0 PhishTank launched today. PhishTank is a site designed to make keeping tabs on phishing sites easier. If you come across a phishing site while browsing the web, you’re encouraged to submit the URL to PhishTank. PhishTank is a collaborative clearing house for data and information about phishing on the Internet. Also, PhishTank provides an […]

0 The issues I spoke about in Poor Site Performance probably aren’t related to any content within this site, as I had previously thought. It’s more likely related to the shabby state of Dreamhosts network. I am now blaming the Dreamhost network for the poor performance of this site for the following reasons. 1. Intermittence: […]

0 It looks like OpenDNS is about to launch a “System Status” section of their website. Check out http://system.opendns.com/. I don’t know if this page is supposed to be live to the public yet, but what the hell. Once you navigate to that page, you’ll see a status summary of the OpenDNS network. It looks […]

0 Flickr is back online after their unexpected downtime. I’m sure they’re still in the process of moving photos to the other datacenter. 20 terabytes is an amazing amount, although the one photo of mine that was unavailable is now displaying just fine. Anyway, everything seems to be alright over at Flickr now. Wonder who’s […]

0 The main Flickr site is down, but it looks like all of the relatively new photos are still showing without problems. They had a “temporary storage failure”, which affected about 20 terabytes of older photos. That’s a freakin amazing amount of photos. And to add to that, they’re transferring that 20 terabytes from one […]