0 This site now sits on a server at FlipHost. I got a Storage250 server from them and added some RAM, and here we are. It’s really a pretty nice setup. Pretty much everything I’ve setup I’ve done according to guides from Linode. Most of the guides in the Linode Library should apply at least […]

0 DreamHost experienced some pretty significant downtime yesterday. It started with network maintenance. When they brought a switch back online, it was missing configuration files. Seems kinda silly for a hosting company to not have backups of EVERYTHING. Anyway, longren.org and various other sites I host at DreamHost were down for a good part of […]

0 After making this post, I submitted a support ticket to Dreamhost. Justin at Dreamhost replied back with a pretty solid sounding solution: I did notice a few busy sites on the apaches for 2 of your domains. I started a move to another IP/apache which should complete in a few hours, and we can […]

0 Longren.org has been really, really slow the last week or so. This site has never been this slow to load, even when I was hosting it out of my house on my cable connection. Granted, I didn’t get the traffic back then that I do now, it still shouldn’t be this slow. Last time […]

0 Dreamhost is recovering from yet another network outage. Apparently a switch had issues and they had to take a few servers off that switch. Supposedly the servers were moved over to another temporary switch so they’d have network access, but I haven’t had access to longren.org for at least 2 hours now. We have […]