0 Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft have all agreed on a standard specification for sitemap files. Information about the new standard can be found over at sitemaps.org. If you’re not sure what a sitemap is, sitemaps.org has a nice explanation: Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites […]

0 Google has launched the Google Custom Search Engine. This new service will allow users to build a search engine based on their interests or just whatever really. You can give your search engine a name and description. You can also enter a list of keyword that will be used to tune your search engine […]

0 Google came out with a new service last week called Google Sitemap. It’s mostly a tool for webmasters. You can submit your sitemap to Google so their bot doesn’t have to crawl your pages as much. This way Google can know the entire structure of a website without having to crawl it. What’s could […]