0 Fixed. Unwakeable 2.0 will include this fix. My Unwakeable WordPress theme doesn’t play nicely with Alex King’s Share This WordPress plugin. When Share This is being used, the livesearch feature of Unwakeable doesn’t work in Internet Explorer 6 or 7. I’m willing to bet K2 has the same issue. I know for a fact […]

0 SafePasswd is awesome. Most random password generators simply generate random combinations of numbers and letters. Those passwords are often very difficult to remember, making it difficult for users to actually put these passwords into use anywhere. That’s where SafePasswd comes into play. The default “type” of password generated by SafePasswd is an “Easy To […]

0 My favorite RSS feed reader, NewsAlloy, is down for an unknown amount of time. This message is currently being displayed on the NewsAlloy home page: Unfortunately our HDD was full today. And unexpectedly we have to start moving tables again. Bad thing that we do not have any sponsor or investor and News Alloy […]

0 This Widgetbox service looks very promising. It’s an online directory of web widgets for blogs or other web sites. Similar to Apple and Yahoo Widgets, except these are for the web. Widgetbox also has a section where developers can submit their own widgets for others to download and use. They also have a feature […]

0 This AjaxWP WordPress extension looks pretty interesting. It adds some AJAX functionality to your existing WordPress theme: AjaxWp is a lightweight JavaScript enhancement that adds AJAX functionality to WordPress blogs speeding up load times, increasing the responsiveness of the user interface and giving the blog an overall cooler look. It’s supposed to work, with […]