0 Twee60 is a web based application that tweets your status on Xbox Live to your Twitter account. The nice thing about Twee60 is there’s no software to install, unlike the Xbox Live to Twitter application I wrote about previously. [ad] Don’t get me wrong, Martin’s Xbox Live to Twitter app does a very nice […]

0 There’s some truly amazing looking screenshots people have taken in Halo 3.Β  I absolutely love the fact that you can take screenshots from Halo 3 matches, I could spend hours watching movies looking for good screenshots to take. i <3 halo 3 is a site that features some of the best Halo 3 screenshots […]

0 I’m a bit late and it’s been covered a lot already, but since this is the first official teaser video for Gears of War 2, I had to post it. I got so excited last night when I watched this on my Xbox 360. There’s only been one other game I’ve been this excited […]

0 Duncan Mackenzie released an application in May of 2007 that checks your Xbox Live status and sends your status to Twitter so all your followers on Twitter can see what you’re playing on your Xbox 360. A short while after the initial release, Microsoft made some changes to Xbox Live that broke Duncan’s software, […]

0 I’ve been playing a lot of Halo 3 lately. I have yet to finish the campaign on Heroic or Legendary, but I have completed the campaign on normal. I’d say it took me roughly 8 hours of playing to finish on normal, but I did a lot of exploring around the levels. After I […]