don’t have a problem with my original console failing. I was a little miffed about it, but I understand that anything, mass produced, will have a few lemons here and there. It’s how they repair/replace them, and in the time frame they do it, that I’m concerned with. So far, it’s taken a month each time I need to get it repaired, and the repair quality is complete crap. One month of a refurb is not nearly enough time. If they actually fixed it, I’d be happy, but this one month box thing, is ridiculous. It’s like: I have it a month, MS has it a month, I have it a month, MS has it a month…we like to share.

  • MrEBE

    Damn, mine started to freeze and not being useable despite all the usual solution (clear cache, etc.. etc.) since I poped Lost planet, got the update…
    Crap. Now Thank you MS, I’m 100% Sony thankfully to you !! (first time I don’t buy the Nintendo console -> Wii)
    Ever owned all console.. but sur will not buy a new vaccum cleaner 360 for that a crap piece of hardware.
    as the other one sais.. what did we waited ?
    Isn’t it MICROSOFT after All… pathetic
    Go buy a (silent) PS3, you’ll be able to play (un-freezed) games and see (and hear) HD Movies..

  • Assassin R

    This is Mr.Assassin ,um today my 360 frozed and it keeps showing the red lights so im doing the stuff all u guys said and took me 5 hours to read all your messages and i hope it works p.s any1 seen my WarHog

  • Tristan F

    Hey guys. I bought my Xbox in February 2006 I believe. No Problems till a couple day again, April 28 2007. It wont even turn on to the dashboard and gives the three red lights. Ive tried everything!!!!! can any one help? i Hate that we have to pay 140$ for a repair, we should be getting free XBOXS!! Does anyone know if maybe i can just buy a new power Cable?

  • mike

    ok i bought an xbox 360(new) 2 days ago at gamestop and got fusion frenzy 2 for i also bought nba 2k6 used.when im playing nba 2k6 it works fine.but then i pop in the fusion frenzy and play about 10 min and it stops and says ”unreadable disc”
    what should i do????????????

  • greenbeagle

    So far the only games my 360 freezes on are: EA Sports NCAA 07 and Madden 07. I have been playing Call of Duty 2 half the night and it seems okay. Does that pretty much determine that it is the EA Sports causing the problem? I’ve played EA Sports on my PS2 and orig XBOX, no problems. I hope the NCAA 08 and Madden 08 don’t have this problem – if it’s the games. I also have the option of sendinf in the console, but don’t want to if its the games…. Tks for any help

  • Tristan F

    My 360 never froze on Ncaa 07 and Froze very little on Madden 07. It probably is your game, but its not all EA Sports games. Oh and im not paying the 140 to get my xbox repaired, now they are saying i have warranty so its free :] still mad that i have to wait about 4-5 weeks.

  • DMorrison

    I do not have the three red rings; however, my daughter’s console boots up but the screen stays blue. It will not play any of the games. We never had a freezing problem. Bought it in December 2006 and maybe played it a total of 15 hours to date. Has anyone experienced this problem without the red rings of light?

  • Sniperman

    maybe ur av plugs arent properly plugged in?
    and how can u have a 360 for 6 months and only pla5 15 hours?

  • Weebush

    im pretty heated cause i got the 3 red rings right, i figured it over heated so i let it sit alone for a hour or so…i come back i pop in spiderman 3, the game works but only for a little over a minute then it freezes…anybody had that yet?

  • Weebush: I think everyone here has had something similar. Once you see the 3 red lights, you’re pretty much screwed, sad to say. You can try the towel trick or a number of other fixes but the only real fix seems to be to return your Xbox 360 for repair/replacement.

    Is your Xbox 360 still under warranty? If not, did you purchase a service contract or anything similar from the place you bought it?

  • MS Sucks Donkey D$ck!

    Just so you guys know, I’m sending my console in for repair this week. I spoke to a representative and was advised that if you pay for repair, you get one year warranty and not three months as previously stated. This new policy was effective May 1st. Also for those that are out of the original warranty, I strongly advised you guys to talk to the supervisor. They can authorize to discount up to half the repair cost. The representative also told me that MS policy is that on your 7th return for repair, they’ll replace it with a brand new console. I hope the rep wasn’t blowing smoke up my ass. She seemed pretty knowledgeable, but also I got the sense that she likes to have answers for everything. I’ll have to wait and see. I’m not hopeful my console will be repair so I’ll send it in as many times as I can and complain on record as many times as I can. If doing this is going to get me a new console then I’d say it worth it. I’m hoping the newer ones won’t have as many problems as thousands manufactured in 2006.

  • Tristan F

    Ok guys help me out. this is gonna be long but bare with me lol. so I got my 360 January 2006 and it was perfectly fine, a few freezez here and there which shouldnt even be happeneing on these next gen consoles. Im a huge xbox fan, i bought 12 games, and spent over 1,000 dollars so far. well about 4 weeks ago i got the thrree red lights. I tried turnining it on and off, then it wouldnt even turn on; so i sent it in. My friend knows i cant live without playing online so he let me borrow his, he said he had no problems with it, except it would freeze on NCAA07. so i had his over 2 weeks now with a few freezez on MLB2k7, well today it gave me the three red lights and the screen turned off, i thought it died!!. so i went to game stop and i asked could it be the game b/c it did it twice with different systems on the same game, well they said it souldnt be the game, its just the system; then this guy walks in and said it might me dust, that his cousin sent his in from the three lights and they sent it back and said the problem was the dust. So i go home and blow in it and alot of dust comes out, just like my first one, i place the console in a open area and it has been working over 1 1/2 hr without freezing. Do u guys think it could be the power cord or b.c it mite be in a closed spot that it has to breathe? or is it ALL Xboxs that will die eventually? please help.

  • manu singh

    im sending in my 360 today. i hope they fix it because i will be ticked, in mine the problem was alover, first this thick black smke coming out from behing and then it stopped. i let it cool and started it again. it scratched my disc so i couldn’t use it, the in the mddle of the night it exploded.its bulged out now, i doubt they will repair it i hope they semd me a new one.

  • ~.~Pilk~.~

    My 360 worked fine, up until I bought Crackdown (dumbest game in the world) as soon as I loaded it into my console it told me I had to install this update before I was able to play it. I thought “okay, thats fine,” so I installed it about a week later my 360 started acting weird, sometimes it won’t even load any of my games at all!!! Get a screen that tells me to “Please insert this disc into a Xbox 360 Console.) WTF!! This is a damn 360!! It freezes at random load screens of my games! Oh, but Crackdown workes perfectly!!! This is fucking bullshit!!! Paid $400 for a damn paper-weight!!!

  • Weebush

    im starting to think i should have got a PS3 and burn my xbox…literually burn the fuck outta it..

  • PK

    Current UK wait on return to base fixes for the VERY BIG freeze issue is 15 days! no apologies, no explanations, no compensation…..shocking . Vertical 360 played for 10mths without an issue, signed up to Xbox Live 24hrs prior to freezing started!

  • Aaron B.

    Hi guys,

    i know a solution for the 3 red lights problem. Many people have their xbox 360 connected to a power strip. DONT DO THAT! The xbox 360 needs good, clean power. Connect it directly to a power outlet. It worked for me, so it will probably work for you.Reply to me if you have any problems.

  • Kil1ertofu

    Aaron: I tried that and it worked for about 15 minutes (it was rather nice to actually see some of the dashboard rather than just frozen intro screen) Although i’m not getting the 3 rings of death, I think I’m going to have to send it in to MS. Although after reading all your horror stories I’m not too optimistic. I bought mine in the beginning of Dec ’06 and it’s worked perfect untill today. I got the three red rings once, turned it off and turned it back on and now they’ve gone away. However my system starts to load and then freezes and gives me this kind of checkerboard effect which happens regardless of if I have a game in or not, and also still freezes when I take the HDD out. Which was my signal that things were hopeless..

  • Caitlin

    I have to send my system in for a 4th time now. The first three times I had to was because my laser stopped recognizing all media discs (games and dvds). Now, the fourth time, my system reads DVDs fine but freezes everytime I pop a game into it. Every game froze (original and 360) and I took off “all peripherals”, including my ethernet and the Nyko Intercooler. Surprisingly enough, the intercooler has done me wonders and has kept my system cool.

    Anywho, I disconnected the hard drive and played some games, and they worked. Popped it back on to try the original games and some work and some still freeze. The 360 games and the Dashboard work fine, but it’s only during the opening scenes of the original games when it freezes. After it freezes, pushing buttons does nothing, no reaction from the console or the TV, the only thing I can do is manually turn it off. Help?

    PS: No red lights or overheating.

  • Smiley

    Sigh… I bought my 360 from a CostCo and have been playing it almost everyday, and no problems. I could play it for hours and hours, wondering what these crazy people were saying about overheating. Just last month i started playing COD3 and it frreezes everytime i play offline, and very occasionally online. then i rented full auto and beat the campaign, i played online and it froze consistently on the second to last lap of the race. I have everything in open location, and it freezes within the first five minutes or so,always in game. I dont have a warranty and i cant afford a new 360 or a hard drive! i have never gotten the rings of death, and still am loyal to MS, though i have has thoughts of stringing the thing up and blasting it with my shotgun. So bottom line is i cant send it in, cant afford another one, and MS online help is definetly lame. WTF is PAL and how do u change it from PAL50 to PAL 60?

    I dont want to throw my 36 away, i have 10000 gamerscore and my oblivion characters alone would make me cry if i lost them!

    Why the hell did i just buy another game today… oh yeah it was 75% off (Quake4)

  • Smiley

    I just played Full Auto on my main gamertag, froze withing first 2 minutes, then on my brothers, froze also, i tried w/o the hard drive and it worked fine. So my question is.. if i can get a new harddrive, can i transfer my gamerscore and achievements and such? and if i can will i be bringing the freezing to that harddrive?

    i was also thinking that maybe cuz i glitched in oblivion that that did it,but since my bros account didnt touch oblivion, and it still froze, then i dont beleive it was a game’s fault.

  • Marvin

    don’t send in just yet
    try the eraser fix
    type in xbox 360 eraser fix on google
    it worked for me
    currently have been playing for 2 solid weeks

  • Bobby

    Im having some problems with my xbox, ill go through what its doing.
    i turn it on, and then i press the open botton on the face of the xbox, and it wont open, but it will make the noise like its trying…eventually i can get it open, and lately its been freezing, i have it well ventilated with an extra fan attached to it, may date and time are correct. so could it be my hard drive, and if so….why is the hard drive causing the xbox to do that? any help as greatly appriciated…thanks =)

  • David

    Hi i am having a problem with my xbox360 can anybody help me?
    I bought it about a month ago and it worked fine but it froze sometimes. I have just bought Kameo and i had to update it to play it and it worked without a problem for a couple of days. But over the last week it has been freezing frequently and today when turned it on it froze before the dashboard came up and i have tried again and again but i cant even get playing it for 2 minutes before it freezes. the 3 red lights came up once but that was about a week after i bought it and it hasent came up again. it is well ventelated and i dont ever play it for long periods of time (max 3hr’s). Also when i tried changing the game i put in crackdown and it told me that there was an error with the HDD and there is no saved data so i tried disconnecting the hard drive and the ethernet connection (all acessories) but it still keeps freezing i dont want to have to send it away, is there any other way of fixing it?

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

  • Smiley

    I’m not getting any error screens, and im not going to take the risk of using the eraser fix… there might be immediate results, but noone knows what the long term concequences might be. So, i still have no warranty and it just freezes, though i can play king kong for 5 hours and still have it not freeze, but i can only play COD3, crackdown, full Auto and many others for maybe 2 minutes. though sometimes i can randomly play for a day w/o a problem, its not an overheating problem either.

    I’d appreciate any further help, thanks.

  • Smiley

    Ok, i played king kong all the way through and no freezes, then i iplayed full auto right after, it froze immediately online. i then took out my hard drive and played a quick match offline, and for the first time it froze. im pretty much confident that im going to buy another 360, but the question is, a elite? or a core and a 120 GB drive. i heard there was a problem when you transferred all your data to an elite, like you couldnt play it if you online or offline or something. if anyone can tell a non techy wat the big deal is and what you think i should do, please reply.

  • As much as I love Dead Or Alive 4, I don’t think I can deal with the Xbox 360 again after today’s discovery of it not working properly anymore. I miss my PS2 – it has tons of great games and doesn’t fizzle out just by SITTING IN THE LIVING ROOM FOR A MONTH WITHOUT BEING PLAYED. Seriously? The Xbox 360 is a mistake as far as console purchases go. The advertising and imagery certainly dazzle us, but is it worth so many problems? Not if you are broke like me. Give me something safe and stable with more (better) games. Hell, I only bought this system for DOA4. I’m truly disgusted. I don’t even remember if I purchased a warranty during my little credit spree at Circuit City… if I did, I’m getting this repaired and selling it to someone so that I can buy a PS2. This is the worst console experience I have ever had. This is quite possibly the most unstable console EVER.

    What happened:
    I decided to play DOA4 since I’m home sick today… I turned it on and started playing some of my custom music. I noticed that the voices of the characters and announcer were absent… suddenly the loading screen kept freezing after every match, causing me to reset the console. Now it doesn’t work at all and I get that stupid “Insert an Xbox 360 disc” message. Maybe hitting the console didn’t help, but I’ve only had this system for FIVE MONTHS. Give me a break! My NINTENDO from the 80s still works better than this overpriced piece of shit, and it’s in a dusty box with a bunch of dusty games.

  • I had the same problems. I was playin halo 2 today, and all the sudden my 360 made a beep, and then it froze. But it usually happened when i was in the game, rather than the dashboard. And i got the system for christmas!! And its June 26, 2007!! PLease help me!! E-mail me at [email protected]

    Thank you

  • David

    ok im just letting us know i have been getting the 3 red lights today so i brought it back to the shop (GAME) and they just replaced it for me. Also i got to keep my hard drive so i diddnt loose any data or anything.

    So if ur having problems with it ant its still under warranty just bring it back.

  • Jonathan

    Im so screwed if my xbox360 is permenetly broken. OK, so today i was playing a game on it and it just beeped and frooze, so i just rebooted it and played for about 5 minutes before it froze again! And the red light comes every few reboots. I do not have access to the internet with my xbox so im like soooo [email protected]#$ed. (parents say if its broken then they wont get it repaired) HELP!

    oh, and i got the xbox at christmas so the warrenty is gone! (Damn microsoft only making it one month)

  • james

    hi mi xbox360 started frezzing today after i put in cheats for mlb 2k7 from cheat i dont think i will be going the agin if ther have bin simmilar caces plz replay i reallly need it fixed befor i go to states for allstars in baseball help will grately apreshated

  • james

    oh ya got for my b day in january a bjs

  • Zippy

    My Xbox started freezing today. Played C&C for a few hours, then put in LOTR and I got the checkerboard screen of near death. Happened a few more times. I did the towel trick and it has temporarily fixed it.

    I’m wondering if I send in my HD with the console when it inevitably dies and they keep the HD and give me a new one, do I get 3 more free Xbox Live gold month memberships? Or are those based on the console itself.

  • Dave.char

    Mine had the red rings of death come on right after the 90 day warranty ran out.
    My fix was: I pulled the harddrive and put back it back in, been working fine for over a year now. Probably just a bad connection.

  • Chris

    Im having a freezing problem with my xbox 360 and wonder if anyone can help me out? ive already sent it out to get it repaired for the 3 red lights, and got it back pretty promptly from ms. it was all fine and dandy for the next 4 months, oddly enough it decided to start freezing a week after my 1 year warranty ran out. so my problem is, everytime i start a game, 5 min into playing, my screen gets all kinds of snow on it that distorts the picture, and its frozen until i power it down. i dont think its an overheating problem, because its well ventilated, and i invested in one of the intercoolers that attaches to the back to avoid this problem. anyone have any ideas on what it can be? and if i have to send it back without a warranty, any idea how much repairs will cost? thanks for your help.

  • Shane K.

    I bought my xbox 360 in 06 and for a few months it was working fine. After that the discs wasnt reading. Dvd’s, cd’s, and games werent loading. I dont know what tto do.

  • Slipknot1Justin

    Good advice but my 360 wont even start to do that and i already had the update 😛 …. oh well i sent mine back…i hope i have good luck with it

  • I have sent my 360 back to microsoft, and they r gonna try to fix the “freezing problem,” and if they cant fix it, they r gonna give me a new one back for free. Either way i get it fixed.I just want to know how long it takes them to send it back!!!!!!!

    Please e-mail [email protected] if you can help.

  • 1ltpayne

    this evening i was watching a movie on my 360 then after the movie i decided to play some gears. and when i inserted gears it said it had a update ready to be downloaded. so i downloaded the update. and then 10 minutes into playing the screen went into a black and white form and was frozen. and i got THE RING OF DEATH. now i wont even boot to the dashboard. the first time i tried to replug the cables it got to the 360 logo abd froze again now all i get is a blank screen with the ring. ive tried unplugin the hard drive and booting, and cooling the power supply, unpluging the hard drive, and ive got a intercooler, and still nothing. right at the moment its got three flashing lights. and this is my third 360. my first 360, the disk tray was off, the second the same, and this one ive had for a year and a half so im sure the warrenty isnt good. so should i still call the hotline. is that my only choice? but it was fine til the update. that makes me wander. P.S. sorry for the long freaking story guys

  • 1ltpayne

    plz help asap plz

  • Ray

    On July 5th 2007 Microsoft announced that it will expand its global Xbox 360™ warranty coverage. Any Xbox 360 customer who experiences a general hardware failure indicated by three flashing red lights will now be covered by a three year warranty from date of purchase

  • 1ltpayne

    so i should send it into microsoft then? THANKS YOU!

  • Ray

    yeah I guess so. I’m still waiting for my xbox to come back. 🙁

  • Michael

    Hi everyone, microsoft just sent me my shipping box i was wondering do i have to take off the faceplate?

  • 1ltpayne

    thanks thats sucks….. to take the plate off, if you stand it up vertically, the bottom is where you should pry it off carefully with your bare hands perferablly, and it should pop off with a little force. i’ve only taken mine off once, and thats how i did mine. k

  • Drew

    You are supposed to leave the original faceplate on the console when you send it away for repair. If you bought another faceplate, take that one off, and put the original white one back on, otherwise, it’s very likely you’ll never see it again.

  • poo munchkin

    you all smell u pooy debaters

  • Michael

    oh shi* i sent it in with out the face plate do u think they’ll still be able to fix it and return it still

  • Wesley

    My xbox keeps freezing when i play xbox 360 games but not during old xbox games. ive tried cleaning and returning the games but i dont think the problem is with the game and it usually freezes at the same spot in every game does anyone know what i can do to fix this???

  • 1ltpayne

    to me it sounds like a hardware problem. cause its not the disc’s if youve tried different or new ones. so i think you’ll need to either call microsoft or hope someone else on here knows what to do. but in my opinoin i’d call microsoft. k

  • floyd

    I recently bought a 360 and the disk drive wouldnt open from the day i bought it it never opened once is there any fixes?

  • 1ltpayne

    welllllll.. how long have you had it from the store you bought ut from? cause if you’ve bought it at wal-mart or someplace and it’s still under their warrenty you could exchange it for a new one on the spot. but if not i had a friend who had to send it back in to microsoft.

  • Drew

    They probably won’t care. You probably won’t even get that one back. You might. I’ve seen people in the XBOX forums, that they sent it away without a faceplate, and they got one back with a faceplate. I do know, you get a faceplate back, and you are supposed to sent it in…but I’m not sure if it really matters that much.

  • Drew

    Sorry for the really late reply, btw.

  • Drew

    Yeah, Floyd, why would you even want to fix it? When anything you ever buy isn’t working correctly, just bring it back to the store you bought it from, and get a replacement.

  • xxboneskillaxx

    mine was sort of like this. first it started freezing during the game, then it would start freezing sooner form the time i turned my xbox 360 on. eventually it would just freeze on the first screen u see with the xbox 360 logo on it. It started doing this as soon as i downloaded an update for rainbow six vegas. then i started getting random combinations of red lights. it would be different comination every time i turned it on. so after throwing my headset and remote aorund a bit, i eventually just sent it in. too bad it takes atleast a month. it took a week for them to send me a box, a week to get to them, and they said it will take another week, after having it for a week and a half already, then they will ship it back (which will probably take a week as well). i almost wish i got a playstation 3

  • jamie

    Its a common fault all of you are having. Its the build of the 360 itself and the locations of the heatsinks to the GPU/CPU.

    I suggest those ppl who are having their games freeze in the middle of playing(and you havent got your warranty anymore) to do a couple of things.

    Firstly, fit new fans at the back of your machine(monsoon whisper fans. they suck out more hot air and are quieter running.

    Also, do the fan shroud mod, which channels the fans airflow through the heatsinks rather than completely missing them altogether(especially the GPU which is situated under the DVD drive. The heat from the heatsink,left unchecked, rises directly onto the DVD drive!). Also, i would cut out the back holes of both the plastic face AND the metal to allow more air to pass through(almost 15/30% more airflow.

    These mods are detailed here

    If your 360 has the RLOD from 3’oclock to 9’oclock on the power button(general harware faliure) You can attempt the x-clamp replacement. this has excellect results and WILL fix you 360′ RLOD.

    m$ have extended their warranty to 3 years because of the RLOD, so if you still can, send it back.

  • jenson

    The problem with mine is, when i turn it on three spots in the circle will flash red. so i will reboot it this time it will come up for a second. Then the screen will freeze up. i have tryed everything anyone know what to do?

  • 1ltpayne

    first make sure that you have to make sure that the power supply is not over heating, then make sure all the connections are good, and if it still isnt working then take the hard drive off and see if that helps, if not then i say if it is still under warrenty ull have to send it in to microsoft, thats what mine was doing, i still have to call to get it fixed, :.(

  • Chris

    i had my xbox 360 christmas of 06 and it just starts to freeze now with 3 red lights and lines going across the screen with annoying noise not sure how to tell you how it sounds but it freezes with in 5 seconds of having it on sometimes 1 full minute and then it will freeze i do play alot on their it does do it rarely in the day time mostly at nite can someone help me

  • 1ltpayne

    can u play ur games at all? if not, youll have to send it in to microsoft. if you can play ur games, make sure that the power supply is not in a place that it ould over heat, if it isn’t that then make sure it isn’t the harddrive, if that ant it then make sure all the cords are connectd correctly. but i dont know what to tell u about the sound, it may be just something that goes along with the freezing IDK. hope that helps some

  • Chris

    no i cant play my games i woke up and now its doing everytime i turn my xbox on

  • 1ltpayne

    ok. well then you’ll have to call 1-800-4MY-XBOX and follow the directions they give you. they will ask you if ypu did all the things recommended on troubleshooting the problem. if you did try all the things that i said and whats all on this page, then you need to say ya i did. and they will want to know the serial number off the back of your xbox 360, and your name, address,ect.. then they will send you a box and it’ll have prepaid postage all you need to do is put your xbox in it and then send it off. and if you know its not your harddrive you dont need to send it in with the consol. for example i have 100’s of hours of gameplay saves and stuff so i ask the guy that was helpin me on the xbox line and he said that all you needed to do was send in the consol. all of this is needed only if youve done ALL the troubleshooting ideas. if so there you go. hope this is helpful.

  • Chris

    Thanks for the help I already called and they said when you get the 3 red lights and nothing on the internet helps they will replace it for free even shipping for free and i wont get it back for awhile

    I guess its been happening to alot of people. So microsoft gave everybodys xbox 360 another 3 year warranty if the 3 red lights show and it doesnt work


  • 1ltpayne

    yup and no prob.

  • Wu Li Man

    Ok to fix RRoD problems you will have to replace the mounting structures for the heatsinks, yes both of them. DO NOT USE THE TOWEL ‘FIX’ I can’t possibly imagine this working for an extended period of time. The issue is that the factory mounting devices for the heatsinks are puting stress on the motherboard aound the chips, then the xbox heats up it pops loose on one or several of the sodering points. The sodering points themselfs ar not the problem, well at least they weren’t.
    Some fantastic sites to get more info on this problem and to fix it yourself for about $15 US dollers are as follows:

    For error info:

    For turorial and fix:

    This one includes a very nice picture/diagram of what teh setup shuould look like.
    *note: I did heat the board by leaving off the fan cover untill the RRoL appeard, imediatly shut it off, then waited 15 minutes for it to compleatly cool. Then replace fan cover and reasemble your xbox. This guide tell syou not to do it. I would try it without heating the board first.

    I probably will never check this post again so if you want to e-mail me and tell me if it worked or not you can contact me at [email protected]

  • 1ltpayne

    but if you do all that you will rip the sticker that microsoft put on the xbox to tell if you have been alterning with it. and its the warrenty has been extended to 3 years. so why spend 15$ dollars when you can call and then get it fixed for free and still have it under the remaining warrenty. so i ask why would someone do that??

  • Wu Li Man

    Because my warenty was about a month past due and my extended warrenty never got activated. This was about six months ago and I haven’t had a problem since. Well untill recently with the freezing which is unrealated.

  • 1ltpayne

    good point for some reason i didnt think of the extended warrenty not getting activated. so if you warrenty did run out your post would be of good help. sorry i posted before i thought it all the way through.

  • Will

    I have a problem with my game freezing. The screem doesnt stop but the disc stops spinning and the game can be played but not advanced. Like in my baseball game it will stop i can play two more batters and wont advanced to the next batter. Any ideas?

  • 1ltpayne

    is it just ur baseball game or is it all ur games?

  • Joe

    my xbox 360 freezes about 15-20 mins into the game. ive tryed giveing it the best air i could get but it still freezes, and not red lights come up either. if anyone knows what to do plz tell me

  • Joe

    my xbox 360 freezes about 15-20 mins into the game. ive tryed giveing it the best air i could get but it still freezes, and not red lights come up either. if anyone knows what to do plz tell me

  • 1ltpayne

    Is it the game that your playing or all of them? have you checked the disk or disks to make sure it or they an’t scratched?

  • B Gannon

    I have a console that is freezing after about 10-20 mins. I have tried the update with no fix there. I have done the other sugestions aswell like the power supply off the ground and good mains supply. There is no RoL though, it stays green. Seeing as this is not covered by the extended warranty is there any suggestions as to what is wrong. I am quite confident in going in about the circuit and have access to solder rework stations if needed but would just like to know if it wil be worth going this way.

  • 1ltpayne

    ?? IDK if you find out will you post it here

  • I was having the problem of not being able to get past the “Xbox 360” title screen with the logo from when you first start up you system. I did the whole ‘hold A’, put in all you games and even unplugged the power source.
    But then it came to me.
    The only upgrade that you get on you system that isn’t from Microsoft is for your HD DVD player, if you have one. I unplugged my HD DVD player and PRESTO! I’m playing Bioshock.

    I hope this helped anyone with my problem. Feel free to reply to this and I’ll get back with you.

  • Vinny

    My 360 froze up every time i started playing a game. Now, it doesn’t come on at all!! Just the 3 red lights. I’m mailing mine off to MS and hopefully, the problem isn’t in my Hard Drive.

  • Troy

    My xbox started getting the 3 red light error.. so I did the very popular towel trick to get it going again.. it worked but then it started freezing a lot.. So then I tried downloading updates.. and now its back to the red error… I dont know what to do.

  • Robert William

    yeah… my xbox has been freeZing latley. not with all my games though. for example gears of war still works. the first 4 games i bought still work and then every once in a while my games from gamefly freeze as well. but i went to blockbuster the other day and rented stuntman ignition and i was aboput to start playing but during the first loading screen the game stopped. once its frozen i acnt get it to even pull up my mini dashboard thing. i have to restart it and even that doesnt help…at all. if anyone can help me please send me a follow up comment. thank you

  • Ziyaad

    hi all,
    i purchased my xbox in singapore and now i’m the U.A.E..the same problem RROD(red ring of death) and i’m assuming i can’t use the warranty in the U.A.E… the problem doesn’t occur till i actually put in the cd..if it’s in the dashboard it doesn’t happen…WHY??
    what do you suggest..i’m pissed real pissed.. i can’t afford another either…

  • bought a refurbished 360 a week or so ago, and just today i’ve been getting a lot of freezing on all my games. I moved my 360 and power unit to an open area, and it seems to be working fine. if you wanna play halo, add “Big T Rey91”

  • Darren

    Microsoft should stick to softwear only.

    Buy a Playstation concil instead.
    What a major stuff up XBOX is Crap!!!!

  • grizzlebee

    This is bad..Halo 3 comes out in 10 days and now my XBOX 360 is freezing on me whenever I play a game. Every game I play freezes..even when Im playing the Call of Duty 4 Beta..(which is a downloaded game) at first I thought it might be my hard drive but it turns out its not that because I tried to play madden 08 without it and the game still freezes with funny colors and shapes on the screen.Its not getting any hotter than it usually does and I currently dont have the red lights. Ive had my 360 since December of 2005 so im thinking I had one of the good systems from launch..I dont have the receipt from when I bought the system but I do have the box. What are my options right now??

  • Jarrett

    I bought my xbox 1 year ago and about two months ago my xbox started rebooting itself. Then it started freezing then a month ago I got The Red Rings and my xbox stopped working altogether. I decided to turn it on today and it started up ok, then i popped in a game and it started freezing again.

    Any tips to repair without breaching warrenty?

  • Jarrett

    I bought my xbox 1 year ago and about two months ago my xbox started rebooting itself. Then it started freezing then a month ago I got The Red Rings and my xbox stopped working altogether. I decided to turn it on today and it started up ok, then i popped in a game and it started freezing again.

    Any tips to repair without breaching warrenty?

  • 1ltpayne


    so lately the red lights haven’t been appearing? if not then idk what it is, but since you had the red lights you still might have to send it in, because without voiding the warrenty idk if there is a way to do it.


    the weird shapes and colors are a few things that i got before i got the red rings. so if you haven’t got them yet, idk? and you dont need the receipt, cause the store you bouhgt it from probably wont let you exchange it for a new one cause its been so long. if you do end up sending it in all you’ll need is your xbox serial number and your address and stuff. but if you read up higher in this forum there might be some help, but in my opinion your most likly going to have to send it in.

    hope this helps.

  • jarrett

    like it works then it doesnt

  • 1ltpayne

    are you able to play games on it period?? is the power supply light red, green, or yellow when you start it up?? is your power supply overheating?? is it in a well ventalated place?? if not and if your unable to play games on it at all, im going to guess you’ll have to send it in if your not wanting to void the warrenty. if your not worried bout the warrenty,(but youve only had it for a while and its still under the 3 year extended warrenty) i know here on this forum there is a few ideas that may work

    hope this helps

  • help

    My boyfriends x-box 360 froze on his brother one day and then the next day there is no sound. Anyone know what happened?

  • 1ltpayne

    does it still play games



  • Kelly

    I bought a 360, and within a month I had the “red ring of death.” after lots of searching, I found out about calling 18004MYXBOX (my warranty was out so i couldnt return it- i didnt buy the extended, which i regret a lot). I called, they sent me a box, I shipped it to microsoft, they recieved it Sept 14 in Texas and I got a whole new one sent back to me on the 27th, 2 days ago. I was very excited and pleased that microsoft gave me a new one and tried to repair my old one. (however the wait was dissapointing, because i got halo 3 with nothing to play it on) Within 10 minutes of playing halo 3, my new console that i had been waiting for froze. I repeat- WHOLE NEW CONSOLE. It freezes about twice in an hour if im lucky- this makes it difficult to play halo 3 because i usually cant finish a level so I dont even bother playing. I am SO frustrated with microsoft and the 360s. I spent all this money on one, and I have to send it to Microsoft and wait AGAIN for it to be repaired even though this was a new one. Who knows, it will probably have problems again if i get it repaired which is why i dont feel like going through the process again. I wish I bought the warranty, so i could just exchange it at a store rather than having to mail it and wait again. I think they need to give us a new warranty or something so I can just exchange at the store i bought it at. IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO BUY A 360, SPEND THE EXTRA $30 TO GET A YEAR WARRANTY!! this sucks!!

  • michale savage

    Hiya i do not have the red lights come up on the xbox 360 but every 3 minutes it crashes and it happens with every game i play if you kno what it could be and kno how to solve the problem send me an email at [email protected]

    many thanks

  • shaun

    my xbox wont even let me play a new game a fot halo 3 and when i put it on it keeps on saying disc is unreadable and now when i turn it on it wont even cum on it sounds like its loaden up the it stops then trys to load up again any suggestions

  • j.carter

    ive got 8 xbox360 games. recently bought madden 08, bioshock and halo 3. i had no problem with my console till the other day when i went to play madden 08. i had the error of please put the disc in a xbox 360 console. preceeding that i tried every game i have with the same result, exept for halo 3 which i have no problems with. i look after the console and all of my games. could i put a cd/dvd lense cleaning disc in to clean the laser or would that be a waste of time. or should i bend bill gates over and jam it up his ass. if anone has any answers please help.

  • Ryan

    I know this isn’t the current topic of choice right now, but after 3 systems I’ve figured out the cause of E71. It’s simple really, all that creates it is when the newer systems are updating, the time and the date must be set correctly or it throws off the entire process resulting in E71.

    Just beware and be cautious.

  • deezy

    well, ive had the same problem with my 360 but when i reboot it, it doesnt show error just ‘crashes’ and overheats at random times…when i first bought need for speed most wanted, brand new,it froze when the opening scene ended.same with halo 3 and def jam icon… Does anybody think its worth returning for a refurbrished 360??please answer 🙂

  • 1ltpayne

    if you cant play any games at all then i’ll trade it in, but if it don’t then i would probably still trade it in cause it an’t showing any of the scenes. so if it were me i trade it in.

  • 1ltpayne

    if you cant play any games at all then i’ll trade it in, but if it don’t then i would probably still trade it in cause it an’t showing any of the scenes. so if it were me i trade it in.

  • Wes

    Right now I’m waiting on the phone to get my 3rd xbox repaired. I haven’t had a working xbox since June! The first one had a three flashing lights problem. When I finally got the new one back (5 weeks later) it worked for about 5 days and then broke again. This time it had one flashing red light in the lower right. I went to send that one away but I was about to move so they told me to wait so there are no shipping issues. I finally move and send it back. I get a new one (another 5 weeks later) after a huge shipping error – yes they sent it to my old address somehow. At least the person was nice enough to not fake my name signing for it. So does it work? Nope…it has the exact same problem! I’m now on the phone with them again trying to figure this out. Considering I have had 3 broken xbox’s, I need to always talk to a supervisor which always takes me of being on hold for just shy of an hour. I’, not sure whats going to happen now….

  • 1ltpayne

    that really sucks, but they will probably give you something for your troubles. they gave me a 1 month subscribtion to live, idk if they do that to all or what. but my older brother returned his three times and they gave him a game…. i cant recall it right now tho. o and each time yo called did you get a american or a arab? i got arabs twice. that made my experiences worse.

  • Wes

    Yeah they give you a 1 month subscription to xbox live every time but they always have my xbox longer than a month. They will give you something if your xbox has broke a few times. They have games, but they are arcade packs or childrens games due to not being allowed to give out violent games. They also have accessories like the webcam or batter recharger packs for your controller. I’m getting a remote for my xbox which will work great considering I always play music and movies through it.

  • 1ltpayne

    i wasnt aware that they gave out the live subscriptions. so they are givin you the remote. did you ask them for it or did they offer you some things and you chose the remote???

  • Wes

    Yeah the live subscriptions are just automatic. I got a free month with every xbox. I did ask if there was some way they could compensate my trouble and he listed off a couple things.

  • 1ltpayne

    what exactly were they, if i may ask?

  • Mina

    My xbox 360 freezes only when i play N3, FMS2 and the champions league 06/07 but when i play oblivion dead rising or bioshock everything is fine.By the way i’m afraid that mine crashes and there no place to get it repair in Cambodia.

  • Scott

    I was recently playing blue dragon (worked great no freezes) then all of a sudden after 35 hours of gameplay (over 2 months) it freezes like a picture during gameplay, I turned the system off (tray wouldn’t even open) and turned it on again. I get a lower right blinking light and an error message saying error 68 (which is harddrive failure) I turn it off, turn it on and the game plays, but 10 min. later, it freezes again, I tried it without the hdd and it does not freeze, then I tried two worlds with the hdd and after 15 min. that freezes during gameplay as well. But TW works fine without the hdd. (prior to the blue dragon freeze/error notice, everything was working fine) and I even cleared the cache, and they still freeze, will formating the HDD help? (do not have a memory card yet, so a little hesitant on formating, not to mention I do not have acess to xbox live to get hexic hd back) Any help would be great

  • Mina

    Great my worst nightmare came true last night while i was playing oblivion the game freezes.When i turn it off then turn it back on again the 3 red rings of light came on.And i thought my xbox was safe when playing oblivion.By the way i can still open the tray when if freezes but i didn’t get any error message.Does anybody know how to fix it email at [email protected]

  • 1ltpayne

    there is a code that will get rid of all the corrupt files on your 360 without reformatting. i don’t have it on me now i will have to look for it, i have it wrote down somewhere……. :.( it may be a day or two

  • 1ltpayne

    i copied this from a source of mine read very carefully before trying
    i have not tried this out yet.

    Xbox 360 cache clear
    HEXUS.gaming reports that a cache clear code has been discovered for the Xbox 360 hard drive via the dashboard’s system blade. To perform the function, access ‘memory’ in the system blade, and then highlight the hard drive. Now press: Y, X, X, LB, RB, X, X. The following message should appear: “Do you want to perform maintenance on your Xbox 360 storage devices?”

    If you initiate maintenance, the hard drive’s cache will be cleared, including all software updates. Theoretically, this function could be used to un-update Oblivion in order to regain access to the unlimited gold and item duplication glitches. Note: we have not tested this function.

  • I bought my system in Jan 2006 and it has frozen randomly since I got it. Support has been of no help and just wants me to pay to have the system fixed.

    I know 2 people who have PS3s and they have not had a single problem. I have always been a loyal xbox fan, but I just can’t take this anymore. Gamers pay a lot of money for these systems and the problems with the 360 are unacceptable.

    I’m going to buy a PS3. I feel like I’m going to the dark side or something but its silly to keep dumping money into a system that fails.

    If my car ever acted like my 360, I’d sell it ASAP.

    I signed the recall petition some guy started, so if you’re mad too, here’s the link:
    online petition to get it recalled.

  • Jerred

    I just bought a 360 and right away it is freezing up. It never freezes until you start the game but when i start playing the game it happens every time on every game. What do i do? Could it be my DVD-Drive?

  • Stuart

    I bought my 360 in Feb 07.Out the blue on 10 Nov I had the ring of death.I managed to clear that somehow only to be left with the frezing problem on any game at any time.I`ve always been a playstation person but jumped to the 360 because of the ps3 delays.Oh I wish i`d waited.My 360 now has to go back to he repair centre something I have never had to do as a Sony customer.

  • Wes

    Yeah, I am very disappointed with the 360. I posted earlier about having to get my x-box repaired 3 times. Guess what….yet again it’s broken. My CD-Rom sounds like a jet plane and actually rattles everything in the cabinet I put it in. It also has trouble booting up like my last one which could be caused from the hard drive.

    When I first got it, the faceplate was broken so you couldn’t push the wireless detection button. I have to take off the faceplate to use the button inside the x-box. Also, I was suppose to get a “compensation” for my trouble. I never got it only to find out they never shipped it in the first place. I had to get them to re-initiate it in their system…that was 4 weeks ago and I have yet to still get it.

    Also, if you keep having trouble. Nobody will help. The Microsoft HQ will not return calls and the repair depot will not do anything out of the ordinary to fix your x-box. Basically this means every time your xbox breaks, you have to send it away and hope your refurb or repair is good which in my case never is.

  • Jamal

    ok, i have to take the 360 repaired in MS, but i am from dominican republic, any idea about the shipping and all that stuff, i still have the warranty, and who knows how long would it take aprox. to get it repaired?… :S

  • Stuart

    I have had to phone MS again for shipping details now they tell me it takes 48hrs to receive there email with the shipping instructions.I think i might just go and buy a ps3…

  • Ryan

    Hi, my xbox only starts sometimes…for example, I will turn it on and the screen will tsay black and the power light on the 360 will not do anything or change color….when i restrat it a few times I sometimes get it to turn on…..and when it finally turns on it usually freezes right when the xbox symbol is appearing on the xcreen before the game even loads….I even tried it without my harddrive in it and it still does the same thing….And the funny thing is that i got this xbox from microsoft as a replacement for the one i sent in and it doesn’t even work….yay for microsoft

  • Wes

    As I mentioned before, I get the same problem. It was a replacement as well. Not only that, the replacement for that xbox does the same thing. It also came with a loud cd-rom 😉

    They told me the issue could be my hard drive but as you mentioned, even when you take it out it does the same thing. I wonder if this is a new issue popping up…

  • 1ltpayne

    have you told microsoft that it still doesn’t work without the hdd???????????

  • 1ltpayne

    if so tell me what they said if not email call or them and ask them and then post it.

  • Jamal

    does someone know if the hot line to the repair center is free over seas? i live in the caribbean and i need to call but i wanna know if its free cuz im sure im going to spend a long time speaking with those guyz :S

  • Ryan

    half of the time i call i get some asian lady who i can barely understand so i don’t know, but yeah my 360 was somehow working last night then today it is back to the same problem it had 2 nights ago…i dont know what to do iv’e tried everything

  • They fix your systems and even do it for international customers

  • Ryan

    yeah so im sending it in for the 2nd time now and i just hope the 3rd one i get doesn’t have a problem like the others did

  • 1ltpayne

    its NOT free to call from overseas

  • shawn blaser

    my xbox freezes n red ring once in a while any fixes without sending to ms

  • 1ltpayne

    theres a lot of things u can try. try putting a fan or moist towell on the power supply and xbox. make sure that youre power supply ant in a secluded place, make sure air can circulate. and try playing without the hard drive to see if the problem is the hard drive if it is then i would reformat, if not, and the problem is the consol, i dont know of any other ways you can fix it other than sending it in, you might want to search for other ways that will fix it, but those ways might or will void your warrenty.

  • AJ

    Get this! I am on my 4th 360 total, 3 of them in the last month and a half!!!!!!!! Last 2 were refurbs and 1 of them didn’t think it was a 360…. Yeah wrap your head around that. I would put in a 360 game and the screen would say “Please put this game in an Xbox 360 to play” That was right out of the box. But now it gets better. I had to send that one right back and they sent me a BRAND NEW 360 MFR date 10-06-2007. I thought my troubles were over but not so fast. Right out of the UPS box it froze up in the xbox dashboard while trying to set the clock and has not stopped freezing up on the start up so far. I can not take it ANYMORE!!!! I am on the phone with Xbox waiting to speak with a supervisor ( 1 hour and 12mins on hold so far) Wish me luck.

    Yes I am typing this up while on hold…….

  • Wes

    I’m in the same boat man. 4th X-Box and every return is a dud. I’m in talks with their xbox support excalations group and the person I’m suppose to talk to all of a sudden switched extensions.

    Haven’t had a working xbox since July….

  • CB

    I’ve had my system for two-years. I got the red rings of death last month – I went to they sent me a box – the system went in, and in two weeks I had a different unit sent to me – and yes it was outside warranty, but they shipped to and from for free and replaced it for no cost.

  • Tommy_Australia

    Hi all.

    Just got the Wife a 360 and Halo3 today. I’m here because it freezes randomly from 2mins into game time up to 10mins max.

    I feel awful and out of pocket..

    Was excited for her too, she loves Halo. Upset.

  • 1ltpayne

    does it just freeze, and or do the red lights appear??

  • cameron bradley

    i have had the problem with it freezing so does anyone know how to fix this prolbem.

  • Tommy_Aust

    to 1ltpayne.

    It just freezes mate.

    Tried without the hard drive it freezes.
    Tried just browsing the menu’s it freezes
    Adjusted the time to current it freezes
    Playing Halo3 without the Hard Drive it freezes
    Playing with the Hard Drive it freezes.

    No red lights.

    The fans are working pretty hard even while just browsing through the setup menu’s.

    I have not got online and updated any firmware, should I do this? Will it be the magic bullet fix?


  • tommy_Aust

    Back again.

    I have had a look around on the net. I have only Halo3 and it seems there’s a problem with just this game?? I don’t get the red lights so maybe it’s the game??

    I guess I need to find someone at work and borrow any game at all and try it to see if it plays for more than 5 minutes..

    Still pretty pissed off though. 🙁

  • tommy_Aust

    Actually…. the menu without the game in freezes.

    I guess it’s just a matter of time before I get red lights.

    this is so annoying.

  • 1ltpayne

    if you have not done any of the updates then you might as well give that a try, cause you’ve tried all the other stuff it sounds like. i would try the updates, if that dont work then, in my opinion i would give MS a call.

  • Firelt5

    My box 360 broke after 45 days. I sent it in for repair they send me back some piece of shit thats a year and a half old right out of the box and it has 3 red lights. I call support and I get some Indian thats where I think they outsorce support to . Bottom line Xbox 360 is Garbage if you do not own one good for you buy something else…

  • AJ

    I just went and bought a new one from Best Buy. I know I am a dumb ass for getting another one but I was waaaaaaaay to tried of waiting for a working one to come back, so I can play. I will now have 2. This way when one breaks I have one to play. Unless that breaks too then I’m screwed. Thanks for all the responses guys. Hope this XBOX crap gets worked out so we can enjoy what we spened so much money on. I know Microsoft likes taking it!

  • jayden


  • JRocem


    I am new the site and have been having problems with 2 xbox 360’s. One is mine the other is my brothers. You know how it is big brother gets something little brother wants one too. Anyway, one has a problem with the dvd. It sounds like the disc is grinding. That one is 2 yrs old and way out of warranty but I found a repair shop in my area that will fix that problem for $70. It worked great until that point. No red lights or anything. The other one I have problems with previously. However, I tried the towel trick and that fixed the problem temporarily (2 months). Today I turned it on and it told me that I could not connect to XBOX Live. I ran the test and that fixed that problem, or so I thought. The game (Madden 07) rebooted, loaded everything properly, and allowed me to run 1 quick match online. The system was unable to find an opponet and so I attempted to run the quick match search again and the game froze. I shut it off, turned it back on and the 3 RL’s appeared. I tried the towel trick again and to no prevail it doesnt work. I cannot find the receipt from when this one was purchased but I can get a copy of the check that was written for the purchase. Needless to say MS is no help and would not let me know if that would work as a proof of purchase. Does any know what I could use to prove the purchase?

  • JRocem

    One last question that I forgot to ask. I have been thinking about upgrading my Xbox 360 Pro to the Elite but before I make that deciision I needed to ask anyone who owns an Elite if the same problems persist with that system as the pro or does it seem to work a lot better? Just wondering

  • kain213

    all of u should have got ps3 damnnnnnn even my cuz got got !!!!damnnnnnnnn cold blooded i have ps1 and 2 ps2’s so i really have a ps5

  • ohmikey

    my problem is after appx 2 minutes of play my tv makes a static noise the colour of the screen pixelates and the 360 freezes, can almost gudge the time itll freeze

  • Steve-o

    Hey I recently sent my 360 out to get it fixed and i got it back today.. and it still doesnt work =( it booted at first, ran Gears for a while, then starting freezing.. very weird.. i sent it out in the first place because it was giving me the red lights for no reason.. now i get to the dashboard, it freezes, and i cant do anything.. i gotta repower it up again.. i think i mya have to send it in again =( and now its actually just giving the red lights and wont even log me into the dashboard =( im really confused.. and i just wanna play halo and gears =/ i was so happy to get it back and now it does this to me? get outta here.. should i try the towel trick? im not sure.. they even gave me a 1 month card of live so i can get back online.. the PSU maybe? fool around with it? how do i send it in and it still doesnt work after like 3 weeks? fucking bullshit if you ask me.. excuse my language, but this is kinda retarded.. rofl.. =/ =/ please let me know if theres anything i can do in the meantime . thanks

  • Steve-o

    yeah mikey same here.. mine makes an awful sound and pixles change everywhere.. then it just goes off.. but like i said cant get past red lights now =(

  • Lifaut

    Mines doing the pixelated crap and the noise. I’m not getting red lights though, I get various amounts of playtime out of it sometimes a few minutes other times hours. I’m not overly sure wtf is wrong with it but after christmas break is over MS is hearin from me.

  • Lifaut

    From what I’ve been seeing might be coincidence might not. I would turn the xbox on to the dashboard, do whatever for about 5-10 minutes launch my game then go about it. usually would get more time between crashes then if I just walked up turned it out and launched my game. I moved it from my room small 10 foot by 10 foot, decently cool etc etc to the living room alot more space and it seemed to work better there but still crashed. I haven’t tried the Power bring thing on the box yet. I even picked up an intercooler in hopes of fixing this. However from the looks and whatnot perhaps the GPU is overheating in the system, but thats my personal guess.

  • RedRider

    Unplugging the video cord from the back of the xbox and replugging it back in fixed the quick freezes after bootup for me. Give it a try. I had corrupt artifacts on the screen as well as loud noises coming from the speakers during the freezes.

  • Lifaut

    While it was on?

  • Lifaut

    Lol go figure. I got lights of death now. go microsoft your all fired.

  • RedRider

    No while it was off!

  • Lifaut

    I didnt attempt it after you made the post, my just happened to die after I had asked that question booted up cod4 and it crashed red and pink bars vertically across my screen, went to reboot and got RROD.

  • ohmikey

    mine even crashes and pixalates on the dashboard screen

  • Yorsh

    To download Xbox updates, do I have to have a Xbox- Live card ?

    Thanks for your answers !

  • Anonymous

    I got my xbox 360 this month. Couple of times my dvd-drive has stopped making that steady humming sound, and two times it has frozen to next loading screen after that. The first time this happened I exited to dashboard using my controller, but the second time the controller didn’t work. So is the problem in my dvd-drive or…?

  • I have had my 360 five hours and it is freezing, its pot luck where it freezes- sometimes on the dashboard (if it makes it that far!) and sometimes a couple of minutes into a game. I am taking it back to the shop for an exchange which i think is the best solution for me. Very dissapointed though as i have three friends with 360’s who have never experienced this problem

  • Mike

    I have had my 360 for about 5 months now(which is the warranty one due to the 3 flashing lights before.)
    Anyway My 360 is freezing on the dashboard, so to fix this i unplugged everything and pluged it back, it worked for a few the froze again. so i continued the process i did before about 4 times and then i got the three flashing lights again.Wtf should i do.

    Why the hell do we pay so fucking much for these things and they dont last….. its bullshit

  • took mine back and got a replacement and it seems to work fine (so far!), the shop said to me though if it happens again i will need to ring the microsoft helpline before taking it back. i cant belive microsoft would even consider launching this platform without resolving this problem first.

  • dylan

    ive had my 360 for bout a week now and its freezing. but its defferant for some games like in need for speed carbon the screen just goes black. but in assassins creed green squares pop up and i cant move. is it the same thing?

  • Have you had the ring of red lights? If it is only a week old i would take it back for an exchange.

  • Hey guys! i got a xbox 360 elite for christmas, and i was really really skeptical about the bigger features after i had heard about all the problems.

    When i turned my xbox on, i became afraid because everything was all wierd, chunky and pixelated. I WAS SO SCARED I WOULD HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER ONE OR SEND IT IN.


    but, you do not need to pay for it! you can sign up for free silver version very easily.

    just plug it in, and if you do need xbox live to update, then just sign up for silver.

    [also before updating, make sure that having the xbox and its power supply all alone in an open room with a fan blowing on it, and the power supply plugged directly into a wall outlet does not help. sometimes updates can acutally make things worse, so make sure thats your last option]


  • i have troblem with my games on my xbox 360. when i turn on my spiderman 3 game it starts but it the dics would stop play and freeze.

  • aqdas

    hi guys,

    i just bought the xbox 360 from a friend of mine. at the time of purchase the console had the red lights of death. we sent it in and had it fixed.
    i went out and bought DOA4, Oblivion and Madden 2007. all the games work fine except DOA4. DOA4 initially kept on freezing once in a while, but know it wont even go passed the main menu. I took the game back and had it exchanged, but with no luck. Has anyone had this problem before?

    any kind of help would be great.

  • betamaxx

    i dont have the 3 red lights of death but find it very hard to get games to start.
    i keep getting the “please insert disc into an xbox 360 ” message.
    if i open and close the tray 3 or 4 times then power off then power on again it usually runs ok .
    i was thinking that it might be a drive problem but once the game starts it runs fine.
    it seems to be taking longer and longer opening and closing the drawer til the drive speeds up and the game starts.
    i was wondering if anyone else had the same problem as i cant seem to find much info on the net about it,everyone seems to have the red lights of death.
    any information would be much appreciated.

  • Tommy_Australia

    Hello once again (unfortunately..)

    Previously I had mentioned troubles, and I had the unit swapped,, it was all good…

    Well 2 days ago the red rings of death started, so I again, swapped a console.

    Now not 20 mins into the daughter resuming Halo3 its frozen up again.

    What a joke. Feel free Mr Microsoft Xbox360 to come and take your dodgy equipment out of my home. I have almost had it.

  • CANDIZ24

    We have the same error. Ours started at christmas. And what a terrible time too. I have 3 boys and they had just got rockband for xmas. it doesnt get any better, it got to the point to where i truly almost tossed the thing out the window trying to get it to start.

    husband called customer service they asked him to try and put a new game in (didn’t work on any of our games) then he asked maybe the game is scratched or dirty (Ummmm hello brand spanking new opened the other 5 my kids got for xmas to, no go) he said maybe it was just that game ( ummmm none off them work in it) the guy didnt get the concept of the error ( I maybe a blonde but please he had the gull to ask if it was an xbox 360 game i was putting in!!!!!!!!!!)he then asked if we had another xbox 360 to try the games in, why would i purchase another one if i know of all the troubles going on..
    anyway they shipped the box out with the foam packaging, packing instructions, tape, paper to fill out, mailing label and bag for the console.
    Packed it and shipped it out today.
    the man didnt deny that we were getting a refurbished one back when we asked how long will it take for the refurbished to come. so it should be here by the end of next week, im not having high hopes on the 2nd one working long.

  • happ

    hey i got the 3 red rings of death a couple days ago and i really didnt want to send it into MS and wait. so i looked up some alternativies….i did the blanket trick and my xbox worked fine for about 4 days, now the problem is it keeps freezing. i dont know what to do. can someone help me out here. i still got a warranty so ill probably send it to MS. but can i just take it back to walmart and have them give me a new one??? somebody help me out with some info plz

  • 1ltpayne

    how long have u had it from wal-mart?? i dont know the exact amount of days ur able to exchange it at wal-mart. if u have the receipt and u ant had it for that long then exchange it at the store, but if thats not possable then u should send it in.

  • happ

    ive had it for a while. oct 06. yah i called up microsoft the other night and the lady was troubleshooting it and she said it was my power supply that was faulty. idk. ill just send it in, im getting tired of this shit

  • Dlight

    I bought my X-Box 360 about 6 months ago from a friend who didnt want it anymore. I dont have any reciept or anything, just the box with the HD, AV cables, etc. and its been working fine, until just yesterday I decided to give X-box live a go and purchased a 1-month gold membership.

    I signed up and everything and i guess X-box live took it upon itself to update my system or whatnot because now all my games are freezing after about 5-10 mins of play. My COD4 freezes now and so does my Gears of War cause of this damn x-box live (wish I never bought the damn live service.)

    Im going to call customer support tommorow but do I need anything to send it in with cause I dont have any warranty information, the book or anything. I just have the box. Does it matter? The length of time it takes to get back to me is really no concern cause im in school and havent really been playing as much but my biggest concern is knowing will they take it and fix it. I really want to know. Thanks in advance!

  • 1ltpayne

    what you’ll need to do is ask ur friend what the purchase date is and then when you call they want a date of purchase, and your xbox serial number. since it not the ring oof death i dont know if they charge u or not, but if its still under the original warrenty then youll be fine there. off the top of my head i cant remember what the original warrenty expires, 1 year 3???? youll have to look that up. but what you’ll need is the serial, which is on the xbox, and the date of purchase, which dont have to be exact, should be a educated guess. and ur name ect.. hope this was helpful.

  • Dlight

    Thanks A LOT man. Thanks for the reply. Im going to see what they say. Thanks again. Im stuck playing my computer games so far but man I Just got that COD4 a few weeks ago and its hands down THE BEST fps i have played and Ive played video games a long time now. But yeah thanks dude.

  • 1ltpayne

    not a problem. anytime

  • Dlight

    wow yeah just a little while ago i turned on my game again (it froze as usual) and turned it off then on again and I had the red rings of death….I wonder if the xbox live has anything to do with this whole hardware failure thing going on…cause my system was fine UNTIL i signed up for it and xbox live updated my system…hmmmm…oh well. Maybe some malicious code or something in the update messed everything up. I called then and they are sending a box for me to ship it out with. Oh well.

  • Hey guys I need some advice and help.I just bought a xbox premium from my friend for 200 dollars cause he jus had bought a xbox elite and a ps3. He said he never had any problems and that he purchased it on may 07.Well everything seem to go well as far as games,I poppin in spiderman3 kane and lynch nba2k8 no problems or what so ever maybe I went over the limit a few time when my friends came over about 6 hours of gameplay from 2k8 to co op mission on kane and lynch.well to make a long story short I purchased a brand new copy of g.o.w. Soon as I got to the part in the beginning where the helicopter blows up I was getting hit and when I zoomed in to shoot back the system completely froze.Tried turning it off and restarted it got the 3 red lights.So I called my friends and asked did he asked this issues and was there anyway to fixed this,he said no and that the system is out of warranty and the only thing left to do was the towel trick because I’m funny about sending my stuff in.So I tried it and it surprisingly worked haven’t had no red lights but the prob is random freezes with games so I take the hard drive out and it works like brand new playing all my game without freezes do u think this could be the hard drive because he did the online thing and had numerous of games saved on there and demos and stuff can anyone give me advice what should I do ?

  • 1ltpayne

    well if you wanted to send it in then you can, cause its still under warrnety. microsoft increased the warrenty of the red rings to three years after purchase i believe. but if it is the harddrive then you will need to reformat. but before you reformat, there is a button combination that will get ride of corrupt files on your harddrive. first go to system, then memory, then highlight harddrive (hit Y), go to device options, then highlight rename/formate (dont go into format!!), input this combination (X,X,(LB),(RB),X,X) then click continue, and hit yes, then youll be back at rename formate, this will get ride of corrupt files, they might be save files or demos, or downloads. i did this a few times and it got ride of my oblivion downloads, but it stop freezing, once i redownloaded them i was fine. this worked for me. hope this helps.

  • 1ltpayne

    o where is your power supply, and is there ok air circulation where your xbox is located??

  • JR

    well, i got mine a long time ago 2006 i believe.
    it had been working up until about four five months ago..
    the day it broke i was soo freaking mad. i called them up wat not.
    they sent me the box. i put it in the box and then i ws un able to send it out.. so today i thought wat the heck.. i might as well see wats going on here.. pulled it out of the box, plugged it all the three red lights agin. only this time i put in saints row, and it went stright to the game. played it for mabye an hour, i wwas freaking out. but then i decided oh this is boreing.. so i put in guitar hero 3. it worked fine. played that i was just too excited that i wasnt thinking about the red lights anymore. then put in forza raceing that worked too, but as soon as i put in skate. the game froze up and i was like no way. so i turn it off, agin i get the red lights. i thought hmm red all this stuff for like three hours. it would freeze before the dashboard menu.. then put in saints row agin.. the game works fine. i think its something to do with the amount of stuff going on on the xbox. dashboard stays up for hours. any all the other games work fine allmost everytime.also i think if you use the tray to turn it on, seems to have a better chance of working. may take a couple tries but works for a long time now havent shut it off in about five hours still works.
    i am going to figure out this hole mess.. couse gta four is comeing out.. i need to play it. if not im getting a ps3 or something.. good luck peoples.

  • Slo

    Hey, my 360 Elite kept freezing. I ended up contacting Microsoft and I’m sending it in to them for them to repair it. Does anyone know what the actual repair is? Will I get the Falcon or what?? ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated.

  • Adam

    Look guys ive got the worst case of the “red ring of death , it would at all turn on , every 100 times it will work once then freeze , i got ms’s number called them and told them bout it ,i was told event though my warranty is way up ill get a FREE REPAIR and that som1 will come pik it up and give it back fixed in a couple of weeks.

    /ps halo rules!

  • Dlight

    To Flo-

    As far as i know, your in the so called “early stages of the 3 rings of death”. The freezing typically seems to lead up to the whole 3 rings dilemma. I dont know for sure if they will send you an elite (they should if they plan to keep thier customers) but all i can say is if you havent sent it out for repairs already, try and see if you can start it up some kind of way and play the hell out of it till it does go on the fritz. Thats about it.

  • greg

    for some reason fifa 08 now freezes every single time on the license screen.It was gradual, a month ago if a tried again once or twice it would work, but now it wont load at all. The disc itself is flawless and can play in other 360s. Also, my 360 plays cod4 fine. I think it could be a laser eye problem but im not sure. A while back my ps2 had gradual disc loading problems and it turned out to be a laser eye problem so thats why i suspect this could be the same issue.–It could also play some discs but not others. If someone could shed some light on this or give me some tips on how to get fifa loading again it would be greatly appreciated. Oh and btw i am a starter on the #1 fifa team on,and the playoffs start soon, so i cant exactly send my 360 away for 3 weeks.

  • Rebekah

    Hey guys…I’m afraid I’m not going to get the answer I desire but here’s my deal. I bought my first Xbox 360 in August of last year…right out of the box…3 red rings. I took it back to the store that same week and swapped it out. I’ve had my current system every since then. It has worked like a dream. I moved it to my boyfriends house one week ago. I played on Xbox live (halo 3) just like normal. I also played Hexic HD on xbox live for about 4 hours (what I was trying to beat a record ok!) Only 2 days later I went to play Gears of War and my 360 is freezing after about a minute. Once or twice when I tried to turn it on I received the 3 red rings. I’ve moved the xbox (but not the power brick) to a different location. Should I try moving the power brick? Any other ideas? I’m hoping I don’t have to send to Microsoft. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • Tommy_in_OZ

    Hi Rebekah.

    It’s not the power brick / power supply thats faulty, it’s the configuration of the internals of the Xbox.

    I have been ‘lucky’ enough to have gone through 4 return-to-the-store scenario’s and are now no longer an Xbox360 owner.

    Microsoft cannot afford to recall all the units for repair obviously so it’s basically up to you to either keep returning it for swapping for a ‘good’ unit or give it up for an alternate console/PC gaming experience.

    I chose the latter, I still have an extra controller, recharger, copy of Halo3 and a battery pack for the controller in my cabinet hoping that this bullshit scenario (excuse my language) is rectified one day..

    All the best mate.

  • 1ltpayne

    u need to be sure that there is sufficient airflow to your xbox. if there is not, there is a good chance of over heating. does it work at all now??

  • Kupina

    yeah…. i havent seen these three rings of death, but my 360 is still being a little whore and freezing, either at the title screen or whenever i sign into xobox live…its not the hard drive, because it worked on my friends xbox, its not the halo game, because it has absolutely no scratches, and its not the connection, because im using the same connection type this, its not overheating, because it is out in the open (both the power supply and 360)…so, any tips?

  • tommy

    Are you a rep for Xbx360 LT Payne? All your help in faultfinding the ‘360, while seeming helpful, is a case of flogging a dead horse.

    The ‘360 is a dud as can be seen in this forum, and many others via google searches, which extends as far back as the consoles initial release.

    The only true long term fix is to move onto a Wii, PS3 or a PC.

    Your ‘360 may be fine now after swapping/repairing but the *known faults* will re-eventuate.

    Give up now. I have and am a lot less stressed. Also I dont feel like I burnt close to $1000 as I go myself a refund.

    your choice in the end..

  • 1ltpayne

    well then its got something to do with ur consol….at the moment i cant think of anything, give me awhile and ill repost something that will help you.

    no tommy to my dismay im not. but ur right it is your choice in the end, you choose to give up. i wont. i love 360 games and i will continue too through out the years untill i play the s**t out of mine. and im not putting down your theory either. the wii, ps3, and pc are very VERY good gameing consols. also the 360 does and will have bugs for as long as it will be out, also will the wii, ps3, and pc’s. pc’s uve got virsuses, overheating(which causes the life span of the overheatin parts to shorten), ect.. which if u have a good enough pc could cost lots of money. im sure the ps3 and wii have some sort of flaw that is or isnt present now, im not up to date wth those consols. but sooner or later everythin is going to be outdated and replaced with something new and improved.
    then ur right some xboxs are duds, but thats y there are warrenties, if those are u[p then around the internet there is most likely some sort of fix and or suggestion. Your also right in sayin that my “360 may be fine now after swapping/repairing but the *known faults*” cause im on my 4th consol. 2 of them had disk drive issues then one had the RROD. and thats y i am here helping, and giveing suggestion to those who need it, cause the only help i had in my cases where the arabs who answered the phone. so that is why im here, why are you here??

    • Tony Balloni


  • Kupina

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH you got three arabs too? lol i think ima gonna go work for fricken microsoft just so i can repair this kind of thing myself in the future…all my friends’ consoles are perfectly fine to date tho… and some of them got it the first week it was out.. but until i find out wtf is goin on, mass effect is goin in the tray lol

  • Corey

    WTF…..Just bought my 360 yesterday. Its already frozen on loading screens and saving screens 7 times in about 5 hours. Anyone have any suggestions that might help me out and save me a headache……Thx

  • Kupina

    no red lights? what game is it? and were you playing online at the time of the freezes?

  • Corey

    No red lights, It froze multiple times on both Mass Effect and Guitar Hero 3. When I first set it up I plugged it into my net and got the console update. No not playing on live either. Not sure where to go from here.

  • 1ltpayne


    so you got the updates for both mass effect and GH3? try playing the games with out the hard drive. and if that works, since you got it the other day i would reformat your hard drive and then try it again. and if it the updates, dont update them, or u can see which update it is by elimination, by doin one at a time. hope this helped.


    ya those freakin arabs… u cant understand them!!!

  • Corey

    Awesome I’ll give it a shot today. Thanks for the help and Ill keep you updated. THx again.

  • Tommy_in_Oz_Ex_Owner


    The ‘360 is a dud as can be seen in this forum, and many others via google searches, which extends as far back as the consoles initial release.

    The only true long term fix is to move onto a Wii, PS3 or a PC.

    Your ‘360 may be fine now after swapping/repairing but the *known faults* will re-eventuate.

    Give up now. I have and am a lot less stressed. Also I dont feel like I burnt close to $1000 as I go myself a refund.

    your choice in the end..

    • rheanna biro

      So, true.I just got this fucking shit box,dosent even work.Seriously after reading all the problems just return the fucking thing.Everybody should do that and Microsoft should shove their chinese consoles up their ass.We havent even played a fucking game yet.

  • Trent


    I have been having this problem with my 360. I have done all the setup things for xbox live, but once it gets to the part where you accept the terms of use screen. I push accept but all it does is freeze on me. If anyone else has had this problem please reply to me

  • 1ltpayne

    ive had it freeze will ive done that, recovered gamertags, and others. but how ong have you tried it? a couple of days, hours, min, a few tries?? i had to try 15 to 20 times to get my gamertag to recover one time. just be persistent with it.

  • Trent

    I have been trying for 2 days now. I have maybe tried to do it 50 times or so. was there something that you did to get it to work.

  • 1ltpayne

    well i did take it to a friends house to use their internet, and thats where it worked. if i were you i would try it at a different place of internet. i dont think that it matters, but that what i did, i dont have any clue what it is. but just for [email protected]@’s and giggles give that a try.

  • Threesixtyy

    Wassup ya’ll. I got the ‘To play this disc, please put it into an xbox 360 console’ system error. Anyways after a few months of spending 10-30 mins trying to get the game to start I rung up microsoft. After all the questioning they told me that they’d send out UPS to come collect it with a returns label on it. (If you use this service you must let Microsoft know that you wanna send it off within 10 days). So UPS came and collected it and the repair and shipping was all payed for even though my warranty/gaurentee had run out my over 1 year!!! Plus they gave me a months free of xbox live. But to cut to the chase, if you recieve this system error then 9 times out of 10 it’s not the power supply or anything else it’s the DVD Drive (even if your 360 plays DVD’s fine, wierd). Jut thought to let ya’ll know that even if your warranty has expired it’s worth calling microsoft and trying to get something sorted out. peace ya’ll

  • Cthulhus

    ok, so my xbox360 i admit i bought off a friend a month or so ago, he hadnt taken it out the box, its worked fine till now theres no problem with the powersupply, ive called MS tech support and they say everythings fine but it keeps freezing on the 360 start up screen no red lights in the ROL but instead 3 GREEN lights in the ROL and an error like the one displayed in the origonal post thing that says “system error E64” help?
    T_T i wanna watch CSI T_T

  • Slo

    I posted on here back on Feb. 4 about a freezing problem and how I had just called Microsoft for them to send me a box so the repair process could start. Anyway, fast forward to March 9 and I call the 1-800# to just check the status and it finally tells me “your repair has been completed and shipped, please allow 5 business days for delivery…” So, I was expecting to get it back Friday, March 14 but it didn’t come. I called Microsoft just to get a tracking # so that I could see exactly where it was and get a better idea when to expect it. I get the tracking # and check on UPS’s website and all it says and continues to say is “Billing information received”. I started looking that up on other message boards and saw that sometimes it will say that all the way up until the actual day it’s delivered so that kind of calmed me down. So, when Monday (March 17) rolled around though, I REALLY expected to get it then but didn’t. At this point I’m just straight up pissed. I want to tear my own head off and throw it at Bill Gates! So, I call the 1-800# again to find out what the deal is and after being on hold for a really long time they finally get back to me and tell me that UPS gave them (Microsoft) an invalid tracking number and that someone from Microsoft will be calling me in another 3-5 business days with a new tracking number. I’m just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and could maybe tell me what they think is really happening? Microsoft sucks on so many levels and their customer service is a joke.

  • i will but a disk in my xbox and the disk is new and the xbow says can not reconnise disk

  • Kupina

    hmmmm…i think maybe the going to a friends house to use his internet might work for mine…ill have to try that out and get back to ya

  • Sharkey

    Hey there.
    I just bought an xbox 360 from ebay since i was tight on budget. I tried my xbox 360 and it seems to freeze at different points. At first it froze before the gears of war main menu came. I rebooted the 360 and it froze again later durin the loadin menu of the game. Again rebooted, again it froze after playin 1 min of the game. Arrrgh.My 360 wont jus stop freezin.
    It did show the red ring of death light once but when i rebooted, it went away and worked again.And when i askd the owner when did he buy the xbox, he told he bought it 6 months before. So the company should have probably fixed the red ring of death problem.
    So could u offer me some advice on how to fix the xbox so it will stop freezin?

  • drew

    Well mine did the same thing it kept freezing about 1 to 5 min into any game….

    I spent hours looking for a fix and argued with M$ for hours and nothing

    so I figured it was screwed anyways so I found directions on how to take it apart and then I replaced the THERMAL PASTE on the bottom of the heat sinks after cleaning the old stuff off.

    used the factory parts with new THERMAL PASTE heated the cpu up for 1.5 min without the fans connected and put it all back together



    Hope this helps

  • Devin

    hey….i am also having freezing problems with my xbox….i have already done the x-clamp replacment and did some other stuff to make it run significantly cooler….for about 6 months it ran perfect…and all of a sudden its freezing, sometimes before the dashboard loads and sometimes while playing a game……does anyone kno what the problem is…i cant send it to ms cause i broke the warranty seal

  • drew

    Try to do the x clap replacement again just change the thermal paste though it worked for me fixed my freezing problem for now

    make sure there is no artic silver 5 on the little chips around the cpu gpu i cleand all mine and just used a small amount of artic silver 5 under the heatsinks

  • Devin

    i dont know if its causing it but i put some cheap thermal paste(got it from local computer shop)where can u get that artic silver 5 paste?….and should i take the old paste off, or just put more over it

  • Devin

    i took the old paste off and put new paste on…turned it on and it had the 3 red rings…held the power button for about 3 sec. and it went to 2 red rings

  • drew

    2 red rings i believe is an over heating problem did you plug the fans back into the mtherboard after you heated the the cpu and gpu up so the thermal paste seats and make a proper contact with the heatsinks

  • drew

    clean all old paste off with goo gone and clean with rubbing alcohol so the chips and heat sinks shine then add a small amount of new paste

    then put it backtogether and unplug the fans and turn the machine on for a minute no more then 2

    then plug the fan back in and put the whole machine back together

    you can get artic silver 5 from a computer shop or on ebay

    Artic silver 5 works the best because it is 99.9% silver

  • Beanie

    Last night I encountered the infamous 3 red blink scenario…right before a party of people were coming over for a Rock Band fiesta. I tried powering off and on several times and unplugging the power pack to no avail. Then, I went to my mac and typed ” fix repair problems xbox 360″ in a desperation google search and found this blog…After reading some of the groups discourse I turned off the power strip everything was plugged into, turned it back on and yip hurrah! These types of information sharing sites are always so refreshing compared to the “We’ll teach you how to fix your rig for 23.99” kind of marketing trap. Keep up the good work fellow problem solvers and thanks for the help.

  • Devin

    no….i plugged the fan back in….and i have the case off to help it cool better….and its not an overheating problem because its not running hot…like i said doing the x-clamp replacement and the other stuff made it run a lot cooler…..what would that do if i unplugged the fan, turned the system on for a mintue, then plugged the fans back in…..and when i unplug and plug the fans does the system have to be off?

  • drew

    did u heat up the cpu and gpu after changing the thermal paste on the heatsinks

  • Devin

    what do u mean by heating up?….i turned the system on after replacing the thermal paste….and when u said use goo gone to take off the old paste…..that wont hurt the motherboard?

  • lg

    my xbox 360 is fine till it gets to the menu of the game i want to this case i was playing halo 3 and i got to deciding wat difulty and it froze
    i tried again and again with the same result.
    tyler plaese help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • juicy

    well av had a freezing problem over 2 years after i have bought it… its first started when i was playing halo 3 online ,thought it would pass , but no , then i thought it was the disk as it was marked and messed up , once again no , tryed other games , freezes again. the weird thing is a got NO error message, went on webby , on MS website , did their crappy advice , didnt work. so now am stuck with a 360 that doesnt work, wont even load to the sashboard now…….. no warranty either , so am screwed………… , dono what to do no 🙁

  • danny

    my xbox has worked fine sice i got it christnas 07 its a newr version with a 20G HDD the other day i was playing fuel of war online for about 4 hrs straight and it just froze out of nowhere so i turned it off and rebooted and now every time i go to play a game(with disc & demos ive got without a disk) it freezes before or when u get to the menu screen, its confused me as i havent treated it bad its kept with space, although my bro uses its as well, it might be down to him using an xbox original game in it n i dont see why.
    it works fine on the dashboard but cant handle the game, can some1 help please cos i dont want to send it off to shitty MS andhave to wait about a year to get it back lol. its got to be something obvious
    thanks danny

  • 1ltpayne

    did u download them off of live?? if you did, then what i w ould do if i where you would be to delete them and redownload them and try that.

  • Furio

    I to have problems.
    sometimes when I start and put on my xbox360
    I get an error like yours only different numbers
    and sometimes there is 1 red light.
    I cannot get online with the ethernet cable so i am planning to get another xbox360.
    and btw it always scratches my disc

  • 1ltpayne

    ya, if it is still under warrenty you need to get a new one, cause it sounds to me that your drive is bad.

  • juicy

    yer under warrenty your ok, but if its not then you have to pay £60 to get it repaired by microsoft.

  • Meno Likems

    Xbox freezes on boot screen just after all green lights flash in circle.
    Looked at my power brick and found very small ventilation holes on either side, with one side plugged with dust. Blew the dust out with compressed air. Wanted to get inside to thoroughly clean, but the screws are in so tightly that the heads stripped before the screws came out.

    So I went to the console, blew quite a bit of dust (enough to make a small dust cloud) out of it. Hooked everything back up, thinking this might have been the touch of kindness it needed. But notta. Same lockup.

    Now after reading and researching I am concerned that the system itself (or the power brick, or both) has probably been damaged from overheating. I think it’s likely that the video chip is either damaged, or it’s connection to the MB has been damaged, since it looks a lot like a video lockup to me.

    So I want to get into the xbox to check it out. But I have no clue where anything is. Can someone point me to a site that will show me
    1) how to open it up and
    2) where the video chip is

    If so that would be super cool and I will wish many happy things for you (I promise I will).


    i just had a thought… for the thermal stuff, what is its max heat it can take before starting to break down and become effective…because knowing microsoft, they prolly use the cheapest out there which would in turn break down the fastest… that would make sense because my xbox was all good until i played it for 6-7 hours straight…

  • jordan

    ive had my xbox 360 for a little over a year, it just started freezing during a campaign on any game. when i play call of duty online its fine… weird. and a lot of the time, when i first put in a game, it says “to play this disc put it in an xbox 360 console”. WTF??!!! ive had enough, is there anyway i can send in my xbox if its out of warranty?

  • tommy

    my xbox 360 frezes at enny game after 2-7 min it all started when i started playing gta IV how can i fix ennybody cant send it 2 fucking microsoft because off my chip….maybe buy me a new playstation….

  • GG

    I have the same problem that it started freezing at the exact time that I started playing GTA IV… I wonder if GTA has more demand on the system than other games and just overloads?? I called 800-4MY-XBOX and talked to someone in India who said that I need to send it in for fix – will cost $99.00 – after reading a few of these posts I don’t know that I want to do that with no guarantee that they’re going to send me a repaired XBOX…

    And the freezing issues that arose with GTA IV are now moving into other games and sometimes it freezes at the load screen.

    FYI, clearing the cache doesn’t work, and neither does disconnect/reconnect of external equipment (wireless network & Hard Drive).

  • 1ltpayne

    jordan, i guess u could lie bout the purchase date, but…. that would be just wronge….

  • rafe


  • my xbox just keeps freezing randomly so this didnt help

  • Meno Likems

    Wound up doing the “buy a new one and return my old one for refund” trick.

    Not as easy as it sounds though. Serial number on console and box must match, or you run the risk of being found out. Plus, there’s serial numbers and ID numbers on various components internally as well.

    What I did: deconstructed my old xbox and removed MB. Not for the faint of heart. Did the same from the newly purchased unit. Put the new MB in my old casing – this is now my new xbox.

    Took my old MB and bashed/removed all prominent chips/serial numbers/ID numbers. I destroyed the chips because we had a xbox live subscription and this is keyed to IDs in various chips on the board – so it’s important that this info can no longer be retrieved by MS.

    Put my old board in the new casing (which has the new and matching serial number for the box) and returned it to the store for refund.

    Brand new xbox with new-style heatsinks for my troubles.

    Ordinarily I wouldn’t have gone this route, but it has become aparent that MS knew of the overheating and DVD drive issues well BEFORE they released these units into production (checkout or do a google search for xbox sucks).

    This is just a little screw-back.

  • earl

    DJ, have you tried dumping it in a scolding tub of water and peeing on it before you wrap it in 50 blankets. Maybe you need to wait until the summer say when it’s 90’s outside and turn the ac off i your house. Wrap it up then and laeve it run 5 hours, on top of a turned on stove…that should fix the probelm

  • Moh

    hey guys, does anyone think its good if i buy Xbox 360? because when i look to posts and discussion boards people seem to have many problems in their 360. So if anyone has something to say please reply soon. Thanks.

  • brian

    heres something i looked for in the first about fourth of this page, couldn’t find

    BRAND NEW Xbox, manfufacturing date feb 20 08, bought two days ago

    came with GTA4

    GTA4 WORKED, currently does not

    if GTA4 is in xbox upon booting, it will stay at the boot screen (xbox 360 logo)

    if not, and i put in after boot up, screen goes black and stays black until i open dashboard or the little menu, but still no game.

    possible problem, there is a curved scratch on game that IS from the xbox disc tray,

    another possible problem. i used a spawn cheat. o.O help please

  • Brian

    GG, i have the same issue as you with the gta 4 freezing. it’s really frustrating, i already had to exchange my xbox for the red lights of death. and now my warranty is out, so i guess i have to pay $100.

    does anyone know if you can get new warranty if you pay them to repair your system? why are there so many problems with such a high end system? i have my original nes that has half the exterior casing smashed off from winging controllers at it when i was pissed and it still works fine. WTF MS, get it together.


    HI my xbox 360 kept freezing randomly while playing one night. I thought it was just overheating. But the next day it did that with every game. Everyday my xbox wouldn’t be able to play any games. Then I go the system hardware failure. After the fourth day I gave up and took last resorts…. I started playing ps2 again. I couldn’t send my xbox in because I didn’t have a receipt which is bullshit because the tag on the xbox proves i bought it and have it within the warranty period. For a week I had xbox nightmares and withdraws but then at 11:30 this night I said fuck it i’ll try to play xbox one more time. And amazingly it worked niko bellic hasn’t frozen and the game is running smoothly. Xbox back to normal. It went from freezing screen to system hardware to working again?????????? WTF does anyone have any thoughts why this happened.


    I recommend to anyone thinking about getting an xbox 360, don’t get one get the ps3 the xbox has toooooo many problems and microsoft doesn’t give a shit they only want the fucking money and are too lazy to fix the problem. But if you like headaches and being pissed off get the 360.

  • §†éèÍê

    IDK about you guys, but when mine would freze, it would freeze when the X-Box logo spins, and it would be all messed up… well i fixed tht prblem really easy. all i did was change the video cord to HDTV, and turn off my X-Box. Then i turned it back on and switched it to TV.

    Problem solved. 😛

    Also, when my first X-box wasnt reading my discs i was pised off >=0 so… i named it Aldof Hitler, then i’d kinda hit it a lil bit, and it would work. (not recomended) if you have any problems with your discs, like their scratched too much, or 1 big big scratch. Just get your toothpaste, NO SPRINKLES, or that little beads stuff. IDC how pretty it looks… just get your ordinary toothpaste, and put a little dab on your finger, and GENTLY!!! rub it on the scratch, then all you do is get a SOFT cloth, and gently rub it off. look at where the scratch was, and =O!!!! its gone!!! 99.9% gauntee =)

  • Steele I”m about to try your advice lets hope it works im goin to do everything you have written so fingers crossed this sh*t works =]

    I’ll Be Immediately Reposting My Results,,


    Xbox360 Gamertag = AaronTWG

  • The Toothpaste Didn’t Work,, But I Didn”t Believe It Would,,
    The Change Of Connector Seemed To Have Some Affect And I”ve Now Being Playing the Game For Around 20 Minutes Now So Happy Days At Least For The Time Being..

    Fortunately I Haven’t Resorted To Slapping The Console Yet And Am Giving It A Chance..

    I Guess All I Can Do Is Wait In Anticiption For The Next Problem..

    All I Can Say Is That This Forum Space Has Helped More Than Any
    Other Thank You Guys, Girls, Geeks Ily Man HAHA..


  • Its Screwed Man I Am Seriously Losing It Although I have Just Found This Gem Of A Forum Which Has Casted Some Light On The Situation.. So Read It,, It Seriously Can Help For All Those Who Have Only Recently Purchased A Xbox360 or Still Has It Under Warranty..


  • Dewald

    So yeah I have a big problem now as well my X box dont even get to the main screen anymore it makes a weird noise threw my speakers and then it stalls and looks like the whole thing pixelates.

    Im really ($*E#($ mad its getting irritating.

  • Dewald

    Just read all the stuff on this page and Yeah my Xbox started with this crap after GTA 4 aswell.

  • davis

    OMG my stupid xbox!

    This is my 3rd day playing is in the most open space possible on hardwood floor in a house like 15 degrees C and it starts freezing!

    first it froze on my NFS game.
    then, my nba 2k8.
    now, all the games even COD 4!
    now, i cant even open the dashboard without it freezing.

    and even once, BEFORE IT GOT TO THE DASHBOARD it froze.

    can someone plzz help me??

  • Tyler

    okay so i bought my xbox 360 used. it worked fine until today. i got on this morning and it froze up so i restarted it a few times and tried again. Eventually i got the red light error. So i turned it off. a little while later i came back and turned it on. it worked fine! or so i thought. When i was playing call of duty 4 on xbox live it froze a minute or 2 after i joined a game. Any help?

  • Shaun

    My xbox has been doing this for ages now, keeps freezing in the middle of COD4 only. Sometimes just as im in the lobby or main menu, but mainly in the game. But i think my house temperature is too much.

  • A55AD


    Over the past couple of days my xbox has started crashing. When I crash i get these pixellated lines across my tv screen. It happens at random times; when i’m on the dashboard, when the xbox logo appears at the start, when im in the middle of a game. I rang up the support thing and they said try it without a harddrive. I did that and my xbox worked fine. So i rang back and the guy told me to clear my cache with that “X, X, LB, RB, X, X” code. I did that and he said it should work fine now. I booted up the game, did the updates, and after 2mins of playing it crashed again. I then tried playing a demo. This worked fine. It didnt crash at all. I was wondering if the updates have got anything to do with it? It has happened on Crackdown and GTA4. Also, my time and date settings are correct. I would be grateful for any help. Thanks.

  • nick


  • Joshua

    my xbox360elite keeps freezing during gameplay i cleaned my discs im pretty sure its not the discs but ya i dont know wat is going on and i kinda need help

  • 1ltpayne

    just one game? have they been updated?

  • tuxmascot

    My xbox 360 controller keeps disconnecting everytime I melee, get shot, or die. Its worse with my mic in. What do i do!!!

  • diggerusmc

    I have a pro elite and never had a red light but only freezes on certain games-halo3/bad company/GTA4/burnout/ any other games i can play with no problems cod4-/army of 2 /- fuel for war/ and so on my son and i are going nuts,fixin to buy a new game

  • James

    About 3 months after i bought my xbox it started to freeze and then it cut off on me. I tried to start it back up but red circle came up and screen on tv wouldnt show.

  • when you have this kind of problem. You have 2 options, either you can send your xbox to microsoft for repair (that will take atleast 2 weeks) or you can get it repaired by a local technician (that will take at least $140. But you still can repair your xbox without any technical knowledge. Though this method is bit risky but if you follow proper steps, you can get your xbox 360 repaired within an hour. i guess its worth trying.

  • Me

    Wow, you have a lot more patience than me. If I got an XBox malfunctioning out of the box, I would have just returned it.

  • Fly0423

    hey guys my xbox is having the same problems freezing, strange clicking noise when it happens. I have tried every thing MS says to and also a few others tips i got from my friends.

    I was wondering where to i get the update seeing as i have had a xbox live account and internet connected to my xbox for anout 6 months and i haven’t been informed or asked about any updates i’ll be really grate full if you guys know how to update it

  • Joe

    After toiling with my xbox for days, I was able to get it going using the method from these guys which included a full video tuturial :

    Got the link from this review

  • david hough

    i just downloaded an update cos it said i had to, to play this demo i had already downloaded for the wife when it had finished my NAT changed from open to strict i reset my rounter and that seems to have sorted tyat problem out but now as i turn my xbox on just afetr i sign into xbox live(it does this automaticly) it just freezes completly with the signed into xbox message still there i can’t do anything it’s a nitemare plaese help

  • 1ltpayne

    what type of router and have you triple checked your settings on both the router and the xbox?

  • Nick

    My box keeps freezing up on me while on the dashboard. i’ve never had a problem with it. it’s not giving me the red ring of death or any error codes either. i thought it might have been overheating but i let it cool off for hours and i booted it up and it’s still freezing. i’m assuming/hoping its a problem with the recent update and that it’s being worked on. i really dont want to have to send my box in

  • 1ltpayne

    if you have a hdd try playing with it off. if that helps that means it could be the updates or any other type of corrupt data, or worst case senario the hdd is bad.

  • stephanie

    um. my xbox 360 automatically signs on to my brothers gamertag. but when i try to sign onto mine it freezes. i just want to play my games….help!

  • stephanie

    ok so i just tried to play halo 3 using my brothers gamertag and it works. then i just signed out when it loaded the game and signed onto mine. IT’S A MIRACLE IT WORKS!

  • david hough

    i came to the conclusion that my xbox froze cos i downloaded a demo and started doing other things IE playing games one of the games i played required an update so of coarse i updated it then from this point i couldn’t sign in and everytime i tried it froze on me i took out my network connection and it signed in fine just not on xbox live then i plugged it back in and wouldn’t let me do anything it just froze again i took off my hard drive think that i might have t delete my gamertag but that also worked just didn’t sign anyone in so finally i came to the conclusion that it must of been the update so i put my HD back on unplugged my network connection went into system and had a look at the files to see if there was anything dogdy there the demo i was trying to download (PES 2009)had a tellow box next to it with a ! inside of it so i deleted signed back in and hey presto it works i would suggest anyone with freeze problems try this

  • Simon

    sometimes if that black message comes up u can just turn off the console pull out the hard drive. start the console up without the hard drive that should help it get on the dashboard then turn of the console again and put the hard drive back in turn the xbox back on that should make it work perfectly. I’ve had to send mine back like 5 times before I knew this sometimes I really hate MICROSOFT!!!

  • fixer


  • Amy

    Hi my husband and I got our xbox in July 2007. It seemed to be working fine until a few weeks ago…we were watching a movie and it froze up and the subtitles wouldn’t work. Now whenever we are playing any game it will freeze up and now if we restart it will occasionally load up and freeze up again if we play another game, if it doesn’t do that then it won’t even load up to the dashboard. My husband said that he has had the red lights on the ROL. But we don’t anymore. I know we’ve had updates but I really don’t know which ones. Is there anything we can do?

  • 1ltpayne

    Amy, im assuming you have a hdd. if you do try playing something without it. if it works that means something on the hdd, (ie. updates, corrupt data) if it doesnt, then its a hardware issue, and in my opinion, send it in to MS.

  • 1ltpayne

    also give simon’s fix a try. (above)

  • Amy

    well now whenever i was typing this yesterday my husband got the three rings of death. so he called MS and we are suppose to send it in. but thanks anyway for all your suggestions.

  • 1ltpayne

    ok, sorry to hear that.

  • we

    when i put a certain games is says unplayable what do i do

    • al

      this would be your lens or disc motor

  • 1ltpayne

    check the games, if they are scratched up, dusty, smuged then it might be the games, but if they are in good condition then it most likely your consol. in that case you could spray some air inside the disk tray, thinkin there might be something on the lens.


    Well I have read what everyone else is writing and I am stupid when it comes to this stuff but my husband is pretty good with it so i have been reading them to him anyways. I xbox just started freezing. at first it was just one game and now its all games, we went online and did what ms said to do and non of that has fixed the issue, I bought the system in Jan of 2007 and this is the first time we have had an issue. well then he though it might be dirty so we cleaned it and its still not working. and when we try turning it on there is a loud beep and then it freezes on the xbox ball logo. He thinks it might be the cable that hooks up the the xbox, cuz we are not getting any read lights. could it be the cable is bad?

  • david hough

    karli try playing with the HDD off see if thats any better also take your network connection lead out from the back of your console see if this helps if it works it might be something wrong with your system turn the xbox back on and go and have a look in your system settings on the purple page if there’s something wrong with anything it will have a yellow box with an ! inside it delete these even if it something important cos these files have now been corupted and this is proberly the reason for your freezing after you’ve done this put your HDD back on and your network connection lead back in and hopefully fingers crossed it will work for you

  • Trent

    Hi everyone im furiated with my 360 im still on my first right.So It happened Last week when i put Dead space in it froze I thought oh whatever.Took it out put in Saints Row 2 It froze in 3 min i got annoyed and put in Fable 2 It froze 8 Times Finnaly i got a red ring and turned it off turned it on Red Ring was gone but i keeps freezing ive had my XBOX 360 since Xmas 07 and got Xlive for my B Day a couple months after and now i dont know what to do and 3 NEW Games are coming out and i might not be able to play them because it will freeze any suggestions im clueless

  • matt shaw

    i had the same problem my good man when i bought fallout 3. only solution is to phone microsoft to see if they can repair it. i did and i’m getting it done for free. only because they re instated me wit a 3 year warrenty last time it broke.

  • Daz

    i recently had the three red lights and sent it back to microsoft for repair. since it caame back it loads up a game then 2 minutes into playin that game it completley freezes i then have to turn it of and on again but exactly the same thing happens again. it is quite annoying as i have just bought gears of war 2 and fallout 3 and it keeps freezing. can any one help me please!!!!

  • Danny

    Daz I think I can help stop your ring of death and get your Xbox 360 to start working again in 5 simple steps that will take no more than 10 minutes.

    1) Unplug all the wires (including your hard drive) except for your power lead. Also make sure you don’t have a game in the disk tray as it may be damaged in this process

    2) Get a couple of bath towels and wrap them round the Xbox. Make sure that the whole thing is covered up and that your Xbox is on otherwise this will not work.

    3) Leave the Xbox on for 5-10 minutes, allowing it to overheat. This may seem like a stupid idea that will desrtoy your Xbox, but trust me, it will.

    4) When you have allowed the Xbox to get really hot, take off the towels and turn it off. Plug everything back in, then turn it on.

    5) Your Xbox Dashboard should come up and it should work as normal. I have done this on my own Xbox and to lots of other peoples and it has never failed.

    I hope it doesn’t for you!

    • Gary

      no luck man

  • Melissa

    so i just got my boyfriend an XBOX 360 for his birthday, and everything was all fine and dandy till we stuck in Halo 3. It updated and everything. and so we were trying to download some maps, and it froze. so we turned it off and turned it back on. and what do ya know? The 3 red rings. great… so i turned it off and turned it back on, and we thought it would be ok. but no, it wouldn’t even load past the opening screen. it froze again. he unplugged it and re plugged it back in, and it loaded all the way to halo. but we don’t know what to do or why it’s doing that. it’s really frustrating actually. but idk. we got it online and not strait from MS… Bad idea?

    If you have any idea of what we can do, please post back!! i’d really appriciate it.

  • 1ltpayne

    did u buy if from a legit place ?? that dont really matter just wandering. and does the xbox get good airflow?

  • Alex

    I just got the 3 rings error tonight for the first time with my Xbox 360 Elite. I was on the main menu of CoD World at War taking ~20 minute break by listening to my headphone setup so I came back and played TDM and about 45 seconds into the game my xbox just froze.

    A bunch of alternating brown and white lines up and down my screen came up. I still hear the ‘ambient’ noise coming from the game itself. So I turned it off manually and when I turned it on again, the 3 rings popped up, which happens once in many attempts by now. Right now I can actually still load up any game to the main menu, but I can’t play multiplayer. It simply freezes within a minute into the actual match…

    Any ideas? tips?

    • chris

      i had the same thing and it was the internet connection so i plugged the internet cable directly into the back and no more problems hope this helps

  • Alex

    Mine started freezing November 29 2008 and it sucks ass not beeing able 2 play

  • SheHulk

    I figured what did I have to lose? So I tried that towel procedure. That DOESNT work! Xbox is just a piece of crap.

  • elhazo

    my xbox 360 is really a piece of crap when i turn it on it breaks within 2 seconds i hate it three red lights the F ing ring of death wat a fn lie i hate my xbox 360 im seriously thinking about getting another xbox or possibly a F ing P S 3 my xbox has 3 red lights and tv gets scrambeld up when i turn it on

  • Alan

    Yep my xbox had the red rings about eight or nine months ago, sent it away and it worked perfectly till today when the freeze problem occurred playing call of duty world at war, well didn’t actually get as far as playing just the opening section, then kaput. Not happy with Microsoft, this is the second time, and clearly I am not alone with this problem, don’t know whether to give the bastards more of my hard earned money by buying a new console, or go for the PS3.

  • Aaron

    my xbox 360 ran fine ever since i got it. Then one day after i got back from the gym, i started my 360 up it was fine for about five minutes than it froze and it still freezes. can you tell me how to fix this

  • Aaron

    now my 360 has the red ring please tell me if you know what is wrong

  • Aaron

    now my 360 has the red ring email me about it

  • zack

    aaron how many red rings flash when it happens? email me at [email protected]. maybe i can help

  • aaron

    i couldnt email you but heres the thing. i unplugged the xbox plugged it back in and it had no red ring but is was and still is freezing

  • lindsay blohand

    arron im getting the same thing my issue occurred after the update.i unplugged all the wires,tried without the harddrive.

    my 360 freezes with 3 red lights and sometimes with 1 red light so i did the secondary code trick .i got 1033 (unknown) and 0102 which could be an issue with the gpu or something on the mother board.

    secondary code trick after u get the red ring hold the sync button on the 360,then press the eject button ,do this 4 times,not fast ex: after the three lights ring hold sync button press eject (light should flash 1 quadrant 2 ,3 or all 4.each time u press eject a different light or lights flash do this 4 times ,write down how many flash each time,

    this will shed some light as to whats going on.
    key :1 quadrant or light code is 1
    2 quadrants code is 2
    3 quadrants code is 3
    4 quadrants code is 0 (not 4)

    my error is 1033 and 0102

    email me at [email protected]

    • Charley Anderson


  • Michael

    hey guys.

    mine did the same thing for a while.

    after it goes to 3 red lights.

    put tape on the back and let it run until the 3 lights turn into 2.

    turn it off and let it cool.

    start it back up and it should run.

    this works for about a day then itll freeze again.

    it pisses me off.

    so if anyone has a permanent solution tht would be great.

    email me at [email protected]

  • Michael

    all right i think i figured it out.

    take the brick looking power source thing.

    and suspend it in the air.

    make it so it not on the ground so more heat is released.

    its worked for aabout 10 minutes for me.

    and thts like a record.

  • lindsay blohand

    yeah i need a new motherboard

  • Tom

    My Xbox 360 keeps freezing up. I have no idea what to do? It use to come up with E71 but now its gone… How do i fix it?

  • Tom

    i dont have xbox live on my xbox. got any other ideas?

  • Bella

    ive had my xbox since the first christmas it was out.
    ive never had problems with it until now and its REALLY startin to PISS ME OFF!
    anyone have any ideas??
    my bro got one the same day and he just had to send his to microsoft recently…
    i dont wanna do that lol

    • rheanna

      As I said the best thing to do is to send back Microsoft all their chinese made consoles and shove it where the sun do not shine.We got this box did not even work out of the box,after reading everybody has a problem I do not feel singled out,I truely feel what you get what you pay for.

  • Steve

    hey guys, well i just got my 360 for xmas and after i downloaded the NXE update, everytime i play fable 2 and only fable 2 it freezes after about 5-15 minutes after i exit the menu and start to play.

    Please help, cause it really PISSES ME OFF

    • Rhys

      I know man i have fable 2 and now its got a HUMOUNGOUS scratch on it and my 360 freezes so i have to get it swapped for a new one and a new fable 2

      • Steve

        yeah im gonna try getting a new disk first b4 i look at my 360

    • Phil

      I’m the exact same. The update was ok. But then when i hooked up to live it started freezing every 10 minutes. I enjoyed Fable 2 when it didn’t stop every 10 minutes!

    • MoNGo SK801

      i have the same problem. When i start up my xbox 360 it works fine. but when i play Fable 2 is freezes. I play CoD4 and CoD5 fallout 3, dead space, Galo 3, Midnight club LA it works fine. i can play. but when i put in ffable 2 it wont let me it freezes at the loading screen.

      help me with Fable 2.
      if u do i can give u money on fable 2 as a reward.

      • Sagar

        hey my midnight club la keeps frickin freezing its PISSING me off!!!! smtimes it will freeze from the point when i exit the garage, but sometimes i can play for up 2 45 mins and then it wuld freeze, plz help me cuz i really like the game!

  • chris

    i have the same probs. games freeze, red lights and all the stuff. not going to mess with microsoft garbage anymore. just bought a mac and after i smash my xbox 360 into pieces, im getting a playstation 3.

  • BODE

    MY 360 always write system error e17 i need to get it to work

  • curious gerald

    mannn, it’s incredible to see how many people are having the same problems.
    i may have a way to help, but it’s not the quickest way.

    i decided to take matters into my own hands and crack open my console. i’m obviouslysuper pissed about all the freezing[no gay red lights]
    so i basically manhandled my xbox open and cleaned it of all the dust that was built up, as well as the dust build up in the power brick.

    there is a safer way to crack open your console without damaging it, but if your like me and just want to get to the bottom of this crap.. you’ll just start going crazy.

    so i cleaned it of the dust, didn’t bother putting the case back on.
    and surprisingly, my xbox doesn’t have any error screens and loads the game just about everytime.

    there still is the occasional freezing.
    i’m going to see if clearing the fans would do any good, no rags or paintbrushes.
    compressed air.

    if my results are good, i will let you all know.
    but if you would like to crack your console open, there’s a guide on how to do it without damaging anything.

    i’d say just go for it, not too confusing, barely damaged.

    check it outt.

  • shady

    My 360 has been freezing for the last week. I’m thinking it might be due to the never being updated so I’m just woundering if there is any other way that will not void the warrenty and will stop the f ing freezing? if any body can help please do reply on fourums.

  • Kupina

    Hmmmm. I read somewhere that someone’s motherboard broken in some way… I wonder if it is the core problem of most of the problems not involving red lights…

  • Alice

    I brought an XBox 360 on 31st Dec and got straight down to playing Fable 2. Unfortunately it kept freezing. I tried moving the XBox and power supply to prevent over heating but this didnt work. When the disc ran it was very noisy (much more than on other consoles) so I added the game to my hard drive and went online and installed the update. I now play Fable 2 off the hard drive and it has not frozen once! 😀

    • Steve

      hey alice how do you add a game to you hard drive?
      i have the same problem with fable 2

  • Steve

    ok nevermind alice. she is right, putting a game that freezes on you hard drive works

  • michael

    i got an xbox 360 elite for christmas and it was working fine up 2 about 3 days ago. i noticed that when i got my guitar hero world tour it started freezing alot more. is there a link between the two? or is guitar hero a little too much for it, because now i can only play for about 10 minutes until it freezes.

    • Jimmy

      i’ve had my xbox for about 2 years now, never had a problem but i find with the new NXE update the freezing starts to happen more often, NFS undercover is a huge pos..u MUST install that game onto the harddrive to play any of it, EA messed up big on it, but i’ve noticed even on other games i have such as NHL 09 and sometimes fallout 3, and a few times on call of duty World at war. it’s pissing me off having to restart the system everytime it does it, specially if im online and what not. seems the only way to resolve any of this is to install every game you have onto the harddrive..but not alot of us have the 60 or even 120 gb harddrives so it’s near impossible to enjoy games that freeze all the time.

  • chris

    from the research ive done (about 2 weeks of interneting) it seems the problem with most consoles experiencing the freezing and 3 red lights, are due to the cooling gel applied to the CPU and GPU drying over time, or perhaps from the heat generated from the CPU coupled with unusual CPU placement on the motherboard, witch prevents the cooling gel from working as it should. part of me thinks this is by design considering the ridiculous warranty, m-soft does everything they can to bilk cash from you for any replacement needed. im curious to know how much m-soft has made due to these obvious “design flaws”. also the fact that these problems happen right out of the box to machines from the first generation of consoles, or in most cases after approx 1 year of use. i find it hard to believe that the engineers at m-soft don’t know how to put a computer together. after 16 years my original nintendo still works. ive been through 2 shitbox 360’s in one year. i will never buy another m-soft product again. EVER.we as consumers should not be complacent with having to deal with these problems considering the cost of xbox live, games, peripherals and such. PS3 here i come…

    • vaki

      I know what you mean. However, the PS3 is just as prone to freezing after about a year as the X BOX 360 is. My own x box 360 freezes at some games when something like an explosion or other game event happens. If there is a way to fix this please post a comment to explain how.

      • brandon

        ya mine i put the two towels around it red ring comes up an i still can play the came after 20 mit of freezen whats up with that

  • colton

    my 360 freezes when its telling me i sighned on but it only does it with my game skate i really need help i have only played it twice im so pissed


    Hey just got a 360 about 2 months ago and ive just loved it till now, yea its a piece of shit, so instead of fixing it im going to buy another but the problems is the laser lens and the magnets are off inside it cant read the disk properly. So in other words take your harddrive out, pack the 360 up and go to your local Gamestop and get money and buy a non harddrive one. less hastly and get back to racing,shooter,stragegy what ever your heart desires. Happy Gaming.

  • calvin

    hey everybody. so ive had my 360 for little over a yr now. worked perfeclty. nothing wrong. till about a wk ago. dec 28th.

    my 360 freezes between 5 and 20 min from turning it on. ill be watchin a movie and the screen freezes. playin halo3 tea baggin someone. and it freezes. what the f..k!!! ive read almost all the replys on this page and my theory is that its from the new update on the dashboard of the 360.

    cuz seriously, do i call microsoft and tell um to fix my freezing console? i spent alot for my elite system. and as i see it, its not so elite anymore. 🙁

    • Vivalacarl

      hey man (calvin)…seriously know how you feel, i have exactly the same problem and have had my elite for around a year. the screen freezes and goes all checkered and its unresponsive. Microsoft website and has some suggestions but none worked so far. looks like a repair job. so on the website there is a link to repair and they sent you a box to send it away in. Sucks.

  • Pat

    I got my 360 the tuesday after Christmas, and today it had one freeze. I hit the X button and the menu came up. I could hear the menu sound effects, so I knew that the 360 was partially working. After about 10 seconds I held the X button on the controller to turn it off and the picture came back up again. I finished the level of World at War then rebooted the 360. Its working fine now. Also, what might prevent overheating would be an intercooler. Make sure it is one with its own power supply, or else it will give the 360 RROD.

  • A. Gill

    I’ve had my console for nearly two years now. I have recently bought Fallout 3. I’ve levelled up to Level 3 and am now the game keeps on freezing and making funny ticking noises as though it’s a bomb and about to explode!!!
    I have to switch of the console and reload from my previous start point to continue. This doesn’t happen to any of my other games, I’ve been playing Fable 2 loads during Xmas and had no problems with it.
    I’ve already had the red ring of death, which was fixed rather promptly by Microsoft.
    I hope this is not yet another problem with the console. I’m wondering whether I should stop playing Fallout 3 and buy another title instead?
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    • 1ltpayne

      A. Gill, u said it was the game, does the games have any major scratches, dirt, smugges, ect..??

    • g

      Your xbox is getting ready to break. RROD. I fix them all the time and that is the main symptom.


    • mark

      i had the same problem with ninja gaiden 2…it was a problem with a GAME update…there is a way to delete a game update, but i dont remember how…just look online and you can find out how

    • David

      I had the same exact ticking noise while playing fallout 3,later i got the polygon problem where all the shading seemed to make strange beams and coming from the sky or some objects, and then the game just kept on freezing every 10 minutes. It happened so often that now the console just freezes up at startup, and if i’m lucky enough to get past the startup ball animation and get to the dashboard… the screen goes blank.

      It already happened with other games like gears 2, so i know it’s not the game…

      I sent the machine back to microsoft today…

      • Jesse

        I bought my xbox 360 premium som half a year ago and had no problems until a couple of days ago when it started to freeze up.

        The only update i made was for gta IV back when i bought it so it cannot be updates.

        If heating problems it means the fan has critically failed, since the console freezes even at startup sometimes.

        I don’t get red rings or anything…

        crap, i will call some local repair shop later today…

        • Jesse

          Also i never connected to internet so i have got nothing from there…

  • Craig

    I’m with yawl. Had my 360 for about two weeks and it started freezing playing cod waw. It would freeze basically at the same spot on the game in 1 player,then I tried playing two player and it was fine. It didn’t freeze with any other game. As soon as it froze,I switched to another game and all was good. Right now I have no freezing issues even when playing solo

    • StonedRanger642

      I started getting msg telling me that my brand new cd was scratched. Or it would just freeze on me but only in certain games. It would tell me I had a bad cd when I was playing a demo. My xbox keeps getting worse, and now it makes weird noises and the red rings come on sometimes Im feed up I would send your xbox back asap!

  • Nickster

    My 1.5 year old xbox 360 froze right as I pulled, what I guess, is the final major move in GTA 4 about one month ago. Now the dashboard works, but all games freeze on startup. Some games freeze at the beginning of loading and some freeze after setting up game options, but I can never get to the point where I’m actually playing. When I put in Halo 3 I get an error message that the disk is unreadable, but that’s the only game that does that. Looks like to get this fixed, it’s another $100 to MS. Seems lame given that this is a systemic issue that affects so many people.

  • Terry

    funny i bought my xbox used and its been working fine for about 2 weeks. until i diceided to hook it up to xbox live. ha ha BIG mistake it worked for about a week after getting updates and stuff it started freezeing. then i got the rrod once and i freaked out. so i just left it on for 30min. then turned it back off and it worked fine. so anyone having rrod problems or freezeing problems try leaving it on for a while to let it worm up. but im not saying it will fix your problem.

  • Andy Tan

    Help me, i got the same e71 error code. i need to know how to connect to xbox live while having the e71 error code. Thanks, please help me

    • Military

      If you hold the sync controller Button when your 360 is off then turn it on while still holding the sync button it may force it to revert back to factory settings…

  • RJ

    I received my 360 as a Christmas gift from my Mom 13 months ago. A week before Christmas this year, my XBOX started to freeze after 2-3 minutes of gameplay on ANY disc. Even the Dashboard freezes up. I called XBOX Support today and they were no help at all. They told me I am 2 weeks out of warranty. I need to come up with $140 or so to get it fixed from Microsoft. Needless to say, I am very upset and angry. Something needs to be done about this.

  • Becki

    I brought my Xbox back in October, worked fine for months, no issues with any of the games, nothing.

    Then, oneday it downloaded this stupid desktop update from the internet, with those stupid avatars… can i play a game for longer then 30 minutes now? can i hell….

    the screen freezes constantly when playing Fable 2, which i have been trying to play for weeks now and i am unable to do so thanks to this problem. Microsoft have told me to send my X-box inito them. Has anyone dones this? did it help?

    • kenneth

      i dont have an issue with it freezeing while playing halo but fable 2 freezes constantly! and other games give me the disk is unreadable message, i bought an xbox arcade at a local gamestop about two weeks ago and i downloaded the nxe and avatar shit

      • Derek

        yah same here guys mine freezes cuz of the NXE with Fable 2 but not with other games

        Im gonna install fable 2 directly to my hard drive and see if that helps

    • Phil T

      I have an X Box 360 Elite, which I thought had an updated mother board(due to the steep price) I had it for about a year, and started playing Call of Duty 4. It started freezing up while trying to play it…I tried a few more times and it would freeze before I could even get signed in. I shut it off and figured it was hot so I would let it cool down. Started the 360 up the following day, and it went through to the game. After several minutes…freeze up! There are several reasons for the 360 freezing up, the main reason is overheating! The GPU chip gets too hot and causes the freezing up of the system. The freeze is almost always followed by the Red Ring of Death. If your warranty is up, or you have a used system that has a removed seal, you’ll have to look on google for repairing red rings of death (not too hard if you get the right guide and materials!!) If you still have a warranty, or an untouched seal, call microsoft first! They have extended warranties to repairing the RROD. DO NOT tell them it is freezing up, they may offer to repair the system at their cost! Tell them you have the RROD, and will usually pay for all shipping and the repair. I sent mine in, and have had it back for abot a month or so, it seems to be working just fine. If you really want to understand the system and the changes they have made for the better since the original release, pick up a copy of the new XBOX magazine out this month. It has Resident Evil 5 on the front. Inside, it has a great article about the 360, and shows a disected system of 2005, and one from now. Explains alot!. Hope this helps, and good luck.

  • Tatzua

    Hi guys its insane to see how many people have the same problem as me! I just got off the phone to xbox (They hung up on my 3 times) and I just spoke to a superviser. He said its not their problem and now in the UK come 12 tonight on the 4th of Feburary its no longer £60 to fix but £92. (Meaning its now $180)

    This is not right and something must be done!

  • Jay

    hey.. ive got a problem with my xbox 360.. it used to freeze up a while ago but then it never froze until now.. it freezes up when i start up the xbox 360..

    help please..

  • c.bonnema

    i think these problems are incredibly ridiculous. microsoft just layed off 5,000 people!! i doubt they care.i really think the only way is to boycott!!! either stop purchasing,or nobody play until they fix the would suck,yes,but something major needs to be on my third xbox in a year and im sick of it!!! i am not alone.we must do something!!! right now i bought a two year warranty on mine,and i plan to get a new one before the end even if it’s still working,though the chances of that are slim. the point is that they know there are problems,yet no recalls or real solutions and it leaves us all screwed other than playing games with it.this shouldnt be a hassle!!!!

    if purchasing a new x box..the magazine suggests a jasper motherboard which is explained in detail in the march 2009 issue of xbox mag.(pg 86-89)

  • harry

    mine freezes up all the time looked on there website did it all that helped it still odes it so i called up xbox and went through to there robot and it said the same thing if this keeps happaning im sellin the 360 and all games and gettin a ps3 that dont break down.and my wii dont breakdown at all.Xbox need to do something fast

  • Brandon

    I just traded in my Wii for a 360 like a week ago. A bran new xbox with the 60gb hard drive and right away while playing my first game it froze. I’m really disappointed. And now last night it froze twice while playing Prince of Persia… I wanted to give the 360 a chance but it looks like I may have made a mistake. I was aware of the problems but figured Microsoft would have taken care of them by now. Guess not.. very upsetting..

    • Military

      Install the game to the hard drive….. Mine would freeze up every 5 min….. Now after I installed it to my hard drive I don’t have any freezing problems!!!!

  • Dallan

    If we could get every Xbox owner who has had problems with their Xbox call the M$ support for one solid week and overwhelm them….maybe they will take notice. Pick one week and then start calling every hour of the day.


    yea i got an x-box 360 a few moths ago and baught a $20 game (forza 2) and it played great, but i baught gta 4 and everything went to hell i can’t play it for 5 minutes without it freezing completely. i got an intercooler thinking it was due to it getting extremely hot and not cooling down but it only added 5 more minutes. i can still play forza but it freezes like 30 mins in. What should i do?

  • Military

    To everybody that has a freezing problem get the newest dash update!!!! Then intall your game to you hard drive!!! It fixed my problem 1000 percent!!!

    • brandon

      how do u get that

  • Get your xbox 360 repaired

  • Gary

    its very nice 2 c how many ppl have the same exact problems. i just got my xbox 360 elite last christmas. i did that update yesterday morning and then around 7:00 pm it kept freezing. i plugged out the power part b/c i thought it would be heating issues and i did have it on 4 a long time. i went on it after 10(still yesterday) and it still happens. the “red ring of death” didnt appear(yet). how do i do this without sending it away 2 get it fixed? again just amazing how so many ppl have this problem.

    • You think its the update? my xbox everytime i start it it freezes on the start up screen or the console. I left my E mail if you want to respond.

  • Abe

    ok so i just want to know if there is a way to like remove the NXE dashboard update w/o completely wiping the harddrive

    plz help NXE update sucks! 🙁

    • Military6194

      yes there is a way… you just need to deleta all of the nxe stuff from your hard drive… im not sure it will work but i believe it will i will try it for you this friday… do not delete it til i try it!!!! i will reply friday night…if it doesnt work i can always restore my xbox….

      • Military6194

        if you get the e-71 error or any similiar error dont panic… it is a update failure and can easily be reversed!!!!!!!! first turn your console off… wait a few min. press the controller sync button then turn your xbox on and it should restore it to pre-error state… please tell me if this works for you..

        • Military

          Anybody that has the freezing issue get an intercooler as well as install the game to your hard drive….I installed all of my games to my hard drive and got an intercooler…the interlcooler will be a little loud if you buy a cheap one…. I bought a NYCO and it is a little louder than it needs to be but it gets the job done…my xboxlive gamertag is iwillbeatdowna… any questions? I can answer most questions thru my xbox or on this site

          • brandon

            what is a nyco

        • al

          e 71 is not only or the real problem is an update fail. after getting rrod i pulled off both x clamps and cooked it. i got rid of the red ring but now get an e71 error.did sing in cleaned up dash soon as i run a disk e71 pops up. the only way to get to the dash is to put in the freezer for ten min,

  • Gary

    I used 2 have freezing problems with my xbox 360 elite. It would always freeze when I started ANY game. The way I fixed it may help u people as well. I use a DSL router as my internet connection. it only has 1 ethernet port so i would have 2 plugged out the cable when I wanted 2 use my xbox and vice-versa. I got NETGEAR b/c it has 5 ethernet ports and I don’t have 2 keep switching. 1 connected 2 xbox, other 1 connected 2 computer, and last 1 connected 2 my DSL router. Anyways back 2 how it fixed my problem. I moved my ethernet cable connected 2 my xbox 2 1 of the other 2 ethernet ports. Ever since I had no freezing problems. I don’t know if it will help you people but I’m sure you want 2 fix ur xboxes.

  • Ok I Have 4 Xbox306’s

    1)Xbox360 Elite It Freezes After You Play It Over An Hour

    2)Xbox306 Core It wont play any games for some reason

    3)Xbox360 Core Bottom Right Red Ring Of Death

    4)Xbox360 Arcade it Freezes At Any Game Menu

  • Nick

    I have the regualar 360 with the 13Gb, and I had gotten it repaird before, when I got it it sounds louder, I guess it has an intercooler, works perfectly. I have it in a nightstand with the back out so it has plenty of air, but I have been playing RacePro a lot lately and after about an hour it just froze, so I quickly shut it down, thinking that maybe it just needs to cool down. This is ok right? I don’t want to have to go through all of that again.

  • al

    can anyone tell me how to fix an E71 error, it’s not an update issue.

  • A. Freias

    I am beyond livid right now. My elite which I purchased almost 3 years ago died about a year ago. I got a replacement it dies a month ago, I got another and it dies 5 days later (all rrod). I get an elite back and not even being able to finish setup it freezes and a few tries later it also gives me the rrod. To top it all off I purchase a Jasper (most current version) arcade unit as a back-up when my elite fails and it also gave the 3rrod. I got the box to send my Arcade one today which I will ship it tomorrow (i’ve sent so many back mine are expidited)and call and get a coffin for the elite.
    My console is on the top shelf, nothing blocking it and still it gives me 3rrod. I am at a loss with SF:IV, RE:5, Halo Wars all in my library and I cannot enjoy them. I currently have 2 360’s that are unplayable. I am afraid to admit it but I should just sell them and forget playing on a 360. I reformatted the hard drive and even bought a new hard drive thing it could be a bad drive. No matter what I do I am stuck with a system (now 2) that I can use and great games that I cannot enjoy.

  • steve

    easy fix.take xbox apart.replace x clips with screws and nylon great now.permanent fix.



    • microcrap

      Ex-Box is crab, My POFS(piece of fucking shit) Freezes and lockes up. Wow Just like every EFFN MICROCRAP PRODUCT EVER MADE. Called CrapperSoft and the are sending me a box. Worst part brand new game in it when it died, that got scratch to shit. Microcrap isnt refunding the 3 hour game I take a 64 dollar lose. When I get the Crap Box back, I am trading it in on a PS3. FUCK MICROSOFT!!!!!

      • Matt

        My xbox is a pos, it has gotton the rrod four times in a year and a half! I’m not very fond of pc’s either (2 broken pcs at home). My advice to anyone with xbox trouble shooting, and every owner would be to sell your xbox before Microsoft dumps the program (value would drop like the stock market during bush admin.) and buy a ps3! Buying Microsoft over apple and Sony has been one of my worst decisions. Bottom line, spend the extra money on a mac (rather than a pc) and spend a extra 150 dollars on a ps3, you will eventully wind up saving money because of little to no repairs.

        • headache

          I wish i would have saw that when i first got this peace of shit XBOX. I will never fuck with microsoft

  • guys Im having a problem with Oblivion when I turn it
    on is say error cant read disk and then says things I
    should do to fix it I do al three choices and nothing.
    I think the problem with oblivion for xbox is the hardrive
    I think its the only one responsible and could someone tell me if I should get a new one or not? The hardrive has trouble
    taking care of some minor glitches and as a result says it cant
    read the disk.

    • JIG 716 J4L J16


  • ben

    yah this happened to me i would start playing a game with the new harddrive and wireless network adapter(the arcade version worked fine with a memory card and every thing untill i hooked up my hardrive and wireless modom) then i went on skate2 live and it froze 5 min. into my session. the i put G2A in and it did the same thing but not on live i got 2 min into the game and froze now it just keeps freezing when i get to my Xbox home page!!! WHAT DO I DOO??


      • JIG 716 J4L J16







  • wes

    im connected to the internet, and the first time it happened, it froze right in the middle of RB, and then halo, and then it kept freezing really quickly, and i was chatting in a xbox live party, so i really dont know whats wrong

  • microcrap

    Save yourself sometime, and angry. Buy a PS3 instead!!!!!!!!

  • headache

    I will never buy xbox product again. I have never had this much problem with a game system. I hope microsoft know they lost over a million customers cause of the xbox360 keep freezing and getting the red ring of death. When the next generation of games come out, theres noway microsoft will compete with sony. Microsft should have taken there time making these games.Now they the customer to send them in to get them fix for 100 dollars.Your about to make a quick 100 dollars off of everybody who brought the xbox.and all u got to do is clean the inside and replace a brooken chip.Thats a rip off. I will never buy microsoft product again and encourage other people to do the same.DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON MICROSOFT!!!SAVE YOUR SELF SOME MONEY AND HEADACHE AND JUST GET PLAYSTION!!!!A SYSTEM THE COMPANY TOOK THERE TIME MAKING AND DIDNT JUST THROW IT OUT TO THE STORES AND RIP ITs CUSTOMERES OFF!!!!!!!!

    • Mark

      I just want to point out that Xbox 360 sales are currently beating PS3 sales in most regions across the world, and also most of the games that were always Sony exclusive are going to Xbox 360, because the Xbox is so much easier to program and hogs less resource.

      Also i wanna point out I’ve owned 5 Xbox’s in my life Ive never gotten a red ring, I’m not saying it doesn’t happen im just saying that it doesn’t happen as often as so many of you are making it seem. Believe me I am the resident go to guy for Xbox repairs in my city so its not like i can say it doesn’t happen.

      • mat

        im on my 5th xbox now after 4 different ones of mine all have rrod a hitachi one a smsung one 2 benqs and a liteon.
        so im giving up !fuck ms il stick to online gaming with my perfect quad core pc. or go on my xbox1 again! thats still working fine. free online with xlink kia on xbox1 too.

      • Mike G

        OK well i owned a xbox when it 1st came out and it crapped out on me in 2007 two years! so i sent it in and they sent me a new box well the 2007 box red ringed as well in 2008, sent it in and now as of dec 9th the 2008 unit has red ringed as well and they want $100 to fix it, now you say you have owned 5 xboxes and no red rings of death? hmm highly doubtful unless you get rid of it before a year or two. Because clearly it is certain that the life line on just one xbox 360 is one or two years. I had the 1st original xbox when it came out and never EVER had a issue.

        • MikeCheck

          Your situation is almost eerily similar to mine. I refused to spend that $100 this past time. I took it to someone locally who fixes XBoxes. He fixed the RROD but states it still freezes due to marks on the CPU due to the overheating. So Im pretty much out an XBOX due to their less than average product.

      • XBOX360stinks

        Hey Mark if the XBOX is so good to you why have you had to buy 5 of them?Sounds like the moron that keeps buying Fords because he is a ford man,even though he has bought 5 in the last 10 years,and I have had the same Chevy for 10 years.If it is good they should still be working right????

  • I know has good fixes listed on the site. for the rrol.

  • Matt

    Oh this was a truely easy fix. Useing my degree in computer science I simply removed my xbox piece by piece, using various products, all I had to do was replace my mother board and completely recconstruct the rest of my xbox. Now my xbox works decently still not as good as it should though.

    Right… Geek.

    Ps3 works xbox makes u work.

  • De-end-of

    cld someone please let me know to remove the xclamps i already took the xbox apart & im having a hell of a time doing so and yes i do have a terminal screw driver set..

  • tyler

    hi i am having a problem with my xbox. It keeps freezing when i turn it on. the furthest ive gotten to seeint was the big green x loading up. Ive tried rebooting it numerous times, but it still doesnt work. I called xbox and they said it would cost $100 to send my 360 in. I really dont want to spend that amount to repair my xbox and wait a long time to get it back, so if anyone has any tips, or any do-it-yourself steps, that would be very helpful, and greatly appreciated. Thank You

    • i have the same problem but heres wat u gotta do u have to call micrsoft and tell them that u want to register ur consle and once u do that wait a few days and tell them that ur xbox has the ring of death and theyll repair ur consle 4 free

      • wow


        • mongolian

          And that makes him a weirdo how?

          • XBOX360stinks

            It is not illegal,but just against microsoft policy.
            Selling a piece of sh_t rip off console that does not work for more than a couple hours should be illegal.Not fixing the issues,and continuing to sell something that they know will not work over 50 percent of the time should be against the law.I spent over $400 bucks for something that will not work right.I look at it like Microsoft took over $400 bucks from me,and in CA that is considered Grand Theft… and is a Felony.But who cares right?as long as Bill Gates gets his money he does not give a rats ass about the people he sells his rip off products too.You would have thought WE as customers would have learned it the first time with his RIP off operating systems,but we keep buying them.I wounder if I could get this 360 to fit up Bill Gate’s ass.Maybe then he would understand what a pain in the butt it is to buy something that does not work.
            You can talk all you want about how bad the ps3 is compared to the xbox,but at least it will work.can’t play the xbox if it does not work,so how can you compare the two?like apples and oranges.A ps3 working against an xbox360 that does not work.
            Here is my fail safe fix for the xbox 360,First remove any games,and hard drive,unplug all cords.Carry the console up to your second story and toss it out the window.Then sell your games,hard drive,cords,and controller so you will get some of your wasted money back.Then go buy any other gaming system on the market.That is the only way to fix all Xbox issues.

  • Andrew

    I’ve been the owner of pretty much every system since Nintendo. I’ve always taken great care of the consoles and games, never had one problem. Well, I bought the 360 and took great care of it. Nothing on top of it or around it, bought the fan thing for the back, etc. Now the piece of crap is freezing every 2 minutes or so. They want 100 bucks to fix it, yeah ok. I’m buying a PS3, won’t but another Microsoft system.

    • Baba O’Reiley

      HA! don’t get me wrong PS3 is a great system anyway and a great deal considering the blu ray drive but don’t think for one second the PS3 doesn’t have just as many issues and their customer service doesn’t suck just as much… they do.

  • Anonymus

    My problem is that it freezes on startup.

  • Quentin

    well ive got this to say, ive had my 360, its a original standard bought when 360s came out, so about 5 yrs or so? sometimes it turns off and gives me 3 red rings of death, but besdies that, it works fine still. I havent had to repair it once in this 5 years and still continuing.

  • Your blog is awesome! I found it on Yahoo searching for new ps3 hardware and couldn’t resist reading it. You have some good tips here. Thanks for posting!

  • goukmasterflex

    i recently fixed my xbox 360. i did the x clamp trick and then overheated it for 40 mins with the fan on the big transitor gpu?? anyways after that i took the fan off completely till both red lights came on. turned it off for twenty mins and it worked but kept freezing on me. i noticed that there was a loose sound and notice that the transitor under the drivemight not have been all the way down due to the bolts being too long. i remove one at a time and added another washer to the back and now it works fine.

  • Aleni

    Ok so i spoke to xbox live 6 times over an hour each time. Everytime i play mw2 online it freezes right at the begining of the match…everytime, one random time out of 30 i would get an error message BG_Evaluatetrajectory: trType: 60. I went through everything possible. I connected through the modem, router, and even the wireless adapter, freezes everytime…but only online. I play games offline with no problem. but online it freezes, i tried 3 different games…same outcome. I even tried a different hard drive, clearing the cache, making a new xbox live name and playing it on both hard drives…froze right after i joined a match, and once in a blue at the dash. at no time did 3 red rings appear on the box ever. Not to mention i just bought this elite back in november. so microsoft says it’s not a hardware issue…so after everything we did, including a soft reset, in device, memory, rb, lb, X, rb, lb, X yada yada yada downloaded updade still freezes. Tried reformatting the drive, still freezes. the only thing that microsoft is telling me is that its my internet provider. How is this comcasts fault?! they said it could be the modem i have, bc its for the internet and my phone?! wtf i doubt it. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!

    • Jacob Madison

      I was told that it would be my internet provider too, which is bullshit cause I have a brother that plays in the other room and his xbox does fine.No freezes or anything.

  • Mr. C

    Ok so I bought the xbox about 4 or 5 years ago when the 360 first came out. Back then I heard a lot of people were having problems with it and having to send it back all the time. Not me though. I happily played my xbox for years and now all of a sudden it freezes within the first 20 seconds of every game I put in. My power supply is fine, the location of the xbox is fine, as far as I can tell it’s not all that dusty and I have never had problems with it before. I’m quite pissed off actually seeing as I was enjoying the new Alan Wake game and Red Dead Redemption. Does anyone have any good tips for my specific situation? Also, if I can’t repair my xbox I’m either considering buying a new one or buying a ps3. Any advice on that? Thank you for your time.

    • noah

      hi me to i had this Xbox for years but suddenly it freezes ever game and sometimes in the dashboard its really pissing me of oh and by the way buy the Xbox i had a ps3 it sucks online is so laggy. by the way it only has a few good games.

    • Mr.C my suggestion is to buy another 360 arcade. If your old 360 has a hard drive and all the extra goodys then a 360 arcade is your best bet. I had a 360 first gen that I had no problems with.Now my red rings. ended my 360 and my warranty was gone mind you I got my console when it the market so I had no issue getting another one. I had the harddrive and so I got a arcade. You can get a PS3 if you want one but game wise I think the 360 has a stronger backing from most of the major game developers in the industry. This is coming from a diehard PS fan but Sony this time around has been a very very big disappointment I loved the ps&2. Sony had the best games and the best controllers. I was set and ready for Sony to destroy the Wii and 360. Sony became a copy cat with the PS3 they hyped the ability of what the PS3 could do b4 launch. The PS3 came out and I was on impressed with the games, graphics, and online. Sony didn’t live up to their own hype and when I say copy cat I mean Microsoft came up with a wireless controller a few days later in a gaming magazine or video game expo Sony sony announces their wireless controller.360 will have a HD player well Sony now will be a blu-ray player. and the lame and worse argument ever heard is the online play is free big fuckin deal. Hey people who bash the 360 cuz they charge for live they do still charge on the PSN network look at maddened 11 or ff. Guess what Sony will be charging play online soon with the move out its rumor that sony is going to start having cost packages for online play and most of the free play won’t have great server support. So find a new way to talk shit about the 360. (not direct it at you

      • Mr. C the last part is not directed at you just the 360 stuff. I have a 80 gig PS3 but my mom and pops use it to watch blu-ray movies when they come to my house. So if you love movies get a PS3 but game wise the playstation has very little to offer the games I have are mostly first party titles and the graphics for them aren’t even as good as they can be. the best graphics I’ve seen on the ps3 so far are heavy rain but if the game is cross platform their is no difference in graphics I even went as far as getting cod mw1 on PS3 and 360 and ran them both in 1080p on my Samsung dlp I have the same Samsung hdtvs in my crib one upstairs the other in my game room so take it from me there is not difference between the games. Other than online play I find the 360 to have a better lobby and more players at 1 time. Hit me up if you want to play CODMW2 OR BLACK OPS Game tag is my name her SickShothe2nd. Peace

  • Hanvy

    Right, i have the same problem with Modern warfare 2. Everytime i went in a match, it frose before the count down even ended! Then, i switched of my xbox, left it for about and hour, turned it back on, got to the logo, it looks all glitchy and BAM! it freezes. i kept trying to reboot it but the same thing happened. What the fuck?

  • dan

    xbox is shit now even slim n kinect i gt them i moved to ps3 cuz theres no problems wot sso eva!!!

  • anon

    ok ive read all the posts noone mentions this so i thought id post it. the xbox red rings all the time because of a fault in the gpu and cpu and this video controller chip ana i believe its called. all of it has to do wih the cold solder they used when making the xbox 360. more than likely some solder points on the mother board are bad (and no you cant see them). i will list the steps i have aken to fix my xbox over the time ive had it.

    1. Do the xclamp fix. It does work wonders and it only costs you $6 and and hour of your time.

    2. Do the 12v fan mod increased airflow of the 360 is not a bad idea, i mean the fan is a 12v fan only using 5v. (this does make the 360 louder)

    3. Look into doing a reflow of the solder, i would recommend a professional reflow because you are using alot of heat. but i have had success with a hair dryer. the big heat guns make more heat and scare the hell out of me lol.(just dont concentrate the heat on the capacitors, the little round things sticking out the board it can cause them to burst)

    4. open the case if u have no warranty left. right now my 360 has no cover on it. im in the process of making a custom case for it.

    i hope that these steps work for people other than me.

    p.s. i you dont know what im talking about google what you are confused on. thats where i found all my informartion.

  • derrell

    ok my xbox 360 has been freezing for like 3 months it started freezing on bionic commando every 5 mins after that my freezes on gears of war(sometimes it will sometimes it wot)Gears of war 2(same but more)just now COD.It freezes when powerup my 360 sometimes it will get to dashboard but more times it wot so i to unplug my internet cable then plug it in when it is at the dashboard.I try clearing the patch’s that didn’t work and now i just cleared my harddrive and tranfer my data to a flashdrive it froze 2 times now but it was only at the dashboard can someone help me plz.
    P.S. sometimes E71 will pop up on xbox but that’s rare

  • caleb

    guys. if you get red rings take caution. i just recenly had red rings and i sent it to somebody from geek squad. he said there was a bunch of dust. if your xbox is on a rug. laying down. put it up and off the ground. if my xbox were going to get a electrick shock somehow. it would of been fryed

  • little n

    if it happens to the 360 on the old white one then dont buy the new black one same this it freezes everytime i play a game and the most when i play midnight club this SUCKS

    • Liam K

      dont worry it is midnight club not your xbox, it happens to me when i am either at the loading screen or when i change my car in a online cruise.

  • Spencer

    Hi, so my 360 freezes up at loading screens for only two of my games: Red Dead Redemption and Star Wars the Force Unleashed. Once the games load up there is a never-ending loading screen and it sucks. The only way to get out of it is to go back to the dashboard, or in some cases you just have to turn the 360 off manually. I need a response because I don’t know if I should buy a new 360 or not while there is a good sale for Black Friday. Thanks.

  • James

    hey i got the old 360 it was working fine until one day it kept freezing if i put something heavy on top of my 360 it plays fine but when i take the weight off it freezes can anyone tell me what i should do and how to fix it

    • Joe

      ur an idiot. there is nothing wrong with your xbocx. microsoft says on their website to keep ur xbox in a well ventilated area away from other electrical devices with nothing under or on top of it. if u were lees of a d***a** u wld have thought to check microsoft’s website!

    • Nathan

      My guess is your heat sink or CPU has come unglued from the motherboard and when you put that extra weight on it pushes it down so it makes contact with it. ull probably need to open up your xbox and replace the thermal compound on both the CPU and heat sink… then overheat it again. U can look up these instructions on youtube.

  • Alex Holmes

    got a old 360 brand new fifa 11 in and it freezes every time on the free roam areaner :S HELP
    brought skate 3 as well and that done the same, it works when i play on my old games fifa 10 and forsa 2, dirt 2. why not with any of the new ones

  • Emely

    I have this xbox 360 for less than a year, and I was playing today and suddenly it froze up! I turned off and I could play again, but then after 10 minutes it froze again, so I did it again, I turned it off and on, but I it happened all over again, so I’m afraid there’s not much to do, can anyone help me???

    • Reed

      there are several things to do, 1. Xbox 360 freezing on specific games
      This is probably the most obvious tip to check, but when worrying about the fate of your console it can be easy to bypass such things. The first thing to check when your Xbox 360 is freezing up is which game you are playing. Eject the disc and have a look at the back to see if there are any scratches, markings, dirt, or anything else that might be preventing your console from reading it properly.

      Once cleaned, re-insert the disc and see how it goes. If the game freezes in the same place/area/timing as previously it could be due to an error on the disc, a glitch, or a corruption in your Xbox 360 cache or game save. There will be more on this later in the article.

      If the game freezes in a different area/timing to before, it is time to try another game. I’d try playing about two or three more games to see what happens (to get an average result). If your other games cause your Xbox 360 to freeze then it could be a problem with your console hard drive or overheating. If it is only the first game that caused problems then it could either be a problem with your copy, or an issue with the game that requires for it to be patched. Check online forums (such as the one on to see if other people are experiencing the same issues, otherwise send your game back (stating the issue and how you’ve tried to resolve it) and get a replacement.
      Is it only freezing online?
      This, admittedly, is also another simple yet common thing to check. However, I have added it to this “guide” as I want it to be as helpful as possible to everyone.

      If your Xbox 360 is freezing only whilst playing online, then it is most likely down to your Internet connection rather than the console itself. Check that everything is setup correctly and that you are using filters for your broadband connection to prevent it getting affected by the phone line/phone calls. You may also need to check your firewalls and port forwarding settings.
      Clearing your Xbox 360 Hard Drive cache
      I’ve had this problem myself whilst playing Oblivion, although it was not only freezing in some places but also being very unresponsive and really slowing down when trying to talk to NPCs. Anyway, clearing the cache on your Xbox 360 is very safe and does not affect any of your game saves, profiles, demos, videos, etc (although it does delete some downloaded game auto-updates, which will be easy to download again afterwards). It is mainly temporary data that is stored in order to make certain areas of games load faster. These can sometimes corrupt, making your Xbox struggle when trying to read them and eventually just freezing up.
      4. Xbox 360 overheating?
      Overheating is unfortunately an extremely common problem. The console’s fans whurr so loudly that you’d think it would be fine, but whilst drowning out a lot of the sound from your games you need to ensure that it is in a well ventilated area. Try to make sure that there is nothing surrounding it and that it is not too close to a heat source.
      5. Check your Xbox 360 Hard Drive
      Not only can the cache corrupt from time to time, but also the Hard Drive itself. When most Xbox 360s start freezing most people cry out “Red Ring of Death is coming!”. But that’s not always true. This is what the problem was with my console, and I have not yet had the dreaded Red Ring of Death.

      I was told by Microsoft technical support to try removing my Xbox 360 hard drive whilst the console was switched off and playing for about a week to see if I was still receiving freezes (as my Xbox was freezing randomly. Sometimes every two minutes, and others only once every 2 hours or so). I managed to purchase a memory card (or memory unit as they like to call it) quite cheaply so I could still play games and earn achievements.

      A week passed and my Xbox 360 didn’t freeze once! I was over the moon. After calling Microsoft technical support again they suggested that I transfer all my data to my memory unit and formatted the Hard Drive (you can do this by connecting the hard drive whilst the console is switched off and then turning it on and going to the system menu). After the formatting I had to re-download all my Xbox DLC which was a little frustrating, but I didn’t need to pay for any of it again as it keeps track of your downloads/purchases on your account.

      • james

        hey my xbox is always saying e 71 error and when it does play it will freez about two mins after bein at the home screen and it freezis with every game and i dont know what to do helpp me

    • Marhan

      i have the same problem… since 2day.

      i have the xbox 360 5 years now and suddenly today it keeps frozen. radomly minutes . sometimes @ intro or Dashboard or in a game . any1 suggestions?

  • Eddie

    Stop with the PS3 being so great. I had 3 game feeze yesterday. Updates are 1gb and over a lot of times that take 30 minutes or more to install. Sometimes they don’t install correctly so your game goes crazy. The last Bad Company 2 update was 2Gb! Oh and sometimes Sonys console updates make things not work. Ihave both and would pick my xbox.

  • jesse

    see if had my xbox360 for over 6 mothns got use to getting kicked off internet cuz of the crapy servise we have but now i got the new cod black ops it kicked me off and i thought wth ill reboot it and boom now when ever i try and play black ops the disck freezes my entire xbox i dont get it help me plz!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nathan

      Do you get a error code? If you do get something like e74, u have to go into your xbox and replace the thermal compound on both the cpu and heat sink… I did that to mine and it seems to work well.. U can look up how 2 fix e74 code on youtube. And ull have to purchase some arctic silver 5 thermal compound to replace the old stuff.

    • Your gpu is unseated. You can see fixes on you tube.

  • Basel

    my xbox while playing iy gets stuck plz can you tell me whats the problem

  • It freezez and the screen turns black

  • thanks were is that at

  • Were is the
    powerS suply

  • Danny

    my xbox doesnt even load up now and it just gets turned on and then goes straight to a black frozen screen wtf!!!

  • Alex

    I’m trying to play Call of Duty Classic but it just stops a little more than half way. Is there anyway to fix it because i love this game.

  • adam

    i had my xbox for 3 years until 2day.
    when i turned it on i put in halo reach
    then when i go to the main menu it freezes.
    i press the eject button then it goes back to the
    so i thought the game was stuffed.
    I put in cod black ops then when i was playing
    campaign it froze again. then i thought somthing
    was broken. put in mw2 same thing!!!!!!
    sum1 helpp meee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Derrick Dumond

    my homefront game is frezzing on my account but not on my old account why

    • Nick Hope

      My Homefront is freezing to, I dont know if its my xbox or the game. Cuz I have tried it on two different xboxs and exchanged my homefront but it still freezes

  • Christa

    My xbox does the same, but I also have other problems. It at times freezes while i play, freezes at the logo screen, freezes at the dash, gets the 3 red rings, gets one red ring with the E71 message. I think my system is just F-ed up.

    • james

      my xbox got the three ring of death sometimes to and it was freeezing but then and it had th e71 error message what heppend is ur xbox is over heating thats what causes three ring of death so then mine got three ring of death everytime well i took it aprt cleaned the cpus and the heat sinks after that i put silver polish stuff on it then a heat sink compund and got it working now i have jus the e71 error problem but this is how u fix it turn on ur xbox then go into ur dashboard on the right column hit initial set up then follow the instuctions nobody really knows what causes the e71 error but mainly a update failed or something like that but that will fix it also clean ur hardrive with disc cleaner and that will help it stop freesing-

      • james

        after i fixed the red ring of death and i got rid of the e71 temperary and now my xbox will get e 71 error but when it doesnt and it makes it to the home screen after about two mins of jus scrolling and jus messing around it freezis then it goes back to getting the e71 error omfg someone pls help me if not im throwin it away i jus wanna fix the problem thats all if not i might buy a new one and save most of the good parts and throw the rest away also i just bought the new liquid cooled system for my xbox and im not gonna even hook it up till its fixed or i get a new one but its awsome

    • Matt

      Ok guys I have the same problem with my xbox freezing but I put an ice pack on the bottom of my xbox and its stop freezing but make sure you put a towel on the ice pack. I have played my hours over hours and it has not freeze on me . But I am thinking of getting a laptop cooling fan dock to put on the bottom

      I hope this works for everyone

  • guys it depends on you console position my xbox used to freeze but i now make it sleep not stand and its fine:D

    • Arab

      i got mine from best buy ( refurbished) it was fine at first but then started to freeze but when i asked microsoft they said it might be the hardrive causing the problem

  • Atif

    Hi I want some help with my xbox 360, I updated my xbox but for some reason it wont recognise the harddisk but I have connected the harddisk by the transfer cable (USB), it recognises as 16 GB memory. Can anyone help.

  • j

    /this is all fine except you did not explain how you got it out of the e71 screen… How did you get to the dashboard?

  • ricky

    hay my xbox 360 has porbloms whin i sin in it takes about 5 min just to get off the i dont know wath it is called like when you push the x on your controoler that thing pops up how would you make that faster i tryed every thing but it sill takes 5 mins how do i fix that

  • ricky

    ok it is called the xbox guide

  • James

    I have the original Xbox 360 and was planning to sell it, so I wiped the HD and reset it to factory settings. Decided against selling it, and started having trouble with the e71 error. Initially I could just reboot the Xbox and it would play the games, but it got to the point that it would not boot and would only display the e71 error. I looked online and found a bunch of fixes, from holding a series of buttons during boot to re-soldering the south bridge. After finding this post, I attached my wireless adapter and was able to get past the e71 error message and connect to my home network. I downloaded the updates and my Xbox is working perfectly. Thanks for the help!