SMS Backup + is an extremely useful tool for Android. It uses your Gmail account to backup all of your SMS and MMS messages!

I’ll start with a bit of background. My Motorola Defy (MB525) had been having some problems. I wasn’t getting notifications for new gmail messages. GPS seemed to stop working, foursquare location would never update and My Tracks would never track me fully.
A couple weeks of troubleshooting on the Motorola Defy Owners Forum didn’t produce any results.

So, I decided to do a factory reset. However, I wanted to keep all my messages. I found SMS Backup + and was very happy with its functionality.

Just install SMS Backup +, grant it access to your Google account, and start backing up. By default, it creates a new label called SMS in your Gmail. It then sends all of your messages to that label.

After I was done with the factory reset, all I had to do to get all my messages back was to install SMS Backup + again, login to Google through it, and click the Restore button. It then grabs all the messages from the SMS label in Gmail and brings them back onto your phone.

It will even do auto-backups that you can configure to run every two hours, or whatever interval you like.

So, if you have a need to backup your text messages or multimedia messages, I highly recommend SMS Backup +. It’s free as well, doesn’t really get much better than that.


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