Gmail Adds MP3 Player

Google has apparently added an MP3 playing feature to Gmail. So, if someone emails you an mp3 as an attachment, the little google player will come up to allow you to play the sound right from Gmail. Very neat.

You can also embed this player in your website so your visitors can listen to an audio clip right from any page. The embedded player at Gmail calls this URL to play the attached MP3:

UPDATE: iSpider goes into more detail on how to embed the player in a website.

[Via Paul Stamatiou]

  • Yes i heard about the gmail mp3 player built in the emails now .. is it active for all emails now? Infact let me check my inbox and see if I can play an attached mp3 file

  • Yup, I guess it’s active for all email accounts. I haven’t tested it out myself, but I assume it’s working all the way around.

  • I just checked .. gmail has a play option now and the player opens in another window .. awesome 🙂

  • Sweet. Thanks for checking on that Nabeel. 🙂