0 Load (cpu and memory) was significantly lower than I expected Didn’t expect anything specific for load, but more load than what I did see, for sure. A post I made hit the front page of HackerNews the other day. Here’s the discussion at HackerNews. Traffic was steady, For about five hours, there were between […]

0 VPN using a cheap VPS and sshuttle It really is awesome, sshuttle basically allows you to browse the web via your VPS, in my case, a VPS from DigitalOcean (sponsored link, as are the others to DigtialOcean). It works on Linux and MacOS. The GitHub repo explains it better than I can. Transparent proxy […]

0 Make bruteforce attempts almost impossible I always disable SSH password logins when setting up a new server, allowing authentication via private key only. It’s a good way to secure SSH all-around. Disabling password logins in Ubuntu is extremely easy. Open /etc/ssh/sshd_config with nano or vi. You’ll want to change options for 3 different directives, […]

0 For those who live in the command line as much as possible Install speedtest-cli speedtest-cli is a Python app that provides a command line interface for testing bandwidth using speedtest.net. Installation is simple. It should work on Linux and OS X. The Bash Scripts There’s two scripts, speedtest.sh and speedtest-simple.sh. Pretty self-explanatory. Results from […]

0 Control all the things! I love mist.io. However, I’ll stick with DigitalOcean Swimmer (Android only) for now. There’s even a few good looking iOS apps, but I haven’t tested them, Droplets for DigitalOcean and DigitalOcean Manager. Hopefully, paying for monitoring as well is something I can justify in a few months, when I have […]