0 The NeoSmart Files noticed the addition of native tagging support to WordPress 2.2 in the SVN repository. What’s this mean for WordPress bloggers? Not much really, other than the fact you’ll no longer have to use a third-party plugin for tagging your posts or pages. This is great for WordPress, tagging is something I […]

0 TwitThis is cool. The TwitThis plugin adds a “TwitThis” badge for each post on your WordPress site. TwitThis doesn’t send tweets when you’re writing a new post or editing an existing post like the Twitter Updater plugin. TwitThis makes it easy for your readers to let the world know they’re reading one of your […]

0 Want to show your latest entry to Twitter on your WordPress blog or website? It’s really very simple. Don’t be scared off by the vague instructions for adding a badge at the Twitter Badge page. The Twitter Badge page has some Flash badges at the very top and some javascript badges immediately below the […]

0 Spam Karma 2 has served my well over the last year or two. As you can see from the image, SK2 stopped 76,264 pieces of comment spam from being published. Before Akismet was around, Spam Karma 2 was the plugin most people went to for spam protection. Since Spam Karma 2 hasn’t been showing […]

0 1.1 is now old, go get the newest. I’ve released version 1.1 of my Thumbnail Viewer plugin, which still needs an official homepage. This release was prompted by a problem with showing the quicktag when authoring a new post or page. The quicktag wasn’t showing on WordPress 2.1 installations. So, as a result, WordPress […]