0 Twee60 is a web based application that tweets your status on Xbox Live to your Twitter account. The nice thing about Twee60 is there’s no software to install, unlike the Xbox Live to Twitter application I wrote about previously. [ad] Don’t get me wrong, Martin’s Xbox Live to Twitter app does a very nice […]

0 Duncan Mackenzie released an application in May of 2007 that checks your Xbox Live status and sends your status to Twitter so all your followers on Twitter can see what you’re playing on your Xbox 360. A short while after the initial release, Microsoft made some changes to Xbox Live that broke Duncan’s software, […]

0 Lots of people have been coming here searching for information about sending their Xbox 360 in to Microsoft for repair. My Xbox 360 is on it’s way back to me from being repaired, so I figured I’d post my experience with the repair process. On March 24th, 2007 I contacted Microsoft Xbox customer support […]

0 After months of speculation, Microsoft has finally announced the Xbox 360 Elite. Everything included with the Xbox 360 Elite is black instead of white, like the initial Xbox 360. One of the major additions to the Xbox 360 Elite is full HDMI support. There’s also a 120GB hard drive, much larger than the 20GB […]

0 I’ve made quite a few posts about the problems I’ve had with my Xbox 360. You can take a look at the Xbox 360 tag archive for the entire list of posts. I’d like to highlight a few comments in those posts from readers. There’s been some great comments by readers, some go into […]