Compiling and Using Low Orbit Ion Cannon on Linux

This will help you get Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) running on Linux. A lot of the how-to’s out there for this are outdated and aren’t entirely relevant any longer.

I know for a fact it works with Xubuntu 13.04, so it should work with other Ubuntu variants as well, probably even Debian.

First, you’ll need to install mono-gmcs, mono-mcs, monodevelop, and liblog4net-cil-dev. You can install them like so:

Running that will install all the packages you need to compile LOIC with Mono. Those 4 packages have other dependencies, so you’ll actually end up installing many more packages, but it’ll be done automatically.

After you’ve got that installed, download the Low Orbit Ion Cannon from Github. You can download it in .zip or .tar.gz format, whichever you’re most comfortable with.

Make a new folder on your desktop and extract the files from the .zip or .tar.gz to that new folder. Open a terminal and move into that folder (ie: cd /home/tyler/Desktop/loic/).

Once you’re in the folder, type the following in your terminal:

That will compile LOIC, the executable will be in the debug folder that you extracted from the zip or tar.gz file you downloaded. After compiling is done, launch LOIC like so:

That’s it, have fun! And don’t get in trouble.


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