0 I’ve got 3 e-book copies of WordPress Multisite Administration to give away. To enter, you must retweet the tweet at the end of this post, AND leave a comment on this blog post. It’s not first come first serve this time, instead, 3 random entrants will be chosen by my 4 year old daughter. […]

0 Shaun Inman has released version 2.0 of Mint, my favorite website analytics software. Go over to the Mint website and have a look at what’s new in version 2.0. If you’re a Mint 1.x user, you’ll have to pay another $19 to make the upgrade to 2.0. I purchased the upgrade for version 2.0 […]

0 PhishTank launched today. PhishTank is a site designed to make keeping tabs on phishing sites easier. If you come across a phishing site while browsing the web, you’re encouraged to submit the URL to PhishTank. PhishTank is a collaborative clearing house for data and information about phishing on the Internet. Also, PhishTank provides an […]

0 I’ve updated the permalink structure on this blog. What’s this mean for you? Nothing really, unless you had some pages bookmarked. If you did have some pages at this blog bookmarked, they’ll no longer load to the right page. My permalinks used to look like this: http://longren.org/archives/2182 Now, they look something like this: http://www.longren.org/2006/07/28/the-pc-de-crapifier/ […]

0 Microsoft released a fresh and shiny WYSIWYG blogging tool today. It’s called Windows Live Writer. Microsoft needs to hire some new people to choose names for these new products. The name alone makes me not want to use it. Now, the stupid name aside, the tool actually looks like it could be very useful. […]