0 A jQuery Plugin for Making Circles My last post about the jQuery plugin Circliful was pretty popular. So, here’s another, detailing how to actually use Circliful. Circliful has a number of options that can be set as data attributes. Data attributes are the primary method for setting various options, such as the circle background […]

0 Easily Reset WordPress Database WordPress Database Reset is a WordPress plugin I recently came across that will at some point prove very, very useful to me. It’s not often that I need to reset a production WordPress database to it’s default settings, but this plugin will make the task a whole lot easier. Chris […]

0 Lolcat-style photos as you commit I’ve always had problems installing lolcommits on Xubuntu and other Ubuntu-based Linux distributions. The installation instructions are very simple. Only requiring you to run two commands, sudo apt-get install mplayer imagemagick libmagickwand-dev and then sudo gem install lolcommits (need sudo for linux). Pretty simple. The gem install lolcommits command […]

0 I’ve got a pretty old Nvidia Quadro FX 1400 video card in an older IBM that I use as my primary workstation at home. It only has 3GB of RAM, about 4TB of storage, and a dual core Intel Pentium 4 CPU at 3.60GHz. It’s plenty fast for my needs. I typically run Sublime […]

0 Contributing code, or even just text, like documentation, to a GitHub repository that isn’t yours is extremely easy. I’ve seen a lot of people including instructions in their GitHub readme files explaining how to contribute to the project. I included instructions in the Rootdip readme at the end of May 2013. There’s so many […]