0 Easily Deploy LAMP Stacks, and it’s free I have yet to use ServerPilot, but will be setting up a new VPS at DigitalOcean in the coming weeks for a new venture. ServerPilot makes getting a LAMP stack setup very quickly. ServerPilot will automatically install Nginx, Apache, PHP, and MySQL on a new, freshly installed/created, […]

0 VPN using a cheap VPS and sshuttle It really is awesome, sshuttle basically allows you to browse the web via your VPS, in my case, a VPS from DigitalOcean (sponsored link, as are the others to DigtialOcean). It works on Linux and MacOS. The GitHub repo explains it better than I can. Transparent proxy […]

1+ I use TWRP (TeamWin Recovery Project) on my Nexus 4. Back in the day (read: 3 years ago) I used ClockworkMod Recovery, on my Moto Defy, but have since switched to TWRP. I believe there were some licensing issues that drove a lot of people away from CWM. In any case, you’ll want to […]

0 There’s a few different ways to install the Google Web fonts on your Ubuntu system. Web UPD8 provides a script that does it for you. Another way is to use TypeCatcher, as suggested by Jack Wallen at TechRepublic. You can install TypeCatcher via a PPA, which means easy updates. No auto-updates with the script […]

0 When Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala came out, I did an upgrade on one of my machines instead of doing a fresh install. I decided it was time to do a fresh install after Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx came out. I backed up all of my important files and some configuration files to a second […]