Trackerless BitTorrent

Saw this via the Broadband Blog this morning. I downloaded the new beta bittorrent client yesterday, compiled it, and it failed horribly. Dunno know why as I didn’t research it much.

Anyway, here’s the news as reported by Om Malik.

itTorrent’s new version is easier, better and well simpler. In other words, it is trackerless which essentially means “that anyone with a website and an Internet connection can host a BitTorrent download.” The torrent tracking tasks instead of the server, are now off loaded to the client. Downside, well not for users, for MPAA maybe. Many times downloads can kill you with high bandwidth bills. However with the new version, well website operators can simply use the efficient download paradigm of Bit Torrent and can get “broadcast TV” economics working for them.

This looks pretty neat. Previously, you’d have to use a tracker to distribute your files, which was kinda confusing to users. This new trackerless BT is more confusing to me than the previous tracker versions. Trackers are still supported in the newer versions. You can get new releases of BitTorrent from

  • Did you ever try using DC++ for downloading? It’s really great and I always thought it was much better than bittorrent because it’s much easier to use especially for searching stuff.

  • Is DC++ a client for DirectConnect? I used DirectConnect a lot when I was in high school. It was great using our T-1 for downloading. If it’s the same DC++, yes, I’ve used it and like it very much.

  • DC++ is a frickin joke, use utorrent + (verified torrents) and your good to go