Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) on Motorola Defy

Epsylon3 has managed to boot Ice Cream Sandwich on the Motorola Defy. As you can imagine, lots of things still don’t work, like 3G and the orientation sensor.

Epsylon3 also released the first test ROM for Motorola Defy phones. The download link has been shutdown due to “copyright abuse”. The test ROM was made available at I doubt it will come back online, so keep an eye on the original thread at XDA for a new download link.

Things that work in the test ROM:

  • Startup, bootmenu and recovery
  • Touchscreen and keypad (multitouch too)
  • Usb
  • New Network (netfilter) kernel modules (quota2, and fake qtaguid)
  • wifi

Things that need work:

  • Fix egl configuration : Cause the force close on many apps including default launcher, settings and gapps setup wizard
  • Fix colors (almost fixed)
  • Fix sound
  • Fix phone / 3G
  • Fix orientation sensor
  • Fix egl hw acceleration for omap3 (can be hard) :
  • Fix camera (will be hard)

UPDATE 11/29/2011: See this post for links to some Cyanogenmod 9 test builds for the Defy.