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Mediacom Sucks, Snoop Owns

They weren’t able to fix my cable internet yesterday. The tech that was out said Mediacom is pushing more data over their lines now to support their VOIP system they’re rolling out. He said this is most likely the reason my modem will no longer sync. He said they’ll probably have to re-wire most of the building. I’m supposed to get ahold of the guy that owns it and have him setup a meeting with someone from Mediacom. The tech suspects there’s people getting illegal cable in our building. So who knows when it’s going to be fixed.

Snoop Dogg was awesome lastnight. The Game was pretty good too, I actually enjoyed his show more than Snoop I think. There was lots of cops. We left about 5 minutes before everyone else and we got stopped by some girl that needed us to jump her car. I didn’t really wanna help her but Ashley insisted. It only took about 10 minutes to get her car going. Overall it was a really good show.

Well, now what?

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  • Pappy

    Term: Internet Service Provider
    Abbreviation: ISP

    1. An organization that provides access to the Internet.
    2. An evil entity to be avoided if at all possible.

  • hey glad you had a cool time at the snoop dogg concert, really wish i was there!

  • Hey Tyler, I’m a Vice President at Mediacom. I’d love to try to help with your Internet situation. Shoot me an email or give me a call. Scott Westerman ([email protected]) 309 743-4100

    • I googled your name and believe it or not, I think you’re on the up and up. It’s too bad though that it looks like you’ve left Mediacom now. I sure could have used your help. 🙁

  • Just clear everything up for people searching yahoo and google for “mediacom sucks”, all the problems I was having were fixed, turns out someone actually was stealing cable.

    And the new 5Mbps down speed is the best.

  • Spinner

    Dude I am glad your problem was solved.. mine is not.. I get low connect speeds all teh time.. if I go outside at teh splitter and unatatch and reatatch the cabels its ok for a efw days.. then back to 500 – 800 k download speeds

  • Spinner

    laughing.. I now read what I posted//// sorry for all the spelling mistakes but I was in a hurry to leave a reply

  • Not a problem Spinner.

  • Gknicks

    Mediacom is a real problem in my section of Bettendorf IA, I am always loosing connection and waiting for the cable to retrieve the signal and waiting for the internet connection to conenct. I have had over 10 visits from Mediacom (NO JOKE) in the last 12 months, one time they even tried to blame me for the issue. The tech guys were very rude and a couple times when I called in the phone reps hung up on me. I really want the city to allow competition in the area, it only makes sense and it will really help the community. I wish Mediacom was a little bit more respectfull and did not have the “we are the only provider” attitude. Please allow for competition.

    • Joe

      If a rep is hanging up on you, (there being recorded) the only answer is your being an asshole. And maybe if you wernt a prick to the techs they’d resolve your problem, Otherwise we shit in your tolit downstairs and leave with it unflushed!


    I live in Columbia, Missouri and have Mediacom internet and the video on demand package. I also had Mediacom when I lived in LeRoy, IL and I will say that this company is the worst provider – right up there with comcast. I just love being on hold to talk to a customer service person for over 25 minutes each time and then getting through only to be hung up on.

    Since living in Columbia for 24 months, I have had to have Mediacom out around 12 times. I think that is pretty ridiculous and wouldn’t you think by the 4th time, they should have whatever problem there is, fixed??!?!? I hate dealing with this company and will be switching elsewhere.


    • Joe

      Took 12 trouble calls to figure that out………

  • Kevin

    Im at 253k(normal is 5247 and peak is 6793 once in a blue moon all logged and recorded on daily bandwidth tests-dslreports) on download, with a upload at 412k(normal), now when i first got mediacom it blew my mind seeing how fast the bandwidth was compared to dsl, but after a month i started having problems and well for that past 2 years ive had nothing but problems, im here in illinois just south of chicago and i would think with how close i am to a major city that the grid would ether work or crash and well it seems to be doing both with a side order of lag that pops in and out every now and then. When i lived in california i had VERIZON!!! DSL!!!(i miss it).. first 6 months i had small issue’s then 1 day my internet was pretty laggy so i called up a verizon tech and wow did i get customer service fast! after this i never had any trouble or got disconnected had a pure uptime of 1 year and 2 months of having the service before moving, and the tech support was quick, about 3 mins quick on gettin ahold of a real life person, with mediacom i have to wait over a hour and 30 mins almost every time cause there customer service well… sucks… so pretty soon im just gonna get verizon dsl cause there’s no way im going to sit here in frustration while trying to keep up with daily information with the work i do online.. btw i logged my modem and the cap is 8megabits download by 512k upload, obvously the bandwidth is shot since they installed this new phone whatever.. Mediacom is the worse isp i have ever encountered… good bye mediacom..(I wonder if ill have same issue’s with verizon when i switch?)

  • Tammy

    I just got mediacom. The tech that came out was a contractor. Drilled a hole in the middle of the front of my house. with wires everywhere. left extra wires on the lawn. the wires are not even hidden. They go across my family room. Yeah, what lovely decor. Isn’t there a way he could have went up from my basement or something? It looks so damn tacky. Left a mess. Didn’t educate on what this “mystery box” he left on my dining room table was…turns out it is for the modem, but what are the wires supposed to do? hmmmm…and then I unplug my computer and my phone doesn’t work….h ecarelessly forgot to put the battery in. Then, Later in the afternoon, I look, and a “real” mediacom truck is outside at my neighbor’s home. I call mediacom, they put me on hold. FOR 20min! and basically say, too bad, so sad. NICE.

    • The wire on the lawn is prolly the feed that had to be located befor burried, the mystery box that was left clearly has moden on it. I’ve never seen a box that didnt, And besides was it so wrong to leave the box that came with your modem. We leave those to comfort people that there’s was new. And Depending on where your TV was i bet’ca he didnt have a choice on your cable going across the room, otherwise the outlet would directly behind the TV. (someone is leaving out detals here) As for battery, its NOT required!!!!!!!!!!! And turning off your computer will NOT effect your phone inless your unplugging wires your not supposed to.

      If this woman seriously had these conserns why not say something while the tech was there? So i do agree, too bad for you. Most every aspect of this argument is a waste of time and could have been prevented. Im with the other guy, Get dish then… Bitch

      • Earl (hfc tech)

        You need to take yo DUMB ASS to spelling school!

  • Nate213

    -Lisen up u mutha fuckers, snoop dogg is tha greatest rapper in tha history of tha world. He would kick all your asses.

    • Joe

      snoop dog took it up the butt.

    • Rick


  • Scott Higgins

    Just to let all of you know. I would suggest mediacom over Hughesnet. DO NOT GET HUGHESNET! It is the worst internet provider I have ever had… I am actually overly happy to be getting mediacom back, I cannot wait… that should tell you how bad Hughesnet is!!

  • Nacho

    I’ve had non-stop problems with my Medicam internet, cable flickers all the time, and the phone has a constant clicking. I am moving to FL soon and can’t wait to get rid of the Mediacom…FINALLY!

  • i had mediacom problems for over a year, no phone and internet over 3/4 of the time, i was on a vip package that included everything, so i didnt like to complain much because of the price i was getting. had called customer service many many times , and only got a person that was helpfull once, he told me that i had over 300 outages in less than a 2 week period. a tech once again came out walked around in the back yard and left, and the problem didnt leave with him , just like all the rest of the times.

    soooo finally i had a bad rude mood one night, and replied to an email they sent me. here is how it went…

    [email protected]
    attn: mediacom customer service,
    i have had continous internet and phone outages since i started with mediacom , it is to the point now that i cant even depend on the home phone for dependable service, it is a very sad situation when i have to run to my neighbors house to make important phone calls, when i am supposed to be a “vip” mediacom customer! i have called and complained many many times on this issue to your support lines and get nothing but the run around, and nothing gets fixed. one tech did finally tell me that we had over 300 line interruptions in less than a 2 week period of time which was not a good situation on your end. and that it would be fixed soon. that was over 2 months ago and yet again nothing gets done.

    i am very happy with the price i am paying for the service it is unbeatable comapred to the att service i had , but at least with them i had a phone and internet all the time compared to your service where i have phone and internet 1/4 of the time , i am a disabled person and am not always able to be up and around to be able to go to the neighbors house to use their phone when my “dependable” mediacom phone is down.

    in short i demand satisfaction both in the service i am receiving and i am requesting an adjustment to my bill to reflect the outages of my internet and phone service. and no rebooting the modem and my computer doesnt work i just went thru all that crap from noon today untill 530 this afternoon. it is something on your end that needs immediate attention. and if i have to start driving to your office to complain i will start charging you all gas and mileage and time for my trip there, that is only fair.

    i expect this problem to be resolved before this time next month, please feel free to call me (phone number deleated) but dont count on it working ha ha just send someone here to fix this i am always here, so please do your part to get this resolved, i am at the end of my rope. i am ready to go on a dish network commercial and tell my story about how dependable your service is.
    end of email to cust service

    well nedless to say i get woke up the next morning and there is to my surprise a mediacom person at my door 9 am, on the street there is 3 mediacom truck in addition to a van. one of which was not very happy to be here at all. after 3 hours of taking orders from their boss via cell phone they totally rewired my house, and got things working. come to find out when i switched from dish network , they hired an outside contractor to do the install when i switched to cable, and he used the existing co-ax cable that was ran under the house, which wasnt able to handle the cable setup.
    for the next couple weeks i got regular calls from customer service checking up on me to make sure everything was running good and so far it has been now for 3-4 months, but i never got an adjustment on my bill for a year of shitty service, i guess one of two is good.

    • Joe

      of course they re-ran your old ass wire, did you ask to have your 50 wires updated, and its also not free. Just because its old, its still yours and yours to keep updated you cheap fuck! This is the problem to half the subs we go and fix, they think there old and busted wireing should work like it did 30 years and if its starting to show its age its OUR problem.

      • Joe

        of course they re-ran your old a$$ wire, did you ask to have your 50 wires updated and its also not free. Just because its old, its still yours and yours to keep updated you cheap #$ck! This is the problem to half the subs we go and fix, they think there old and busted wireing should work like it did 30 years and if its starting to show its age its OUR problem.

  • Heather

    WOW to say mediacom sucks is the understatemnt of the year. Unless you like paying full price for service 1/3 of the time. There customer service is horrible but it doesnt really matter since my phone doesnt work long egnough to get through to them. There has to be better than this.

  • Mark

    I just moved to Columbia, MO 2 weeks ago. 3 weeks ago I called to get service started; internet, cable and DVR. Rep told me when service guy would be there (a Friday), no problem getting setup.

    Guy shows up, says they’re out of DVR’s, but are getting a shipment Monday. He’ll be back then to bring the dvr and new wall plates – the old renters broke all of them. 2 weeks later, they are still out of dvr’s, one service rep asked me if I wanted him to make one magically appear. Told him I was pretty disappointed with Mediacom so far, he sid it wasn’t their fault, Motorola hasn’t sent them any more boxes, and I was free to get another provider if I wanted.

  • mlk18

    I just came to my senses and canceled my mediacom account. After constant service interruptions, poor signal quality and prices no way near in line with what you get, I decided it was time for a change. I switched over to fiber optic telephone / internet and Dish HD, what a difference! Not only has my overall service improved by a ridiculous margin but my bill is $30 less a month.

  • Mark

    I feel better now that I realize Medicon is not only falling on their face here in the area 25 miles west of Minneapolis they suck just about anywhere they try to provide this poor unreliable product which you need to hound customer service on to keep it kind of working. At this time here “on demand” isn’t operational and has been that way for a long time, the response ya we know and are trying to figure it our?? Its been months!!! Get screen lock up and digital loading scramble etc. I have dropped half of what I was getting and now oh hang on we can cut you some deals. I tell customer service about the issues and they tell you BS like well you need to call like three times to make it a valid complaint?? Then at that time they will schedule someone in about two weeks if your lucky When a service guy came out to pick up a neighbors equipment who dropped the service three different customers approached him (I was one) and told him of the on – going problems. Again the same BS well it usually takes like three of you to call in, the guy just picked up the equipment and left. Now that is customer service with style (unbelievable). I have had as have my neighbors multiple endless issues that never get put to bed. I would like to see competition with other providers which would kill off the idiots that can’t deliver or make them start getting the service out that they claim they provide (where is the chef Ramsey of the internet providers)?? How these BOZO’S stay in business is beyond me, I am at this time looking at other options I have been raped and robbed for log enough by MEDICON!!!! Apparently the big shots who own this operation have no idea how much it is being run into the ground at the local levels, they must be on another planet. I am also pushing at my city council meetings to dump Mediacon, I have friends in south west Minnesota who also have this terrible product and they hate it as well, over priced under delivered full time headache pain in the A _ _!!!!!!!!!!! Does it sound like I have had good service??? I would call customer service but I am sure they would just waste more of my time…….Hello Dish

    • Joe

      Whew, one less asshole to do a service call for. Next sub here i come!

  • bugtussle

    I live thirty minutes from Peoria IL. I have NEVER had 3 consecutive weeks of consistent, uninterrupted Mediacom service. We have VOIP/Cable/NET package as well. I will say that the local Mediacom techs are great, and do good service, but they have been to my location entirely too often. I am so fed up with the phone system being continuously down, that I am considering basic cable/internet and just using my cell phone full-time. I don’t think fiber-optic is available in my area or I’d surely get it. I will say that Mediacom adjusted my bill on 3 occasions to reflect down service, but the point remains, the service just isn’t what its cracked up to be. How reliable is satellite for web? I work for USPS and we have a satellite for our intranet that is VERY slow.

    • Kristine

      Sounds like the same problem I’m having in Cedar Rapids, IA!

    • Glen (Gknicks)

      The same thing is happening to us here in Bettendorf IA, I have moved two times in the last two years and I still have issues. No lie, we have had Mediacom to our home 7 times and I have made over 17 calls in this two year period. I wish another cable provider would move in our area so Mediacom would be forced to up their customer service. I have been hung up on and several times been advised the issue is with my building, but then testing the outside lines find no problems?

      • Joe

        Wow, 17 calls? sounds like you need to go to dish, if its THAT bad, more so sence mediacom dosent offer a contract how about you leave? get dish and quest and quit wasting our and your time… morons

        • mike

          Hey Joe. Just wanted to say that I can see why Mediacom sucks and why you and all the other 3 DOZEN craptechs that came out last year couldn’t fix my service. Now back at this year again. I’ll make the stupid fuckers come out in any weather since I am in the Advanced Tech issues department once again and they’ll do what they need to fix what the dipshits on the csr and tech ends already screwed up. I didn’t pay for 8 months of service and got my promo recalculated to a lower price and longer time since you and the others couldn’t fix it. I had 30+ techs and 3 seperate supervisors at my place in 7 1/2 months last year. This year I won’t be nice and let shit go in the winter like I did because of YOU Joe. I probably will end up with dish for both tv and internet service unless att comes in real soon for uverse. This site will be mentioned to Mediacom so that they can find out who you are Joe and they can make sure you get yours too.

  • Kristine

    I’m so frustrated by the runaround I’m getting from Mediacom’s technical support. Our internet cable continues to drop signal/connection periodically throughout the day and then requires our server to reboot so we can access files. Some days we reboot 8-9 times! Everytime I call technical support they tell me the problem is on MY end, however we called out a professional to test signal and have learned that it IS in fact Medicom’s problem. Is anyone else having similar issues?

  • john

    make a long story short MEDIACOM SUCKS IN WEST KY. BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paticia Borgen

    I too have spent a year and 1/2 dealing with Mediacom!!
    I will be returning to Quest as of thursday. Does any one mind if I print this so I can hand it in when I throw my modem at them? They refuse to give me credit even though I only have serice once in a while!!!

  • jn

    When there is a problem, they either don’t answer the phone or they can’t diagnose it without sending out a technician – at their convenience. Why do American municipalities grant them a monopoly? We’ve opened the airwaves. Lets open the cables and drive these thieves out of business with good old-fashioned American competition. They could never survive in an open marketplace.

  • Laura

    I had Mediacom broadband/TV with another VOIP service about 25 miles up the road from here, about six years ago. I don’t think I ever called them for anything.

    It was a complex with 4 plexes spaced hundreds of yards apart. I remember the summer they came in and buried all new cable across the place, put new wiring on all the buildings, new connectors everywhere.

    I moved from there the next year and they rolled out their phone service. That’s when everything went to hell. Their infrastructure wasn’t equipped to handle it, and I think they finally just gave up on it.

    I just ended my one year ‘bundled package special’ here. I’ve switched to a dish, and switched back to the VOIP provider mentioned above. I have no other options for internet, but I am not paying 62.95 mo. for what I’ve gone through this past year.

    I’ve got another service call scheduled for tomorrow. I called ahead and advised them to bring a spool of cable & trencher this time, or they will be doing it at -20 when the ground is frozen.

    • Joe

      LMAO, you told them to bring a trench otherwise there doing it in -20….. LMFAO, really? Lol let me tell you how its really going to happen, if its cold out, the ground is frozen, your spoiled ass is going to wait till its spring like everyone elce!

      Lol, your other option is to go buy a shovel!

  • suckitmediacom

    Mediacom is horrible. I have been through 4 cable boxes in about 6 months. I hate them with a passion and wish we had another option for a provider. I would even pay a little more if it had better service and equipment.

    • Joe

      I work for mediacom as a tech, and if you’ve had four boxs you need a texh to come out and fix the REAL problem or stop swapping box’s like you morons wanna do each time you see the box tile! Oh, and i garentee you dip wads that wanna treat us techs like shit we could give a piss less about your cable and laugh when you have problems after we leave! treat us with respect!

      • Joe, would your employer really condone you talking to customers like this?

        • Joe

          Out of work, And fake name. Sure, People need things straight up now and then. You should here what my higher ups say…..

          • Wicked

            You call people dip wads and morons and you spell guarantee (garentee). No wonder why your out of work. Your not to bright are you?

          • OK, so you’re out of work and using a fake name. I still noticed you have a Mediacom IP and I know they can trace which subscriber has which IP.

      • Rick

        your the dip wad for working at a company that cares nothing about customers or employees. I have had just about enough of mediacom’s bull. Its time for them to pay. Today I am meeting with my lawyer to file a lawsuit against them. I have been dealing with them for over ten years and tired of being robbed every month.

      • jon

        hey joe,

        how about get a fuckin’ pair and work for a company that isn’t fucking corrupt

      • Tim

        Joe, We’d probably have more respect for you if you could SPELL.

      • kAREN Schmidt

        Hey – you have totally crossed the boundary lines. We have had 8 techs out here and still the problems are not solved. Get your ego out of the situation and DO YOUR JOB!

  • Jim

    Mediacom service is terrible. I have no choice except for a
    DISH. Just outside Joplin where I could get Cable One.

    • SS

      Mediacom sucks to say the LEAST! After SO many problems with their internet (daily), I was going to place a call to switch to “Dial up” (only other choice in my area) and the PHONE is now down!
      I called every number that i could find for them (using cell phone minutes) and NEVER got one person on the line. I finally dialed corporate and complained. The best they could do was place me on HOLD again for a technician that NEVER answered the call. She proceeded to set me up with service for the NEXT day.No phone service for a whole OTHER day!!!!
      VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. These people could really use some competition QUICKlY and be put out of business!!!

    • Scott

      Terrible doesn’t even get close. This is the worst run company I have ever seen in my life. They deserve to be run out of business. Problem is the are a monopoly in this area. So they DON”T GIVE A [email protected]! If I had employees running my business this way i would fire them all and hire someone who knew what they were doing. I can’t believe I am actually paying for the service i am recieving.

      • Cory Borne

        No kidding. I pay 50 bucks a month so that my internet can decide to turn on and off whenever the fuck it wants. Even when it’s on, it can’t seem to handle more than one computer, so it lags whenever anyone else gets on, and sometimes it’ll just turn off right when I’m in the middle of something on Final Fantasy XI. I end up getting killed because of Mediacom!

        • Make a trouble call, if this is dropping every day then you need one, Complaining isnt going to get you anywhere! And back to what the other guy was saying, If you treat the guys and people on the phone like crap that consider you the same…. Crap. Thus meaning there going to tell you what you “wanna” hear to get outta there, Or do the same on the phone. These asshole people keep there’s problems alive.

  • Wyatt

    I used to be a tech, Mediacom could care less about customer satisfaction and quality installations. They know most people have no choice but to put up with them. As far as working for them it was all about quantity rather than quality. Mediacom knew it was not as profitable for techs to take the time on a proper installation, techs are severly overworked, underpaid and the first person to recieve all the abuse from angry & frustrated customers. Horrible company to work for.

    • tech22

      I am a mediaocm tech and admit they have issues but we while we are a big big company we dont have money falling out of our asses like comcast,etc.Also alot of the areas and how mediacom was started was to get cable to areas that others(comcast)will/would not go.I know of a city that wanted us out and had all kinds of city council meetings and asked comcast to com e in they they were told no way.Not worth it.I live in a comcast area and dropped them like a bad habbit for dish and clear internet/phone.Glad i got rid of comcast as they werent any better and clear is just ok.It really depends sometimes on where you live as the area i work in has alot of older homes wired for analog cable and now trying to make 4 hddct work with a high freq signal on old rg59 is near impossible.The home with dedicated runs to dmarc have very few problems unless it is maint related at the pole.

    • frustrated

      Mediacom is terrible. In five months of service, I have continual problems. As other have mentioned, internet loss,tv tiling and audio loss, no resolution with customer service, and poor service technicians. I am stuck in an area that does not offer other isp’s. Mediacom knows this and could care less about service. It is my sincere desire that they go belly up. They have no right to sell a service they can’t provide.

  • Seth

    Mediacom’s service over the past 2 weeks has been nothing but sketchy. For three days now it has been out. Completely. Over the past 2 weeks it’s gone out for 10-24 hours at a time. And over the past two months, its service gets disrupted for periods of time, minutes to hours.

    I called in a few times personally, and I work with customer support so I realize its not all smiles and laughs on the other end. I was polite and did get a few answers along with a temp fix.

    Now that its gone out for days without service, we’ve gotten the response “Untill its a widespread problem there’s nothing we can do.”

    Now, I’m no rocket scientist, but I read “Customer Support”, not “Customers Support”. Who knew. They said they will send a Tech to take a look in roughly three weeks. This irritates me.

  • Weemus

    I’m glad you have a rant blog on this issue.There needs to be as many sites on the internet as there can be to let Mediacom know our dissatisfaction with their products. I live in a small town in South Georgia where there are few options for internet, phone and television service. We also have a limited income with only prepaid credit cards which Dish network will not use.We had Direct TV and cancelled our service because they did not provide local channels, consequently we owe them over 300 dollars for this as appears in small print in their contract. Through Mediacom we were without internet and phone service for three months and for a month now we only get four channels with their cable boxes. Thanks for this opportunity to rage endlessly about this problem.

    • Weemus, try taking the Mediacom cable box out of the picture entirely. I haven’t used a cable box for a very long time, I just hook the cable right into my TV and use my TV’s digital tuner.

      Might get you a few more channels at least.