Unwakeable For WordPress 2.7.1

I just uploaded a new version of Unwakeable, version 1.5.3 rc1. This new version works with WordPress 2.7.1, unlike the previous version of Unwakeable.

Unwakeable 1.5.3 rc1 is up-to-date with K2 r776. K2 no longer includes the K2 Sidebar Manager. If you were using K2 Sidebar Modules and want to continue using it, you can download the plugin here.
There’s a new option on the Unwakeable Options page that allows you to customize top and bottom meta information for each post. The top meta information will be displayed directly under the title of a post. The bottom meta information will be displayed at the end of the posts content. You can use the following keywords to define what information you want to show: %author%, %categories%, %comments%, %date%, %tags% and %time%.

Have a look below to see what to enter in the top meta and bottom meta sections to display the same information that’s being displayed here.
Top Meta: Published by %author% on %date% at %time% %comments%
Bottom Meta: Categories: %categories% %tags%

You can download Unwakeable 1.5.3 rc1 from the Unwakeable page, or click here to download it directly.

  • burakba

    can you tell us how to put a line between each post to seperate them as it gets a bit messy having too many posts withouth any lines between them.

    Also how can I adjust the space between the two posts as they look they are so close to each other at the moment.

  • very good

  • Mehmet

    dear longren,

    can you share how you place adsense into unwakeable theme please?

  • Hello i read that post but i have the similar problem as the commentator named as Mechmet has !i dont know how to integrate the adsense ads on the unweakable version 2.7.1!Hope you will response to us!waiting for your reply!Thanks for it!