I’m Successful?

So, I got a call at the office this morning from a lady wanting congratulate me on my success in business. I just sorta went along with it. She proceeded to explain to me that my presence at the president’s ball in Washington was being requested.

After her initial speech, she said I would be named in a New York Times ad and would recieve some sort of golden gavel like judges use. All that’s required of me or my business is a donation of $300 to $500. At that point I was getting a little annoyed. I stopped her from speaking and asked where they got my information, she wouldn’t say. Then I just said fuck it and got out. I proceeded to tell her that I had always been a democrat as it sounded like some type of republican fundraising activity. Now, I don’t affiliate myself with any one political party, although I have been leaning more towards the right the last year and a half or so. I just told her I was a democrat so I could get back to work.